Arn Anderson Gives His Thoughts On The Stardust Character, Says Cody Rhodes Gave The Best He Could

Arn Anderson Gives His Thoughts On The Stardust Character, Says Cody Rhodes Gave The Best He Could

On the latest episode of the Arn Show, AEW producer and former multi-time champion Arn Anderson spoke about Cody Rhodes’ infamous Stardust character during his stint in WWE. Highlights are below.

His thoughts on the Stardust character:

“Well, I didn’t dislike it from the fact that the costuming and Cody looked good in that character. I know that every time I dealt with Cody from time I dealt with Cody from day one, he would give you the best he could. I knew that there were or there should be some good things happening for him in the business because his attitude was good, his ability was good, straight away, and they put this character on him. I didn’t know how strongly he was against it until later. But I thought he did a good job with it, and he looked good in the costume and the whole deal. But there was no plan past that to take Cody Rhodes, who everyone knew was the son of Dusty Rhodes, and take that character. And it doesn’t have to do anything with Goldust or anything to do with The American Dream, but somehow elevate that character. But when they change you and change your characters and you just stay at a level push, you don’t go anywhere with that. Then what was the reason to change ya if there were no positive plans, you know, to elevate you and that was what I couldn’t figure out.”

On Stardust’s 2015 showdown against Ryback at Payback:

“I know there was probably on this match, no build, no story, no nothing. Probably, right? So, you know what you do, you go out when you have no story and you have no build and you’re a new character, some people know who you are, and some know who you’re not underneath that paint, you just go out and have a first-match match. I would expect the reaction would’ve been minimal probably for that.”

Check out The Enforcer’s full comments here. (H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)


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