Arn Anderson On Sting Being Buried By WWE Commentary During WrestleMania 31 Match: "That Was The Premise Of It All"

Arn Anderson On Sting Being Buried By WWE Commentary During WrestleMania 31 Match: “That Was The Premise Of It All”

On the latest episode of the Arn podcast, wrestling legend Arn Anderson spoke about the WrestleMania 31 showdown between Triple H and Sting and states that WWE commentary did everything they could to bury Sting while the bout was going on. The Enforcer does mention that he believes Vince McMahon was feeding those lines to the commentators, but still expresses how much he disliked it happening. Highlights are below.

Commentary during the match:

I know this was fed to them, they just buried Sting. Minnow in a big pond, ya know, just total condescending, guy’s out of his element, this is WrestleMania now, you’re just a small minnow in a huge lake, whatever all the commentary was exactly, it was meant to just basically beat you over the head with we won the war, we’re WWE, we won the war, here’s your big star, well, he ain’t a big star here tonight.

On Vince McMahon feeding the crew those lines:

Yes. I’m sure they were being fed that, because Bradshaw, who can give a talent’s perspective and do a good job because he has a good personality and he’s an entertaining guy, JBL is an entertaining character, but to just go on and on and on of putting Triple H over and dumping on Sting and the comparison being, this guy’s a pro, you’re sandlot, you’re little league. This guy’s an All Pro in the NFL, you’re on peewee league. And if you go back and listen to commentary, that was the premise of it all, and it just, other than building the match as the match was building, it was like tunnel vision, OK, dipshit, we finally got you to come on board, now we’re just gonna bury you, and that’s pretty much what happened. I think there was a comment made, it’s like an AFL team coming and challenging the NFC Champions or something, however many years later, the comparisons were just brutal, and you weren’t doing anything to build the character Sting, and I’ve never been a fan of that, you don’t say old, you don’t say too small, you don’t say fat, find something in your opponent that makes him special, so when he beats you, somebody beat you, otherwise a little guy beat you, or an old guy beat you, or a fat guy beat you, it’s just common sense.

Why Vince would bury Sting:

The reality is this. It was the last nail that Vince could nail into the coffin and say, ‘OK, it’s done, we’re the superior company, they said they’re gonna put us out of business, they led for all those weeks, but in the end, here’s your last remaining guy and he was your biggest star, and we just crushed him before your very eyes at the biggest event of the year, it is now officially done.’ It’s like WCW never existed now. That’s what would have been going through his mind.

Full podcast below. (H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)


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