Arn Anderson Recalls Trying To Get Batista To Stay In WWE Back In 2010

Arn Anderson Recalls Trying To Get Batista To Stay In WWE Back In 2010

On the latest episode of the Arn Show AEW coach/producer Arn Anderson covered the 2010 WWE Over The Limit pay per view, where The Enforcer recalls a conversation he had with Hall of Famer Batista about staying in the WWE. Anderson reveals that he spoke with The Animal regarding his popularity, and that this was the proper time to cash-in on all his hard work, but Batista would shoot him down claiming he wanted to do other things.

During the afternoon, I went and asked him for a few minutes and we sat up in the stands and I did my very best to talk Dave into staying. I said, ‘Dave –’ I just told him the truth. I said, ‘You have worked hard to go from a babyface that was as hot as you were to the heel that are you today. You have never been more over. Either way, heel or babyface than you are tonight. Please, do not leave. Go ahead and ride this thing out. We need you, it’ll be good for you.’ He looked right at me, he said, ‘Arn, I appreciate that and I think the world of you’ and I said, ‘Dave, this is me talking to you. This is not the office or WWE talking to you. This is your friend. Please reconsider,’ and he said, ‘I wanna do some other things.

Check out the full Arn show below. (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)


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