ASK MR. TITO - Charlotte Flair as a WWE World Champ?, Jeff Hardy Arrest Angle, Bobby Lashley Push, Randy Orton & Tommaso Ciampa, and Much More

ASK MR. TITO – Charlotte Flair as a WWE World Champ?, Jeff Hardy Arrest Angle, Bobby Lashley Push, Randy Orton & Tommaso Ciampa, and Much More

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The weekly “ASK Mr. Tito” column has returned for you exclusively, a company. Man, the world is just spinning off its axis for 2020. And I laugh because everyone is like “surely, the second half couldn’t be worse” and my response is first, don’t call me Shirley, and second, we have a Presidential Election that concludes during the second half of 2020. Do y’all not remember how intense debates were between Trump and Clinton camps during 2016? OK, pour gasoline on that to get 2020’s politics. Plus, these problems of racial inequity, COVID19, and an economic recession won’t solve themselves overnight and will spill in to that very election. Strap in, 2020 is actually going to get worse, believe it or not.

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On previous columns throughout 2020, I wrote extensive “survival guides” on the Coronavirus, specifically about the economic effects that the forced quarantine would have. I was on that issue immediately, as I felt that it would cause tons of involuntary unemployment thanks to the States implementing forced quarantines across many businesses that they deemed “non-essential”. I work in the finance world and in my older age, I now have extensive experience not just in that world, but across different sectors of the economy and working with different demographics or communities. Thus, I used my expertise to advise my readers on saving money, remaining employed, not being ashamed of collecting Unemployment, explaining government policy reactions, etc.

I have been asked by various readers to do the same on Black Lives Matter…

That’s a tough topic for me to cover… For one, I’m a white guy. Yeah, I know, surprise surprise… The guy calling himself “Mr. Tito” as a tribute to Tito Jackson, one of the members of the famous band, the Jackson 5. When I’m driving my car, I don’t have any fears of getting randomly pulled over and possibly arrested on the spot for appearing suspicious. When I walk into a business, people aren’t staring at me or suspecting me of doing something. And I live in a smaller city where everyone gets along, different races included. Thus, I cannot relate to the pain that black communities have endured for decades, if not centuries.

On my end, I’ll just remain consistent… For 2 decades now, I’ve been the “WWE Watchdog” because I’ve repeatedly called out the WWE whenever their storylines or pushes for wrestlers have been in bad taste. I’ve been on them for years for their poor pushes of stereotypes just to get cheap heat for a wrestling angle. As you saw from last week’s column, I summarized years of my points and scolded the WWE for its hypocrisy on issuing their George Floyd statement despite lacking credibility on race.

Professionally, I take Jim Ross‘s advice on color bias… My color bias is GREEN. No matter what race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or religious background that you have, if you can prove your value as a productive person in my workforce, I’ll not only hire you to begin with (interview and first impressions are important), but I’ll provide the training and education to help promote you. And I have… I have a good success story in my workplace of mentoring many younger workers of different types to officer/management positions within my company or succeeding elsewhere thanks to my grooming and positioning of them.

At the ballot box, I’ve been much more picky lately on character, particularly since 2000s… I was normally a regular Republican voter, as I grew up being inspired by the House Republicans (John Kasich as budget chairman, later my Ohio governor) actually balancing the Federal Budget to surpluses for 4 straight years (1998-2001). But then I’d watch that erode as we’d send our brave troops into harm’s way in the Middle East, have absurdly high Deficits, increasing the size of the Federal Government, and always playing politics on social issues (the 3 G’s as I call them, Guns, Gays, and God). Coming out of the 2000s, my vote is for sale and I’ll pick the best “adult in the room” for that position. I’ve known of Donald Trump for decades now and I don’t personally trust him nor do I believe that he’s intelligent enough to manage an entire country. Just look at his temperament now in the face of multiple issues and failing to recognize that he’s the President of ALL people, not just his core base that he’s relying on to get re-elected. I have yet to cast a vote for him and it’s most because he appears to me as being too hostile towards various groups of people.

On my end, that’s what I can do… The Mr. Tito column is obviously my biggest Megaphone that I have that can spread across the entire country, if not the world, to speak to wrestling fans of different types. And you have 2 decades of me being consistent and being fair in my criticisms. Again, I have been on the WWE for YEARS about their cheap booking and actually disregarding various talented black wrestlers. I was pounding the table for YEARS about WWE’s disrespect of Shelton Benjamin (more on that below in my “Last Word” rant) and have been pushing hard for the WWE to take a strong look at Apollo Crews as a legitimate superstar who could draw at a main event level. It took WWE almost 4 years to start pushing Apollo since his promotion to the main roster from NXT.

Where I believe that things need to cool down is online heat… Chris Jericho and Drew Brees are still taking heat for their recent comments. Neither guy has a track record of being racist and both have been incredibly respected in their locker rooms working with a diverse cast of people. The focus needs to be on Government and the structure surrounding it that keeps institutional racism in place. Period. Congress writes the laws, President signs them. Laws get pushed down to the various Government departments or agencies to implement and enforce. Same thing with States… State legislatures write laws and the Governor signs them into laws… Law gets pushed down to various State departments or agencies to implement and then enforce. On top of all of that, you have extremely Lobbyists who harass Federal and State law makers to influence what legislation gets written or passed. We have a system that is incredibly biased towards money, as 1 rich lobbyist or company can speak louder than millions of people could with much less money combined.

THAT is what needs challenged… The infrastructure of Laws are made and the catering towards money… Until that is fixed, our policy makers will ignore the inequities or biases with our laws and economic system. Just look at various inner-cities right now. Crime rates are high and yet drop-out rates in their school systems are abnormally high. Meanwhile, funding for education is completely uneven in many states with biases on who receives funding. In the state of Ohio, our school funding distribution has been deemed “unconstitutional” multiple times by the Ohio State Supreme Court! The obvious difference is that a white kid growing up in rural or suburb areas is likely going to have a better start than black kids growing up in an urban area. Until we, as a society, can put a spotlight on THAT problem, nothing will get fixed and everything will remain unequal.

For anyone who is reading this very column for their weekly Pro Wrestling questions but are following the #BlackLivesMatter movement… You have to not only challenge Government power to make change, but the money chasing it as well. Everyone needs to be more demanding on their existing representatives in Congress/State Legislature or actually VOTE THEM OUT. If you feel that waiting 2-3 hours to vote is ridiculous, get vocal and become demanding of your policy makers to change. There should be various Voting Rights acts that should provide a good court case against a State who is obviously restricting people’s abilities to vote in urban areas. Then, you have to call out the Money… Pinpoint who is keeping the biased policy makers in place or who is helping Congress/States to write laws to keep the inequalities in place.

And that is why I think that going to Social Media and putting unnecessary heat on Celebrities that don’t fully agree with your cause is potentially wasted energy. Based on their character and past track records, I would venture to say that they mostly agree with the Black Lives Matter movement. There is a big difference between being Tone Deaf and an outright racist… Someone who is Tone Deaf can learn and evolve… Contrast that with obvious racism that blatantly exists in our society: I saw a video of a KKK group this week who was counter-protesting and some of their flags had Swastikas on them! Several of the protesters in Charlottesville during 2017’s rally to protect a Confederate statue from being removed had Swastika armbands on and had flags too. Those are the attitudes who need the harder scrubbing in our society along with the power/money structure in place that enables them.

Everybody is tense right now and actually has been for a few years now. George Floyd isn’t the only national case where something went horribly wrong due to unfair treatment of a black person. Things like camera phones and social media brings attention to it… Again, we must use these tools to point out obvious injustices instead of fully shaming for Tone Deafness… Or, going after people unfairly… Let me give you a personal example that happened to me recently. For fun, I sometimes draw Political Cartoons about Pro Wrestling and post them on my Twitter account. During October 2019, I drew one about Chris Jericho and Vince Russo pulling yours truly out of the Retirement Home which you can view by clicking here. As you’ll recall, Chris Jericho Tweeted famously at me for saying that he was “deteriorating” physically at his older age and Vince Russo was calling me out for the column that I wrote about him. Back during 2019, I was writing columns maybe about once or twice a month after my October 2018 brief retirement. The obvious joke was that Jericho and Russo were yanking ME out of the retirement home. That is me… I drew it somewhat like Tito Jackson because my name is “Mr. Tito” and from my older avatars, that’s how most people associate me is with his picture. Yet, someone online was trying to depict my drawing as trying to promote Slavery. Huh? The picture is CLEARLY showing Jericho & Russo pulling a guy physically from a retirement home named “Shady Pines Retirement Home”. Should I have written “Tito” on my t-shirt to clearly indicate that it was clearly me? Of course, the Tweet associated with my Political Cartoon was “How I’m feeling right now about my “retirement” from wrestling and writing columns, in political cartoon form”… How “I’M” feeling… The drawing was of ME!

That’s my message… If you’re a white guy, like me, just treat people fairly and having a more diverse workplace proves to be productive. Make your Votes “for sale” and start measuring candidates based on their human character in addition to their politics. And for the Black Lives Matter movement, focus on the people of power. Right now, you have the strength in numbers from your protests. Don’t let up and keep your protests peaceful (hold any vandals accountable, as you don’t want Military presence). But you have to hold our leaders accountable for their inactions or refusals to treat everyone equally along with the monetary influence that keeps the status quo in place. Ease up on the online attacks for the people who are Tone Deaf… Just educate that “#AllLivesMatter” circumvents what we’re trying here with “#BlackLivesMatter”. Of course “all lives matter”, but right now with recent incidents and decades of inequality, the movement is “black lives matter” to day be able to say “all lives matter” across the board.

That’s all I have for you… I’m fully on the side of making all Men and Women equal, period. If I slice each and every human being open right now, we all bleed the same exact color and each of us has a heart beating inside. It’s 2020 and let’s start acting like we are all equal.

On to your wrestling questions…


ASK Mr. Tito – Your Questions, My Answers

Do you believe that Charlotte Flair should win a WWE World Title?

HELL NO. I know, I just gave you an explanation on treating people equally above… But let’s use physics and science here at it relates to the perception of Combat Sports. Charlotte Flair is of the taller variety of female at 5’10” and weighs just under 150 pounds. Your current WWE World Champions are Drew McIntyre at 6’5″ and 265 pounds and Braun Strowman at 6’8″ and 385 pounds.

Oh, and by the way, look who both men beat to become World Champions. At Wrestlemania 36, Drew beat multiple time World Champion and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar while Braun beat multiple time world Champion and former NFL player Bill Goldberg.

So… What would it say for Drew or Braun, along with Bill/Brock, if a 150 pound person beat them in a match?

I’ll do you one further… Let’s look at other champions. Kofi Kingston is 6’0″ but he’s 212 pounds. He has more than a 60 pound weight advantage on Charlotte even though she is just 2 inches off his height. Ditto for Seth Rollins at 6’1″ and 217 pounds. On top of that, can anyone dare suggest that Charlotte is stronger or faster than either one?

Let’s stop being stupid as wrestling fans and let’s STOP pointing out Tessa Blanchard’s Impact Championship, too… That promotion is a dumpster fire and has been for years, period. She is incredibly talented, no doubt, but her 5’5″ and 125 pount frame should never defeat any males over 200 pounds. If you just think logically towards MMA or Boxing, there is a REASON that they have Weight Classes. Someone heavier is not only stronger, but should hit harder. Has Impact been made better by her win? No… Nothing has improved because they had a credibility issue anyway for their Main Event scene and now it is worse because they have someone lighter and weaker in strength than a Cruiserweight as their top champion.

The closest person to even get into the conversation about defeating males in wrestling matches would be Chyna who was 6’0″ and over 200 pounds with muscle mass packed on. Yet, if you watched her singles matches during 1999-2000 against men, she was clearly SLOWER than them. Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero had to slow their styles down just to help Chyna look reasonable in the ring. That is the physical difference at play. Men are naturally stronger and faster than women. You can look up Olympic Track & Field along with Weightlifting if you don’t believe me.

Let’s just stop it with this non-sense that Charlotte could be a WWE World Champion. It spits in the face of actual logic along with physics and biology. A few years ago, Nia Jax tried to enter the Royal Rumble and as much as she appears to have a size advantage over the Women’s division, she actually looked smaller next to the men in that Rumble match and they had no problems throwing her heavier frame around. Because again, they are naturally stronger…


What are your thoughts on the Jeff Hardy angle from Smackdown where he was arrested?

Just the usual lazy booking by the army of WWE Creative Team writers, the usual tone deafness of Vince McMahon, and the lack of balls by Triple H or Kevin Dunn to merely suggest that it could be a bad idea. For one, just calm down on the police stuff with the national headlines… But two, Jeff Hardy has had his legal issues. Just remember what happened during the late 2000s when they tried to play up Jeff’s real life issues on screen with CM Punk. Jeff Hardy relapsed shortly after that feud.

How hard is it to just create a storyline that the almost 43 year old Jeff Hardy is “on his last legs” and wants one last chance to become World Champion again? Can’t we just tell that simple story? He’s getting older and he wants to win a title so that his 2 daughters can see their Dad be champion? It just writes itself…

It continues to baffle me how a 50 Year veteran of the wrestling business named Vince McMahon and former television/movie writers can’t put together a decent wrestling show with storylines that are inspiring to follow. Think about how much money is spent on those writers with travel, salary, benefits (ohhhh, those are full time WWE employees), etc., along with whatever props up Vince each morning. Meanwhile, you have Triple H and Kevin Dunn attending each and every meeting with Vince yet the choose to sit on their hands and do nothing. FINGER OF SHAME at you, Triple H and Kevin Dunn, as both of you should be able to have the trust and influence with Vince to change things.


Would Bobby Lashley make a strong WWE Champion right now?

I mean, is he any worse of a draw than Drew or Braun?

Since Bobby Lashley return, he’s been presented poorly… The guy looks like a human tank and is one hell of an athlete. He tried MMA, too, with some success. Yet, his booking exposes his weaknesses as a character and doesn’t try to mask his weak promo cutting ability. Recently, they paired him with Lana to create cheap heel heat for a mixed couple. That’s not the way you use him or them… If I were booking Lashley right now, I’d flip him into a full fledged babyface and turn Lana face as well… Make their love much more natural and passionate and do things to gain sympathy for Lana (ahem, load up WWE Network and see what made Miss Elizabeth so great). Present Bobby Lashley as a superhero to make him appear “larger than life” to wrestling fans.

To be fair to Drew and Braun, they are both champions in an era where there are no fans in attendance. Thus, we don’t really know how they are drawing as champions. RAW’s ratings are sinking below 2 million, Smackdown is barely above 2 million. But both shows are difficult to watch without a packed audience and it really exposes the midcard product.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t put a focus on Bobby Lashley as a World Champion but on building him as a credible opponent for Brock Lesnar. If you look up and down that WWE roster, there are hardly any credible opponents left for Lesnar who will likely return one day. Just giving Lashley a winning streak of sorts and an improvement in the marketing of a finishing move, along with boasting his past MMA experience, it could build a decent match-up for Lesnar.


What are your thoughts on Randy Orton and Tommaso Ciampa feuding online?

It’s the usual bullying by Randy Orton. What else is new? He was like this more than 15 years and he hasn’t changed at all. It’s extremely funny that Orton mocks NXT for “slapping legs” yet that promotion is operated by his main mentor, Triple H. I’m sure that Orton received a phone call over that.

And Tommaso Ciampa is right… Randy Orton matches ARE boring. Period. While Randy may be the most fundamentally sound and snug wrestler on the planet, he may also be the emotionless one as well. Especially when he’s about to lose a match, as his body language entering the ring and selling usually gives away the finish of the match. He’s miserable when he’s booked to lose.

As I’ve said repeatedly about Orton… He’s a 13 Time World Champion in the WWE but what does he have to show for it? For the last few championships, ratings have tanked with him as champion… But what matches do you remember from him? You don’t see his matches ranked high for any “Match of the Year” considerations and you’re not seeing many newer wrestlers coming up being influenced by him. In fact, you hear the opposite based on the way they are treated by Orton. And he’s the kind of guy who has influence backstage to simple tell Vince or Triple H that someone is difficult to work with. Most wrestlers work with Orton are not made better by working with him. Nobody has ever benefited by defeating Orton in a match because he appeared to not care during their match. Ask Roman Reigns about the sleepwalking that Orton did in that SummerSlam 2014 match.

WWE just signed him to a reported 5 year extension and worth millions, too. Thus, he’s here to stay and will be pushed strong at the top for many years to come. It’s funny how the WWE challenges the money making ability of many other wrestlers (see the 2020 cuts), but never their prized generational wrestler who used flirting with AEW to get a new WWE deal. If Orton joined AEW, nobody would have noticed in the WWE and in fact, they’d be relieved. Meanwhile, the AEW locker room would get to inherit that. Missed opportunity by the WWE.


Do you believe that WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump will win the 2020 Presidential Election?

See what I did there? Easy way to sneak in some politics… I’m just going to give you straight up political analysis without giving you any policy stances of either candidate.

If the vote were held today, Joe Biden would win… But the vote is NOT held today, as we’re less than 5 months away from Election Day. Much can happen in that time and space, as much of the Economic, COVID 19, and Protest pain is happening RIGHT NOW as opposed to later. There is a chance that all 3 factors could ease up or actually improve by November 2020. Furthermore, I have real concerns about Joe Biden’s health… Just watch the way he talks, as he stutters badly now and is quite forgetful. During 2008 and 2012, he pretty much destroyed Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan on the debate stage to help sure up Barack Obama’s presidential victories. However, his health is clearly deteriorating and that could be a significant worry. If I were Democrats, I’d try to avoid having 3 Debates because Joe’s potential early signs of dementia could get exposed… Then again, avoiding the debates would cause them to get called out.

In my opinion, the Electoral College Math will matter once again. If you look at 2016, Trump won by “running the table” on normally blue states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin while winning the key swing states. For the Republican Party, their Math will forever be difficult since they lost Virginia as a red state. That used to be their “firewall” and then they could win recent presidencies by focusing on winning Ohio, Florida, Missouri, and several states out West. For 2020, I just don’t know if voters in Michigan and Wisconsin are happy enough with the President to vote for him again. I just don’t see it…

I also see Georgia flipping into a blue state for 2020… Things are stirring in that state and have been for quite some time. The 2018 Governor’s race was quite heated and there was alleged voter suppression happening in the state then. Fast forward to 2020, many were waiting for hours just to vote in Primary elections in Georgia. On top of that, the Governor has been heavily criticized for his COVID19 policies and comments. And then you have the Ahmaud Arbery killing which put many in the nation on edge before the George Floyd death. If Donald Trump cannot hold onto Georgia and it’s 16 electoral votes, he’s in deep trouble. Right now, Trump is also losing in the polls for Arizona as well… Thus, he cannot afford to lose Georgia.

Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President will be incredibly important… In my opinion, his health won’t allow him to serve a full 2 terms. And I believe that he needs a strong support system to help him with his presidency. Mike Pence greatly helps out Donald Trump to gain and retain Social Conservative voters, just as Joe Biden was very important to Barack Obama as VP. Again, just watch Biden thrash both Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan in those Vice Presidential debates. He could go “all in” for Georgia by selecting Stacy Abrams but I just don’t know about her executive experience. I predict that he’ll hire either Senator Kamala Harris, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, or New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. There is an outside chance that he’ll select Michelle Obama or even Oprah Winfrey for a big name pop at the #2 position.

In short… Trump looks to be in trouble today, but things could improve in 5 months. All he has to suggest is that he couldn’t pass any legislation or prepare for COVID19 because the Democrats were trying to impeach him. Good thing for him is that the bad news on the economy is happening right now and signs of improvement can appear in the near future (already have). And if I were Trump, I’d heavily demand 3 debates against Joe Biden and put the pressure on him. Meanwhile for Biden, don’t fumble the ball on the VP pick with a lightweight as both John Kerry and Hillary Clinton did. You need a rockstar back-up quarterback to erase any health concerns of Joe Biden. Even with all of that, I just wonder if Trump can’t get the same Electoral College Math that he did during 2016. Michigan and Wisconsin may return to the blue side for 2020 while reliable red states like Arizona and Georgia may flip.

I would place money on Biden today, but would take a “wait and see” approach with my money until those Debates have been cleared. On top of that, Trump has raised a ton of cash that he’ll unleash as political ads… Yeah, the 2nd half of 2020 will be rough, folks.

See? That is how you assess politics without a political bias.


And now… Onto my final rant…


One of these days, Insider News Sources such as Wrestling Observer, Pro Wrestling Torch, and Pro Wrestling Insider need to admit one thing…

They need to admit that Triple H was behind the majority of the WWE backstage news leaks… That, or associates of Triple H’s were behind the leaks.

Take for example, the team formerly known as The Revival now known as either the Revolt or FTR. Don’t ask me to quote their new wrestling names because I can’t remember them on command. Anyway, during their recent interviews with Chris Jericho and Jim Cornette on very revealing podcasts, they are quoted as saying following two things:

(1) When they asked for their releases during early 2019 with Triple H and Vince McMahon, their phones immediately blew up from other wrestlers knowing about it and internet wrestling sources immediately knew about it. Their meetings were with Triple H at first and then following up with Vince McMahon next.

(2) Their goofy outfits that WWE Creative presented them… They were presented to them with Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard, Kevin Dunn, and Triple H all in the room. The full designs were leaked to the internet by someone within the WWE offices.

Did you get that?

And can someone point to me anytime a NEGATIVE story has been reported by Meltzer, Keller, or Scherer regarding Triple H as an executive backstage within the WWE? Usually, we get stories about how senile Vince McMahon is or how sexist Kevin Dunn might be… Michael PS Hayes usually gets the wrath of the newsletters, too, based on what lewd things he says or does backstage. Most of the time, it’s about how Vince McMahon shreds RAW or Smackdown scripts with just an hour before the show or how he refuses to use or push certain wrestlers. Everything is about Vince, Vince, Vince from their newsletters as if he’s the only one talking in Creative or Production meetings that have leaked info. Does Triple H really just sit there and say nothing?

Or is he the source of the information…

Or does Triple H just have rabbit ears around the WWE locker room and would bury anybody who dares to say a bad thing about him or his wife Stephanie McMahon.

Let me give you an example…

Most wrestling fans heavily praise Shelton Benjamin‘s in-ring ability. From that vaunted Ohio Valley Wrestling “Class of 2002”, he may actually be the best in-ring worker of the bunch. Yet, creatively, he went no where after the World’s Greatest Tag Team (formerly known as Team Angle) broke up. Anytime that he had a chance, he put up spectacular matches or performances… But creatively, he was never put in a position to succeed. In fact, the Creative Team gave him a stereotypical overweight “Big Momma” character as his valet for a while. Seriously, they did that… Pop in your WWE Network to watch it before your very eyes and wonder how the WWE had the nerve to put out a statement last week about George Floyd (ditto for Stephanie, as she was the Lead Writer on the Creative Team back then).

Here is what I heard from a Road Agent who was helping out both RAW and Smackdown brands… He began emailing me regularly at the height of my Phat Daily Column‘s popularity during the Attitude Era, as he was pissed at some of the comments I made about the promotion he worked for at the time… But through the years, we had a decent communication line that fed me some info that helped back up some of my opinions. Specifically, he called the Brock Lesnar exit early, citing that Lesnar became increasingly vocal during 2003 especially after the Bill Goldberg signing and limited dates. Also, this source indicated what a backstage problem that Randy Orton was towards other workers and employees. Both were proven correct.

This same source suggested that Shelton Benjamin was quite vocal backstage during the mid 2000s while on the RAW brand about how WWE Creative was using him. If you remember back then, there were various stories about Shelton being in the “WWE doghouse” for various things that happened backstage. From what I was told, he was constantly badmouthing the WWE Creative Team and sometimes the lead, Stephanie McMahon. Well, from what this road agent constantly advised me, both Stephanie and Triple H had all kinds of snitches backstage who would listen to wrestler chatter and report back to HHH/Stephanie for anything derogatory that was said. Thus, whatever Shelton said, was quickly reported to authorities and any hopes of a singles Main Event push were gone.

And I believe that could be the same thing happening for supplying information to Newsletters or Websites… If you dare say anything bad about Triple H or Stephanie and it is found out, a wrestling talent could be in serious hot water. I wouldn’t doubt that false information is planted by them just to test loyalty.

It’s amazing to me that more former NXT wrestlers aren’t calling out Triple H. After all, their call-ups to the Main Roster have been mostly failures. That WWE buzzsaw has destroyed most call-ups, besides the Women, and Triple H has been EVP of the Creative Team since late 2013. Yet he doesn’t protect them? Or as I suggested before, he’s afraid to challenge Vince McMahon who is family to him and probably like another father to him as well.

But again…

How does the news of the Revival asking for their release get out so quickly after a private meeting with Triple H?

And why would internal memos of the Revival’s new costumes be leaked to the internet to make a mockery of the WWE?

Because Triple H did NOT want to lose the Revival. I believe that Triple H knows how good both guys are but Vince McMahon either does not like the team and/or does not care for Tag Team wrestling at all for the last 15 years. Either he or someone close to him leaked that information to the internet public to consume and to indirectly make Vince McMahon look like a fool.

It’s also interesting how quickly we heard about all of the Performance Center layoffs or furloughs… It’s also interesting how much we’re hearing about how various NXT wrestlers are having their contracts coming up soon. Adam Cole is the CURRENT NXT Champion and yet we’re hearing news on how his contract is coming up shortly and how he may jump to All Elite Wrestling.

We’re also hearing about details about every Production meeting lately and how Vince McMahon was the only one pushing for weekly shows to continue but also for Wrestlemania 36 to happen. Everyone was against continuing that show but him.

The WWE Corporation leaks like a bucket with a bunch of holes on the bottom. No other corporation is like that. People have been fired at video game companies, Apple, Google, and other big corporations for leaking information early. Yet, in the WWE, full Creative and Production Meeting minutes are transcribed and given to Meltzer, Keller, Scherer, or whomever else wants them to help spoil shows or report on the sentiment of the room. Yet, WWE wonders why their stock bounces up and down like a yo-yo.

And if it is Triple H leaking company information to Newsletters or Websites (or associates close to him), there are major internal problems with the WWE.

Again, two facts that the FTR (formerly the Revival) just admitted:

(1) Private conversation with Triple H during early 2019 that was asking for their releases was widely known by fellow WWE wrestlers and insider news sources moments after their discussion with HHH.

(2) Revival’s new costume designs were leaked by the WWE offices to the internet just after they were presented to the Revival by the Creative Team.

You tell me who is leaking information?

Seems obvious to me with the Games that people play.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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