ASK MR. TITO - Chris Jericho and Tammy Sytch Comments, Nia Jax Injures Kairi Sane Again, Hogans banned from AEW?, and More

ASK MR. TITO – Chris Jericho and Tammy Sytch Comments, Nia Jax Injures Kairi Sane Again, Hogans banned from AEW?, and More

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The EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING is back at the greatest wrestling website of all time,, a company. Man, there is so much happening in the world right now between George Floyd’s death and protests, COVID19, the economy, etc… BUT, I’m just to divert from speaking about any of these topics OR incorporate them into a wrestling discussion FOR THE MOMENT because I want to address the WWE and AEW promotions directly.

We need you now, more than ever, WWE and AEW. We need an escape. Part of the reason why I praised Vince McMahon for continuing to air Wrestlemania 36 is because with all of the other sports leagues cancelling or postponing their leagues or events, many viewers quarantined at home needed something to watch to keep them sane. Then, when Wrestlemania 36 happened, many of the prior criticisms of Vince still hosting this event went away… We were happy to watch something.

I’ve argued that Pro Wrestling is an “escape from reality” in the past, many many times…

But what we’re seeing here lately, thanks to the creative “efforts” of both AEW and WWE is total crap.

Both of you have everyone quarantined at home and available to watch USA Networks and TNT (still available in about 85 Million Households) and FOX (available in almost 120 million households)… WWE RAW, AEW Dynamite, NXT, and WWE Smackdown should be shows that pro wrestling fans not only seek on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday, but casual sporting fans should find appealing as well. Everybody is stuck at home and many are tired of hearing about this pandemic (now protests) on the news. WE NEED AN ESCAPE…

However, both WWE and AEW’s Creative Teams are completely failing us. 2020 has presented us with LOW QUALITY wrestling and storytelling at a time when both promotions have extensive time on their hands to plan out their shows. WWE is not touring at all and their Pay Per Views, in particular, are completely taped. AEW has a mixture of live segments and taped segments while not touring at all. Both promotions have all of the time in the world to prepare a well thought out wrestling show and wrestlers themselves have more time to plan out matches with their opponents. Furthermore, especially for the WWE, they no longer have crowds trolling any wrestlers or storylines that they have to push (even when both may be good).

And what do we receive as wrestling fans? Zero logic in storylines, underwhelming matches, terrible promos, lack of psychology across the board in matches, and these poorly thought out gimmick matches. Graveyard, Bray Wyatt acid trip, running through the WWE building, and having a big ol’ hardcore match at the Jaguars stadium… That is the BEST that both of you have to offer with a scripted and well prepared match? I’d argue that Undertaker versus AJ Styles was good because of the talents involved (helped mask Undertaker’s older age), but even then I could nitpick at how Undertaker could make pyro grow from that barn’s roof.

Come on, Vince and Tony… This is the best that you can provide wrestling fans? Someone made a hilarious tweet on Tony Khan that he had veterans like Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, DDP, Jim Ross, and even Chris Jericho backstage to lean on for advice and yet his word, along with his EVPs (Cody, Omega, Bucks) is what goes. For Vince McMahon, he doesn’t look as superior since Jim Ross was demoted as Talent Relations VP during 2004 in addition to replacing Russo/Patterson/Brisco/Cornette/Prichard (though Prichard is back) with his daughter, son-in-law, and a bunch of Hollywood writers. The further he gets away from the administrative staff of the Attitude Era, the worse his product and numbers become.

Thus, a FINGER OF SHAME is deserved for both WWE and AEW for their LACK of quality. You had an ample opportunity as the ONLY “game in town” to grow both of your fanbases but instead chose to keep the same LACK OF QUALITY booking efforts seen through late 2019 instead. We are seriously down to praying that a Tag Team, FTR/The Revolt (formerly the Revival), will help AEW… 1 Tag Team… Yikes.

Pro wrestling kind of sucks right now and WWE’s performance of barely hanging onto 2 million viewers per show and AEW’s inability to stay above 800,000 viewers proves it. Everyone is stuck at home with no other sporting events to watch… Yet, their creative teams lack preparation, logic, and creativity during an era where they have much more TIME to prepare. Completely baffling to me.

If y’all need a hand with your creative, you know where to find me. I’ll do it for free, too… I’ll do anything to save professional wrestling and to make it better.

Onto your questions.


ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

Should Chris Jericho apologize for his online “#alllivesmatter” comments?

Sigh… Here’s my thing with both Chris Jericho and Drew Brees for that matter. Right now, we’re living in highly sensitive times because George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery’s deaths and the poor handling of both by law enforcement. Anytime there exists VIDEO of said murders and yet there is a delay in arrests made when it involves 1 particular race that was once enslaved and needed Civil Rights legislation to erase Jim Crow laws… It’s going to cause uproar, obviously, with the black community. But this is just 2020. This unequal treatment of an entire race of human beings has been happening for decades since Civil Rights was passed during the 1960s. In fact, I’d argue that legislation didn’t matter because the guy championing that cause peacefully, Martin Luther King Jr., as assassinated. We haven’t healed as a society since then and generations of divide have remained in place since.

Both Jericho with his “all lives matter” Tweet and Brees with his “never disrespect the flag” comments to Yahoo Finance are more tone deaf to the current times than even being close to making racial statements. Both guys have at least 20 years in the public eye and neither man has a track record of racism that we know of. Jericho and Brees have been in many locker rooms and have worked with many different backgrounds of people. NOT ONCE have we heard stories of either man being remotely racist. Now, I keep hearing that Chris Jericho‘s portrayal of a Klansman from Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a sign of that but the movie mocking that obviously racial group known as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) who wear sheets to represent fallen Confederate soldiers.

With that said, let’s just move on… Both comments are not racist but are just clearly tone deaf based on the recent times and also from the many years of working in locker rooms with other races of people where they could have learned something. Neither guy has an extensive track record of being racist, either. The heat guided missiles are aimed at the wrong people right now to fix our society.

And I believe what is happening now is that Society is expecting that Celebrities should be leading charge to eradicate racism from our culture and our laws. That’s why everyone was happy that the Rock recently spoke out against President Trump and in favor of the recent protests. For the past few decades, our culture has been pushing that ONLY those with Money and Celebrity Fame matter. Why else would political campaigns feature the opinions of celebrities? Why else would politicians listen so much to lobbyists or higher dollar campaign donors? AND THAT IS WHY hearing comments from Chris Jericho and Drew Brees being tone deaf with the times has disappointed many. The expectations, thanks to the importance of being RICH and/or a CELEBRITY is the expectation of being the factors of change in our society.

If you ask me, begging Celebrities to fight for you is a lost cause… Their focus is mostly on their craft (Acting, Wrestling, Sports, or whatever) and much of their focus is also on building as much wealth as they can in the short period of relevance that exists for their line of work (for athletes, a very short window). If you watched Michael Jordan speak on his Last Dance documentary about politics, you’d understand it quickly… He was too busy and focused on winning 6 NBA Championships, enduring 82 game seasons, traveling, working for Sponsors, being mobbed as a celebrity, etc. to place his focus on politics (but he donated to causes and politicians often). Most do not get famous or rich without hard work and then remaining a hard worker to keep that in tact. Your personal and work responsibilities don’t always free up time and can distract from the world surrounding you.

A good example of this would be Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was posting about his Dogs on his Instagram Social Media… People jumped on him for not commenting on current events… Huh? He was just trying to post about his personal life and the expectation of him as a top name celebrity was to speak out on the recent social injustices… It almost seems that many people feel disenfranchised by the existing process of not being heard due to economics, influence, or power that they have become reliant on celebrities to speak for them. And if they don’t or say something contrary to their political/personal views, attack mode is flipped on against that celebrity.

The focus should be on the Politicians currently in place who writing laws and enforcing them while also pushing down guidance to other government agencies, states, local governments, and law enforcement. Protesters should also question the lobbyist system of how higher $$ special interests not only influence politicians, but also help them write legislation. Additionally, how judges are put in place should also be questions as that process is heavily political. Why the Presidency and Senate matters so much for a Political Party is due to who they can appoint as federal judges and also the Supreme Court. The leadership in the United States at the very top in Washington, DC, has the ability to craft changes in laws and law enforcement that can be pushed down to the states and local areas.

But you need the folks at the very top to realize that human beings without a big wad of cash in their pockets matter too.


Should the WWE punish Nia Jax for her recent injury caused to Kairi Sane?

Didn’t I write a column already on this when Nia Jax hurt Kairi Sane the last time with the botched buckle bomb? Oh yes, I covered that in my APRIL 25th, 2020 Column in which I boldly suggested that Nia should receive the Big Show/Mark Henry treatment of being demoted back to developmental. The nerve of the Observer’s Bryan Alvarez to state that “I might be the only one saying this”. Yeah, maybe the only one saying this a month and a half later.

Again – We know why Nia Jax’s issues will get swept under the rug. She is related to the Rock and the WWE wants to retain a relationship with that top movie star to occasionally come back. Demoting Nia could irritate him, or at least that is what the WWE fears. Remember, though, the Rock was around when both Mark Henry and Big Show were demoted to OVW during the early 2000s. He was also around when he saw both wrestlers return and especially in the case of Mark Henry, have his career thrive from being humbled, improving his conditioning, and having better training.

I wrote about this when it happened and will keep saying it again… Nia Jax was NOT ready for WWE prime time when she was promoted to the main WWE roster during mid 2016. She only started as a pro wrestler during early 2014 and that was with the WWE Performance Center. She has no prior Indy experience. Thus, after only 2.5 years of experience, she was pushed onto the main WWE roster. Then, from mid 2016 through 2020, the WWE lacked former wrestler agents, who used to be there, to be allowed to impose discipline or to at least give advice on how to improve. One of the biggest problems with the WWE right now is the lack of mentoring backstage between current wrestlers and former wrestlers. The guys that the WWE has retained, such as Michael PS Hayes, aren’t the best examples or advice givers.

Same thing happened with Mark Henry… Barely any in-ring training after his 1996 training before joining the main WWE roster. Big Show’s issue was more about conditioning and attitude but he actually didn’t have much training before his WCW debut. Just come out, look dominant, barely sell anything, and then chokeslam. WWE had more expectations about him as an in-ring performer (can’t do that against Rock, Austin, Undertaker) and character, both of which he was quickly failing at… Plus, he developed a bad attitude while working in the dysfunctional WCW locker room of 1997-1998 and Eric Bischoff was too distracted by getting his own NWO character “over” to realize that a significant talent was falling off the rails.

Nia’s inexperienced but she’s also not getting tough love by anyone. Nobody has the courage to correct Jax on her mistakes nor is anybody questioning her conditioning. If you really have a size advantage over women, why are you struggling to lift and properly throw someone who is barely over 100 pounds? Watch her lift and slam fellow wrestlers… She has bad form, for one (poor training), but she acts as though her 6 foot tall, 200+ pound frame cannot lift someone half her size. She missed on that Buckle Bomb due to poor technique and what appears to be a lack of strength. To me, she clearly needs more in-ring training and also a personal trainer to build real muscle if we’re going to push her as a tough female competitor.

So yeah, I still stand by my Mark Henry/Big Show like DEMOTION that my APRIL 25th, 2020 Column recommended.


What are your thoughts on Tony Khan banning Linda and Hulk Hogan from AEW events?

I’m laughing. What a nerd that Tony Khan is… Do you really expect that either Hulk Hogan or Linda Hogan, the latter of which has had nothing to do with wrestling since divorcing the Hulkster, would even want to attend an AEW event? Seriously…

For one, Hulk Hogan knows that his “bread & butter” is cashing in on his WWE/WCW fame, both of which is owned via video libraries and licenses with the WWE. Thus, he’d never consider appearing at an AEW show. Meanwhile, Linda Hogan has zero reasons to attend AEW shows and probably hasn’t been close to a wrestling ring or event since her 2007 divorce from Hulk Hogan. So… Why would she ever think of attending an AEW event?

Come on, Tony. Stop trying to impress the online crowd with your Tweets. Want to impress us? THEN WRITE BETTER AEW DYNAMITE SHOWS!!!

I’m in agreement with everyone that Linda Hogan’s tweets about the protesters was highly insensitive, if not racist. We’re on the same page there… But let her idiotic statement stand on its own. Let her be one of those Baby Boomer Generation people who grew up through the 1960s and learned nothing from it. It speaks more about her and her upbringing by her family that she has ignorant feelings about another race of people. Her own comments can stand out by their own as proving who she is… Worse yet, if you combine what Linda says with Hulk Hogan’s use of the N-word on the sex tape, it really enforces who she really is. You were married to that? And yet you share sort of the same thinking about another race?

But then Tony has to reply to her ignorant Tweet by stating that she was BANNED from attending AEW events (along with Hulk Hogan, which was news to everyone). Again, Tony, would she have ever attended your events to begin with?

That’s what I really dislike in this era about political correctness and how with the heightened sensitivity of recent events. Everyone is trying to overdo it with their Social Media “stances” in order to impress others online. You know what would impress me, Tony? Using your BILLIONS to begin swaying the President of the United States to change his tone and try to improve this country’s stance on law enforcement towards different races. Your Daddy gave $1 Million to Donald Trump to help him get elected during 2016. Thus, if you want to show REAL CHANGE, start letting your money speak to the President and members of Congress to create real change that helps people in need in the United States instead of just 1 guy to get elected to protect your business interests as an NFL owner and wrestling promoter.


Should the Buckle Bomb move be banned from the WWE or wrestling?

Of course. Several wrestlers have been injured by the move and it presents no real value to a wrestling match if it is just a regular move. Now, if it was a finishing move that resulted in an automatic pin of a wrestler without kick-out, then I’d be against it… However, when it’s just a regular move of Seth Rollins or Nia Jax that means NOTHING to a match, then yes, ban it. And that’s why I’m OK with the Pile Driver being banned, too… When it was no longer a finishing maneuver, the effectiveness is gone… Why bother risking a wrestler to perform a non-finishing move that can hurt people?

Anything with necks, spines, or heads should really looked at and analyzed by wrestling promotions. I can cite multiple wrestlers with bad neck injuries caused by Pile Drivers or Buckle Bombs. AGAIN, if those are NOT being used as Finishing maneuvers, then ban them. Jerry Lawler used to finish wrestlers with that move and it was sold in his territories as being devastating. Andy Kaufman wore a neckbrace for MONTHS to sell his taking of that move, for example. Since the 1980s, the move was just a transitional move and it was just a regular move when Owen Hart tried the Tombstone version of it at SummerSlam 1997. That broke Steve Austin’s neck and limited how big he truly could have become.

Buckle Bomb means nothing if that is just a regular move within a match that nobody is selling as something that could pin them. Thus, I’m 100% OK with the move being banned.

It should have been banned when it retired the Stinger but it takes more people getting hurt (much like the Piledriver) for the move to be banned later.


Are you happy that Drake Maverick returned to WWE (well, NXT)?

Happy for the guy, as he was personally shaken by the WWE cut when it happened. From all that I know and heard on the guy, he worked pretty hard to make the WWE and tried his best when he was on the main WWE roster. As usual, WWE Creative just wasn’t there for him.

But could someone tell me WHO is in charge of the WWE Creative Team again?

Oh, that’s right… Since late 2013, Triple H has been in charge of the WWE Creative Teams by his EVP Title and that responsibility still remains his.

This has been my problem with Triple H the entire time that he’s been an Executive backstage. He lacks BALLS to challenge his Father-in-Law, Vince McMahon, on Creative and Talent decisions.

HHH is trying to convince Vince that his “NXT way of thinking” is how the WWE should be reformed and yet his NXT promotion on the USA Network is struggling to remain above 750,000 viewers. As I’ve said repeatedly about the Game, he appreciates Vince McMahon too much to ever challenge the old man to improve the WWE. During the mid-1990s, WCW only wanted Triple H as a Tag Team wrestler but WWE hired him as a singles wrestler. After the “Curtain Call” punishment, HHH saw pushes during 1997-1999 that build him into a permanent main eventer from there that made him millions. Then, he married Stephanie McMahon… On top of that, Triple H has become richer as a WWE Executive with stock options and has been granted WWE finances for his WWE Developmental System and NXT even though both operate at a loss. Thus, how could Triple H ever defy Vince after that?

But also, how could Vince listen to Triple H after his NXT promotion can’t draw above 750,000 viewers or generate profits?

I’ll keep saying this repeatedly and I know this will cause controversy with the Online Wrestling Community… The reason why Vince Russo as so successful on the Creative Team from 1996-1999 was because he stood up to Vince McMahon and disagreed with him. Period. Everyone suggests that McMahon “filtered” Russo but I believe the filtering happened on the other side too. Just look at the WWE during 1995-1996 and it is utter creative garbage with the Doinks and all of the career based gimmicks (hog farmers, garbage men, hockey players, baseball players, plumbers, etc.). Russo openly criticized that through his WWE Magazine articles and appeances on the Saturday morning WWE Live Wire show. You can say whatever you want to say about Vince Russo’s later creative efforts without Vince McMahon, but you cannot deny that man had BALLS to challenge Vince McMahon to present a better wrestling promotion. Results from 1997-1999 speak for themselves and Russo was very much responsible for changing the WWE’s Creative direction. “Vince filtered Vince” works both ways and the WWE has regressed since Russo left. That’s a fact.

Triple H is terrified to stand up to his Father-in-Law, Grandfather of his daughters, and the guy who made him Millions… Thus, any NXT call-up is going to be taken to the woodshed and that will be Triple H’s fault for letting Vince McMahon overwrite his creative team repeatedly.


What are your thoughts on Tammy Sytch’s Tweets (formerly Sunny in WWE)?

See my comments about Linda Hogan’s Tweets. If both Linda and Tammy make controversial comments, that’s THEIR WORDS and it will represent THEM… Thus, if they say something controversial, ignorant, or even racist, it reflects upon them and limits their job opportunities. Sunny was fighting back with some of her debates with slurs as comebacks… Obviously poor timing right now, but you should never fire off obvious racial slurs ever. Period.

I loved Sunny when she was a WWE performer and find her to be one of the top 5 women to ever grace the WWE (Sable, Miss Elizabeth, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson). I also feel for her as a recovering addict from substance abuse. The wrestling business will chew you up and spit you out while having zero care for you long-term. Plus, Sytch worked in an era that didn’t have any Wellness Policies to protect workers from themselves. Things were dangerous in the wrestling business during the late 1990s and early 2000s when wrestlers were mostly allowed to “self medicate” in their own ways from the long depressing roadtrips to the many injuries sustained.

But I don’t condone Sytch fighting back on Social Media with racial slurs as comebacks. Come on… That’s just a no-brainer. It makes you look bad when trying to debate anyone online especially when racial injustices have clearly happened recently.

Come on, girl… You just beat rehab and you seem to be healthy again. Let THAT be representative of who Tammy Sytch is and the brand that you want to sell to wrestling fans. And trust me, they’ll subscribe more to your website if you use stop using obvious slurs. You can do better.

Moving forward, am I just going to respond to what wrestlers Tweet? Is that really what our news cycle has become?


And now, my final rant… I’m just getting started with this column. Sit back and strap in.


So the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) corporation released an official statement on the recent events of George Floyd and the protests that follows from their Social Media outlets and It reads, and I quote:

WWE supports an inclusive society and condemns racial injustice. We stand beside our Black performers, employees and fans around the world, and encourage everyone to use their voice to speak out against racism. We offer our sincere condolences to the family of George Floyd and the families of countless others who have lost their lives due to senseless violence.

That’s a nice statement and sentiment from the WWE Corporation…

However, I would love to know who specifically wrote that as the WWE’s statement. Was that President/CEO and Board Chairman Vince McMahon? Or was that someone within the Marketing Department or a designated Public Relations (PR) officer who prepared that? Maybe the Legal Team?

We’ll never know because that’s the typical Corporate blanket message that most are putting out there right now in attempts to show support. However, what they are really doing is just advertising their brands in light of recent headlines. WWE always tries to paint themselves as the “Good Guys” because that’s what the Corporate climate suggests that they should do. WWE has Sponsors, Cable/Satellite/Network Channels, and other supporting organizations to impress and they are also Corporations themselves. You have to look and sound great for your peers to keep handing you money.

But does the WWE have a leg to even stand on to make such a statement?

We sort of have years upon years on Vince McMahon’s business practices and creative decisions to analyze… Oh, and most of it is on tape!

For example…

– Remember the late Shad Gaspard who recently passed… Bless his heart and condolences to his family… But could someone tell me the NAME of the Tag Team that he belonged to during his tenure in the WWE through 2010? That’s right, “Chyme Tyme” and that was after letting them be called the “Gang Stars” in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

– How about Titus O’Neil‘s suspension during 2016 following Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech? As you recall, Titus got a little too friendly on his gesture towards Vince McMahon at the end of the non-televised segment ( exclusive) Vince reported wanted to TERMINATE Titus for this action, as news publications indicated. Then, the punishment became 90 days for Vince McMahon and later revised to 60 days. Wellness Suspensions for the first time receive 30 days on most cases…

– Speaking of Titus O’Neil, how about the WWE actually showing Titus’s fall during the 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble match at Saudi Arabia. Normally, the WWE tries to hide errors or accidents like that and in fact, the first television run did not show his entrance. However, WWE’s production truck saw it and decided to report on it complete with the announcers laughing heavily at the accident. Then, they tried to push it to go viral online. WWE never did that for an accident, ever.

– How is Apollo Crews finally getting noticed and pushed on the WWE roster during 2020? He was promoted to the main roster during 2016 and is just now getting noticed by the WWE Creative Team? Reportedly, Paul Heyman is high on his talent and has been pushing for Crews to get pushed for a while.

Kofi Kingston getting demolished by Brock Lesnar. Sure, you could argue that WWE pushed Kofi, but the company was desperate at that point due to many injuries on the roster. Kofi was a last second addition to a title match (pushed as a Tag Wrestler YEARS before that) and fans were receptive towards his opportunity and kept the cheers up after that. Fans changed the WWE’s hand on Kofi. But what did he do as champ? Barely did anything and was demolished by Brock Lesnar on the first ever FOX Smackdown. Did he receive a Main Event level pay bump during and after this 2019 “push”? And how has he been ever since Lesnar destroyed him? Back into the comedy midcard trio known as New Day.

– Why hasn’t Big E Langston ever had a shot as a singles wrestler? He was introduced as a singles wrestler and has been tagging with New Day for YEARS now.

– All I have to do is point to the career of Shelton Benjamin in the WWE. Period. Just look up his Big Momma storyline from the mid 2000s. World class in-ring talent and WWE punished him because he was outspoken on the bad storylines fed to him.

Vince McMahon uttered the N-Word to John Cena while Booker T and his wife were present on screen during Survivor Series 2005. He said it proudly for comedy purposes. “Keep it up, my n****”.

– The storyline during 2003 between Booker T and Triple H. Need I say more? Triple H destroyed him with a promo prior to Wrestlemania 19, citing “somebody like you doesn’t get to be world champion, somebody like you don’t deserve it” along with other racial overtones. Then, at Wrestlemania 19, Triple H defeats him without giving Booker T any redemption for what Triple H said. “You are here to make people like me laugh”. It is completely cringe-worthy to watch this moment now… “With your nappy hair, your suckas”. Wow, just wow.

– How about Jordan Myles just last year being granted a questionable T-Shirt that they tried to force him to honor?

– Trying to use the mixed on-screen couple of Bobby Lashley and Lana for cheap heat. It’s blatant what the WWE is trying instead of making them more natural as a couple.

– Hiring Hulk Hogan to return during 2018 after his racial comments were leaked from his sex tape. This was after the WWE made a big deal about firing him and tried to erase his WWE history. By 2018, it’s like none of that ever happened.

– For many, it would be Vince McMahon‘s relations and financial support of President Donald Trump. I’m just going to leave it right there… Some will agree with that, some won’t… Cannot deny, however, that Trump is very polarizing on the subject of race.

And sure, someone like the Rock has really performed well within the WWE and that opened many doors for him to succeed in Hollywood. But someone tell me what group he belonged to before breaking out as a major Superstar? Oh yeah, the Nation of Domination which was made to mock Jim Brown’s activism as a black man. Just look at the outfit that Ron Simmons was was required to wear through 1997. And that Nation of Domination group was becoming a stable of black wrestlers that the Creative Team had no clue how to use and thus resorted to placing black wrestlers together.

I could go deeper into the well for all of the stereotypes that WWE has tried to push for cheap heat for many, many years.

Then, you have Stephanie McMahon making a statement as well, per Twitter on June 3rd: “I love and support my Black friends and colleagues. To everyone who has ever felt the impact and fear of racial injustice, I will use my voice for you.”

For ALL of the incidents that I noted from late 2000 through late 2013, it is a FACT that Stephanie McMahon was the Lead Writer and/or EVP of the Creative Team during those times. Just like how women in the WWE were exploited and mocked as “Divas” (underpaid, too), she is the ultimate enabler for Vince’s bad behavior as well. Some of the storylines above involving race were probably some of her ideas, too.

Oh, and if you really want some red meat to chew on, here’s a Tweet from January 19th, 2015: “”I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – MLK #AllLivesMatter”. There you go… That should be a red cape flashed your way…

Therefore, WWE… You take your Public Relations department generated statement and shove it. You have zero legs to stand on.

Now, if I worked for the WWE and had the opportunity to write the Public Relations statement myself, here is what I would say:

Mr. Tito’s WWE Statement on George Floyd & Recent Events: “We are very sorry as a company for the recent tragic events involving George Floyd and other victims in society who have been slain because of the color of their skin or other differences. Recent events have caused us, as a publicly traded corporation, to reconsider how we are assessing the changing landscape and demographics of America. In the past, we may have tried to exploit stereotypes and poorly push wrestlers with different cultures that we will strive to learn from moving forward. Just as our political leaders, law enforcement, and citizens can evolve as a society, we’ll try to look inward and do the same.” (END STATEMENT)

Just like that… This statement is honest and remorseful while being legitimate at the same time.

Now here is the real question for me, the writer of these Mr. Tito columns since October 1998… Why am I following, devoting time towards, and at times spending money to support the “racist” WWE company?

Fantastic question, fitting for an “Ask Tito” column.

Well, for the last 20 years, I have spoken out against many of these incidents. With my columns, I try to act as a responsible member of the press and hold the WWE accountable when I can. Same goes for any Sports Writers who see injustices happening within the NFL, MLB, NBA, and other sports. Should they quit too? If you enjoy your job covering a particular sport, should you quit if several bad apples are spoiling the whole bunch? Maybe, but also, if you write as an agent for change, then maybe not.

The reason that I write my columns and keep writing my columns + following wrestling is to MAKE IT BETTER. In my opinion, Vince McMahon shortchanges himself and his company by resorting to cheap heat and bad laughs instead of presenting a serious product. When he lacks competition, Vince McMahon gets complacent and surrounds himself with fools and friends to lead his company. Because of his lack of creativity from the fools surrounding him, that’s when the reliance on cheap heat tactics begin and also when he pushes guys within his own comfort zone. If you look at the Attitude Era, Vince shook up his management staff by bringing in Jim Cornette and Jim Ross while promoting Vince Russo to the team. Then, he pushed talents like Mick Foley, Steve Austin, and the Rock and those were guys that weren’t in his usual wheelhouse to push.

Look right now what is happening in the NFL… There is a clear political divide between the owners and the players. You don’t see the NFL writers jumping off the ship. No, they know when the NFL is played at a high level, it’s the most entertaining thing on the planet. When the WWE is at its highest level, there is nothing more entertaining to watch.

WWE, since the late 1990s when the became more corporate and replaced good wrestling minds with complete idiots has just made bad decision after bad decision. WWE tries to be politically correct on one hand and yet present their own tone deafness on the other. If you look up and down their roster, you don’t exactly see that many black athletes trying to join the WWE and believe me, there are many former football and basketball players who are just missing the NBA/NFL job cuts and could use a line of work. Someone like the Rock or Bill Goldberg aren’t trying to become wrestlers when their football careers dry up. Hell, the second that Rob Gronkowski had an opportunity to return to the NFL, he took it!

If the WWE wants to truly honor George Floyd, take your black talents seriously. Don’t just sit on Apollo Crews for 4 freakin’ years on the main WWE roster to do nothing. Don’t make Jason Jordan be the son of Kurt Angle. Seriously, how DUMB was that angle? Take Titus O’Neil seriously sometime with a storyline. He’s big and talented. Why can’t Big E Langston receive a singles push? What are we waiting for there? Why can’t the WWE put their heads together and figure out how to make Bobby Lashley a legitimate Main Eventer? Guy looks like a million bucks!

And on and on and on…

And if you notice for each individual above, I’m suggesting that each guy HAS TALENT. Those are good athletes on that WWE roster!

Be less tone deaf, more proactive about the changing demographics in our world. That will go much further than a stupid sanitized public relations statement that you post on your website or social media that everybody is laughing at.

Talk is cheap and the WWE’s track record on race is just a bit off the rails…

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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