ASK MR. TITO - Coronavirus and WWE Wrestlemania 36, Triple H's Executive Role, Nia Jax's Return, CM Punk, and More

ASK MR. TITO – Coronavirus and WWE Wrestlemania 36, Triple H’s Executive Role, Nia Jax’s Return, CM Punk, and More

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The most bold and the beautiful columnist has returned to bring you more EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING exclusively here at, a company. So…. Is there anything going on in the world?

Here is my plea as a regular human being AND as a wrestling fan: please DO NOT cancel or postpone Wrestlemania 36.

Now – Altering Wrestlemania 36, changing its presentation, or changing its location… I’m 100% for that.

But let Wrestlemania 36 happen on April 5th, 2020 even if it is in an empty arena or even held at the Performance Center.

Whatever it takes, give us something NORMAL right now please.

Why? Because we live in a world where:
-NBA Season = Suspended
-NHL Season = Suspended
-MLB Season = Postponed
-All NCAA Sports = Cancelled
-Master’s Golf Tournament = Postponed

Oh, and the XFL Football League has been cancelled for 2020… As if that really had a chance to survive, virus or not.

Just give us something to look forward to instead of the endless DOOM and MISERY that we’re seeing in the news lately with the Coronavirus and the Government policies to quarantine, cancel, or postpone events. The economy is potentially crashing as anything associated with entertainment, leisure, retail without an online presence, and food without a delivery presence are going to see MASS unemployment as demand to go outside and do something with your money shrinks. All of those sporting and music events have many human beings working those and without games/events, no work to be had.

I’ll agree that maybe having 60,000-80,000 in one spot could be risking it…

But WWE can build a ring ANYWHERE…

Make RAW and Smackdown become Studio Wrestling, too, if you don’t want to host a big arena full of fans at risk.

Certainly, the opportunity exists to fill voids left by other sporting leagues… BUT WE NEED NORMAL.

As we’re all stuck in our homes, we need something NORMAL on television besides endless Coronavirus stories and also politics regarding that virus as well. We’re going to hear about this damn virus, whether it does longer scale damage or not, up and until November 2020 thanks to this Election. Thus, give us our Wrestlemania to make us feel somewhat normal and entertained again.

Otherwise, we’re going to relive the events of Demolition Man and I personally don’t want a leash shoved up my arse.

Onto your questions…


Why wouldn’t you attend RAW in Pittsburgh on 3/16 even with Steve Austin there?

First and foremost, RAW in Pittsburgh has been cancelled for 3/16/2020. But I wasn’t going to attend it because I was going to invest my wrestling dollars into something more important. I was set to attend Bobby Fulton’s wrestling event in the Columbus, OH event that was going to host the likes of Jim Cornette, Midnight Express, Four Horsemen, Various ECW Stars, and many more wrestling legends. The event was going to support a good cause to provide rides to Southern Ohio patients who need help being transported to a larger city hospital for treatment. THAT is where I wanted to donate not just my money, but also my time. That show, however, has been postponed…

I attended 2 WWE shows in Pittsburgh during 2018 between a Smackdown and the Extreme Rules Pay Per Views… Been there, done that… WWE tickets are expensive, Pittsburgh parking is expensive, it takes me almost 2 hours to drive to Pittsburgh and then almost 2 hours to drive back to Pittsburgh. Sure, Stone Cold Steve Austin would have been there but I’d have to endure 3 hours of garbage WWE wrestling with extensive commercial breaks. On top of that, I would have been exhausted the next day at work when I get home at about 1 or 2 am at night. PASS!

I’ve already seen Steve Austin live and while he entering his prime years. I saw him just before Wrestlemania 14 and it was awesome to be in a packed arena to see him in person.

WWE costs too much money for the LOW QUALITY product presented. So what that Steve Austin would have been appearing… He’s not un-retiring as an in-ring wrestler. If he makes a comeback, sure, I’d attend that. But if he’s just getting on a microphone and jerking off the crowd, pass…


What should WWE and AEW do about future Televised Tapings or Pay Per Views due to the Coronavirus Fears?

Billy Corgan’s NWA showed you the way… Just do Studio Wrestling. Find a television studio and hold your 2-3 hour shows.

Now, many would think that the show would struggle by being in the same boring studio… It would only be boring if your roster was loaded with wrestlers void of personality and can’t cut promos. The true weakness of the WWE Developmental System and the Indy Promotion recruiting of AEW would be exposed. Wrestlers just can’t talk like they used to, as they are either too scripted and/or poorly trained on how to cut promos.

But if you aren’t allowed to fill larger arenas for a Television Taping YET your FOX/USA Networks/TNT contract dictates that you need to have a weekly television show… Well, give those networks what they want… Studio Wrasslin’.

This Coronavirus could present Pro Wrestling with a good RESET button to get back to fundamentals such as psychology, personality, cutting promos, and making yourself presentable for the camera. Things could improve greatly if the WWE would reduce the amount of scripting for their promos. WWE has too much fear over public relations that they completely FAIL to realize that their scripted product reduces DEMAND and that hurts profits from lower attendance, lower viewership, and lower merchandise sales.


What do you think about Triple H’s recent changes as an executive?

Reportedly, Triple H has a new title within the Corporate WWE and that is Executive Vice President (EVP) of Global Talent Strategy & Development. Along with that, Vince McMahon has been reportedly leaning on an individual named Brad Blum who has served as Vince’s Chief of Staff within the WWE. Additionally, the VP of Talent Relations who reported to Triple H named Mark Carrano, now reports to Blum.

To me, Triple H’s shift away from his older title of EVP of Talent, Creative, and Live Events is telling… That new job title is just made up, whether he wants to admit it or not. It’s likely that Triple H’s role will be as a Board Member, helping out backstage at WWE events, and operating NXT… With nothing more. Triple H has been working one hell of a schedule since 1996 and with his daughters getting older, he might be starting to “cash in” and slowly starting to step back. I believe that Triple H knows that he doesn’t like the Corporate environment and might get pinched out by other Board Members and even Vince to become the next CEO.

Triple H has been EVP of Talent since Mid 2012 and he has YET to present a MALE wrestler to the WWE from his developmental system as a top drawing WWE Main Eventer. We’ve had failure after failure OR just guys that Vince McMahon doesn’t want to push. If Triple H has truly been demoted, it’s his failure to produce Main Eventers with his farm system that has caused it.

John Laurinaitus, Triple H, and now Blum/Carrano… None of you are worthy in comparison to Jim Ross who groomed stars that the WWE still uses between Batista, Cena, Orton, and Lesnar. Oh, and Ross found and signed guys like Edge by the way…

IN MY OPINION though, the WWE neutered Triple H during 2016-2017 with all of those abrupt NXT call-ups. WWE could have just expanded NXT to be their true brand extension but instead, they made RAW and Smackdown into 2 terrible wrestling shows. Then again, I can’t talk too much because Vince McMahon is earning $200 Million+ PER SHOW, PER YEAR thanks to that RAW and Smackdown brand split.

Could you imagine how DOOMED that the WWE would be without those television deals? Good thing that Cable and Broadcast channels are desperate for LIVE Sporting Event content to content streaming services. WWE is cancelling Houseshows and will really scale back the Live Events now with the Coronavirus fears. The TV Deals are SAVING the WWE and Vince McMahon should be PRAISED as an executive for them.


Are you excited for Nia Jax’s return from injury?

Not at all… Her last few years in the WWE, before the knee injuries, were a mixed bag of mostly problems. She hurt other women, was overpushed, and was used to make male wrestlers look bad on purpose. I don’t give a damn who she is related to, her WWE career has turned into a letdown.

In my opinion, she left NXT too early. She needed a few years in the developmental system to receive continued training and to obtain more maturity. It’s exactly like a College kid who leaves College Football or College Basketball too early to join the NFL or NBA. For every prodigy who is worthy of leaving early, there are more who either struggle in the early years or fail at the higher level.

For her being an actual older wrestler from the developmental system (she will turn 36 this year), she doesn’t show a ton of maturity. For one, she makes mistakes that injure other wrestlers. That is just unacceptable, especially when it has happened often. But then you turn to her Social Media accounts and she’s very immature in the way she tries to troll other wrestlers or responds to fans. Instead of presenting herself as a bulldozer who can’t be beat in the Women’s division, she acts like a goofball when the cameras are off and can be careless in the ring.

You can try to impress us with lingerie shoots all you want but if you cannot improve yourself in the ring and with maturity outside of it, your next chapter will repeat the previous chapter.

Nia has so much potential as a killer in that Women’s Division but there seems to be a lack of leadership backstage to help mold Nia Jax into a must-see superstar.


And now, my final rant…


With the Fox Sports 1 show WWE Backstage being suspended for the foreseeable future, that frees up a certain person to head back into the ring…

It’s time for CM Punk to either crap or get off the pot when it comes to his Pro Wrestling career.

All Elite Wrestling, as I alluded to in my last 2 columns, is WCW during 1996 following the Uncensored 1996 event. The booking is being taken a little more seriously and the top talents are being featured more while some of the goofy midcard acts are being showcased less. Now, they are just a few major Free Agent signings and/or having a major storyline from breaking through.

So what good free agents are out there? How about good creative minds?

Punk, it’s time…

It’s time to STICK IT to the WWE once and for all. Monday Night RAW is seriously about to go under 2 million viewers per show and attendance has been embarrassing for the WWE even BEFORE the Coronavirus arrived. Nothing from WWE’s NXT Developmental system is rising to the top to become top draws.

Did you forget what happened SIX years ago? WWE had you JOB to Roman Reigns on Monday Night RAW and then tried to sell you Triple H being a “co-main event” for Wrestlemania 30. That’s following the 2013 year that you had where you LOST to everyone such as the Rock twice, John Cena, Kane, Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar. Oh, and that follows a 2012 where you were WWE Champion and hardly ever Main Evented Pay Per Views or RAW shows. And that follows 2011 when you had the “Summer of Punk” yet WWE wanted to push Alberto Del Rio as Champion and Triple H as an authority figure instead.

CM Punk… Why are being so obtuse? Did you forget what they did to you 6 years ago?

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) actually gives you everything that you want out of a wrestling company that you were seeking 6 years ago:

– Creative Freedom
– Unscripted Promos
– No threat of Part-Timers taking your spot for a big show.
– Lighter Work Schedule
– Freedom to work elsewhere, if needed.
– Not Corporate
– Pays well.
– Provides Health Insurance

But that’s not good enough for you, even if you appearing on an AEW show will STICK IT to the WWE? The very company who messed with you as WWE Champion, refused to let you Main Event as WWE Champion, and wouldn’t let you defeat any top names other than John Cena?

And let’s not forget who TERMINATED YOU on your freakin’ Wedding Day!


Yet, you think that you’re SO COOL by taking FS1’s money to play a commentator on WWE Backstage.

And where did that you get you? Show has been suspended… But let’s not kid ourselves. That terrible show couldn’t even draw above 50,000 viewers, even with you on the show!

Now, you are back where you started 6 years ago… On the outside of the wrestling business that you can help CHANGE by sticking it to the WWE. I’m sure that hanging out with your beautiful wife in Chicago is fun but that money is gonna run out… And Father Time will catch you as well… You’re 41 about to turn 42 this year. For Pro Wrestlers, the mid-40s is where they begin to hit the physical wall… You have 2-3 years of peak performance years in wrestling left and I’d argue more because you’ve been away from the business to heal up.

SAVE Pro Wrestling, CM Punk, from the McMahon Virus that has infected Pro Wrestling for the last 20 years without competition.

Did I mention that they terminated you on your Wedding Day?

Oh yeah, they had their Medical Trainer sue you as well. Remember that? That caused a rift between you and your real life friend, Colt Cabana, over legal fees that you can’t heal. WWE did that to you… They took that Podcast too seriously and challenged your money.

Are you not getting it yet, Phil?

Pro wrestling not only needs you, but wrestling needs you to humble the WWE.

And there is a role for you wife, AJ Lee, too… Wrestling fans felt that she, just like you, received the short end of the stick by the WWE. AJ Lee was a good Women’s Champion and then they had newcomer, Paige, defeat her just after Wrestlemania. Then, how about the RAW Commissioner disaster of a storyline? WWE caved into the Bella Twins after AJ torched them with the “talent is a STD” promo.

If she is too injured to perform again, that’s fine… Plenty of room on wrestling programming for personalities, valets, and even joining the creative team. Right now, the Women’s Division in AEW is total GARBAGE. It needs someone with a creative mind to help present female wrestlers in a unique light that can draw.

Join CM Punk in STICKING IT to the WWE.

Before it’s too late…

Because there are NO decent Free Agents for AEW to sign right now. This isn’t 1996 when WCW had the luxury of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash’s contracts being up and later Roddy Piper. There is CM Punk and… Well, everyone else is under WWE contract for YEARS.

AEW doesn’t have a developmental system to groom stars… Not many athletes are trying to become wrestlers, particular those above 6 feet tall, either. WWE has tried to tap the MMA market but those guys are lacking training and personality to make it in the business.

Everything is primed for CM Punk to join AEW and make an immediate impact NOW. Just let him walk into the ring, in the middle of the match, and just cut a promo.

And if he doesn’t take this opportunity to join AEW, then he lost an opportunity to further his wrestling legend and save wrestling. WWE needs a valid competitor to challenge them and also to provide more financial opportunities for wrestlers. AEW has everything that CM Punk wants in a promotion yet he took the easy way out to join WWE Backstage on a low viewership sports network.

Save wrestling, CM Punk. You’ll be our hero forever if you help destroy the WWE Corporate monster.

Get off the sidelines and make a difference in the profession that you USED to love. And we’ll love you for it.

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