ASK MR. TITO - Hana Kimura's Death, Matt Riddle WWE Call-Up, Undertaker's Last Match, FTR in AEW, and Much More

ASK MR. TITO – Hana Kimura’s Death, Matt Riddle WWE Call-Up, Undertaker’s Last Match, FTR in AEW, and Much More

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The EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING is back in your face and presented to you exclusively here at, a company. What other pro wrestling website has a 20+ year writing veteran on their team that still brings the thunder (or chunder) with each and every column effort? ONLY baby! The best part about my columns is that I write these absolutely for FREE… These are my words, my thoughts, and doing this is my hobby that I do for fun! Therefore, you get no BS or extreme bias with these columns.

Someone asked last week in the comments section how to pose a question for this “Ask Mr. Tito” column. Just follow me on Twitter via @titowrestling and just ask away. Many of my older readers still have my email address and we’ve been conversing through that as well (I don’t give it out now, thanks to many free newsletters that I somehow subscribed to). Just ask questions via Twitter, if you have my email, or ask in the Comments section below. I usually read everything…

We’re just LOADED with content for this week’s column… By far, 2020’s columns have been the easiest ones to write in my entire life. Everything is just served up to me like a tennis ball and I just smash over the net each time. I’m still seriously laughing at how the Sports Media cannot find content DESPITE all of the non-game stuff like Free Agents, Trades, and comparisons to the past Greatests of All Times (GOATs) that you can easily do daily. As a wrestling writer who is reporting on 2 promotions who are wrestling in empty arenas, I’ve never had so many topics to cover in my life. And again, I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and covered Pro Wrestling when WWE, WCW, and ECW all existed at the same time!

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But first… I want to throw my hat into the ring of making a commencement speech for the Class of 2020.

Dear Graduating Class of 2020,

My name is Mr. Tito… By day, I work in the financial industry and by night or early morning, I call myself “Tito”, as named after Tito Jackson of the Jackson 5, and have written pro wrestling columns for since October 1998. You may ask “why on earth would a commencement speech from this guy matter?”. Well, first of all, I’d reply to you SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE but secondly, as I enter my 40s and am probably at the midway point of my life, I have more to offer than you know. As I’ve become older, I’ve let go of certain biases that have held me down or grouped me with others… I’ve also become increasingly dependent on myself while being able to inspire others to do well at the workplace.

How this column became successful in the first place matters and how it remains successful also matters. I started off during October 1998 as a teenager writing this column with zero experience. What convinced Calvin Martin, owner & operator of, to give me a writing position with NO experience was my desire to fulfill his request to become a Daily Columnist. Aside from the larger websites who were publishing daily columns full of newsbytes, nobody really had daily columns back then and especially ones full of opinions. As a devoted wrestling fan, I volunteered.

Lesson #1… Be ambitious to fulfill a needed skill in the market place. In this case, actually wanting to write daily to give the hiring website something unique.

Lesson #2 – Be dependable. I barely missed a day and in fact had a daily writing streak that exceeded a year. Each and every day, readers knew that columns were available from me and that became part of their daily routine. When I ceased writing daily through 2002, I had set dates when I’d post my columns, typically Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday nights. Again, it created a routine for how my readers could know when I’d post.

Lesson #3 – Be ambitious and fearless. In addition to constantly writing about Current Events, I have strong yet consistent opinions on pro wrestling and any news/rumors from it. If you keep changing your mind or trying to play up a certain segment of the fanbase, the readers will notice. When you’re authentic, the readers will also know that. Mr. Tito is an alias and NOT a character… Everything that a I write is 100% the person behind the Mr. Tito mask.

Lesson #4 – If you’re going to be negative, then present something better. Somehow, I’m always labeled as being “negative” in my columns… Yet, my columns are filled with advice and suggestions on how both WWE and AEW could improve. I’m constantly giving my opinions on how things could improve to offset how I really dislike the wrestling products right now. If you go 100% negative, you’ll wear out your audience.

Lesson #5 – Create bells and whistles for yourself and your presentation. Presentation matters. In case you haven’t noticed, the Column’s subject is always carefully written to hook the readers into clicking. But then, once the readers are in the door, what are they reading? Format matters… I case you haven’t noticed, I often use BOLD tags for wrestler names and then I also use ALL CAPS to emphasize a point. I’m trying to make the columns easier to read for the audience while also making them focus on the point that I’m trying to sell. I have a terrible attention span and thus I understand how just a long wall of text could bore someone… Thus, I juice up the text.

Lesson #6 – Be unique. Sorry, but there’s no other Pro Wrestling columnist out there like me. Period. Nobody compares on work ethic, variety of topics, willingness to write on Current Events, sometimes having the balls to GO THERE on controversial topics, and basically good combinations of Lessons #1 through #5. I predate the Columns Forum that has supplied every wrestling columnist since 2000, as I actually created that farm system for our columnists. Many have come and gone but yet, Space Mountain is still at the LoP Amusement Park. My columns aren’t just popular because of tenure but because I have the guts to write about anything, I’m a workhorse, I’m consistent, and I’m clearly doing this, still, because I’m passionate as a wrestling fan and as a writer.

Now, I just gave you my world as a Pro Wrestling columnist… The guy behind the mask works equally as hard each and every day at his full time job. I try to outwork everyone in the room, present unique things to the company and to our customers, never missing a day of work (ever!), and I’m constantly presenting new things to the workplace. I also take pride in my training program to take care of entry level employees and spot anyone who might be potentially groomed into an officer or managerial level employee. I’ve had many success stories over the years and it’s all because I’m willing to give back to younger employees. Yet, they won’t be able to overcome me at the workplace because of my work ethic, ambition, dependability, and many other factors that make me an asset at a workplace… Just like I’m an asset to

As you leave High School and attempt to further your education or get a job… Realize a few things.

For one, take a good look at the world and see what is “essential” and what is “non-essential”. Also start to observe the trends of people completely unaffected by the Coronavirus quarantines (those who work online, for example). As you figure out “what to do”, this economic recession as a result of a pandemic should show you a few careers that will give you long-term employment.

Also, because we have outsourced most of our manufacturing and customer service jobs to other countries, finding a higher paying job straight out of High School may be difficult to do. Thus, a College Education is needed… HOWEVER, do NOT go straight to a Big Campus… Either find a Branch of a bigger campus or do your first 2 years of college at a local Community College THEN transfer to a Big Campus to finish your degree. Partying during your late teens on a large campus is overrated… Doing extremely well in college so that you can succeed financially after college seems to be underrated. If you do go to a big campus, limit your partying to just Friday and Saturday nights… The rest is all business… You have to do well in college, as those transcripts can be used to get hired.

As Vince McMahon would say for new wrestlers… “You have to eat a turd sandwich and like the taste of it”. In other words, newer wrestlers have to pay their dues before a bigger push. When you obtain your first full-time job after high school or college, it’s going to be ENTRY LEVEL. Don’t be ashamed of the lower pay and the tedious responsibilities. You lack EXPERIENCE right now, as that college degree won’t matter until you have at least 5 years experience. Work as hard as you can at that Entry level position to begin to exceed the other workers in those same positions… Once you figure out what the hell you’re doing, that’s when you inject lessons learned from your college degree into the workplace. Once the experience and education collide at the workplace, you’ll really start to get noticed and that’s when the promotions begin.

Obtaining a good job and accumulating wealth is a process. Honestly, most of it is about your work ethic and your willingness to learn new things & presenting new ideas. You have to prove yourself to be dependable… I always joke that you’d have to take a shotgun to my head to make me miss work… Well, we’ll see how that phrase goes in this post-COVID 19 world, but perception is reality at your workplace. If you don’t present yourself well and can’t prove to be reliable, you’ll get what you deserve… As Judge Smails says on the movie Caddyshack, the world needs ditch diggers too.

You’ve been a great audience and as the horrible Talent Relations EVP John Laurinaitis once said, “I wish you well in your future endeavors”.

Mr. Tito

Onto your questions…


ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

Do you have any tributes or thoughts on Hana Kimura’s career?

I’m going to be 100% honest here… I never saw her wrestle and before she died, I never heard of her. Thus, I no relation to her as a wrestling fan.

HOWEVER – I am very sad when someone at a young age of 22 feels the need to take their own life. That is sad… As you look deep into the story, it appears that she was constantly attacked on Social Media with many people asking her to “die”. It’s one thing if you badmouth her as a wrestler, it’s another for you to ask her to kill herself. What’s the use of that?

But – As “Sunny” Tammy Sytch was suggesting, she has endured decades of fans taunting her. I know, quoting Sunny isn’t welcomed by the Internet Wrestling Community because of her legal past, but Sunny has a valid point. Sytch has hit many lows in her life and things were probably made worse by online trolling. In addition, Tammy Sytch has a ton of filthy rumors passed around about her within the wrestling business. Yet, she’s still around. Sunny just got out of jail and trying to find work.

Point is, it’s very likely Hana Kimura had other psychological things going on with her personal and professional life that caused the online trolling to be the “final straw” if you’d ask me. I’m reading stories about how she’s been bullied for a long time due to her mixed ethnicity and that should have a long-term psychological effect. Her last wrestling match was on March 24th and this Covid-19 stuff is depressing for wrestlers because their workplaces have been completely shutdown. When you’re stuck at home, depressed about not working, and your Social Media is full of hateful messages… It could set you off, particularly if you’ve had a lifetime of bullying and putdowns in your past.

If you’d ask me, I’d strongly recommend for any wrestler to STAY OFF Social Media. For pro wrestling, wrestlers are protected in an Arena by Security, barricades, and the Ring with ropes from fans. Wrestlers are mostly safe from fans in that setting. It’s when any performer gets closer to fans, bad things can happen. Social Media puts fans too close to the action, in my opinion. Right now, you can tell off the President on Twitter if you so wish… When anyone can post under the comments section or post something that you can see in your Notifications, it is putting fans too close to the action. When wrestlers read that stuff, they should be careful… It will drive them bonkers.

Now, many have tried to accusement of being an “online troll”… Nope, I just write columns. I don’t go after anyone personally, as I just critique matches and performances which is something that Dave Meltzer and others have been doing for years. If I’m an online troll, then everyone in the Sports Media is as well with their written columns. Did you see the Last Dance Michael Jordan documentary where the media suggested that Jordan’s dad died as a result of gambling debts incurred by his son? You have nothing but tabloids in the press writing negative things all day long… Thus, if I’m a troll, then so is the entire Sports Media and also the Entertainment Media for thrashing celebrities all day long.

You’ll never see me directly go after someone in my columns on a personal level. I may give a critique that maybe their in-ring abilities have “deteriorated” because of their older age but I’ll also compliment them on how their personality and promo cutting skills make them still relevant. I would never dream of telling another wrestler to “die” and I certainly wouldn’t question someone’s abilities in bed like a recent podcaster did that caused Braun Strowman to erupt in response.

In summary, rest in peace Hana Kimura… Never knew you, but I can suggest that you died too young.

And wrestling fans… Stop violating Rule #1 repeatedly which states “don’t be a d*ck”. Be nicer to the performers who are taking punishment in the ring for YOU.


Will Matt Riddle succeed as a WWE call-up on the Smackdown Brand?

We’ll see if he appears… As of this writing, Smackdown hasn’t happened yet…

I believe that he’s in trouble and is just being brought up because of Vince’s cuts from a few weeks ago thinning out the roster. Riddle’s calling out of Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg for matches was a big mistake. Both guys have Vince McMahon’s ear and can destroy him politically. I believe Brock Lesnar has already done that, as Riddle appearing on Smackdown is as a result of Brock Lesnar being on RAW (which tells me that Lesnar is still with the WWE).

Riddle has to realize that barking on social media is NOT going to get you pushed… You have to play Vince McMahon’s game and get over inside his ring and make the absolute best out of the promo ideas that he gives you. Do not complain… If Vince begins to like you, that is when the Creative leash gets loosened… Being a barefoot wrestler will get his attention because it’s different and kinda freaky. Vince likes that. If you deliver fun performances, even when losing, he’ll like you more.

If Riddle can end some of his past habits and do what he’s told for the first few months of joining the main roster, he’ll succeed. He has the in-ring talent to really succeed at a high level. But if he lets his past immaturity appear, he’ll be locked in that doghouse. Just appear respectful until you get Vince’s trust and then maybe he’ll listen to your creative ideas.

Too many NXT wrestlers try to do their own thing and say whatever on Social Media after getting the WWE call-up… That has doomed them from the start. Speaking of which…


Do you believe that the Revolt or FTR (formerly WWE’s Revival) can succeed in AEW?

Of course they can. AEW promotes Tag Team wrestling heavily and Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood are an exceptional tag team. Listening them on Chris Jericho’s podcast, I was amazing to hear them describe their love for the Jim Crocket Promotions version of the NWA and how much influence they took from the older Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey version) and later the obvious one from Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard. Years later, they studied how those heel teams would sell for babyface teams back then like the Fantastics to make them look strong in the ring. Then, how much Dusty Rhodes helped in their training as a tag team. When everyone compares them to Arn & Tully, well, they were trained by the booker who pushed those guys.

They are going to make that entire AEW tag team division look fantastic because they work perfectly as a heel tag team and they actively try to make the other team look strong. They are so well trained and that will help mask how hot and cold that the AEW Tag Division can be at times.

But they must not get injured and unfortunately, they must remain a tag team. While I believe that both guys are talented, they haven’t shown me anything individually to suggest that they could be strong singles wrestlers. They have to stay healthy and push an influence on their fellow tag teams to ease up on the dangerous spots to protect themselves from harm.

This is a HUGE signing for AEW, as a handful of solid free agent signings can help AEW be a more solid promotion instead of relying on smaller wrestlers or hardcore indy performers. A few years ago, I was watching NXT just to enjoy the Revival perform. WWE poorly used them but now they are going into an environment with more creative freedom. They’ll thrive in AEW and they appear to want to take things seriously. Hopefully, their signing will convince other tag teams to join AEW.


What should be the Undertaker’s Last Match in the WWE?

John Cena – We were robbed of a longer match at Wrestlemania 34. I would have it either at Survivor Series 2020 to mark the 30th Anniversary of Taker’s WWE debut or at Wrestlemania 37. But it HAS to be John Cena. That was the one major main event match that we were denied since Cena’s big 2005 push and it was half-arsed at Wrestlemania 34 with it being rushed at that event.

Many are suggesting Sting… I’m sorry to say this, and I love Sting. I have a picture of him on my basement wall with yours truly at a Comic Book Convention. I told the guy how much I loved his work and how his match with Ric Flair at Clash #1 during 1988 made me a wrestling. But Sting is 61 years old now and was forced to retire years ago due to spinal stenosis. If you’re critical of Undertaker’s movements at the age of 55, what happens when he matches up with a guy 6 years older than him? Come on guys… The ship has sailed on this dream match. Besides, the WWE already ruined Sting with that awful “Monday Night Wars” crap during his match with Triple H.

Cena should be in Undertaker’s last match and give them 20 minutes… Cena will bump like a champ for him and it will be fantastic.


Did you enjoy AEW’s Stadium Match to end Double or Nothing?

I’m laughing because I’m seeing it as it from AEW fans as “Match of the Year, ******” to many calling it an “embarrassment to wrestling”. Nothing in between.

But I’m in between. Match had its fun moments and had some cool spots, but like the WWE’s terrible Money in the Bank Match, it wasn’t a wrestling match. It was a brawl around a football stadium just like MITB was a brawl around the WWE’s offices. AEW’s match was just more entertaining because it had better action, as the WWE wrestlers were limited in a tighter corporate office. AEW workers had space to work with and more bodies to throw around.

It’s NOT the end of pro wrestling as we know it… Pro wrestling has been in a severe decline since late 2014 and a steady decline since 2000. This Pay Per View was only the 2nd “Double or Nothing” show, marking the 1 year anniversary of AEW’s kickoff event. They are still an infant promotion that needs to have many growing pains to become truly competitive. Remember, it took Eric Bischoff 3 full years to overtake the WWE and that was a declining WWE at that point. Furthermore, AEW cannot have matches in front of people… Thus, like the WWE with their graveyard match, acid trip with Bray Wyatt, and MITB, they have to try something new.

The match was fun… I’ll leave it at that… AEW’s top portion of their roster is NOT the problem… Their midcard is the issue, as that multi-person ladder match proved or their Women’s division continues to prove. I’d suggest Tag Team Division but the FTR/Revolt are on their way. They are just now beginning to add larger wrestlers instead of relying on the smaller indy darlings. Once those 90 Day non-compete clauses are up, they’ll have lots of angry WWE talent to choose from as well.

My stance on AEW is that their an infant promotion that needs years to develop… I believe that the diehard AEW fans are out of line just as I believe that the haters are out of line too. I keep preaching patience, patience, patience while at the same time, I laugh at how diehard AEW fans are praising less than 800,000 viewers, 90,000 Pay Per View buys, and arenas with less than 5,000 people attending (before COVID19) as “successes”. TNA consistently received 1.5 Million viewers on SpikeTV and somehow, that promotion was a “failure”. WWE has 2 million viewers and almost 2 million WWE Network subscribers but somehow they are worse.

Both sides need to be a little more patient while also reducing their expectations… It’s going to take Tony Khan a while to trust the right people around him to build up a legitimate competitor in the wrestling industry. Maybe… I have maturity worries about him, too, but I also have worries about how Vince McMahon is functioning right now too.


And now, my final rant…


Take a look at the world right now… Cities are burning, heated debates over political and social debates are happening, and people are getting vicious online. It’s tragic what is happening to this world right now and humanity. At the end of the day, if I cut each of you open, you shall bleed the same color.

It’s time to evolve and let go of your hatred towards certain things or your ability to be cruel.

You can just turn on the news channel and see what’s happening right now… But this is a Pro Wrestling column and you’ll want Old Man Tito to “stick to wrestling”. Fine, I shall…

Exactly what is in the hearts of wrestling fans when they directly go after a wrestler online? Sure, in my opinion, the wrestler is partially at fault for being so open with their personal life on Social Media. HOWEVER, as seen with the case of Hana Kimura, wrestling fans were actually asking her to “die” on Social Media. Those same cowards, by the way, deleted their posts aimed at her after her suicide.

Recently, a Podcaster tried to compare Alexa Bliss‘s in-ring ability, what was his opinion “awful” and “no substance whatsoever”, to how she is “in bed”. This is right after Hana Kimura’s suicide that was driven by cyber bullying so thus Alexa Bliss and her fellow WWE friends were on high alert to begin with. Braun Strowman went on the immediate defense and Paige later joined in to defend Alexa as well.

If you click any Social Media post about a wrestler, it is vicious… I clicked into one female WWE’s post, which featured pictures of herself posing, and the comments went from wanting to perform sexual acts to questioning when that female ever ate a sandwich. Every post is like that…

Because people are so vicious, it gives the Political Correctness police more ammunition to protect and censor valid opinions. I’m still laughing at the over-reaction Dave Meltzer received regarding Peyton Royce. He was making an obvious observation about her enhanced look and everyone went after him for fat shaming. No, he was commenting on what obviously changed and if you look at the many bikini posts that Peyton purposely puts out there on Social Media, you can enjoy seeing that change too. But look what happened to Dave Meltzer… He was called every name in the book and there were calls to unsubscribe from his Newsletter. I even took some heat for defending him with my column about the situation.

And there’s always been comments thrown at me… At the height of the Attitude Era when WWE’s popularity was peak, my daily columns were widely read. With that, I received all kinds of attacks and actual death threats (which I’ve kept and fowarded the serious ones to online authorities). For what? Writing wrestling opinions for free! I’m commenting over scripted wrestling and you don’t like how I’m commenting on scripted wrestling!

Just go to any message board debate about Pro Wrestling or any Social Media post on Pro Wrestling… It becomes a heated debate each and every time.

And I’ll admit… If you flame me in the Comments section or on Social Media, I show no hesitation to hit you back. If you’re a jerk to me, I’ll unload on you. I’m just here providing content for you to read for FREE and I’m writing these with no wages or salaries paid to me.

We always comment on how Seth Rollins snaps on Social Media… Well, look at the comments sections of his posts. By many fans’ eyes, he can’t do anything right. Yet, I bet most fans would trade paychecks with him in a heartbeat.

The point is, we have to all chill out and let go of so much anger.

I have done it at some level with the WWE… Since late 2018, I have watched far less of their shows than ever. Keep in mind that through October 2018, I was reviewing EVERY WWE Pay Per View for the last 4 years. That was part of my “retirement” because the WWE’s content was making me miserable. Now, I catch a few Pay Per Views here and there with the 3-4 months that I actually have the WWE Network for and YouTube clips, at best, are my viewership for RAW and Smackdown. WWE made me miserable so I consumed less of their stuff… I would have been done with columns forever had AEW not arrived and gave me new hope for the wrestling business. With that, AEW has disappointed me and my response has been to watch less of them. I don’t like Impact and Ring of Honor has lost me with recent booking… Instead of hating on both of them, I just don’t watch them.

But to sell a 22 year old human being to go “die”… Come on, man… What is there to gain by taunting someone like that? What did Hana Kimura ever do so wrong to you? She’s just a young wrestler, trying to make a splash in the wrestling business. Women’s wrestling is still growing in the United States and it’s not an easy market to join. What is there to gain by taunting her and trying to convince her to kill herself? And then be cowardly by deleting the posts that asked her to “die”.

I know, I’m the “Crash Holly guy” giving you advice… For anyone who doesn’t know the story, I was a big fan of Jerry Lynn especially based on his “Match of the Year” stuff he presented when working Rob Van Dam in ECW. When he joined the WWE through April 2001 to participate in the revamped WWE Lightweight Division, I was excited. For the Sunday Night Heat before the Backlash 2001 Pay Per View, he wrestled Crash Holly for the Lightweight Title. For one, I missed the match because I didn’t watch Sunday Night Heat, so thus I made no comments about the in-ring work or match quality. After showing my excitement for Jerry Lynn being in the WWE, I made the comment of “of course, Lynn was working against Crash Holly of all people”. That’s all I said and I was met with a 2 hour audio show from Crash Holly hammering me for my review of that match. My stance was that Crash was pushed as a comedy wrestler back then with the Super Heavyweights and the 24/7 Hardcore title, and thus, I unfortunately took him for granted in favor of marking out for Jerry Lynn.

I don’t want to compare Apples to Oranges here, but anything that I write in these columns are critiques about their work as a paying customer. It’s the same thing with a Sports Writer giving their opinions on a NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MMA, or Boxing sporting event or its participants. Many tough opinions are issued there, too… But none of us are telling a wrestler or athlete to “die”. We’re not questioning whether their skills in bed translate to how they perform in the ring, on the court, on a field, or within the octagon. That would be silly and unprofessional.

At the very least with us working for a website, newspaper, television channel, or whatnot, our employers can be held accountable for our words or actions. Just look at the sweeping job losses at television channels for their sexual harassment actions. Look what happened to Jim Cornette with the NWA over his “chicken” joke. For, I cannot curse or say overly foul things. We have advertisements here that might not want to be associated with such content. If there is something that I write that Calvin doesn’t like, he can make me change it or terminate my access.

You can’t do that with Social Media… Anyone can create an account under an assumed name and just flame away. With Twitter, especially, you can just “@” someone and tell them how you feel. It will appear in their Notifications to receive instantaneously. And if that Social Media account gets blocked or reported, just open up another one to continue to flame.

But again… WHY would you do that? Why would you tell a female wrestler who is trying so hard to make it in the business to “die”? What kind of anger or cruelty drives someone to do that?

Just like what drives someone to hate someone of another race, sexuality, political or religious beliefs, or even gender. Why should you care about what someone does behind closed doors or miles away from you? How their lives bothering you? Furthermore, why are you so devoted to a particular cause or belief? What good does it do for you to have a belief system that pushes cruelty?

Usually when something irritates me, I consume less of it and actively try to ignore it.

And none of my opinions about wrestlers or their performances are personal… In my older age, I mostly comment on the infrastructure or management which actually protects the wrestlers from any direct criticisms. If I do provide criticisms, I attempt to bring positives as the same time. That was my Vince Russo column where I gave him credit for many things at the same time being critical of him for other things (guess which one received attention?). I made mention Chris Jericho’s abilities “deteriorating” while at the same time suggesting that his personality and promo skills actually helps him to remain relevant as a wrestler.

I only punch back hard if you’re trying to pull crap with me… Slander me, curse at me, or say other insults, I’ll hit back. Always have and always will, but I’m not initiating it. Just responding to it. Sadly, Hana didn’t have that same mentality and has dealt with bullying over her ethnicity for years before the recent online trolling. She had enough of this cruel world.

That world, right now, just needs to let go of its hatred and actively try to do fewer cruel things. We need to evolve as a society and not let petty differences be the main problem that disallows for that evolution to happen. Telling people to “die” on Social Media or hating on someone for the color of their skin should NOT happen through 2020. It almost seems like we’re refusing to improve the quality of human life.

We can do better as human beings and as wrestling fans. Just let to of the hate and for wrestling fans, appreciate the access that wrestler give you. Don’t take it for granted by slamming them inappropriately in a public forum or flaming them on Social Media. The more creepy they perceive wrestling fans to be, the fewer opportunities they’ll grant for appearances or meet & greets. They’ll put up bigger walls around themselves and maybe quit the wrestling business early as a result. We don’t want that.

As Bill says from the movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure… “Be excellent to each other”.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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