ASK MR. TITO - More Wrestlemania 36 Fallout, Nia Jax's WWE Return, The Revival's Release and AEW Tag Team Future?, and Much More

ASK MR. TITO – More Wrestlemania 36 Fallout, Nia Jax’s WWE Return, The Revival’s Release and AEW Tag Team Future?, and Much More

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Hello all of you cool cats and kittens, welcome to the weekend “Ask Mr. Tito” column posted exclusively here at, a company. Man, so many people have their panties in bunches following Wrestlemania 36 trying to debate whether John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt was a match or entertaining, whether Matt Hardy deserves credit for influencing Undertaker vs. AJ Styles, if the Last Man Standing Match between Edge and Randy Orton was boring or great, or if Wrestlemania 36 should have even happened without a live crowd.

If only someone wrote clear and concise reviews about those shows… Oh wait, I did!

Wrestlemania 36 – Night #1 Review

Wrestlemania 36 – Night #2 Review

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Since 2020 started, I have been writing these “Ask Mr. Tito” columns for fun and something to provide weekend content to for my old buddy Calvin. You can read each and every “Ask Mr. Tito” column and ALL of my columns posted on since 2012 by Clicking Here. If you’re starving for more Tito action, you can read my old archives (Pre-2005 columns) by clicking here to really see what a butthead that my younger self used to be. Do you believe that I’m obnoxious now? Take away 15 years of age and maturity and see what happened.

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So anyway… In addition to pimping my own stuff in the intros lately, I have also been presenting economic advice to start these “Ask Mr. Tito” columns. It’s my area of expertise and what I do for a living… A few weeks ago, I said that the health crisis will be one thing, but the forced government quarantines will create a legitimate economic recession or slowdown of our economy. And it clearly has… In the last 3 weeks, over 16 million Americans have filed for Unemployment Benefits due to layoffs or lost jobs as a result of these quarantines and fear of consumers to spend money right now. There is no debating whether or not an Economic Recession, where most economic variables across-the-board are declining, is happening or not. It’s here baby and the Unemployment Rate for April and May should explode to new heights. They say that an Unemployment Rate BELOW 6.0% is a sign of a growing economy… Well, it’s already being forecasted that we’ll be above 10.0% very soon.

What I want to talk about today is the Government’s response to this looming Economic Recession to help you understand what is happening. Following the Great Depression Era, which was essentially 2 bad economic recessions linked together with a hangover in between them, the United States Government got together after World War 2 happened and discussed avoiding another “Great Depression” like scenario. As history would show, the late 1920s and all of the 1930s had colossal mistakes that made things worse. For instance, the Federal Government repeatedly raised taxes at a time where consumers were losing their jobs and businesses weren’t seeing revenues coming in the door. A major imported goods tax or tariff was put into place around 1930 that made goods more expensive. Government also tried to meddle with the markets by implementing price floors on wages and price ceilings on various goods/services.

On top of that, the Federal Reserve, our Central Banking system that regulates banks and injects monetary capital into banks, jacked up interest rates during the late 1920s to help quickly induce the first recession of the Depression and then started raising interest rates again during the early 1930s when they thought that the first recession was over. By 1935, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to an all-time low and they remained low until the late 1940s to help stimulate loan growth at banks.

As the phrase that I keep repeating in my columns by George Santayana goes, “those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it”. Our Federal Government, since the 1930s, has tried to employ the opposite policies performed during the Great Depression. Great Depression raised taxes. What are we doing during 2020? There are no discussions on raising taxes, whatsoever, and the government just sent Tax Rebate payments to most everyone that should post to accounts by Wednesday. Meanwhile, there are discussion of Payroll Tax cuts. What about the Federal Reserve? Well, they’ve cut interest rates from a target range of 1.50% to 1.75% to a range of 0% to 0.25%, essentially free money Banks. Thus, the low cost of borrowed funds by Banks translates into lower interest rates offered to consumers and businesses in hopes of increased borrowing demand (or help maintaining your companies by borrowing in the short-term).

But then there is this other component of the Recessionary reaction… Government Spending. This Stimulus Package was for $2 Trillion which included aid sent to States, Small Business Loans offered to businesses to help maintain payrolls, and of course the tax rebate checks described above ($1,200 for singles, $2,400 for married couples, $500 per dependent child). And this kind of thinking was born out of the Great Depression era by a man named John Maynard Keynes and the theory was called “Keynesian Economics”. He argued that during an economic downturn when Consumer Spending decreases and Business Investment spending declines that follow, the Government should ramp up their own Spending (even at a heightened Deficit level) to act as an offset. Then, in good times, pay those Deficits back by lowering government spending (LOL, that never happens!).

To put this theory in the easiest terms possible (I hope), we can use the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expenditure formula to help explain. GDP is derived as the value of produced goods/services made within a nation’s borders. For example, car manufacturers want the value of their cars, year over year, to always increase in price and hopefully that matches increased Consumer demand with time (as their incomes grow yearly). Same thing with Retailers… They want all products on their shelves to increase in price if the Consumers are willing to pay it… During a Recession, Consumers are restrained and thus businesses are forced to cut prices in order to have any business and to sell unsold inventory. If you’re not affected by unemployment during this recession, you’re going to see some major deals soon. You can also think about your home, though only newly built homes count for GDP. You always want your property values to go UP, right? Do you ever want it to go down? Of course not… It hurts your ability to sell it or borrow against it.

GDP = C + I + G + X, where C = Consumer Spending, I = Business Investment Spending, G = Government Spending, and X = Net Exports, the difference between Exported goods/services sent to other countries and Imported goods/services purchased from other countries. We’ll hold “X” constant for this example… Keynes argued that when “C” and “I” are both restrained as Consumers are scared to spend money and Businesses are cutting back production and terminating employees, the Government should ramp up its spending as an offset. That’s why the Federal Government expanded significantly during the 1930s and created permanent programs that we see to this day that can ramp up spending when needed (Unemployment Insurance, for example, was passed in 1935). This $2 Trillion Stimulus package is just another Keynesian based policy reacting to the Consumer being forced at home and many “non-essential” businesses being forced to shutdown temporarily (I hope so, not permanently).

In other words, what the Government is trying is to put more money in the pockets of Consumers who are scared to spend money and more benefits to those potentially collecting unemployment. Meanwhile, the Stimulus package is trying to offset the losses seen by Businesses due to these forced quarantines through these small business loans guaranteed by the government. On top of that, you have the Federal Reserve trying to push interest rates down at Banks from their low 0 to 0.25% interest rates (they are also pushing other types of monetary policies as well to make Credit more widely available and cheaper).

It’s “All Hands on Deck” response by Federal policy makers and they are mostly doing the opposite policies, besides the eventual government spending ones, that policy makers did in response to the Great Depression Era of the late 1920s and 1930s where tax rates and interest rates both foolishly went up to screw everyone.

Hopefully that made sense and we’ll see in the upcoming months or even years if these policies of spending, keeping taxes low or cutting some, and lower interest rates work. Probably with time… This Virus, which was once thought of as just another version of the flu (my ignorance included), is a lot more scary than originally thought and could keep people in their homes for a while.

On to your wrestling questions.


ASK MR. TITO: Your Questions, My Answers

Do you believe that Wrestlemania 36 will be the last wrestling matches of John Cena, Bill Goldberg, or the Undertaker?

Maybe John Cena, as his movie career and insurance policies backing that up, will instruct him to not have any physical in-ring action. That could easily explain why John Cena’s “match” with Bray Wyatt evolved into a movie production instead of an actual match. If you’ll recall, the Rock got into major trouble when he tore his pectoral muscle or something like that during the Wrestlemania 29 match with John Cena. Cena has a major role in the next Fast & the Furious film, which has now been delayed to 2021, and he probably doesn’t want to risk these huge movie paydays for a simple injury in the ring. All Cena has to do is tear that ACL in a wrestling match and he’s done for in Hollywood.

Goldberg and Undertaker will keep doing it if these one-time Wrestlemania and Saudi Arabia paydays still happen. Simple as that… That money is just too good and the beauty of it is that both really don’t have to try for quality in their matches at this point. You saw that when they wrestled each other at a Saudi Arabia show. Goldberg was limited in his matches during 1998 and that was freakin’ 22 years ago. Now, he’s just finisher spamming… Undertaker has replaced hips… As long as the money is there for these single night payouts, both will return to wrestle again.

And the cinematic scene with the Undertaker could actually extend his career… That match with AJ Styles was HIGHLY entertaining to watch and through clever editing, it looked amazing on screen and made Night #1 totally worth it to watch. As Jim Cornette was reviewing, this was a nice audition tape for the Undertaker to begin doing Action Movies. That fight scene was better than most movie fight scenes that I’ve seen lately thanks to the improvised and unscripted trash talking and AJ Styles selling everything like a champ. I could seriously see the WWE revisiting the Boneyard next year and maybe presenting a highly produced and edited Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt match.

I believe that Cena is done because of movie insurance policies… Goldberg and Undertaker love these one-night paydays because they really don’t have to try… But if these cinematic fight scenes are the new norm for the Undertaker, he’ll buy into it because the clever editing can help keep the mystique of the Undertaker alive and well.

That’s the BEAUTY of Pro Wrestling… Unlike UFC which disposes of their fighters if the lose 1-2 matches, pro wrestling can protect their stars and add extended life to their performers. Take Ronda Rousey, for example… She lost 2 fights in UFC and was highly depressed over the matter, even admitting to being suicidal at one point. Yet, here comes the WWE who markets her as an unbeatable star and can protect her through scripting… We, as fans, went along with it too believing that she was the toughest lady in the world. And of course, she returns that favor by saying “F WWE Fans”. Point being, the WWE can extend the starpower of anyone, even washed up UFC fighters who can’t make it in Hollywood either.


Do you believe that the Revival will be a success in AEW?

It will certainly improve AEW’s tag division, for sure… Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, in my opinion, are the closed fundamental based heel tag team since Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard that we’ll ever see. Probably more athletic than those old Brainbusters. The benefit of NXT has been that Triple H allowed creative in-ring freedom of its tag division and trained guys well on athletics. Both Wilder and Dawson, longtime fans of the business, took it to the next level by adding a strong level of heel psychology to their tag team work. I hope that by their granted releases from the WWE early, I hope that this ends them bashing the promotion. Triple H took good care of them and it’s just the WWE Creative system, which hasn’t been good to Tag Team Wrestling in over 15 years (seriously), that didn’t treat the Revival well. So what? They put you on television for millions to see and that popularity will travel with you to AEW.

The real question is… What will they be called? WWE has trademarked their wrestling names… Well, did that stop Scott Hall and Kevin Nash when they joined WCW? They used their real names… Dean Ambrose just shifted back to his older Indy Name, Jon Moxley. Things worked out OK… It’s when you try to use a variation of your WWE name, it fails… See many on the Indy circuit and TNA who have tried. Be honest with your fans and show that WWE’s marketing gave you the names of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder and the guys who joined AEW, whether it’s their real names or names previously used, are not just characters. What we do in AEW is real and to the benefit of you, the fans.

While both will be good in the tag team division, will that be enough to help draw long-term? Can both stay healthy as a team to matter? And can one of these guys break-out as a singles performer? That latter point is where the TRUE value of the Revival joining AEW could be, as many top singles stars came out of extended time in the tag team ranks.

However, he’s my issue… What is the maturity of the Revival guys? Both have been snarky on their comments on Social Media towards the WWE in hopes of getting released earlier rather than honoring the contracts that they signed. Whether it’s taking shots at the WWE, its wrestlers, or flirting with the Young Bucks, I really question their maturity. Sure, working for a soul crushing job can suck, but the WWE gave them their big breaks. Also, things like Dash Wilder sucker punching the fan that tackled Bret Hart at the Hall of Fame ceremony after security had the situation handled. I understand that this fan likely deserved it, as Bret and Natalya could have been hurt… But that single punch could have resulted in serious legal damages to Dash, if it hasn’t already. Why take that shot? That fan took a beating already for his actions and was already controlled by security there.

Time will tell… AEW permits freedom to its wrestlers, sometimes too much freedom. Jon Moxley joins AEW and then wrestles violent hardcore matches that risks him as a asset to that company. Matt Hardy joins and says the most ludicrous stuff in a promo ever. Chris Jericho is still performing at a high level but that’s a 49 year old man with 30 years of wrestling. Hopefully, the Revival’s trolling on Social Media were simple “cries for help” and just another indication of how the WWE main roster environment is bad for wrestlers. If only Triple H had more balls to stick up for his talent instead of letting Vince devour them.


What do you think the long-term effects will be of having cinematic wrestling like Undertaker/AJ Styles and John Cena/Bray Wyatt?

Playing Captain Obvious here, it will lead to more cinematic matches especially as the Coronavirus Quarantines and bans on large gatherings in states remain. I figure that we’ll start to see more staged backstage segments with wrestlers more often and then we’ll probably have cinematic matches as Main Events on RAW and Smackdown very soon.

The most interesting part, particularly with AJ Styles and the Undertaker’s Boneyard fight, was injection of MUSIC into the action. That created a whole new dynamic within the context of a wrestling brawl. I wouldn’t doubt that, long-term, we’ll see that attempted with a live audience and a ring. If you think that I’m crazy, think back to attending any Pro Sports events. Tons of music playing during a game and in between breaks… But for NBA in particular, you hear music playing throughout the action. If you ever attend a Toughman Boxing event, there is usually a DJ there playing music throughout the night but when a Boxing Match gets really intense and close, he’ll bust out the Rocky dramatic music to really amplify the crowd’s reaction.

I expect more cinematic scenes, especially when you cannot fill an Arena right now. But, when the WWE tours and television shows can fill an arena with crowds again, I expect there to be changes to the presentation of the WWE shows. I would not doubt that music will be pumped into LIVE matches, moving forward, whether that’s a known DJ on-screen playing it or the sounds just happen from the Production Truck. It solves many things… For one, it could improve the television presentation and two, it can offset a trolling crowd whose chants often hijack shows or angles.

MORE Music and Sounds played during matches is what I predict will be the inspiration from the Undertaker/AJ Styles and Bray/Cena matches. Producing cinematic sequences like those are expensive… Playing sounds in an arena, which the WWE can pay initially to make themselves, is much cheaper.


What went wrong with Edge vs. Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 36?

I said it in my columns… The boring and long 10 counts for the Last Man Standing format killed this match. It caused too many breaks in the action. Sure, wrestling backstage at the performance center created a WCW Backstage video game vibe, but the environment was the least of their problems. Match pacing and “sense of urgency” was. For, what, 37 minutes, they had to brawl mostly of the ring and await a 10 count to determine who won. Just a failed booking idea.

I proposed that it should have been a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match… That referee could have been very active trying to count 1, 2, 3 often and many dramatic near falls could have been sold. Did anybody complain about the Rock vs. Mick Foley match in an empty arena that was a Falls Count Anywhere match? I sure as hell didn’t…

I would have tried to put more action in the ring, too, for Edge vs. Randy Orton. Both guys are skilled performers inside the ring yet most of the action was backstage. Didn’t make sense to me.

Oh, and as a secondary question… Was I offended by the choking on the Weight Bench? No, not at all… In fact, it didn’t remind me of Chris Benoit. WWE Performance Center HAS that equipment available to use… Why wouldn’t Orton or Edge use that as weapons? Quit attempting to be so Politically Correct and Sensitive to everything, you snowflake wrestling fans. Hey, I remember Chris Benoit doing multiple German Suplexes to everyone… Because Benoit did those in the past, should we tell Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar to stop doing that as well? Let’s stop being sensitive panty wipes as wrestling fans. What Benoit did was horrible and I guarantee that Orton/Edge weren’t trying to do any tributes. They just happened to be wrestling a Last Man Standing match at a place that had weight living equipment. GET OVER IT.


Are you excited about Nia Jax’s return to the WWE?

Oh please… The same lady who trolls fans on Social Media, gets upset at booking decisions made backstage (went home for one of them, remember), and also injures other performers? We get that wrestler back? Oh man, I’m so excited.

In my opinion, she left NXT too early and joined the WWE as not just an incomplete wrestler on training, but lacked maturity too as an entitled signing. Let’s be honest about who she is related to, as she joined WWE’s Performance Center with NO prior wrestling training. Less than 3 years into her training and NXT work, she joined the WWE main roster. If you compare NXT to maybe attending 4 years of college and then enduring a few years as a rookie as a pro athlete, many players need those 4 years plus a few tough early years to mature. Nia left NXT with less than 3 years of training and performing for a live audience under her belt and was pushed immediately on the WWE roster. The results? Injured wrestlers, underwhelming performances, and sometimes a really bad attitude on Social Media towards fans and other wrestlers.

She has a lot to prove, but at age 35 (about to turn 36 soon) and coming off of a recovery of having BOTH ACLs torn… I don’t think she can ever present herself athletically that she did when she joined the WWE as a wrestler with under 3 years training. Because she is who she is and the WWE is being nice to the Rock’s family member, she’ll get pushed down our throats again and will repeat the same mistakes all over again.

I wish her the best, but I worry that the enabling environment is doing her wrong. She needs a wrestling veteran backstage to really guide her career and give her some tough love too. She could have a greater role as a bigger and tougher bulldozer in that Women’s division… Instead, she could injure other wrestlers and receive preferential treatment while she exposes the business on her Social Media account. Until the WWE enforces discipline and teaches her respect of the true wrestling business, history shall repeat itself.


Should AEW be scared of NXT defeating them in viewership?

No… WWE is trying everything in its power to troll AEW on Wednesday Nights. AEW has made good progress for 2020, though their Matt Hardy booking already has me worried… But they made good strides and are starting to accumulate some good talent. Just stay the course… More and more free agents shall “escape” the WWE, as the Vince McMahon method of presenting wrestling and booking has become obsolete. It’s only a matter of time before the NXT wrestlers realize how underpaid they are and how limited they are for upward mobility. I also don’t sense that any strong Indy talent is guaranteed to join NXT anymore. The talent doors should be wide open for AEW to sign anyone.

Patience… AEW’s Dynamite show is still well under a year old and the promotion is just over a year old.

I do believe that the the Coronavirus hurts AEW more than WWE/NXT, however… Dynamite needs live crowds reacting to their stuff on television. Matt Hardy and Brodie Lee’s debuts were HUGE and that was in front of nobody in the audience (besides wrestlers). Think about their debuts would have been perceived in front of a live audience? And now the Revival? WWE is banking on their debuts being just mildly received without a live audience, HENCE the early releases.

So no… Don’t worry about NXT’s viewership. WWE just placed Charlotte Flair on that show as its champion. What does that tell you? They are trying to troll AEW and in doing so, they are exposing one of their top Women’s wrestlers by taking the farm system’s title.


And now, my final rant…


So in hindsight, last week, we enjoyed 2 nights of Wrestlemania 36… Now, when I say “enjoyed”, I should have said we watched 2 nights of wrestling and it gave us wrestling topics to debate for an entire week!

And didn’t that feel good?

Sure, Wrestlemania 36 should have been in front of a huge crowd. I actually feel really bad for Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre because they couldn’t celebrate their huge Wrestlemania wins in front of 70,000 fans cheering them. I completely get that… But these times won’t allow you to have a gathering of 10 freakin’ people, let alone 70,000. From all indications, these quarantines will last for a while. There is no guarantee that the WWE could ever have a postponed Wrestlemania 36 in front of a large crowd, let alone having future events like SummerSlam later this year. WWE just cancelled their WWE Money in the Bank show out of Coronavirus concerns.

Can we at least THANK Vince McMahon for providing 2 nights of entertainment?

You might not have liked certain things from the show, but the polarizing events of having Braun defeat Goldberg, cinematic AJ Styles/Undertaker match, the acid trip of John Cena/Bray Wyatt, Charlotte winning the NXT Title, Becky pinning Shayna, the 37 minute Orton and Edge match and whether using a weight bench as a foreign object reminds you of Chris Benoit, and seeing Drew win the WWE Title in front of no fans made wrestling fans talk and debate for an entire week. Hell, look at my questions above… Mostly Wrestlemania 36 related topics!

That’s why I pushed for Wrestlemania 36 to still happen in some form… We need something that feels normal right now because the World is seriously collapsing from health and now economic issues that will harm us for years. NBA, MLB, PGA, XFL, NCAA, Music Industry, Movie Industry, and other forms of entertainment have either postponed or cancelled their events for 2020. Hell, the XFL saw the writing on the wall for 2020 and knows that their league was already declining during 2020 that 2021 won’t matter. XFL is already done!

Yesterday, Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), had to painfully admit that UFC 249 was cancelled. Throughout these Coronavirus filled weeks, Dana tried to insist that events would be still held and he even tried to move it a Casino on a Reservation in California, thinking that he would be free from any Government regulation. Nope… Governor Gavin Newsom called Disney, parent company of ESPN who airs UFC events now on television, to twist Dana’s arms to cancel. And he caved in…

Do you see FOX or Comcast executives twisting the WWE’s arms to not provide content?

Now, we could get into the whole issue of SAFETY precautions for the WWE, but did anyone see Roman Reigns on Wrestlemania 36? I didn’t… Yeah, he was sent home after our good friend, the Miz, tried to appear at the Performance Center while being under the weather. WWE sent home Reigns and also sent Miz home resulting in changes to the Wrestlemania 36 card. Braun Strowman took Roman’s place against Bill Goldberg and the Tag Team Ladder match was changed to a singles 3 way dance with the Tag Titles on the line. WWE has the benefit of owning their own facility to host their own events, something that maybe Dana White didn’t think of.

So as Dana tried to be defiant against authority, only to come up short… Vince McMahon was successfully defiant against authority and hosted 2 nights of Wrestlemania 36 that we all enjoyed and debated for a full week. Now, you could discuss the connections of Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon with President Donald Trump… But Dana White is very close to the President and has not only donated to his campaign, but appeared with Trump at rallies. Trump attended on of the recent UFC events, too. Thus, let’s not play that card… The issue here is that Dana White tried to host events in 2 states where their Governors are shutting down everything while in Florida, the response is more delayed. Try attending Church on Easter Sunday this weekend in New York/California versus doing so in Florida. Big difference.

Not to get too deep into politics, but my point is that Vince McMahon doesn’t get the credit he deserves as CEO/President of the WWE. He not only made Wrestlemania 36 happen, but he gave us TWO nights of it. Meanwhile, he somehow suffocated spoilers from ever getting out. Dana White? No UFC 249 event at all… Nothing to show for that effort of trying to have that event and future events appear to be cancelled as well. ESPN is probably the worst television partner to have in this environment right now and they’ll avoid airing UFC content over politically pressured safety recommendations.

I could go into further details, like salvaging the star power of the discarded Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, too… But that would be too easy.

While Vince McMahon’s shows aren’t as good in quality as they used to be and he has been unable to manufature a true home grown star since 2002… And yes, the XFL has failed on him twice, as has many WWE Films, bodybuilding leagues, Music studios, health supplements, and many merchandise ventures… But when it comes to his baby, Wrestlemania, he never gets it wrong. That show MATTERS and thanks to his will to insist on airing it, despite all of the political pressures and online attacks, the show became more relevant than ever. Thanks to him, we still had Wrestlemania… What we didn’t have was NCAA March Madness, at all.

And let me cast a FINGER OF SHAME to all of those in the Mainstream Media and even the Sports media who are attacking the National Football League (NFL) to not hold their 2020 Draft as it was originally scheduled… Screw you. The show must go on, even if it’s a substandard version of the original product. NFL Draft will be held digitally, as each team will be streaming their own draft rooms to make picks and those picks will be sent electronically to the NFL. Because of the revised format, EVERYONE IS SAFE from the damn Coronavirus just like EVERYONE WAS SAFE by wrestling in an empty Performance Center for Wrestlemania 36.


If you take the right safety precautions, LIFE CAN GO ON…

So are the WWE and NFL taking the right safety precautions? No large gatherings, check… Wrestlers and athletes are getting tested, check… Anyone who might be sick or have a pre-existing condition are being sent home, check… Abiding by State mandated quarantines. Check. WWE had to cancel Wrestlemania 36 in Tampa’s football stadium just as the NFL had to cancel their live Draft in Las Vegas.

But are these “essential” workplaces?

They are essential to the sanity of the American fabric who have enjoyed Sports or Sports Entertainment for years. We’re all quarantined right now with FEAR over either getting sick or losing a paycheck. The latter point gets magnified as Bills or Loan Payments come in, let alone feeding your family. There’s only so many times to watch Tiger King on Netflix before you go insane. We need NEW sports content and thanks to the WWE and NFL finding creative ways, it is being provided.

Meanwhile, a President who has bragged about his own successes often, Dana White, is failing to host 1 UFC event and is likely going to be unable to have any events for a while. In case you haven’t noticed, discussions on going Empty Arena are ramping up for the NBA to potentially have their 2019-2020 league playoffs settled by Labor Day. That’s a league that shut everything down because of a 2 players on 1 team testing positive for COVID-19.

You can still hold events if you take the correct precautions by protecting your fans (empty arenas means there are none) AND protecting your performers (testing, sending home anyone showing symptoms or have immune vulnerabilities). WWE and the NFL are clearly doing that, making good use of technology and production values to give fans SOMETHING to enjoy right now. Times are about to get dire, especially as many places will just close their doors permanently after the government forced quarantines drove the final nails in their struggling-to-survive-anyway businesses.

While Vince McMahon deserves heavy criticisms regarding failed business decisions or recent Creative/Talent choices, he never gets his baby, Wrestlemania, wrong… And there has been 36 of them, right? And if you know your history, Vince risked a ton financially to start this event and he’ll continue taking risks to keep the event relevant for the fans.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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