ASK MR. TITO - NXT's Adam Cole Explodes on Pat McAfee Show, Nation of Domination WWE Return?, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Impact Signings, and Much More

ASK MR. TITO – NXT’s Adam Cole Explodes on Pat McAfee Show, Nation of Domination WWE Return?, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Impact Signings, and Much More

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The LAST OF THE GREAT COLUMNISTS has returned to, a company, for yet another column. Since I began doing this during October 1998, many writers have come and gone since my time… Almost all of the opinionated writers who started before me are long gone… With the exception of the Insider News guys (Meltzer, Keller, Scherer) and my buddy Scott Keith on his own blog, the durability and dependability to last this long, besides me, just isn’t there. The decline the wrestling business since its peak during the Spring of 2000 has its side effects and that is the reduction of interest by wrestling fans to participate more in the sport. You’re seeing fewer websites created, fewer opinionated writers, fewer backyard feds, fewer indy promotions, etc. When wrestling is growing, people want to participate MORE in extra curricular activities related to wrestling.

Speaking of declines, how about that RAW viewership number. During mid 2016 when the WWE tried the Brand Extension, I predicted that RAW would become “permanently under 3 million viewers” when reliant on stars like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, with an authority figure like Stephanie McMahon, and the existing Creative Team and Talent Developmental systems in place. I was attacked for years about that, especially as Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar could just randomly appear and pop that number.

But now, we’re permanently under 2 million…

And getting worse…

And you can’t keep blaming COVID-19, especially when there is a LACK of Sports content on right now. That situation, by the way, is about to change as Major League Baseball is about to start and the NBA is about to resume its season.

A few weeks ago, Paul Heyman was DEMOTED as the RAW “Executive Director”… And number have become worse. This past week’s RAW followed a Pay Per View and one that tried to build in cliffhangers to cause fans to watch RAW. It didn’t happen… Bruce Prichard is now the overall Creative Team leader for both RAW/Smackdown and anything that he touches creatively DECLINES. You cannot deny numbers. Bruce is a historical brown noser to Vince McMahon and now, scripts are being put in place without any resistance from Vince. Why? Because Bruce lives to please Vince McMahon. Heyman disagreed with Vince and fought him on talent used or angles pushed. Now, the sad part is that Vince scapegoated Paul Heyman for terminating Anderson & Luke Gallows EVEN THOUGH Paul Heyman has ZERO authority to terminate wrestlers. He also wasn’t responsible for the prior 3 years of booking of Anderson/Gallows that made them want to leave the WWE in the first place until new $750,000 per year contracts were presented to them.

At least with Paul Heyman booking, he was trying to push newer wrestlers or ones who have just been lurking on the roster for years after an NXT call-up. Building a promotion and creating new stars TAKES TIME. Heyman needed more time… Instead, he was demoted as Executive Director and look what has happened. Bruch Prichard is pushing veteran WWE wrestlers at Vince’s request. Push those familiar names! For a RAW that featured Big Show vs. Randy Orton, which has been hyped for weeks to be happening, how did RAW’s viewership numbers do again?

WWE has a LONG-TERM problem on its hands… For one, their Creative Team is a JOKE with Bruce Prichard leading it. He’s just going to book specifically what Vince McMahon wants and have zero disagreement. If you look at the NXT promotion and Talent Development, sure, there’s some good in-ring talent on that show that can make for a fun night of wrestling… But you have a bunch of smaller workers, too. Unless the WWE wants to stock 205 Live and care about that as a promotion, there’s little use for NXT as a developmental promotion. Meanwhile, NXT’s Creative is giving wrestlers the most idiotic names… Karrion Kross, Dominick Dijakovic, Dexter Lumis, Tommaso Ciampa, Velveteen Dream, Killian Dain… Who is coming up with this crap? What, does someone put on a blindfold and type keys randomly to come up with names?

WWE is cooked and for the next 4 years will be 100% reliant on whether or not Comcast or FOX wants to remain doing business with them. NOBODY will come back and pay those high ticket prices to see WWE live events for years. Merchandise? You need top drawing superstars to sell merch and again, without live events drawing people, no merchandise sales. Viewership numbers for RAW and Smackdown keep getting lower and lower…

If you’re at All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the WWE is actually within striking distance believe it or not. Yes, AEW has a ton of problems that a YEAR AND A HALF promotion SHOULD have and maybe it will prove idiotic to make Cody, Omega, and the Young Bucks as your highest paid talents + Executive Vice Presidents of your company… But they are at least a destination for talent to run towards if the WWE, Ring of Honor, NWA, or Impact does them wrong. TNT seems happy with them and probably understands the needed growth process to establish a wrestling brand. All they have to do is observe how Eric Bischoff turned a WCW promotion from taking losses through 1992 to a powerhouse through 1996.

AEW could make a big splash simply by signing the following 3 Free Agents that would boost them short-term but also provide them stars for the long-term.

(1) CM Punk – Gives them a BIG STAR in the short-run and someone who can legitimately cut promos that is much needed during these COVID-19 times. I would extend an offer to transition him into being a booker or creative team member when he has retired wrestling as well.

(2) Tessa Blanchard – One of AEW’s clear weaknesses is the Women’s Division. Tessa is the best female worker in the world, period, end of story. On top of that, adding her to their Women’s division provides them with instant credibility. Not just as Tully’s daughter, but she’s the reigning Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. Adding her anywhere would dampen any recent attempts by Impact to grow.

3) Miro (formerly known as Rusev in WWE) – If you were to tell me that a 6 foot tall, 300 pound heavyweight with personality and who is fully trained is out there… This guy will prove to be the WWE’s biggest missed opportunity from the job cuts earlier this year. Hell, it might be worth it to hire Aiden English as a hype man. I’d get behind “Miro Day”.

OR WWE could sign all 3 and push them seriously to “save” their promotion.

Onto your questions…


ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

What were your thoughts on Adam Cole’s outburst on a recent episode of the Pat McAfee show?

Unprofessional, of course. Many are trying to cite it as a “work” but I don’t think that Pat McAfee is willing to risk the credibility of his emerging talk show for a wrestling angle. While Pat is a wrestling fan, his contribution to wrestling is featuring wrestling guests on his shows and appearing at Pay Per View events if invited. Being a part of an angle, no way. Last thing he wants is non-wrestling fans turning off his show especially with that Fan Duel association now in place.

If you go to 12:30 on the following YouTube Video, you can see where Adam Cole goes from being in character to snapping when Pat calls him “kinda small”.

Remember, the WWE is a PG show who airs their programming on a Corporate TV channel and has advertisers who are also corporations. Even if it was an angle, the tirade of cursewords is not what Corporate WWE wants, what Comcast wants represented on their shows, and advertisers don’t want to place ads on a show with a wrestler promoted to use that kind of language.

Time will tell with the booking of Adam Cole in the upcoming weeks and what happens with this WWE/NXT contract that is set to expire soon. For all we know, Cole may have put on that act himself to get out of his WWE/NXT contract to join his girlfriend (Britt Baker) in AEW. But I don’t see Pat McAfee participating in a wrestling angle. Last thing he needs is Sports fans to tune him out, especially at a time when he just inked that huge Fan Duel sponsorship deal.


Do you believe that Heath Slater and Anderson/Gallows will help Impact Wrestling?

Is Impact Wrestling still on the low rated AXS Channel? Yep.

Is Impact Wrestling the promotion who made a 125 pound female become their World Heavyweight Champion which has been mostly held by 200+ pound men? Yep.

Next question…

Out of the 3 who signed and appeared on Slammiversary, Heath Slater (now Heath Miller) has the best chance to succeed because most have seen the WWE misuse him for almost 10 years now. Even back during 2010, you could see his potential with personality and natural promo cutting abilities. WWE made him a comedy wrestler and even when they tried that, he was getting over. “I got kids”. We all felt emotional when Slater and Rhyno won those Smackdown Tag Titles out of no where.

For Anderson and Gallows, I’d break them up as a tag team and make them singles wrestlers. Impact ruined their Heavyweight Division by letting a lighter female talent win the belt and they have also lost some talent before 2020. Gallows is a 6’8″, almost 300 pound talent… Where are you going to find size like that on the market? Karl Anderson has loads of experience and in-ring talent that can be used to elevate anybody on that roster.

Overall, good signings for Impact… But damn, they have lots of long-term damage to repair.


Should the WWE bring back the Nation of Domination stable?

Of ALL of the stables to bring up for a possible return during 2020, we’re looking at the racially charged one. If you don’t know the history on the Nation of Domination stable, it was primarily done to generate heel heat by repackaging Ron Simmons (known then as Faarooq Asad) into a militant leader of black wrestlers modeled after former NFL player Jim Brown. There were other things mixed in such as the Nation of Islam and the Black Panther party… Just look at the colors of the tights and outfits to prove the obvious stereotype that the WWE was pushing at the time. They initially tried to push some diversity within the group with PG-13 as hype men and having Savio Vega and Crush in the stable. But they were booted in favor of making it an all black group with Ahmed Johnson (soon replaced by the Rock) and Kama (soon to become the Godfather) go to alongside D’Lo Brown.

So you’re telling me that during 2020 when Black Lives Matter has been dominating the headlines… Forming an all-black team called the “Nation of Domination” in the WWE is a good idea?

It would be yet another weak attempt by the WWE to push an obvious stereo type.

How about this for an idea? Push the HURT BUSINESS as a strong stable name and let the black wrestlers get that over based on the merits of their freakin’ talent instead of trying to capitalize on the color of their skin!

Now – This gets into another territory of using older Stable Names. In my opinion, older group names like the Four Horsemen can be reused with a new set of wrestlers and the WWE could easily make a video of Ric Flair encouraging 4 wrestlers who formed a stable to call themselves the “Four Horsemen”. Hell, Ric would probably appear on-screen to do it! During last year, I felt that the WWE had a real chance to rename AJ Styles, Gallows, and Anderson as the New World Order when they reformed their stable… You could even have Kevin Nash and/or Scott Hall arrive to endorse that. But we go the “OC” instead and now Gallows/Anderson work for Impact Wrestling.

WWE has these old brands in the vault that they should be using… In the short-term when they need creative ideas, it makes sense.


How much does the WWE miss Roman Reigns right now?

Well, considering how depleted the WWE roster has become through 2020… It’s as the old phrase from Jim Cornette comes to mind when he used to speak with Ole Anderson… “I used to think you were a dumbf*** but so many other dumbf***s have recently arrived that you’re beginning to appear smart”, or something like that. After the talent cuts, Lesnar/Goldberg coming and going, retirements, and injuries… WWE is a wasteland right now and cannot sustain their Brand Extension.

The question is this… How much is Roman Reigns worth in viewership? I believe that the last we saw Roman Reigns was during late March’s Smackdown and that received 2,374,000 viewers. Through July 2020, that number is just below 2 million viewers. So about 400,000 to 500,000 viewers has been lost since Roman Reigns left.

HOWEVER – Smackdown was steadily declining through that late March 2020. Their first number was insane at almost 3.9 million viewers and they then settled between a range of 2.4 million and 2.6 million before dropping suddenly before Wrestlemania 36. Then, as the Goldberg vs. Roman feud was heating up during late March, the number dropped.

From late March through now, you can easily argue some COVID-19 decline… Obviously, but the WWE needs some star power and they dumped so much capital into Roman’s pushes since 2014 that he could help in the short-run. But I would fear that once the initial bounce is over, Roman can’t save them.

AND REMEMBER – When Roman Reigns won that 2015 Royal Rumble, RAW was still doing just over 4 million viewers weekly. When he had to briefly step away from the promotion during late 2018 due to Leukemia, that RAW did 2.5 million viewers. His star power (or lack thereof) lost 1.5 million RAW viewers and I can add onto that the many thousands, per show at live events, that were also lost since early 2015.

If any WWE marks are placing their hopes on Roman Reighs “saving” the declining WWE from ruins, don’t forget who tried hard to make Roman Reigns into a draw by defeating many top names cleanly, headlining Wrestlemania for consecutive years, and multiple World Championships. Meanwhile, the WWE depushed the rest of the entire roster, including Brock Lesnar, to make Roman look good. So now you are expecting Roman to “save” the WWE from ruin?

Push the same guy who helped tank the WWE from having over 4 million viewers during early 2015 to 2.5 million through late 2018… You know what they say about Albert Einstein’s definition of the word “insanity”.


What are your thoughts on the whole AJ Styles/Gallows/Anderson debacle with Paul Heyman?

If the reports are true as they suggest that they are, for Vince McMahon to tell AJ Styles any insider information is ridiculous. What is said behind closed Production Meetings should be kept private and secret from those who aren’t attending said closed door meetings (do you hear that Triple H and your leaks to Dave?). For the Board Chairman and President/CEO to reveal that to a staff member of his company is ridiculous and low brow.

Ultimately, too, it is Vince McMahon and anyone involved with Talent Relations (hi Triple H, again, along with various SVPs of Talent Development in place) who can make movements of talents and deal with their contracts.

If Paul Heyman was struggling to use Anderson/Gallows, then Vince should have demanded better from Paul to use his $750,000 per year talents in a better fashion instead. Sure, both guys were signed to keep them away from AEW but the WWE doesn’t just throw that money out there without SOME belief of a return. They seemed to be working well with AJ Styles and they were a part of that Boneyard Match.

It’s ridiculous for the Internet Wrestling Community and AJ Styles/Gallows/Anderson to savage Paul Heyman for this. Heyman has enough credibility as a Creative guy and getting the most out of talent. Maybe it was Anderson/Gallows? Those guys have both bounced around to many promotions for a while now. Great talents aren’t constantly finding new places to work… For example, I don’t see AJ Styles leaving the WWE for a long time. Remember when his deal was up and he asked for (a) more money and (b) more time off to spend with his family? Yeah, he received both, didn’t he? And on top of that, trust to give the Undertaker an amazing match.

To suggest that Anderson/Gallows’s release was 100% Paul Heyman’s fault is ridiculous. For anyone to FAIL to look back at how the WWE used them since 2016… Remember that Dana Brooke stuff? Heyman didn’t book that. How many times have we tried to do a makeshift Bullet Club reunion? Heyman didn’t book that stuff either. Both guys appear exactly the same now as they did during 2016.

Heyman has 25 years of Creative and Talent Development with results that speak for themselves. And if you want to suggest that he caused ECW to fail, then you should also give him credit for how that promotion existed.


Where do you place Chris Jericho on your all time list?

Oh boy… See, I already got in trouble last year when I suggested that his in-ring skills have “deteriorated” with age BUT that he could still remain relevant in the business because of his personality and promo cutting ability. Here was the point that I made from my column last year: Side by Side Comparison of my Column versus Chris Jericho’s response

In case you missed it, I wrote a column recently that was full of Top 10 lists… You can check that out by CLICKING HERE

Obviously from that Top 10 column, I did not place Chris Jericho in my Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers of the Wrestlemania Era (since 1985). I sort of had guys like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, The Rock, John Cena, Ric Flair, Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan ahead of him… After that, I gave honorable mentions to Edge, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Triple H, and Sting.

But no Jericho.

Would he be in my Top 25? Possibly… Jericho’s asset is that he’s durable, reliable, has longevity, can reinvent himself as needed, great personality, great charisma, and is a great in-ring worker.

BUT… At any point in his WWE career, was he ever a Top 3 drawing wrestler in that promotion?

If you look from 1999 through 2003, he always had the Rock, Steve Austin, the Undertaker, and Triple H in his way… Then after 2003, the Ohio Valley Wrestling “Class of 2002” caught up and guys like Brock Lesnar (eventually leaving by 2004), John Cena, and Batista became big stars throughout the 2000s. Meanwhile, Edge became a major superstar for the latter half of the 2000s and Triple H remained strong. Shawn Michaels was also around and in prime form again. Undertaker was still great. Then throughout the 2010s when Jericho would make various returns, he was primarily used as an upper midcarder.

To say that I’m slighting him with regards to the above mentioned wrestlers would be ridiculous… But he’s not in the conversation of “Greatest of All Time” at all. You have to be on top of the business and drawing like it. Unfortunately when he was with the WWE, he never stood out to become the #1 guy or even within the Top 3 top guys. He’s a good performer with longevity and his biggest legacy, with time, will prove to be his move to AEW and helping that promotion appear serious from day 1. If he can Creatively boost that promotion to get close or even defeating the WWE, I’ll reconsider my positioning of him.

I’m sure that someone will dry snitch me to Jericho and he’ll react accordingly with a Tweet… But if he can make a legitimate debate against the wrestlers that I’ve listed above, I’ll hear it.


And now, my final rant of the week…


At some point, when is the WWE going to realize that they have the biggest Snake Oil salesman on their roster? You know, Randy Orton.

This past week, WWE RAW was headlined by Big Show vs. Randy Orton and the show received one of its WORST viewingship numbers of all time. This was following a Pay Per View, too, when the numbers are often slightly higher than the previous weeks because fans want to see the fallout from a Pay Per View. In addition, Big Show vs. Randy Orton has been hyped for weeks.

What, did the WWE just suddenly forget what happened at Survivor Series 2013 that was headlined by Randy Orton vs. Big Show when Orton was WWE Champion? That show received the LOWEST Pay Per View buyrate for all Survivor Series shows dating back to 1987. And yet, six and a half years later, the WWE is trying for that same match-up to headline RAW to help boost ratings.

Ha! Who thought of that idea? Oh that’s right, not Paul Heyman who was demoted as Executive Director and replaced by Vince McMahon brown-noser Bruce Prichard. Bruce is giving what Vince wants and that is to push veterans that he’s familiar with. Well, he just signed Randy Orton to a multi-million dollar 5 year contract and Vince wants to justify using him for the amount that they are paying him. Furthermore, thanks to that big contract, Randy Orton is reportedly booked to defeat Drew McIntyre for the WWE Title at SummerSlam 2020. Seriously… Drew McIntyre, the man who wasn’t allowed to win a title in front of a crowd gets to drop the title to a man who held WWE World Titles for 13 separate times and has nothing to show for it.

Funny thing is that the WWE almost let Randy Orton walk away… He had some talks with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) about joining them. Turns out, he was only using them to get a fatter deal with the WWE. What the WWE foolishly didn’t realize is that they should have let Orton join AEW and let him poison their product with his sour attitude backstage and in the ring for matches that he’s about to lose. Maybe he could drop the n-word on a live Twitch stream while under contract with them? Maybe he could bring along some #MeToo baggage? Maybe get a few Wellness Policy-like violations for Khan’s AEW testing? Maybe he could keep up his unprofessional attitude on Social Media through his foul language and badmouthing of other professional wrestlers, even on the same WWE payroll as him.

But instead, the WWE signed him to a big deal and now they have to justify using him.

Let’s make no mistake here… Randy Orton is a talented in-ring worker. Pound for pound, move for move, the guy is flawless in the execution of moves. One hell of an athlete and he was clearly trained well.

However, there is more to Pro Wrestling than being just an amazing athlete or performing moves perfectly in the ring… Does Randy Orton have psychology? Yes and no… When he’s a heel, he can play the evil role quite well… Need someone to get punted in the head, Randy is your guy… However, when it’s time for the heel to “get his”, Randy has zero emotion in that match, especially when he knows that he’s going to lose. Orton is miserable when he’s booked to lose and sleepwalks through matches when that happens. Ask Roman Reigns about their dull match at SummerSlam 2014 when that was supposed to be Roman’s coronation as a top guy. He has tried to be a babyface many times but that smug and elitist attitude that he personally has always shines through. He’s a better heel but again, he’s out there to make the babyface look strong and he’s completely miserable when losing.

If you just look at the WWE’s own data, you can clearly see why pushing Randy Orton to the WWE Title as a “savior” to the WWE’s viewership decline is a huge mistake.

– On the Smackdown brand druing May 2011, Randy Orton won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Smackdown went from averaging about a 2.0 or above rating for total viewers to being between 1.60 and 1.85 regularly. Then when Mark Henry won the the title from Orton during September 2011, ratings went back above 2.0 again.

– Late 2013 with the Authority, he stole the WWE Title from Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam 2013 by cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase. For a few months, he fought off challenges from Daniel Bryan. RAW went from being at or above a 3.0 rating to consistently being under that 3.0 rating with Orton as champion for the remainder of the year.

– Do we even need to discuss the complete rejection of the Wrestlemania 20 match-up between Batista and Randy Orton?

– Smackdown during 2017 was a disaster with the Orton and Wyatt feud and then the Jinder and Orton feud. I can also blame the dance partner in this case, but the Smackdown roster went from being headlined with Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley), John Cena, and AJ Styles to attempting to put over Orton or have Orton make other stars. Ratings went from a 1.8 to 2.0 range to being consistently under 1.70 with the Orton/Wyatt and Orton/Jinder feuds.

And those are just recent examples… He has many other World Title reigns to discuss.

In my opinion, though, he should have defeated Triple H cleanly and convincingly at Wrestlemania 25. While Triple H often jokes “I had to follow HBK vs. Undertaker’s classic”, the fact is that his match with Orton could have been more impactful if Orton finally slayed his teacher. But he didn’t and in my opinion, his potential died that night.

WWE has more than 4 years of his contract to go and at age 40 he’ll be there for all 4 years.

AEW and Tony Khan were brilliant in their attempts to negotiate with Randy Orton but reportedly kept lowballing him on offers. However, the fact that they were speaking to Orton peaked the interests of the WWE to overpay Orton with a 5 year deal. As I’ve discussed in other columns, this is a Winner’s Curse situation where the “winning bid in an auction to exceed the true worth of an item”. In a prior column, I discussed how Viacom overpaid for WWE during 2000, even though its ratings were beginning to decline, and I believe that FOX/Comcast also overpaid for a declining product during 2019.

Now, the WWE is stuck with Orton as their bride and AEW can try out younger wrestlers who are motivated to succeed in the business.

It’s a SHAME to write something like this because in terms of pure in-ring talent and athletic ability, few are better than Orton. You never see that man make mistakes in the ring, ever.

Orton is still young… He could maybe turn it around by selling more emotion with his opponents. There is a way to defeat Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam 2020 to keep Drew strong in a losing effort. Start there, Randy.. You’re a veteran guy who was trained at Ohio Valley wrestling with veteran minds like Danny Davis and Jim Cornette. You should be able to recall something from that promotion or tapes shown to you on how to make an opponent look strong in a losing effort.

As far as 2020’s WWE, I don’t get it with pushing Orton as your top champion unless there is a definitive plan on who defeats Orton later. I would be certainly up for seeing Randy get a true match against Brock Lesnar or to truly make another superstar in his own losing effort… But I’m not holding my breath. I have watched his career since 2002 and it has been largely underwhelming. He should have a long list matches that people can remember or title reigns that meant something…

But hey, 2020 is certainly the year for “change” and even Orton could evolve from his set ways about pro wrestling and his character.

I’m certainly up for a change.

So just chill… Until the next episode, which shall be the series finale!

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