ASK MR. TITO - NXT's Velveteen Dream, Brock Lesnar done with WWE?, Gronk Returning to NFL, and More

ASK MR. TITO – NXT’s Velveteen Dream, Brock Lesnar done with WWE?, Gronk Returning to NFL, and More

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Welcome back to the EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING here exclusively at, a company. I’m just LAUGHING at the Sports Media right now, as they are THANKFUL that the NFL Draft has “saved them” due to an apparent LACK of content since early to mid March when all sports leagues shut their operations down. Why? Because I’ve NEVER had so much wrestling content to write about in my life! Wrestling news grows from trees anymore thanks to the AEW vs. WWE battle, Vince McMahon’s snap decision making, potential talent jumps from WWE to AEW, and for the fact that WWE and AEW didn’t shut their operations down. I usually try to form at least 4-5 questions per week and they are coming easy to me right now.

Usually for my intro, I have been giving advice on the Coronavirus, particularly the Economic side of things… But I have nothing this week. My previous 4-5 “Ask Mr. Tito” columns are loaded with information on how to survive an economic recession, how to retain your job, the policy responses of our government, etc. Go see those for more information from my Column Archive. All I can say this week is that our Government passed another $400 Million to replenish the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that provides forgiven loans to business if they retain their employees. Sounds great on paper, but I’m constantly asking… Where is this money coming from? $23 Trillion in Debt, the previous stimulus was $2 Trillion, and with fewer paying payroll taxes + more using Unemployment, the 2020 Fiscal Year Deficit could be as large as $5 Trillion. That’s not sustainable… SAVE YOUR MONEY, folks.

Anyway – Onto your questions.

ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

What are your thoughts on the Velveteen Dream online situation?

Well, let me quote his Twitter statement from yesterday – @DreamWWE: “Be assured I did not communicate inappropriately with anyone. A private photo of mine was shared without my consent or knowledge and I am working with a third party to look into this matter.”

By Velveteen Dream’s own words, a “private photo of mine was shared without my consent or knowledge”. Right there is problem #1 and everybody else needs to hear this LOUDLY. Don’t take private pictures of yourself and (a) store them on a phone, (b) store them on a website, and (c) never send them to anyone. When you send photos to someone via text or other delivery methods, those photos can be easily saved by the recipient for use later.

Also wrestlers – Lay off the Social Media. For one, you’re displaying your inner-most feelings about yourself and your personal life for all to see, while opening the door to TOO MUCH access with your fans. You’re a Pro Wrestler, whom we are suppose to believe actually lives the way we see them on screen. Nope, we see your real name on Twitter, your political views, how you’re not such a bad guy outside of the ring, etc.

Hopefully, Velveteen Dream didn’t actually send a questionable picture to a questionable source as he suggests… Even if he didn’t send such a vulgar photo to someone he shouldn’t, the fact that this photo is available to be stolen is on the Dream. That is your fault for not protecting yourself and your career.

Either way, you work for the WWE who is all about image (despite ignoring recent economic ones by terminating many wrestlers). WWE forgave Seth Rollins for the pictures that he sent to an ex-girlfriend but did not forgive Enzo Amore when assault allegations (which were later proven to be false) came out. Everything depends on how true Dream’s hacking claim really is… At the same time, though, why are you putting questionable pictures on any of your devices or servers that can be easily stolen? Has anybody learned from Charlotte Flair or Paige’s past problems?

I’m an “Innocent until Proven Guilty” kind of guy, so I’m not going to bury Velveteen Dream for what allegedly happened. However, the fact that questionable photos were available to be apparently stolen causes me to question Dream’s judgment, as I have other wrestlers who lost their photos from illegal means. WWE Corporation needs a harsher Social Media and Mobile Device policy to impose on their employees, which maybe they can’t because their employees are independent contractors? Either way, WWE needs to impose tough restrictions on digital media to protect wrestlers from themselves. Forget image… Start taking care of your talent besides what happens in the ring.

Here is hoping that Dream didn’t actually do what is alleged on the delivery of those photos… He has proven to be a tremendous talent and has lots of upside to become a huge drawing WWE Superstar. He’s only going to turn 25 this year (which explains why he’s taking photos of himself digitally) and for something illegal to have happened would be a tragedy for this wrestler. Hopefully he is innocent, but I worry that the shame caused by the allegations will at least cause his WWE employment to end soon.


Do WWE Ratings and Viewership matter right now?

I’ll give WWE a pass here, although I’d believe with a crowd, the WWE will still do UNDER 2.5 Million viewers for RAW and Smackdown. Trying to entertain wrestling fans for 3 HOURS on RAW is proving to be very difficult in an empty arena setting. As Jim Cornette said, you can tell that many of their developmental wrestlers never worked the Independents where you have to entertain maybe 20 people who attend a show. Many of the Performance Center babies were trained specifically to work in front of NXT’s crowd of about 400-500 while WWE arenas fill between 5,000 to 10,000.

However – Where I won’t give them a pass is that the WWE’s quality before the Coronavirus. Their shows sucked with no real superstars to brag about pushing and no real midcard developmental system to groom your future top stars. Creative’s storylines and scripted lines have been terrible, too. I just saw what the Revival were recommended to wear to morph into a comedy based tag team. Are you kidding me, WWE? No team would ever look good in those goofy costumes, let alone one as fundamentally sound as a tag team as the Revival.

If anything, the empty arenas just places a bigger microscope on how bad the WWE has really become since they purged John Cena as their #1 guy from SummerSlam 2014. Pushing Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg as a part-time wrestlers while pushing the bland and highly scripted Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and others (remember Jinder Mahal) has proven to be an unsuccessful formula. Women’s Wrestling has proven to be a nice midcard act but not something that draws in more fans. If the WWE would simply figure out why Sable/Sunny and Rock/Austin were so popular, they could find out a way on how to properly push someone again (hint hint, make them sex symbols or arse kickers without any PG bumpers up).


Do you believe that Brock Lesnar’s WWE days are done?

Yeah right… Until AEW proves to me that they’ll overspend on free agents, no way. Brock was once getting paid $5 Million per year for his first 2 years in the WWE and then signed an extension to make $3 Million for the next 3 years. That covers his first 5 years from 2012 to 2017. Since that year, Brock is making millions per MATCH.

Then again, the Khan’s might be saving money right now by TANKING in the NFL with their Jaguars team. Just be careful, Jaguars, as Trevor Lawrence might pull a “John Elway” or “Eli Manning” on you by refusing to play for your team if drafted. Tony might want to re-think having those Twitter battles with a Jaguars player over money, as other players will see that and want to avoid Jacksonville like the plague. That is on top of the fining system that the Khan’s let Tom Coughlin implement, too.

I’ve always questioned what would happen if a big free agent like Brock Lesnar or John Cena became available, what happens to the salaries of the Executive Vice Presidents in Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, and the Young Bucks? I personally believe that the EVP salaries kept the terms of Randy Orton’s contract to be very low and that’s why Orton took a 5 year deal to remain with the WWE and steal their money. Now, Orton is no Brock Lesnar… Lesnar has real drawing power and in a new setting like AEW with new opponents and the thirst of wrestling fans to see AEW beat the WWE in popularity, I don’t know how the EVPs could remain higher paid than Lesnar. And once AEW allows talent to receiver higher paychecks than the EVPs, suddenly, the leverage of being an EVP is gone. Ask the WWE on that one, as they’ve been Lesnar’s property for 7 years now.

WWE is going to panic about numbers with Drew and Braun on top of their promotions and they’ll beg to bring Lesnar back once again. Bill Goldberg, too.

I personally believe that is why WWE has changed the focus of Triple H’s executive role on continuing to manage NXT and the international operations rather than focusing on scouting, signing, and managing talent. Since taking over Developmental, there hasn’t been any top drawing superstars developed. You cannot suggest the Shield, as all 3 guys were Laurinaitis hires and Braun was a Vince hiring. Drew McIntyre was trained under John Laurinaitis’s FCW system… NXT shows have been fun, but they are essentially unhinged Indy shows with higher production values. Matches on Takeovers have been tremendous but doing 2 hour shows weekly have watered down the effect that the NXT brand once had.


Explain your take on Rob Gronkowski leaving the WWE to rejoin the NFL. Are you stretching it too much?

No, I’m not… Rob Gronkowski just suddenly joined his former teammate Tom Brady on Tuesday, April 21st to the surprise of everyone. No NFL sources even suggested that he was interested in a return and he, by his own admission on talk shows on April 22nd, is still far under his playing weight. Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on March 20th… If this was the plan the entire time, wouldn’t he be already getting into football shape to maintain it by the time Training Camp starts? As several FOX Sports analysts said, as Gronk had a contract with them as an NFL analyst, Rob told everyone that his “playing days were over” and was “happy to be out of the NFL”.

Everything was silent about Gronk rejoining the NFL and all indications was that he was DONE with the league…

As I explained in my YouTube video below (or you could CLICK HERE to watch it), the series of events that happened with Vince McMahon from April 10th through April 16th helped nudge him towards rejoining the NFL. Sure, Tom Brady’s signing with the Bucs was probably in the back of his head and I’m quite sure that Brady was damn near begging Gronk to join him in Tampa. However, he had a full month to join him and show some kind of remote interest in rejoining the NFL. All indications from NFL sources and those who actually know Rob Gronkowski suggest otherwise.

One of the reasons that Rob retired the NFL was that it was “no longer fun” but you have to take into account what happened just before the 2018 season… Gronkowski was almost traded to the Detroit Lions before the 2018 season but he threatened retirement then. Patriots Head Coach and defacto General Manager Bill Belichick has a culture where “everyone is expendable”, including top stars. After all, he tried to trade Tom Brady during the 2017 season but that was refused when ownership intervened. Thus, when Gronk saw what Vince McMahon was doing to XFL employees and WWE talent/personnel, a snap judgment was made to finally rejoin the NFL.

Just look at the 7 day period with Vince McMahon from April 10th to April 16th. April 10th sees the full cancellation of the XFL not just for 2020, but forever. It’s done. April 13th sees Vince McMahon filing for bankruptcy for the XFL in which court filings revealed the WWE Corporation was indeed an investor into the XFL. Vince 100% lied about any WWE involvement with the XFL. April 15th had the massive WWE talent/personnel cuts and layoffs while also having the Conference Call where Vince was telling investors that they had $500 Million in Cash & Debit options to survive. Then, on April 16th, WWE announced an unchanged Dividend. As seen by the last Recession from 2007-2009, corporations will reduce their dividend offerings to Shareholders in order to boost Net Income options available to reinvest into their company.

Sure, since Tom Brady joined Tampa Bay, more of a fun atmosphere than New England’s culture, Gronk may have thought about returning to the NFL. However, Vince McMahon’s actions reignited those thoughts with a probable “F This” kind of thinking and pushed Gronk’s dreams of returning to play with Tom Brady over the edge. In other words, Vince’s actions from 4/10 to 4/16 pushed up Gronk’s return to the NFL earlier rather than later.

We’ll see what happens, long-term, if Gronk rejoins the WWE after his probable 1-2 year stint with the NFL ends. I bet that he doesn’t come back, as the WWE is an environment that can terminate employees and leagues on a whim. Gronk retired from that in New England, as he was souring on Belichick’s environment of being too focused while letting players know that they are expendable. Sure, that breeds excellence as Bill gets the absolute most of his players… But that environment can wear people thin and quick. Ditto with the WWE environment. Seeing all of those XFL players, coaches, and employees getting terminated with ZERO notice and then witnessing the same with WWE wrestlers/personnel had to be a tipping point. Then, Vince boasting about $500 Million in Cash while not cutting the Dividend (which benefits him, the primary shareholder) is just the worst image to have while you terminate employees (smart to shareholders, which again, benefits Vince’s pockets… See what I was getting at a few months ago with the XFL? I told you that Vince would recoup his XFL losses by cutting WWE costs to boost the WWE Stock).

Here are most of these thoughts in video form…

I was just trying something early Wednesday morning to boost our YouTube presence. I have to admit… Producing videos is HARD and promoting them is even HARDER. It’s a full time job to record audio perfectly (which I need better equipment to do so) and then to cut up video so that it looks appealing in the HD era. During late 2018 and throughout 2019, I was flirting with the idea of producing video content when I quickly realized that “this crap is hard to do!” Plus, you have to make videos that appeal to YouTube’s algorithm’s to be seen and wrestling content, thanks to prior bad behavior of content providers, isn’t appealing to promote by that video sharing service. I may try videos from time to time, but I certainly don’t have the time nor do I have the equipment or software abilities as others.

If anyone reading this has a YouTube content that would like to be more featured prominently or if you have video making skills & have a good presentation about yourself, consider emailing management through our Contact Section of our website. And bring us something unique, specifically videos that are 10-12 minutes maximum that isn’t just you ranting over an image. Give us graphics, give us stories, and unique takes on the business. I guess Top 10 lists, but every other channel does that already… I personally love what WresteLamia with their videos. They give you a mix of news stories and then give you something bold on wrestling urban legends.


Who is your favorite wrestler of all time? Who is your least favorite?

For FAVORITE wrestler of all time, I have 3… I like each of the 3 individuals so much that I cannot pick between them: Macho Man Randy Savage, Nature Boy Ric Flair, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I believe it’s because I’ve watched each of these 3 guys since the late 1980s and grew to appreciate their entire body of work with age. Macho Man is just pure awesome, as he is one of the best in-ring performers ever and his character was off the charts. The way he interacted with Miss Elizabeth was pure gold, as it legitimately caused emotion from you. I grew up hating Ric Flair beating up on my older favorite, Sting, but then with age, I realized how good Ric Flair was inside the ring and with promos. With Steve Austin, I saw the potential with “Stunning” Steve Austin and was excited when he joined the WWE. When he was allowed to become Stone Cold, it validated what I always knew. Austin is the best character of all time and it’s sad that we only saw a few years of it.

LEAST favorite is easy and that’s Jeff Jarrett. Sorry, but I just don’t like this guy as a performer and personality. Never bought the goofy “Double J” gimmick with the strutting and awful outfit. Promos were terrible. Overall, he was a good in-ring worker and I cannot deny that, but everything before and after that match was cringe-worthy to me. On top of that, the backstage dealings with the guy… From Jim Ross’s recent book, he described how Jeff had his dad Jerry Jarrett negotiate a new contract for him during 1999. WWE was apparently offering less than what Jeff wanted but Jerry gave a handshake agreement to Jim Ross for a new deal. Meanwhile, Jeff didn’t sign that new agreement and not only bolted to WCW, but also held up the WWE before the No Mercy Pay Per View event to the reported tune of $300,000.

Now, I’ve heard more backstage stuff on that… Jarrett’s WCW experience from 1996-1997 didn’t go well, as Eric Bischoff has explained several times on his 83 Weeks show that he didn’t like Jarrett as a talent back then (really disliked his “stripper like” outfit). My understanding from several sources is that Jarrett rejoined the WWE because of his perception that the WWE’s talent roster was “thin” during 1997. He thought that he would be instantly pushed as a top and he was reportedly always playing politics to get a WWE Title run. At first, he tried working Vince McMahon and Jim Ross… When word got to Stone Cold Steve Austin, who didn’t personally like Jeff, Austin went to Ross and Vince to state that he refused to work with Jarrett. Thus, Jarrett’s next avenue to obtain his WWE Title dreams was to become closer with Head Writer Vince Russo during 1999. Jarrett started getting favorable booking, including Andy Kaufman like persona to draw heat… But, Vince McMahon always had intentions of keeping Jarrett in the midcard and had other 1999 plans on who to push to the top (Triple H).

I didn’t like his WCW work and I wasn’t that crazy on how he presented TNA, either… Or how he presented himself in TNA. To me, and I agree with Vince McMahon, he’s a midcard to upper-midcard talent and not a Main Eventer. Anywhere that has pushed him like a to guy has struggled. When he tried to push the Global Force Wrestling… Yeah, I knew that would fail, just as him joining the WWE as a producer and creative team member hasn’t mattered either. His WWE Hall of Fame induction where he tried singing “With My Baby Tonight” was low brow and just proved why he’s forever a midcarder in the WWE’s eyes.


And now, my final rant…


If female wrestlers want to be treated equally as males, then they should be ready for equal criticisms as male wrestlers.

Right now, the WWE is in the middle of a crap storm with wrestling fans and Ronda Rousey thanks to WWE wrestler Nia Jax‘s actions. On one hand, Nia is publicly shaming Rousey for being too dangerous in the ring, particularly against her “friend” Alexa Bliss… On the other hand, Nia Jax also injured Alexa Bliss and just a few weeks ago, she could have injured Kairi Sane badly with a botched turnbuckle bomb. On top of all of that, WWE officials are looking the other way because Nia is “hands off” because of her bloodline relationship with former wrestling great, the Rock.

Yet, nobody in the WWE is asking WHY is Nia Jax making such mistakes. She is constantly being billed as being SO MUCH STRONGER than the other competitors, but is she really? Sure, she is obviously larger in mass than the other female wrestlers both in height and in weight. Remember, her resume, which Nia has advertised in the WWE, suggests that she was a “Plus Size Model”… Thus, her size advantage should make her stronger than the rest of the female roster… But Tamina Snuka, who is also a larger female wrestler, doesn’t have issues lifting and slamming women like Nia. When was the last time we heard of Tamina hurting someone? Maybe once and a while but repeatedly like Nia? I don’t think so…

I just don’t think that she has the advertised strength… If you take a look at her, Nia’s biceps aren’t exactly formed like someone who lifts weights. Ditto for the legs of someone doing squats. The obvious thing to do is to look at Nia’s earlier wrestling photos plus her time as a model and notice that something is different… Based on the way that she was struggling to lift all 115 pounds of Kairi Sane, I’d question the strength and conditioning of Nia Jax.

Hey now… Where am I going with this?

Hold on, folks… Remember when Kevin Owens made his return from injury and looked slimmer? Everyone was signing his praises… Why? Because WWE management’s own criticisms (which Ring of Honor held as well) was that Kevin Owens didn’t keep in good physical shape and was overweight. However, unlike Nia Jax, Kevin Owens is a fully trained wrestler who spent over a DECADE wrestling in front of anyone before joining the WWE. He didn’t have a “cup of coffee” like Nia Jax did at the Performance Center before joining the WWE roster too early.

Again – If we’re going to treat females equally to men, the criticisms have to be there as well.

Remember Jinder Mahal? Everyone was commenting on his obviously cosmetic change from looking reasonably in shape to being completely ripped. He was accused of taking and injecting everything under the sun yet he always passed his WWE Wellness Policy tests. Nope, those criticisms kept coming and his new look was why WWE pushed him to the moon, the internet (including me) said. Meanwhile, Dave Meltzer makes an offhand comment about how one female wrestler CLEARLY had something surgically enhanced, and suddenly, everyone is calling for Dave to cancel his Wrestling Observer newsletter. Huh? Dave can comment ALL DAY on how Jinder looks bigger but can’t obviously comment on how Peyton Royce looked before obvious surgery was performed? While Dave had to apologize for his comments, the person he was critical of was posting bikini photos on her Social Media.

Come on…

During the early 2000s, both Big Show and Mark Henry were BOTH demoted from the WWE to the Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental system for their (a) bad attitudes and (b) weight problems. As you can hear from their own words, these actions HUMBLED both wrestlers and put them back on a path to having improved WWE success. Big Show was sent down there from August 2000 through January 2001 while Mark Henry had a longer stint from 2000-2002. There, they had tougher trainers telling them hard truths about their roles as wrestlers, attitudes, and their weight. Danny Davis and Jim Cornette are brutally honest with their talents and were training people under less than pleasing conditions compared to the WWE Performance Center that created Nia Jax.

Thus, if the WWE approached Nia Jax with the same concerns that they had with Mark Henry and Big Show during 2000… Would the Internet just freak out? Would the MeToo movement be on the attack for treating Nia Jax unfairly? Would the Rock threaten to NEVER work with the WWE ever again if Nia Jax was suddenly demoted back to the Performance Center to retrain and get into better physical condition?

After all… It would be for her own good long-term. Big Show is STILL with the WWE and the OVW demotion really helped shape Mark Henry into a great professional and eventual Main Event wrestler. Results speak for themselves, particularly on Henry who joined the WWE with no experience whatosever… In fact, I’d argue that he was better suited to become a wrestler as a power-lifter instead of a Model like Jax.

Nia Jax is injuring other wrestlers and that’s something that I’d hope that her cousin, the Rock, would have a talk with her about while also letting WWE Officials treat her equally to other talents. Otherwise, if nothing is done, the WWE has proven themselves to be the enablers to more bad behavior. What happens next besides minor injuries? Something like a broken neck?

It’s almost like we need Ronda Rousey to come back and be treated like a one-woman version of the APA. Ron Simmons and Bradshaw, along with other veteran talents, would take it out on any wrestlers giving the WWE attitude problems. I’d say “go ask Public Enemy”, but sadly, both wrestlers have long since past. During April 1999, they were booked to work with the Acolytes for a taping of Shotgun Saturday Night. Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge were not liked backstage and management knew it… So, they were booked against Bradshaw and Simmons and were brutalized in the ring with the APA members working very stiff. ZERO punishment for Simmons and Bradshaw for their in-ring actions. Shortly after that, Public Enemy was released…

Nia Jax wouldn’t last long with Ronda Rousey in a real fight, that’s a FACT. Her tenure as a Model and Performance Center trained entertainer wouldn’t do well against a former UFC Champion and someone who won a Bronze Medal at the Olympics for Judo. Good luck with that fight, Nia… I don’t care about your size difference with Ronda. You’re not trained to fight like she has. Maybe we ought to put on the boxing gloves to relive the Brawl For All to settle the score between you two? Believe me, Nia, you’d get humbled quickly.

On the fairness note, if Nia Jax were to emerge from NXT/Performance Center as a well oiled machine that can deliver safe yet effective matches for WWE audiences, then I’d agree that she should be pushed well and compensated for it. Like Big Show and Mark Henry…

But she’s not being treated fairly and that’s the point… Nia is being pampered by the WWE and WWE is the enablers of her bad behavior and attitude. She was only in the NXT developmental system for 2 years before joining the main WWE roster. FACT. She has either injured or potentially hurt Charlotte, Becky, Bayley, Kairi, and Alexa in matches caused by her moves. FACT. Nia regularly speaks out on Social Media about other wrestlers and gets into personal fights with other wrestlers or even fans. FACT. And finally, Nia exposes the wrestling business regularly by speaking out, particularly saying that she “went to management” because she thought that Ronda Rousey was working too stiff with Alexa Bliss.

Nia is like other wrestlers who were pampered because of their bloodlines to past WWE performers… Look at how many opportunities that Randy Orton has been given to succeed… He is a 13 time World Champion in the WWE within 18 years of working for the company, but only 16 years since winning his first World Title. That means within his last 16 years, he has been champion almost once per year. That isn’t pampering? And we have a few backstage problems and Wellness Policies mixed in here as well… Yet, he just signed a massive new 5 year deal with the WWE to resume working there.

So is getting preferential treatment because of your relations or nepotism “fair”?

Nia Jax needs tough love much like Big Show and Mark Henry received during 2000. If nobody backstage says anything to Nia, then the WWE are total enablers to her bad behaviors. Secondly, it creates a complete DOUBLE STANDARD seen by other wrestlers. This creates morale problems at a time where things are strained already with economic circumstances, reduced live gate and merchandise bonuses, and many WWE wrestlers being released. If her in-ring faults go unpunished, then this creates a risk that the next injury could be paralyzing or even fatal. Then, the WWE would have blood on its hands for being the enablers.

And I say this as a big supporter Women’s Wrestling, as inspired by seeing NXT Takeover 2015 on what Sasha Banks and Bayley proved could happen with a seriously pushed female wrestling division. I was also a supporter of the Bellas when both were at the top, as many were critical of them based on who they were dating but I kept suggesting how dysfunctional the Divas division was (back when it was called that). I was also heavily critical of the Divas Search competitions back in the day. I have YEARS of columns to prove this… I am also very critical of today’s WWE male wrestling division, suggesting that they aren’t quite the draws of the past. Again, YEARS of columns proving that.

Thus, don’t just think that I’m singling out Nia Jax here. She’s the one injuring or putting other female wrestlers at risk. She’s also the one putting everything out there on her Social Media account and video appearances as well.

Something is very wrong here with Nia Jax as a person and wrestler. She needs help… Question is, will WWE help her or be the enabler of her continued bad behaviors, lack of dedication, and incomplete wrestling training? I highly doubt it based on the way that the WWE has been the enabler of other wrestlers and creating so many double standards based on off-screen actions, social media, Wellness Policy violations, and many other things. The poor climate inside the WWE and how that translates onto the television screen is mostly why the WWE ratings, attendance, and merchandise have declined severely since 2014.

Worse yet, if Nia gets demoted to NXT and the Performance Center like Big Show/Mark Henry were during 2000 with Ohio Valley Wrestling, will NXT and the Performance Center be tough on her? Will Triple H and trainers give her “tough love” like Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, and Danny Davis did to Big Show/Mark Henry? I hope so, as HHH has a ton of pride about the Women’s division that he helped revamp and he’s the one who found and signed Nia Jax. I’m sure that he’s disappointed, at some level, because it looks bad on his Performance Center if she’s a dangerous bi-product of the system. Then again, HHH can easily argue that Nia Jax was pulled from his system TOO EARLY and that is a big symptom of her troubles. That, and the WWE culture is an enabling one and Vince McMahon is terrified of upsetting relations of wrestlers.

I wish Nia the best… I really liked her as an NXT talent and was rooting for her in the WWE (again, I have YEARS of Columns to prove it)… But you just cannot injure your fellow wrestlers or put them at risk. Something is clearly wrong whether it is attitude, strength & conditioning (come on, Kairi Sane is 115 pounds… You can’t lift her like a feather?), or lack of in-ring training by being plucked too early from NXT.

And I know, by writing this, I’ll be labeled as “insensitive”, “misogynistic”, or whatever else that Social Justice Warriors and other movements can think of. We’re in a society where everything said or written must be filtered for political correctness. Yet, where is the defense of the female wrestlers that she’s hurt? I wouldn’t be questioning her training, strength & conditioning, or attitude if wrestlers weren’t getting hurt…

So if this column is my last, as the pressures of posting this cause my ultimate demise… It’s been a pleasure to write for you.

Isn’t that sad? I have to worry about posting another column after writing on a topic like this, out of fear of who might react to it. That sucks.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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