ASK MR. TITO: Orange Cassidy in AEW, JBL into WWE Hall of Fame, Coronavirus Cancelling Wrestlemania 36, Cody's Tattoo, and More

ASK MR. TITO: Orange Cassidy in AEW, JBL into WWE Hall of Fame, Coronavirus Cancelling Wrestlemania 36, Cody’s Tattoo, and More

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The Last of the Great Columnists has returned to, a company, to bring you yet another weekly installment of “ASK MR. TITO” where I take your questions from email, Twitter, or the Comments sections of my columns and form them into a column. The response has been wonderful and I’m feeling the Mr. Tito mojo again by writing these. Additionally, I often write these at 6am on Saturday mornings which is a complete departure of when I used to write before I “retired” during 2018.

Speaking of retirement, everyone keeps mocking me or asking me about that… Here’s what I specifically want to say about that. I was all good and fine at the Retirement Home UNTIL All Elite Wrestling (AEW) decided to announce their new promotion during January 2019. After years of TNA and Ring of Honor completely failing as competitors, this one seemed legit with bigger stars forming their own promotion, real money backing it with the Khan Family, and having Jim Ross aboard. Lots of bumps and bruises throughout 2019 due to Talent and Booking decisions, but after their Dark Order & Nightmare Collective “Come to Jesus” moments, AEW is now hitting their strides.

Last week for my “Last Word” rant, I compared AEW to WCW Nitro during early 1996 after their “Come to Jesus” moment with the Uncensored 1996 disaster (if you have WWE Network, please watch the main event of that show to see what I mean). I meant it… AEW Revolution has the industry buzzing and the Dynamite shows keep improving… All AEW needs is 1-2 more major Free Agent leaps combined with a major innovative storyline that grabs the attention of not just wrestling fans, but pulls in new fans. Just look at WWE Smackdown last night… They are STILL honoring the New World Order! The innovative nWo storyline that WCW did more than 20 years ago is still popular to this day. It makes you wonder what AEW has up its sleeve with Jake “the Snake” Roberts hyping that he has a “client” coming soon.

Anyway – I have a ton to unpack this week with your questions… Let’s get right to it!


What did you think about AEW Revolution or Orange Cassidy’s match with Pac?

First and foremost, I did not watch the Pay Per View. *Gasp* I’ll catch it later, probably if and when the price of viewing it drops or if it is cheaper to buy on Blu-Ray or DVD. As my good buddy Virtue always says, the WWE Network has conditioned us that paying a monthly $9.99 is a great deal to watch Pay Per Views and going back to paying $50-$60 per show is a difficult sell. I’ll get to it sometime, as I’m no longer in the Pay Per View reviewing business with these columns and I had family stuff to take care of Sunday evening. With that said, I’ve heard nothing but great things and it apparently has a handful of “Match of the Year” candidates.

But I did see one match… A friend of mine bought the show and he showed the Orange Cassidy vs. Pac match on his B/R Live app.

Now, for anyone who dares to criticize All Elite Wrestling, the response is “you’re just imitating Jim Cornette” as if I’m unable to construct my own opinions or that I haven’t been writing columns for for over 21 years. For Orange Cassidy, I haven’t really ripped his performance other than finding his initial Battle Royal performance to be strange. Each time I see the guy, he does something new and it’s interesting. Furthermore, he really sells his gimmick of “King of Sloth Style” without flinching. Thus, I didn’t have any negative things to say about him.

I actually enjoyed the Pac vs. Orange Cassidy match.

Many will suggest that it makes Pac look foolish to be a part of such a comedy match. For one, he seemed like he was having a fun time during the match and in my opinion, that’s the most entertaining that I’ve EVER seen Pac be inside the ring. I mean that… At any time, Pac could have destroyed Cassidy but LIKE A HEEL, he made mistakes, was taunting Orange Cassidy, and got cocky when refusing to pin Cassidy or giving him time to recover. For as goofy as Orange’s gimmick might be to some, the wrestler behind it is quite an athlete and he’s fearless. That Superman Punch that he nailed Pac with was spectacular, too.

This match was between their Co-Main Events and it served its purpose of giving fans a breather or an escape. For YEARS now, we’ve criticized that match before the Main Event as the “dead spot” as the WWE usually places a meaningless Women’s match there as the piss break before the Main Event. Cassidy vs. Pac was in that realm but it was actually GOOD and ENTERTAINING. I enjoyed it…

Orange Cassidy is a unique talent and unlike most, he’s selling the hell out of his gimmick. There is a place for that in Pro Wrestling and if you don’t believe me, then tear down your posters of the Bushwackers, Disco Inferno, Val Venis, or hell, any Cruiserweight or Luchadore wrestler who has ever existed. AS LONG AS Orange Cassidy is kept to a midcard act, there’s plenty of room for him on the undercard to entertain. People consider the “hands in the pockets” as an insult to wrestling… It seems to me like it’s a taunt to the opponent… Ditto with those silly kicks that he does at the start of the match. He’s playing possum to his opponents, daring them to show them everything they’ve got until his REAL offense is unleashed.

I get it now… Orange Cassidy gets the “Mr. Tito Seal of Approval”. It was a great signing by AEW…

Now – All of you marks need to listen to Jim Cornette’s review of Pac vs. Orange Cassidy to see if I truly repeat Jim’s criticisms of AEW.

I don’t and I never have… I love his Podcasts, but I can think for myself and have in these columns for the last 21+ years. Geesh. Maybe you should consider that people take my opinions or ideas and repeat them? I believe that is more true than me stealing other people’s ideas/opinions. Remember a few months ago when I suggested that TNA Impact used to get ripped for doing 1.5 million viewers while AEW is praised for barely being above 900,000? I hear that everywhere now, especially after Eric Bischoff retweeted what I said. Dave Meltzer was getting harassed daily about that opinion and nobody credited for me for that idea.


Should WWE cancel Wrestlemania 36 due to the Coronavirus?

Because Vince McMahon LOVES money, he’s not going to cancel the live event of Wrestlemania 36. Cancelling Wrestlemania equals refunds of tickets that are overpriced to begin with and he doesn’t want to lose a $5 to $10 Million gate from one night.

BUT should they?

No. Live your life, folks. The Coronavirus looks like it spreads faster than other types of viruses of recent past but is it any different, in terms of the mortality rate than other recent viruses? Is it any different than having a harder version of the flu? Right now, it seems to be very fatal to the elderly, as Italy is reporting that the average age of death is 81 years old for anyone deemed to have the virus. The logic might seem insane, but the odds of a younger wrestling fan catching the virus and then passing away from it are very low.

There are plenty of things to catch at public events when surrounded by lots of people, touching railings or door handles, or being served food. Once working in the restaurant industry, I used to LAUGH at people wearing gloves. Yes, they are wearing gloves, but look at how many times they are pulling on oven handles, microwave handles, freezer door handles, etc. I never return to restaurants when I see someone preparing food with cloves and then handles cash at the register with those gloves on. I’m just saying, even without the Coronavirus, you might catch something.

If the WWE cancels Wrestlemania, then what about their RAW/Smackdown and other Pay Per Views. I’d suggest Houseshows, but the WWE is starting to cancel them due to LOW ATTENDANCE. If the WWE cancels Wrestlemania but doesn’t cancel other events, what happens to WWE’s liability if someone happens to catch the virus at a future show? Do you see what kind of insanity could roll down the hill?

But let me make a BIG PREDICTION right now: The WWE will blame the Coronavirus on LOWER attendance within their 2020 Quarterly Financial Statements.

Forget that the WWE product SUCKS and their Management cannot put together good Storylines or push Wrestlers properly… Forget that Vince McMahon is out of touch and thinning himself out by trying to start another football league. Forget that Triple H has yet to develop a legitimate Main Eventer from NXT that can draw. Forget that the Creative Team is full of yes-men from Hollywood or Family members who lack the BALLS to disagree with Vince.

Even BEFORE the Coronavirus was dominating our Evening News, the WWE was (a) beginning to cancel Houseshows due to LOW ATTENDANCE and (b) tarping off more than half of the arenas for Television due to LOW ATTENDANCE. Those are legitimate facts but WWE’s 10-Q and 10-K Financial Statements will blame lower attendance on this virus. No, what it should blame low attendance, along with lower television viewership, declining merchandise sales, and now reduced WWE Network subscribers on is the McMahon Virus that has infected Pro Wrestling since March 2001 when competition was officially eliminated for good. Seriously, having Stephanie McMahon as your Creative Team leader from late 2000 through late 2013? Shane McMahon acting like a Backyard Wrestler and other wrestlers have to sell for him? Vince’s Creative ideas since placing the nail in WCW’s coffin have wildly inconsistent and at often times, lazy. The result is a smaller Television audience and fewer attending WWE shows…

Many wrestling fans quit the WWE due to being infected with the McMahon Virus that causes boredom, frustration, and being baffled at the wrong wrestlers pushed!


What do you think of Cody Rhodes’s new tattoo?

Oh, good lord… When your own WIFE is critical of your new NECK tattoo, that’s all I need to say.

Cody Rhodes is a boss there and thus won’t have someone, other than Tony Khan, questioning WHY you had that body work done. In a nutshell, that’s why wrestlers and management shouldn’t mix… Sometimes, they can’t control themselves.

The tattoo just looks bad… He should have had it placed on his arm, kind of like the Bull that Rock used to have on his right arm. There’s nothing wrong with getting a tattoo unless it’s a poor design or in an odd place. Right on the side of your neck is an odd place, for sure.

There used to be a graphic going around about the appropriate places to have a tattoo and it was mostly about looking good at a Job Interview or appearing professional at a workplace. Basically, it was promoting having tattoos but mostly having them in places that were easily covered up by wearing pants and a t-shirt. In other words, leave everything from the elbow down as bare and nothing from the neck and upward. Of course, in the wrestling business, most are wrestling without a shirt…

In my opinion, tattoos can be done to look classy and they can be overdone by having too many or in the wrong place. Rey Mysterio is a perfect example of the before and after of my thesis. He just had a few, which was fine, but now his entire body is covered and it looks sloppy. Brock Lesnar looked cool with that big monster on his back but add a dagger to his chest? Ehhhh… Scott Steiner is now covered in tattoos which looks odd to me. Kevin Owens is getting crazy with the ink. Then, there is the Rock… I know that his has meaning with his family, but to cover his left pectoral muscle all way down to his left arm? Every single movie character has that tattoo, too… CM Punk has many tattoos, but that is sort of his character… Someone like the Undertaker has many but you only see the ones on his arms because of his outfits.

To me, how a wrestler looks should be important to THEM and to their Wrestling Promotion. Wrestlers should be “above it all” and appear much “larger than life” than their audience. When they start doing things to their bodies or displaying habits that normal everyday wrestling fans have, that’s when the “larger than life” stuff wears out. To a promotion, they are marketing the wrestlers’ likeness by making toys, video games, or other merchandise. If a wrestler’s look changes, which can include hair and not just tattoos, then that cause confusion in the market place for trying to sell that likeness. Furthermore, if the tattoo has a logo that is a copyright of another company, the wrestling promotion has to censor that from the merchandise or game.

Getting neck tattoos = big mistake on any planet. But hey, as long as Cody Rhodes continues to be a great in-ring performer and help lead AEW into becoming a bigtime wrestling promotion, we’ll ignore it eventually.


Ronda Rousey and Cain Velasquez appeared at the WWE Offices lately… What does that mean?

It means that I’ll throw up soon. Can the former MMA wrestlers just go away?

For every Brock Lesnar (who was a trained WWE wrestler BEFORE he started fighting MMA), there are other former UFC fighters who have tried to tried to wrestle. I thought that Ken Shamrock was good but wasn’t great… Dan Severn was kinda boring. Cain didn’t impress in his debut WWE match with Lesnar though Cain had an injury before that match. With Ronda Rousey, she needed lots of help inside the ring whether it was creative booking performed by Angle/Triple H/Stephanie for that Wrestlemania match or lots of selling like Charlotte did for that singles match. The WWE Women’s Wrestling doesn’t need a Brock Lesnar dominant character, especially given the tight size differences in that division.

Sorry, but unless you receive YEARS of training , and I’m talking like 5 years folks, stay away from the WWE. Vince McMahon is desperate to create any kind of reaction that will sell tickets SHORT-TERM instead of realizing that the real problem creating top drawing wrestlers is HIM and the developmental system signing many smaller wrestlers & not training them on psychology/fundamentals.

I don’t watch UFC and I don’t plan on it, either. Thus, anytime MMA performers try to join the WWE, I’m like “who?”. There are many more fans like me who don’t watch MMA events and also don’t care for when an untrained former MMA fighter joins the WWE and instantly gets pushed. GO AWAY. I’d rather see someone who is fully trained and dedicated as a wrestler earn the top spots rather than a former MMA wrestler with little training taking the spotlight. I feel bad for the wrestlers, too, because they have to sell their arses off to make the untrained MMA wrestler look decent in the ring. Meanwhile, by making the MMA wrestler look good in the ring, they are sealing their own fates.

If Cain and Ronda want to REALLY impress me, then they should return to UFC and actually win again. Or at least go somewhere where they can. I’d be more impressed by that than them trying to imitate being a Pro Wrester with little training.


What are your thoughts on JBL becoming a WWE Hall of Famer?

I’m OK with it… We can always use the “if Koko B. Ware gets in” analogy for anyone, but Bradshaw did plenty to deserve earning a spot. His Tag work with Ron Simmons, alone, should get him in but he was a solid Main Eventer with the “JBL” character. Certainly, it was rushed at first during 2004 and in my opinion, Eddie Guerrero deserved a longer WWE Title reign, but the WWE’s decision to revamp Bradshaw as “JBL” and make him WWE Champion paid off huge when he put over John Cena at Wrestlemania 21. JBL was a solid competitor in the Main Event scene after that.

Many of you, especially loyal readers, were expecting me to hate on the guy… We have a little bit of a history, as many WWE wrestlers backstage during 1999-2001 obviously did not like someone criticizing their careers from a popular online wrestling site. As an older man now, I understand their dislike of my much younger self being critical of their work. The “Slandered Online” WWE roleplaying game card, which actually features Bradshaw sitting at a computer, was reportedly made about me during the early 2000s. Funny thing is that I was never that critical of Bradshaw back then but he was sticking up for his fellow backstage friends. In retrospect, I respect that and I don’t look back at some of the things that my younger self said fondly. Quite respectful to stand up for your friends and he has many in the wrestling industry.

Some of my readers are trying to bait me about his bullying and if that should disqualify him as a Hall of Famer. Just remember, for anyone’s behavior at a workplace, there is always an enabler. At any point, the WWE could have stopped his reported bullying and ditto for a backstage leader like the Undertaker… But if you ask many other WWE wrestlers, they actually love the guy and swear by him. Some of his tactics, such as attacking Blue Meanie at the ECW event, are there on tape to forever be seen and he has to live with that mistake. But for all that I’ve heard about him and seen from him on a television screen, he’s a WWE Hall of Famer with the positives significantly outweighing the negatives.

Overall, I thought Bradshaw/JBL was a great talent and it’s a shame that he didn’t discover the JBL character earlier in his career. He could have made a bigger impact on the wrestling business if he wasn’t in the tag ranks as long as he was.


And now… My final rant for this column.


Here is my plea to ALL wrestling fans: LIKE what you WANT TO LIKE and BE PROUD OF IT.

For example, in my last question, I basically told former MMA wrestlers to STAY AWAY from the wrestling business unless they are fully trained. However, if you happen to watch both UFC and WWE and like Ronda Rousey/Cain Velasquez in the WWE, that is your God-given right and you should be proud to support them. Don’t let this columnist, who “claims” to be retired ever 2-3 years, get in your way of your own personal Tastes & Preferences about pro wrestling.

If you love the WWE and don’t want to apologize for it, then stop apologizing for liking it.

If you love AEW and don’t want to apologize for it, then stop apologizing for liking it.

ANYTIME that I criticize the WWE, AEW, a wrestler, or something else in Pro Wrestling, I’m instantly attacked as if my published column here at is the be all, end all source for wrestling opinions. No, it’s not… I’m ONE column of about TEN here at LoP/WH… In other words, if you don’t like my opinion, YOU DON’T HAVE TO CLICK IT… You can check out another column or listen to one of our many Podcasts. Also, there are other websites that exist other than (but keep us bookmarked, we appreciate it!) with many other opinionated writers or podcasters. All over Social Media and Message Boards, many opinionated writers there too.

But if you like what you like, why let someone dictate your opinion? Why let anyone upset you over what you feel is ideal and true to your heart as a wrestling fan?

What makes my Columns so successful is how UNapologetic that I am… I’m constantly getting flamed in the Comments section or other forms Feedback from Twitter, Email, or other forums. Yet, does that change my opinion on Pro Wrestling? NO! I write columns that are legitimately MY OPINIONS on the wrestling business with ZERO influence. Certainly, if a reader makes a good point, I’ll consider that opinion and if I agree on it, I’ll give them the credit that they deserve… BUT, if you have read my columns for the last 21+ years, you’ll notice a consistency of opinion that’s in place. I was hating on Roman Reigns since his January 2014 match letdown with CM Punk AND have that posted column to prove it. Along the ride, I had many Roman fans attacking me for that opinion. But did I ever cave? NO, I’ll keep presenting RAW Viewership and Live Attendance numbers to back my opinion.

However – If you love Roman Reigns, don’t let me sway that opinion of yours. Be proud of that as a wrestling fan.

For AEW, I cannot say anything about that promotion without being accused of stealing Jim Cornette’s opinions or being considered “out of touch” as a wrestling fan. Even though they, like the WWE, are having attendance issues now and their viewership cannot break 1 million in a prime time slot for the 90 million home TNT Network. But if you like their brand of wrestling, stick to it and be proud of it… If you would have been just a little patient after the rocky 2019, especially late 2019, you would have seen me come around to AEW. Right now, AEW is hitting their strides after their “Come to Jesus” moments with the Dark Order and Nightmare Collective. Now, we’re both right as AEW is starting to hit their strides…

LIKE what you want… Anytime I remotely mention that I like a Musical Act, Television Show, Movie, or something else, I get heavily mocked for it from somewhere. I once mentioned during one of my mid-2000’s columns that I loved the Hall of Fame and platinum recod selling band Chicago. TO THIS DAY, people mock me for liking that band. And you know what? I still listen to their music and have not just seen them live twice, but I’ve seen their former bassist/singer Peter Cetera twice in concert and have actually met him. You may mock that band all you want but I’ll remain a fan. Right now, I’m getting tons of heat for supporting Billie Eilish… Overall, I like what she and her brother Finneas are doing. She’s a legitimate top drawing superstar who packs arenas/festivals and I’m supportive of the fact that she and her brother Finneas actually record most of their music from the comfort of their own home instead of a recording studio paid by a record executive. Since stating that support, I’m getting flamed often… So what? Do you think that will stop me from liking Billie’s music and supporting her? Nope…

I’m a HUGE Nintendo fan and that’s the only Video Game company that I support. Their games are constantly being mocked for being marketed to children. So what? Does that stop me from owning whatever appears in the fields of Hyrule as I attempt to save Princess Zelda? NO! Sure, I’d love to play more Grand Theft Auto, but owning people online for Mario Kart 8 is fun to me… Xbox or Playstation fans can mock my video game choices all they want, but I don’t care… YOU are not around me when I’m playing the Nintendo Switch or 3DS privately… It’s my own personal escape from reality.

And that’s what Pro Wrestling should be right now for all wrestling fans… An ESCAPE FROM REALITY.

And that means escaping any TROLLS who tell you that your favorite wrestling promotion is bad or sucks.

That includes me, though I’m never purposely trolling with my opinions. I 100% believe in anything that I post.

If you like goofy gimmicks, comedy, or hardcore matches in wrestling, then LIKE THEM PROUDLY. If you enjoy the brand of wrestling that Vince McMahon pushes out there, then LIKE THAT PROUDLY. Show support by throwing your hard earned $$$ at it, too… Both companies need your $$$ to keep growing, thus vote with your $$$. That is exactly what is happening with both audiences, by the way… Both have seen live attendance shrinkage through early 2020 but yet their $ per fan numbers remain high. Those who are loyal to WWE or AEW are paying top dollar to display their loyalty.

People act like because I post my columns here at, it overshadows everyone else’s opinions on Pro Wrestling. Sure, my columns receive lots of pageviews and I have been posting these for 21+ years (with a few retirements mixed in), but the only way that you can read my column is by CLICKING IT. If you don’t click it, you can’t read it… Many consider me the “voice of LoP” but that’s only because I’ve been doing it so long and I present my column better than others. I’m actually on an equal playing field with the rest of the writers/podcasters here… My columns aren’t presented any differently on LoP/WH than the others. If 4 other columnists write today, my column will get pushed off the main splash page, for example.

Again, I’m just 1 guy posting opinions at 1 website. Why are you letting that bother you?

Why are you letting Jim Cornette bother you? He is now a Podcaster that doesn’t have to be listened to… Hate what he has to say on AEW or your favorite wrestlers? Don’t listen to him…


Right now, I’m watching the least amount of Current Wrestling than I ever have since my 2010 comeback to Just a few years ago, I was reviewing both RAW/Smackdown AND Pay Per Views. Do you see that now? No… WWE has upset me as a wrestling fan and I’ve responded to them by viewing/buying less of their product. I’m only have their WWE Network for just a few months of the year now. I was seriously going to walk away as Mr. Tito and as a wrestling fan BECAUSE of the WWE during 2018… But then AEW arrived…

Point being, for me, if there’s something that I DISLIKE, I consume less of it… When is the last time you have ever heard me mention the TNA/Impact promotion? Because I don’t like it… Never have. When I dislike something, I consume less. When have you ever heard me reviewing NWA or Ring of Honor? Ditto for them. I’ve tried New Japan, don’t like the presentation or style. Tried many, many times…

But if you give me New World Order returning on WWE Smackdown, a faction that I LOVE… I’m tuning into Smackdown to see them. Ditto for many loyal WCW fans who are happy to see Bill Goldberg champion again.

Point that I’m trying to make is this… For me, when I *dislike* something, I consume LESS of it… When I *like* something, I consume MORE of it…

And I don’t let anyone attempt to sway my own personal Tastes & Preferences.

Give me a Chicago album to play, I’m on it brother… Tell me that Peter Cetera sounds like someone is squeezing his nuts when he sings, I won’t listen and I’ll keep listening to the sweet sounds of his music. Conversely, give me an album from the Jonas Brothers or the majority of the Pop Music out there today, I’ll barf in front of you… But to you, maybe the Jonas Brothers holds a special part of your hard that my throwing up can’t take away.

I’m just a guy who calls himself “Tito”… Are you REALLY going to let opinions from that guy bother you?


Like what you want to like and NEVER be apologetic for it.

I have never apologized for my own personal Tastes & Preferences for wrestling, music, politics, movies, or anything and I don’t care how much you try to convince me that Chicago, Billie Eilish, Nintendo, or other weird things that I like are “bad”… Because you DON’T live with me and aren’t there when I’m jamming to Chicago/Billie or owning newbs in Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online. Many hating on me are doing so through Electronic means which I can easily log off from and ignore.

And one last point… I write these columns on a 100% volunteer basis. Not one dime from earnings has ever been sent my way. That’s a FACT… I have been doing this FOR FREE the entire time. Hence, why I can freely tell you that “if you don’t like me, don’t read me”…

But also, I LIKE writing about Pro Wrestling… Besides my professional career and owning newbs on Nintendo products, that’s what I’m best at. If I didn’t like being “Mr. Tito” or writing for, I wouldn’t do it. Nobody is forcing me to do this and I have liked it so much that I have seriously risked physical harm to myself due to bouts of Insomnia and Caffeine consumption. I keep wanting to “retire” but I like writing as Mr. Tito so much and love my loyal fans that I keep somehow coming back.

I also LIKE being a wrestling fan… I just want GOOD wrestling to watch. WWE disappointed me through 2018 and I was seriously ready to walk away from it for good. I was serious…

And then AEW decides to appear and it gave me HOPE as a wrestling fan again.

That HOPE was tested throughout 2019 as AEW had to act like a blind man at an orgy to feel their way through…. Tested my patience, brother.

I’m literally BEGGING the WWE and/or AEW to TAKE MY MONEY… But please, give me QUALITY in return. I lived through the late 1980s WWE/NWA and the Monday Night Wars/Attitude Era which presented top stars perfectly and gave us the best storylines of all time. My expectations are high… But what I don’t want is to be insulted as a fan when I see the clearly wrong guys getting pushed, wrestlers themselves exposing the business, or companies doing things for the sake of marketing or public relations.

I like where AEW is starting to head…

But can they keep my hopes up?

Tune in next week for yet another “Saturday in the Park”.

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