ASK MR. TITO - Roman Reigns Finished with WWE?, Triple H Selling WWE Shares, Smackdown Hacker, AEW $10,000 Fine, and More

ASK MR. TITO – Roman Reigns Finished with WWE?, Triple H Selling WWE Shares, Smackdown Hacker, AEW $10,000 Fine, and More

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The old man is back this week on, a company to answer your questions as I have been on a weekly basis since 2020 began. And once again, I’m LOADED with topics… I’m LAUGHING at the Sports Media who have multiple types of sports and many sports leagues to report on YET they have no content to deliver. I recently subscribed to SlingTV Orange to obtain ESPN just so that I could watch the NFL Draft and The Last Dance documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls… Damn, they are desperate for content and it’s making them dig deeper into social and political stories than ever before. Part of my reason for ditching Cable during August of 2015, besides RAW’s sinking quality, was how “woke” ESPN was becoming. The ironic thing is what made Michael Jordan and those Chicago Bulls great was ESPN’s fantastic reporting on the team’s activities and highlights of their games. Yet, through 2020, they can’t realize it even when their own highlights are in that documentary!

As usual, if you want to skip Uncle Tito’s weekly Coronavirus rant, just press Ctrl + F and search for “ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers”.

So yeah, Coronavirus is still here… And the economy appears to be worsening. Jobs Report came out and we have 14.7% Unemployment Rate. What does that mean? It’s a metric that measures the Labor Force and not the entire Population. Labor Force describes Americans 16 or older who have a job, are looking for a job, or have made themselves available to obtain a job. The Rate measures the latter 2 categories without a job divided by the entire Labor Force. The Labor Force itself has actually been shrinking, as the recent events have caused many Americans to give up. You’re not going to give up a higher paying bartending or factory job to work McDonald’s Drive-Thru, for example. Economists usually like the Unemployment Rate to be within a 4-6% range as “accepted” as even during good times, people are still looking for work or new job opportunities.

So yeah, we’re in a Recession… We knew that months ago when this hit and States were forcing quarantines, but I’d argue that our economy was softening during late 2018 and throughout 2019. Throughout 2019, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates multiple times and the Federal Government’s deficit for fiscal year 2019 was over $1 Trillion. Policy makers don’t take those actions for fun… The brakes were put on the economy during late 2018 due to Tariffs (tax on imported goods) put in place. If you know your history, what made the Great Depression much worse the 1930 Smoot-Hawley Tariff that put a blanket tariff on most imported goods and completely crashed our foreign trade market.

The phrase that I keep telling everyone “those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it” by George Santayana keeps coming true. The Coronavirus fear and the forced State Quarantines that followed are just knockout punches to an already wobbly fighter (our economy). Hence, why this economic recession is so painful because past inefficiencies and problems that were swept under the rub for YEARS by cheap Federal Reserve money and higher Deficit spending are coming to light.

Here’s my advice to all of you who still have a job at the moment… WORK HARDER.

We talk about a “second wave” of the Coronavirus but I’ll discuss a “second wave” of unemployment about to hit. Right now, companies that are still open are burning through a big pile of Cash that they have saved. Eventually, they’ll get tired of that pile shrinking and with too much economic uncertainty out there, they do not want to borrow money DESPITE interest rates being extremely low right now. Just look at the WWE… They were just boasting that they had up to $500 Million in Cash and Debit options… Yet, what was Vince McMahon‘s response? Spend it? No, releasing a bunch of wrestlers and laying off employees. This realization is going to hit many Food services and Financial Institutions soon, both of which are keeping many employees from being unemployed at the moment… But their profits are coming down soon… Food is 100% reliant on drive-thru and delivery services at the moment and trying to get the nickels of the unemployed to buy their meals. Banks will soon have many Loans becoming delinquent in payments.

With this “second wave” of unemployment coming and if you still have your job, WORK HARDER. And not just work harder, don’t miss work and don’t be a problem… If you believe that you deserve a raise after the past year’s hard work, you’ll have to put those expectations on hold. Wait until next year… Don’t give your employer a petty reason to believe that you’re not a team player right now. Furthermore, do everything in your power to diversify yourself as a worker. Be open to learning new things and to be flexible to cover other shifts. My Dad was a steel worker back in the day and what kept him employed during the 1980s, 1990s, and the 2000s when the industry was shrinking in the United States was his ability to work any task at the plant and to cover absences/vacations. Meanwhile, one-dimensional employees were the ones losing their jobs as management cut back in light of Japanese/South Korean Steel imports invaded America.

Now, if you’re unemployed at the moment, use this moment as a real EYE OPENER on what is “essential” versus what is “non-essential”, especially if your employer has closed up shop for good. Do you really believe that COVID-19 is the last pandemic threat that we’ll have? Please… This is just the beginning. The precedent on how the Federal and State Governments operate durign such a crisis has been forever set… Doesn’t matter if a company believes that it has its own freedoms and liberty to operate how they choose with existing laws… If the State forces a mandatory quarantine, all of those freedoms are gone. Thus, if you are a member of a company that was deemed “non-essential”, right now is the time to do some homework and preparation for your future.

You just have to use your head to get through this… 2020 is just one of those years where everybody will say “how did we survive that year?” and for those who came out of it leaner, meaner, and more successful in the upcoming years, it was from using logic to get through it. You need to deem how “essential” you are to your local economy and also to your family.

On to your questions…

But before I get there… Another excellent point, as a follow-up to last week’s column, made by longtime reader George Garden. Last week, I discussed the possibility of the WWE selling, as rumors were swirling after Dutch Mantel’s trolling tweet… George suggested that FOX is in an excellent position to buy the company because they have the big WWE Television Deal already in place. In other words, FOX already has about $800 Million accrued and accounted for on their next 4 years’ worth of budgets for WWE Smackdown on Friday Nights. If they buy the WWE during 2020, that TV contract goes away and thus the $800 Million can be part of the WWE purchase. For example, if FOX purchases the WWE for $2 Billion, it only technically costs them $1.2 Billion. Then, FOX earns 100% of the profits on the television product.

Once again, on to your questions…


ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

Do you believe that Roman Reigns is done with the WWE?

No way. Vince McMahon didn’t just spend the last 6 years of resources trying to get his pet project over just to give up now. The Internet Wrestling Community fell right into Vince’s hands as he began to have Roman Reigns removed from the Intro, video clips, and even charity events. If Roman was truly done with the WWE, they’d put out a Press Release and we’d see him showing up for AEW, Impact, or whatever. Nope… Vince just told his Production staff to make a few video edits AND THE INTERNET NOTICED. Hook, line, and sinker.

Vince McMahon is still a smart business man, no matter what you think of his recent business moves (actually, they prove that). He knows that the heat is on HIM right now… He also knows that many fans on social media and internet websites look over every single detail on the WWE’s shows for subtle hints of change. By Vince removing Roman from the video packages, it makes fans question what has happened and if Vince is actually going to release a guy who just survived Cancer for the second time. And if you’ll notice, too, Roman is saying that he’s actually good to wrestle right now.

You’re getting played, folks… It’s just another attempt by Vince to force fans to cheer for Roman Reigns as a babyface. Vince is trying to drum up sympathy by acting like he’s really mad at Roman for self-quarantining himself after the Miz came to work sick one day. Believe me, the last thing Vince wants is for Roman Reigns to get the Coronavirus after his immune system took a hit after the 2nd round of Leukemia. Vince is 100% cool with Roman’s quarantine and he’s having fun with it by building up Roman’s eventual return.

Until you see Roman Reigns showing up on AEW or Impact with a mic in hand and telling fans how Vince McMahon “screwed him”… Don’t believe it. Vince still loves himself some Roman and that will never change. Fans need to stop being gullible and find a new hobby instead of analyzing every single detail on WWE’s shows.


Why did Triple H sell his WWE stock? Is that Insider Trading?

We went through this same thing last week with Kevin Dunn… Any Executive of a publicly traded corporation has the right to sell their own company’s stock AS LONG AS the sale (or purchase) is documented timely with Security Exchange Commission and that report is made timely to the public. It was… Thus, it is NOT Insider Trading… Insider Trading would be someone selling stock or assisting someone else selling stock without any disclosures of the sale or without the critical information being made public before the stock was sold. Let’s get over this “insider trading” stuff because it’s not. Triple H has every right to sell his WWE Stock for his own personal reasons AS LONG AS the right paperwork regarding that sale has been processed and made public by the WWE Corporation.

Then, we as fans or stockholders can question “why is Triple H selling his shares” and that can have a legitimate effect on the WWE Stock.

And let’s get real again… Triple H sold just over 23,000 shares… He still has just over 144,000 shares. If he really believes that the “WWE sky is falling”, he’d cash out fully.

Triple H likely has his own financial advisors that are helping him to diversify his investment portfolio. For all we know, HHH is selling part of his WWE stock to maybe invest into stocks are that are more successful right now… I’d suggest that maybe he’s paying off a house, but you know, he is married to Stephanie… Maybe he is just setting aside $1 Million in a trust to pay for his kids’ eventual college tuition. I don’t know? It’s his business and the WWE disclosed it timely.

Owners of WWE Stock, especially the ones with many shares, could tend to benefit from the sale of the WWE… Those shares will have to be bought up or converted. In my opinion, too, whomever buys the WWE (IF THAT HAPPENS) will likely retain the services of Triple H as an Executive. Hey, someone has to operate those shows backstage and Triple H is the right workaholic for the job.


Who will be revealed as the Smackdown “hacker” character?

Yikes… I’ll say this about the angle, it does have people talking about who it could be and for that, it’s somewhat successful. The reveal, however, has to be something unique for it to matter. Just remember about how badly the Higher Power, WCW’s driver of the White Hummer, who ran over Steve Austin, and the Anonymous General Manager were botched.

Obviously, we all want it to be CM Punk but I would venture to say that he thinks that the gimmick is silly and would rather return on his own terms. That probably leaves us with a wrestler who hasn’t been on television for a while due to injury or maybe an incoming NXT talent. Your guess is as good as mine.

For any storyline with a reveal, there needs to be a plan and then a back-up plan… In other words, HAVE A PLAN. Don’t write on the fly and do it week by week. That’s why the Higher Power, WCW Hummer Driver, Who Ran Over Austin, and the Anonymous GM failed… Zero long-term plans. Remember the Steve Austin incident from Survivor Series 1999? Guess who turned out hit Steve Austin with a car? Rikishi who was a beloved babyface at the time… And when that heel turn bombed, we found out that Triple H was behind it the entire time. *face palm*

When Eric Bischoff created the New World Order, he had 2 plans in place for the 3rd person… He originally wanted Hulk Hogan but the Hulkster initially turned it down… But then it became Sting. When Hogan saw how effective Hall and Nash were getting over, he decided to turn heel himself… But through Bash at the Beach 1996, Sting was still the back-up plan if Hulk Hogan had cold feet and many news insiders were heavily reporting that Sting (few said Mabel) was going to be the 3rd guy. Bischoff had plans in place and thus the reveal was highly successful. 83 weeks worth of success!

Didn’t I say the “those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it” phrase already?


What are your thoughts on the State of Maryland fining AEW $10,000?

It’s $10,000 worth of publicity for AEW… Simple as that. Worth every penny.

Fact is that a State Athletic Commission is regulating AEW. When was the last time that you heard of one regulating the WWE and its “sports entertainment”. If I were AEW, I’d beat the drum on this and use it to hype the next match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega.

The State of Maryland just threw AEW a softball and they should promptly hit it out of the park. THIS is what I keep preaching on how AEW needs to present its product. What you’re seeing on AEW is real and what you’re seeing on WWE is scripted & controlled. When AEW formed, they hyped being “sports based” wrestling…

But of course, during the same week that we receive news on this $10K fine by the State of Maryland, what do we see? People getting hit by Golf Carts (and selling it poorly, I might add). Come on, AEW… For one, Golf Carts don’t move that fast and you have lots of time to simply MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. But secondly, if you do get hit by one, its impact is that bad because the vehicle is operating at a slower rate of speed and the vehicle itself is light. It wouldn’t feel good to be hit by one, don’t get me wrong… But to sell it as if a Car or a Truck just plowed you is ridiculous.

This is why AEW needs more experience backstage who can see opportunities handed to them on a silver platter, like the $10K fine, and seize upon it to market the product.


Can we compare wrestling viewership of today to the past?

Of course we can. RAW through 1999 and early 2000 could receieve between 6-8 Million per show while today’s RAW celebrates when they are just above 2 million per show. The attendance per United States show mirrors this same problem. WWE sold out anywhere it went during 1999 with Steve Austin on top and now, they are tarping off much of the arenas (well, before the Coronavirus hit). AEW was beginning to experience the same attendance woes and they can’t sustain viewership above 800,000 right now.

I’m so tired of this argument… Let’s go through the facts one more time:

– POPULATION – About 281 Million people during the end of 1999, about 330 Million now (50 Million more people in the United States now)

– Cable/Satellite Subscribers were about at 75 Million households through the late 1990s… Though it has declined from the 100 Million peak through 2012, we’re still just under 90 Million households with cable. When you consider WWE Smackdown now on the broadcast FOX channel, that has a potential to reach well over 100 million homes. Super Bowls on FOX have pushed above 110 million viewers and that wasn’t even full capacity!

– Saved viewings (DVR) are down over 100,000 from just over 5 years ago… Used to be in the 400,000 to 500,000 range, now well under 400,000.

– Hulu viewership has been insigificant for WWE viewership. Not even in the top viewed programs among Hulu’s 30 million subscriber counts.

– YouTube segments are under 500,000 views unless it is a main event segment. Yet, Dave Meltzer has heard it from WWE Officials that 70% of YouTube’s volume for WWE content is viewed by international fans.

Now that I have the FACTS out of the way, they do matter. I guarantee that if the WWE or AEW had a “must see” superstar like Hogan, Rock, Austin, or Cena on their show or a compelling storyline like the NWO or Austin vs. McMahon, both their viewership would be UP and USA/TNT’s subscription base would show stronger. But no, we’re looking at RAW being under 2 million, Smackdown struggling to remain above 2 million on FOX, and AEW struggling to ever make 800,000 viewers again.

I always laugh whenever NXT defeats AEW in viewership, we get the “but but but the 18-49 demographic”. So what? Didn’t the Attitude Era prove that demographic to be ineffective? Remember that early 2000s report that crushed the WWE audience for not responding to sponsors because that younger audience was still in school and weren’t paying for products advertised on WWE shows? Remember that? Can someone tell me who PAYS for Cable/Satellite packages and BUYS tickets for Live Event shows for their kids? Oh that’s right, older guys with MONEY. Right now, our income disparity has a SEVERE majority of the money in this country being owned by those 50 or older. Furthermore, that younger demographic is proving to not buy the traditional products that the older generation used to buy.

You can give me the “look at the TV contracts” argument all you want, but I’d counter that with the fact Netflix is just murdering Cable/Satellite channels on their Re-Run market that they are desperate to keep WWE around with its just over 2 million viewers. The OLD fans who refuse to change their viewing habits are keeping that alive, thank you very much… But fact is that MLB, NFL, UFC, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR have MUCH BIGGER television contracts than the WWE and they aren’t required to pump out 2 weekly shows for that money either. It’s a fact that the WWE is receiving less money and working harder than other sports leagues.

We had many entertainment options during the late 1990s… Monday Night Football on ABC was a bigger monster back then, as were the Michael Jordan Bulls in the NBA. We had many Cable channels back then, too, and the ability to record shows on VCRs effectively. Nintendo 64 and Playstation sold lots of systems and lots of games. The internet was around back then and you couldn’t quite multitask using that and watching WWE unless you had a computer near a television. Now, you can play on your phone or tablet while RAW is on your screen. Hell, I can play my Nintendo Switch on my own separate screen while I watch television.

I just deal with facts, folks… Anyone who has an interest in covering up WWE and AEW’s declines DUE TO QUALITY has an interest in lying to you as fans.

I just put the viewership argument to bed and I hope that you enjoyed those apples.


Was Tommy Dreamer out-of-line by calling Zack Ryder an “idiot” for buying Action Figures?

No, he wasn’t… In fact, I applaud Tommy Dreamer and wish he would speak more about it. Man-childs in the wrestling business need to be called out. Now granted, Tommy is going to open himself up to criticism for the many dangerous spots and headshots that he took during his ECW tenure and with other promotions. I’ll say this right now to be consistent… Taking headshots and doing dangerous spots in wrestling is IDIOTIC, too, along with spending upwards of $40,000 on action figures.

Here’s my issue with Zack Ryder… He doesn’t appear to be a wrestler to me. Nope, he’s a fan acting like a wrestler. Ryder doesn’t present himself as a real fighter or something “larger than life”. Nope, he’s the kind of guy who takes to Social Media or YouTube to share his hobbies that are very common to younger wrestling fans. Then, he comes to the ring and that immaturity is on display from the music, to the attire, and then to the in-ring performance.

While taking many headshots and bleeding have turned out to be IDIOTIC long-term decisions by Tommy Dreamer, the reason why his Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) promotion did so well as an Independent promotion and almost made it nationally because the promotion presented authenticity to its fanbase. You didn’t see Dreamer, Sandman, Taz, Raven, or many other characters outside of the ECW Arena or other venues… They hid from fans… That way, when they appeared on television, it was their television character that we only knew. With Ryder and many WWE wrestlers today, there is the television character and then there is what they present on Social Media. Both contradict themselves and that only proves how scripted WWE is. ECW made it big because they helped suspend disbelief of wrestling fans.

Zack Ryder has every right to buy $40,000 in Action Figures. If that is his hobby, FINE… DON’T ADVERTISE IT!!!! Sell that Ryder loves to spend his WWE riches on living the high life and on gorgeous women instead. Make something up…

Don’t give wrestling fans any peeks into your personal lives at all… Go ask Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch how their 2019 momentums of defeating ex-MMA fighters went down the tubes after openly revealing that they were a couple. I love to play video games, as I’m a big Nintendo fan… But I’m just a columnist working for free on a wrestling website. When you hear stories about wrestlers being bigtime gamers OR heels & babyfaces are acting like friends on YouTube when playing a video game… Just ridiculous. AGAIN, wrestlers can play video games all they want, just DON’T ADVERTISE IT.

Wrestling grows when the characters appear “larger than life” and when you can suspend disbelief of your fans. Wrestlers and promotions today disregard both. Thus, in my opinion, Ryder is not only idiotic for spending $40,000 on action figures that kids normally buy, he’s a bigger idiot for letting the public know that he spent $40,000 on action figures. It actually makes the WWE industry look bad if wrestlers have that much disposable income to just blow it on toys. Woo woo woo, you know it!


Just when you thought that the long column was over, you have just entered my final rant…


Previously, I have produced special columns discussing specific days when a promotion or era of wrestling “died”. For example, I cite November 18th, 1996 as the “Day that WCW Died” because that was the day that Eric Bischoff joined the New World Order and took his focus from innovating for the WCW product to getting his character over with the NWO. Eventually, that caused him to lose oversight on his entire WCW product and it went off the rails… My more recent one was citing SummerSlam 1989 as the “Day that Hulkamania Era Died because the WWE was trying to push the movie character of Zeus down our throats and that killed all credibility that the WWE had for presenting something remotely real. Plus, the WWE disregarded what value Macho Man Randy Savage gave to the company.

I’ve been thinking on producing another one of those columns soon… But I’ll give you an early preview of my thoughts… However, I want to make it clear that I’m discussing the YEAR that the WWE’s PG Era died. When I say “PG Era”, let’s look from the late 2000s when WWE cleaned up its product following Chris Benoit’s murders and suicide to present… That year is CLEARLY 2014.

Let’s just look through the facts of that year:

(1) Roman Reigns main event push began… He defeated CM Punk cleanly on RAW and was the runner-up for the 2014 Royal Rumble. He would then go on to receive multiple World Title shots on Pay Per Views, defeating Randy Orton cleanly at SummerSlam, and then winning the Slammy for “Wrestler of the Year” during 2014 despite missing much of the latter half of 2014 due to injury.

(2) Repeatedly cooling the Daniel Bryan momentum. Lost to Bray Wyatt at Rumble 2014, wasn’t even in the Rumble match, and then half-arse booking rigged him into Wrestlemania 30’s main event. FACT is that the WWE tried to push Batista as a babyface instead and had him win the Royal Rumble to set-up a lackluster Batista vs. Randy Orton match. After Wrestlemania 30, Daniel Bryan got to wrestle Kane instead of avenging what Randy Orton did to him during 2013.

(3) CM Punk walked out of the WWE.

(4) Brock Lesnar ended the Undertaker’s Streak at Wrestlemania 30.

(5) The Shield breaks up just after defeating Evoluation at 2 straight Pay Per Views. Proves to be a long-term idiotic decision, as the WWE needed babyfaces at that time.

(6) Brock Lesnar smashed John Cena into pieces at SummerSlam 2014.

Since then?

– RAW went from having just above 4 million viewers per show to barely hanging onto 2 million viewers per show.

– Attendance for United States shows have gone down by the thousands, as the WWE was cancelling Houseshows and tarps off most arenas from 1/3 to half of the arenas for 10,000 seat venues.

– Merchandise has declined significantly.

Bonehead creative decision after bonehead creative decisions. The biggest ones were (4) and (6), as it turns out… While Brock Lesnar has been a box office draw for the WWE Network, as he has only “wrestled” 1 match beyond that system (Smackdown’s 2 second match with Kofi), he has not helped the rest of the roster by existing. The whole point of Brock ending the streak and then smashing John Cena was to build him up as a monster to allow Roman Reigns to defeat him during 2015 at Wrestlemania 31. When wrestling fans saw the obvious after Royal Rumble 2015 and made a panic move by having Seth Rollins cash in his Money in the Bank contract instead, it allowed Seth Rollins to become the scapegoat of 2015’s severe business decline.

However, what the WWE didn’t realize is that Lesnar DID NOT need to “End the Streak” or to smash John Cena… Just look at the RAW following Wrestlemania 31. Remember when Brock Lesnar went bonkers and attacked everyone around ringside? That got him more over than anything he did during 2014. Why? Because you saw the FULL THREAT of what an unleashed MMA fighter, UFC Champion, and NCAA Champion could do with his bare hands if unleashed and unfiltered. THAT WAS REAL and Lesnar was more terrifying in that instant than defeating Undertaker as a shock at Wrestlemania 30 and taking John Cena to Suplex City at SummerSlam 2014.

Killing John Cena will prove to be one of the biggest mistakes ever… He kept your live attendance and merchandise sales high even when the many attempts at pushing Sheamus, Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and other non-drawing wrestlers as World Champions didn’t pan out. Cena actually remained the #1 merchandise selling wrestler until mid 2018 and he was barely appearing with the WWE after 2015. Holy cow…

And again, you built up Brock Lesnar for Roman Reigns to “slay” during 2018 and Seth Rollins to “slay” during 2019… And then once again, Drew McIntyre to “slay” during 2020… Didn’t make a difference at all.

If you watch the John Cena Ruthless Aggression special on WWE Network, you’ll see that he EARNED his spot as the #1 guy. He found his Thug Life gimmick during late 2002, worked on growing that gimmick throughout 2003, became US champion during 2004, and then built himself up as a credible Main Event challenger for 2005. Meanwhile, you have John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) acting like an actual heel by being dastardly and breaking rules to remain champion at any cost. He thumbed his nose at John Cena while also acting afraid of him… When Wrestlemania 21 came around, you knew that it was time for JBL to “get his”.

But when Wrestlemanias or SummerSlams rolled around for Brock Lesnar, you had no fear that Lesnar would “get his” because his character was so strong that he could turn it off or on at any point. Thus, when Lesnar loses a match, it is because the SCRIPT says so… You know that in real life, Lesnar could destroy anyone on the roster… With JBL during 2004, that wasn’t the case… He was so full of himself as a character and acted like he was “above it all” even though he could lose any night without cheating. Lesnar is Ivan Drago out there…

Sad part to Lesnar being Ivan Drago is that the WWE doesn’t have a Rocky Balboa to “slay” him. Sorry, but Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are NOT those guys. We have enough data since 2014 to prove that fact. Unlike Cena, neither man had that midcard singles run that built up their characters and convinced fans that they should be elevated. If you’ll recall from the Shield, it was Dean Ambrose acting more as the singles wrestler while Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were the Tag Wrestlers. Then, when the Shield breaks up, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are pushed to the moon as singles wrestlers… Gee, what went wrong?

If you’re watching The Last Dance right now on ESPN, you’ll observe how Michael Jordan endured YEARS of punishment before winning his first NBA Title. At first, he had a weak team surrounding him… They exited the first rounds of the playoffs for a while. Then, the “Bad Boy” Detroit Pistons for many years. Then, during 1991, when the time was right, the Bulls smashed those Pistons to go onto winning their first NBA Title. Then 2 more titles arrived after that for a three-peat. The process of Jordan earning his way to his first NBA Title and then continuing to dominate is what made him.

WWE does NOT respect the process that made many of their top superstars. Hulk Hogan endured years of midcard hell and had to go to another promotion to start getting over as a babyface before returning to the WWE to make it big. Randy “Macho Man” Savage was one of the best Intercontinental Champions ever and drew legitimately on the midcard before his WWE Title push. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were both Tag Wrestlers first and then Intercontinental Champions next before their WWE Title runs. Steve Austin, Triple H, and the Rock fought over the Intercontinental Titles before their first WWE Title runs. And of course, John Cena worked up to and won the US Title before going on to defeat JBL for the WWE Title.

2014 was FULL of mistakes for the WWE that are killing them to this day… The way that they tried to quickly replace John Cena or to end Undertaker’s streak through Brock Lesnar and then try to foolishly transfer Lesnar’s “heat” onto Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns is quite baffling.

Lesnar has been the WWE’s equivalent to an Easy Button and the WWE has pressed it way too damn much to hide their obvious Creative and Talent decisions for the last 6 years.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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