ASK MR. TITO - Shayna Baszler Missing from WWE?, Keith Lee Winning NXT Title, Heath Slater, Otis, Adam Cole, Braun Strowman, Predictions Review, and More

ASK MR. TITO – Shayna Baszler Missing from WWE?, Keith Lee Winning NXT Title, Heath Slater, Otis, Adam Cole, Braun Strowman, Predictions Review, and More

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The hardest working Pro Wrestling columnist is BACK here at, a for yet another column this week. Go show me another website who has a writer who has not only done this for 2+ decades but is also this productive. So far for 2020, you’ve received at least 1 column per week in the form of “Ask Mr. Tito” weekly postings but also various bonus columns of rants, Pay Per View reviews, book reviews, and my “The Day That (Promotion/Era) Died” series. I do it for you, the fans, and I’m continually try hard to contribute to my legacy here at LoP/WH.

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I’m not going to rant about world events, economics, or viruses… Nope, half of 2020 has just passed and it’s time to look back on my 2020 Predictions Column that I published on 12/24/2019. Did I already nail any of my predictions? Did I fail at any already? Or is the year still young and something could still happen?

2020 Prediction #1: CM Punk will wrestle at least once during 2020. Still a toss up. Punk is no longer working for WWE Backstage and we’ll see if that entices him to return to the ring. With the Coronavirus still out there, he might sit this year off, I fear. TOSS UP

2020 Prediction #2: Steve Austin will wrestle at least once during 2020. Sigh, nope… Austin has was looking in tremendous shape late last year and made me think that a big Saudi payoff was on the horizon. Coronavirus will keep him away, too. Still, the year is young and it could somehow happen, though highly unlikely. TOSS UP

2020 Prediction #3: AEW will shake-up its management staff by adding, subtracting, or changing someone’s current role. I’m taking this point because Tony Khan has really stepped up and has taken more control over the Creative Team during early 2020 (he even admitted so himself in interviews and on Twitter). The Dark Order and Brandi Rhodes’s storylines were quickly axed within weeks of being featured and AEW has seen more stability in storylines during 2020. Thus, less Cody/Brandi/Bucks/Omega booking and more Tony Khan, roles have been changed. POINT

2020 Prediction #4: Ring of Honor will get sold or closed by Sinclair, possibly merged with NWA, Impact, or AEW… Maybe acquired by WWE? Does it count with Ring of Honor and NWA sharing wrestlers? Probably not. But the year is still young on this prediction. You just saw what happened with EVOLVE. While Sinclair is surely going to benefit from Election Ads for 2020, they still look at income statements of each division. Ring of Honor isn’t making much right now. Year is still young on this one. TOSS UP

2020 Prediction #5: WWE will create a new Developmental Wrestling Territory as NXT continues to grow. POINT, as WWE announced more international versions of NXT and WWE Developmental systems in various parts of the world. Now granted, they may have scaled back or cancelled those plans when COVID-19 hit (many layoffs), but they were announced and Triple H’s EVP title change proves it. POINT

2020 Prediction #6: Vince McMahon will step down as President/CEO but remain Board Chairman of the WWE, Stephanie McMahon will become President/CEO. I always predict this one, as Stephanie’s “Chief Brand Officer” title suggests to me that she is “CEO in training”. I figured with XFL happening, Vince might step down as CEO/President but remain Board Chairman of the WWE. Year is still young and it could happen, but with the Coronavirus around, Vince is going to remain CEO/President to steer the WWE ship out of harm’s way. Many almost retiring CEOs remain at their companies because of these economic times. TOSS UP

2020 Prediction #7: Tessa Blanchard will sign with All Elite Wrestling. She’s a free agent right now thanks to Impact terminating her deal early. This prediction could happen although WWE is reportedly after her. We’ll wait and see on this prediction. TOSS UP

2020 Prediction #8: John Cena win his 17th WWE World Title on the Smackdown brand. Year is still young, but this one could be unlikely… However, there still could be a chance that he returns to wrestling. The movie industry is going to take a while to get people back into the theaters thanks to COVID-19. That said, Cena could just shift his efforts on working on a Television series that everyone can binge on a streaming service instead. Highly unlikely that he’ll return, but it could still happen. TOSS UP

2020 Prediction #9: NWA will have to reconsider its business model for 2020, may have financial trouble due to a lack of revenue. Coronavirus and #SpeakingOut with the assist, I’m taking this point. What I was originally predicting is that their model will prove to be not profitable but in this case, being unable to have shows at all is the reason for financial problems. Losing a top manager in Dave Lagana hurt and I believe that many fans abandoned this promotion once Jim Cornette left. POINT

2020 Prediction #10: Charlotte Flair will not leave the WWE and will sign a big deal to ensure a major push. Her deal was coming up when I wrote this prediction and many suggested that she’d actually join AEW. I disagreed, as I knew that the WWE loved her. New deal was inked and now she’ll enjoy that deal on maternity leave soon with Becky. POINT

2020 Prediction #11: TNT will adjust its television schedule with AEW, good or bad, during 2020. Well, they signed a new TV deal with AEW and have extended them for a while. The new deal allows for additional programming to happen on TNT as needed. POINT

2020 Prediction #12: FOX will move WWE Smackdown to FS1 permanently by the end of 2020 or 2021. The year is still young on this one. Reportedly, FOX executives are concerned with how Smackdown has been struggling lately. As observed during last year’s World Series, FOX has the ability to move Smackdown to FS1 if absolutely needed. Year is still young. TOSS UP

2020 Prediction #13: WWE stock will remain under $70 by year end 2020. I should claim this one, as the WWE stock is presently trading at $45.17. The National Bureau of Economic Research has declared that we’re in a full blown recession and that should keep a company that cannot tour from maximizing its revenue. Plus, the TV deal could be threatened if Florida decides to put the clamps on the WWE. For now, we’re a toss up, but I’ll win this one. TOSS UP

2020 Prediction #14: The Revival won’t be the only WWE tag team to leave to join AEW. The team that I was expecting to also jump signed new deals recently… However, the WWE released many wrestlers after Wrestlemania 36 that could have made this prediction easy. So far, AEW has kept their signings to only Harper and Hardy (not a tag team). I was thinking that Anderson and Gallows would be the ones, but they didn’t jump. Year is still young, TOSS UP.

2020 Prediction #15: WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia comes to a close during 2020. I figured that the fallout from the airplane controversy would cause an issue between WWE and the country’s government… Instead, the Coronavirus might do wonders here to make this prediction become true. Year is still young with this one, TOSS UP.

I’m claiming 5 out of 15 predictions already becoming true with the other 10 having a chance to deliver (though I have real doubts about a few, like #1 and #2). We’ll check in at year-end when I write my 2021 Predictions column duing late December.

Onto your questions:


ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

Do you believe that Shayna Baszler is being purposely held off WWE television by Vince McMahon?

Yep and I actually agree with Vince McMahon on this one. *crickets*

Sorry, but what have we been talking about for the basic fundamentals of Pro Wrestling for the last 20+ years in this column. You could have the greatest in-ring ability but if you CANNOT cut promos, have personality, or have any showmanship or charisma, your just a “mechanic” in that ring. Baszler was fundamentally sound and was billed as being tough… But she everything that I saw in the ring was ordinary to me. The NXT matches were just OK and she seemed to appear less tough in the WWE ring and on the bigger stage. Her match with Becky Lynch was solid… I can’t deny that.

But the fact is that WWE officials had to make her act like a vampire just to get any interest on her challenging Becky Lynch. The blame should be on Triple H for not developing personalities, working on looks, finding the wrestler’s inner charisma, and improving their communication skills. Sometimes, his version of the Developmental System focuses too much in the in-ring ability and pushes the pedal to the metal on that. They didn’t even bother trying to develop anything else with Shayna Baszler… They just assumed that everyone would buy her as tough. Well, they were wrong.

I agree with Vince McMahon on this one… Put her back in NXT and have her work on some stuff OUTSIDE of the ring.


What were your thoughts on Heath Slater returning to WWE RAW to confront Drew McIntyre?

In my opinion, Heath Slater is a very talented worker, particularly on the intangibles outside of the ring. He cut cut a promo, he has loads of personality, and he’s actually charismatic inside the ring. Yet, the WWE never tried to push him as a somewhat serious wrestler. Always a comedy act…

And then when you saw hiim Monday Night, he cuts a promo from the heart and it made hiim look 10000 times better than the WWE Champ.

WWE Creative never took someone with such intangibles serious and now, he’ll painfully get lost on the Impact Wrestling roster on the AXS Channel which doesn’t even draw a number on the ratings sheet.

Now, from this Monday promo, I found Drew McIntyre to look incredibly weak… Heath said he called Drew every day after his WWE release and yet Drew never called Health once during his release. Just stupid. WWE, by storyline, just made their World Champion look like a complete idiot. Not that he needed any help from Heath… There is a reason why Heath remained unemployed and why his fellow “Band” members were both released from the WWE before him. Sadly, the WWE doesn’t see the value in Heath now.


What are your thoughts on Otis reportedly being a Vince McMahon “pet project”?

Vince McMahon is a senile moron. Is that good enough for you?

Exactly what makes a 5’10”, 330 pound comedy wrestler appear tough enough to be a top star in your company. If Otis was really that good, he’d be a drawing sensation to help that Smackdown viewership number. He’s not… Nobody is flocking to Smackdown to watch this smaller refridgerrator perform.

Giving him the Money in the Bank was a huge mistake and it’s just another case of a “flash in the pan” getting overpushed early by the WWE. I’m sure that a Quarter Hour popped with Otis and Mandy Rose on 1 week of television and this is causing Vince McMahon to care. That or Vince finds his character to be hilarious like any 74 year old man would.

WWE has a bunch of real heavyweights on their roster right now who not only take better care of themselves physically, but have more charisma, personality, promo cutting ability, and are better in-ring talents than Otis. Yet, Otis gets the push? Just idiotic.


Did you enjoy Keith Lee winning the NXT Champonship and what should WWE do with him?

I’d push Keith Lee HARD as the NXT Champion… Make him a dominant champion that is featured prominently on top of the NXT shows. THAT is a real heavyweight that people want to tune into to seeing. If you compare him to what’s on the other channel, it’s a guy who seems to prefer to wrestle hardcore matches.

My guess, however, is that Keith Lee will probably keep it until the next takeover as the WWE is reportedly high on Karrion Kross to be the next top NXT guy. Could you find a worse name than “Karrion” as a pro wrestler? Freakin’ seriously. And with Kross, it’s too early to pus him. He just joined NXT… Give us a while to get to know him before pushing him. Not all wrestling fans watch shows just for their entrances.


What happens to Adam Cole now that he lost?

He won’t be promoted to the main WWE roster. He’s just too small. He is billed at 6’0″ but there is no way that he tops the scale at over 200 pounds.

I believe that his contract will expire this year and he’ll join his girlfriend, Britt Baker, in AEW later this year. I highly doubt that Vince McMahon has any interest in him on either RAW or Smackdown.


Should Braun Strowman be challenging Drew McIntyre on Twitter for Wrestlemania 37?

In case you missed it, Drew McIntyre taunted Braun Strowman on Twitter about his new profile picture and Braun responded by challenging him to a Title vs. Title match on the “grandest stage of them all”. Which, of course, is Wrestlemania.

Sigh… Can you kiddies stay off Social Media please? You are PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS who should present ALL money on the table during a televised broadcast of your wrestling shows. And yet, here you are on Social Media, yapping at each other.

If you want to see what is wrong with Pro Wrestling, it’s a bad conversation like this on Social Media that makes the WWE and its wrestlers look cheap. And who seriously wants this match at Wrestlemania 37? Both wrestlers bore me as the top guys of both brands, so why would I want them to wrestle? I’m actually praying for Lesnar and Goldberg to come back already and reclaim their damn belts!

STAY OFF TWITTER… Just use it to advertise an upcoming match or appearance. If you want to appear “larger than life” to your fans, then stop acting like fans.


And now, my final rant of this column…


Almost 2 months ago, I wrote my “Last Word” rant about the HOT 18-49 Demographic that Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer kept preaching about anytime NXT was close or actually beat AEW Dynamite in Wednesday Night viewership. You can read that rant by CLICKING HERE.

For the past 3 weeks, NXT has actually defeated AEW‘s Dynamite show in total viewership. Congrats to them, although NXT has been stacking their shows lately to be more competitive. Still, it’s the 3rd brand for the WWE as seen by resources dedicated to NXT versus RAW or Smackdown.

And what have we witnessed for the past few weeks with NXT losing?

AEW President Tony Khan and former AEW Chris Jericho boasting that Dynamite defeated NXT in the 18-49 year old demo. Seriously, they actually did that, as you can go to their Twitter feeds and read all about it.

Let’s break the rating numbers down for this past Wednesday… AEW had 715,000 total viewers while NXT had 759,000.

For the “hot” 18-49 Demo…
– AEW Dynamite had a 0.28 rating which translates, using my Nielsen ratio analysis, to about 323,000 viewers.

-NXT had a 0.20 rating which translates to about 231,000 viewers. That’s just over 90,000 viewer difference, I approximate.

Let’s look under the hood some more on the 18-34 Demographic which would indicate the younger portion of that “hot” demographic:

– AEW Dynamite had 0.19 which roughly translates into 219,000 viewers while NXT’s 0.11 rating translates roughly into 127,000 viewers.

If you do the math to figure out the 35-49 viewership difference between both shows… Guess what it actually is? 104,000 difference for both! They were equally drawing in my age group, the wrestling fans who grew up as kids watching Hulkamania or the Four Horsemen and then became fans of the NWO/DX while in high school or in college. Now, our age group is hitting the peak years of our earnings…

Where NXT dominates AEW, however, is the 50+ bracket. AEW Dynamite received a 0.27 rating which I approximate to be 311,000 fans. Meanwhile, NXT had a 0.39 rating with 50+ for about 438,000 viewers. Wow…

Basically, AEW won the 18-34 crowd by roughly 90,000 viewers while NXT won the 50+ group by about 127,000 viewers. Meanwhile, 34-49 is a dead heat between the promotions. Basically, what has happened is that NXT drew in more older fans this week and probably the previous weeks.

Now, where I was mocking AEW’s numbers was because they had weak 18-34 numbers in the past. This week in particular had a nice bump from prior ratings sheets that I’ve seen. That’s good…

Reason why the 18-49 age demographic is sought after is because you want to (a) hook the younger people early and (b) the 34-49 group is beginning to hit the maximum earnings thresholds. What is overlooked is that those in the 50-65 demographic are still earning lots of money and they actually have more accumulated wealth.

But there is the thing… NOBODY on Cable is drawing well with the 18-49 year old crowd. Think about this for a second… Tucker Carlson is smashing it with his show on FOX News right now and has been actually breaking 4 million viewers per night lately. Yet, his 18-49 Demo only scored 0.38… Wait, 0.38? Where have I heard that number? Oh yeah, that is what NXT did on Wednesday with my approximated 438,000 viewers. Meanwhile, Tucker scored a 3.28 with the 50+ crowd for about 3,781,000 viewers.

Now, I didn’t bring up Tucker to either praise or mock his political views… My point is that the homes who STILL HAVE CABLE or SATELLITE are OLDER.

Let me say that again… If I conducted a survey of ALL households in the United States, it’s highly likely that 80-90% of the Cable/Satellite ownership is by those aged 35 or older… I’d be willing to bet that 70% of it is owned by 50 years old and above. My 40-something year old arse cut Cable five years ago and there are many in my age group who have done the same. Binge that Netflix, baby!

AEW was ranked 7th overall on Wednesday night with a 0.28 rating for the “hot” 18-49 demographic. The #1 show was something on Mtv called “Challenge: Total Madness” and it scored a 0.58 which is about 667,000 viewers… Eh. And by the way, that Mtv show did 0.50 within that 18-35 young demographic for about 576,000 viewers. Real Housewives, who came in second for both 18-49 and 18-34 Demographics did 0.46 and 0.29 in those respective demos. That is not overwhelming at all.

POINT IS – Younger people are NOT buying Cable or Satellite.

So why care about that “HOT” 18-49 Demo? Do you really want to be competing with Mtv’s cornering of the 18-34 demo?

Wrestling promotions, who are HIGHLY dependent on Cable/Satellite television deals to keep them afloat (both would go under right now without the TV deals, FACT), should probably seek those who still have Cable/Satellite hook-ups in their homes. That or try to boost their streaming replays. Last I checked, RAW, NXT, and Smackdown do poorly on Hulu’s replay and DVR recordings for pro wrestling have declined in the last 5 years.

Unfortunately, the 35-65 demographic matters in pro wrestling UNLESS you can create a movement like the New World Order or DX, find someone as awesome as Stone Cold Steve Austin, or have a younger superstar waiting in the wings who will one day star in Hollywood movies (the Rock). Until you have THOSE THINGS, you can kiss that 18-34 demographic goodbye.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand… WHY is Tony Khan and Chris Jericho even caring about having a d*ck measuring contest with Internet Wresting fans over losing to NXT 3 straight weeks in a row? Why are they even giving internet fans the time of day?

Here is what Khan, Jericho, and anyone else from AEW needs to realize if they are yapping about ratings on TV right now…

Guys… You are a YOUNG company. You only incorporated just a year and a half ago. Your AEW Dynamite is LESS than a year old!

WWE’s lineage can be traced back to 1953 and Vince McMahon Jr. has been the owner and operator of the company since 1982. Think about that for a second. Vince McMahon Jr. has been WWE owner for more years than most on that AEW roster has existed on this planet. Hell, your oldest star, Chris Jericho, debuted during 1990… THINK ABOUT THAT.

Look at the viewership right now on Cable/Satellite. AEW Dynamite does between 700,000 to 800,000 per week… Pretty consistent. RAW is barely making 1.7 million viewers now. You are ONLY 1 million viewers from toppling the #1 wrestling promotion in the world… And you have only existed for 1.5 freakin’ years!!!!

Impact Wrestling formed during 2002 and has spent BILLIONS (I think) trying to defeat the WWE… Think about the talent that they signed to wrestle and the creative minds that they tried to use to build that promotion. They never got close to a 1 million viewership gap, ever.

So just relax… Take comfort in the fact that the WWE is trying to troll you by not only placing NXT on USA Network during Wednesday nights but they have also been sending WWE talent there to strengthen the brand. NXT was created during 2010 but its current form as a wrestling promotion began during 2012. 8 years later, they can only draw just over 700,000 viewers on USA Networks? Seriously?

Just chill, AEW…

Tony Khan, you are the President of AEW. If anybody needs to be calm, collective, and professional, IT IS YOU. Getting defensive on Twitter should be BENEATH YOU, especially trying to make excuses why you won this demographic and not the entire fanbase. 50 year olds matter, too.

Don’t believe me that 50 year olds matter? Why don’t you ask a guy who is about to turn 50 during 2020, Chris Jericho? Come on, Chris… Why do you care so much about making excuses about the lower total viewership? You are just a paid performer and someone who should appear “larger than life” to wrestling fans. Excuses are for common people or those who refuse to accept failure. You were “Le Champion” and gave AEW credibility as its first champion. If anyone needs to answer questions on why AEW’s viewership was lower than AEW, let the EVPs do it (Cody, Bucks, Omega). It’s their job to assemble the right talent and present the best Creative options for each show.

If anything, you need to ask yourself was Orange Cassidy a good feud for you?

Look, I find Orange Cassidy entertaining… When he’s wrestling other midcarders. A former champion of AEW? No… Jericho should smash someone like him into itty bitty pieces. Instead, Orange was treated as if he was the equivalent of a guy who has been in the business since 1990 like Jericho. Come on…

But that’s the kind of thing that needs the focus internally at AEW… Not winning the 18-49 demographic but WHY can’t AEW eclipse 800,000 viewers consistently on a weekly basis. I understand that COVID-19 has caused some real issues but the viewership and also the live attendance were declining before March 2020. There are some problems with AEW in its 1.5 years of life as to why it instantly can’t defeat the WWE in viewership or at least grow above 1 million viewers in any way, shape, or form.

In my opinion, here are the reasons why AEW just isn’t growing:

1) Most top talent in AEW were former WWE midcarders for YEARS.
Unless you repackage and significantly change a midcarder coming from another promotion like the WWE did with former WCW stars such as Mick Foley, Undertaker, Steve Austin, or Triple H, they’ll still be looked at as wrestlers that WWE just let go. Moxley is still Dean Ambrose, Brodie Lee is Luke Harper but with weird tights, Hardy is still trying to redo his “Broken” gimmick from TNA, and Cody wrestles a whole lot of midcard type wrestlers in AEW. Meanwhile, there isn’t much material difference in Chris Jericho in AEW versus his WWE days. Former WWE wrestlers need to be repackaged better in AEW to differentiate themselves from the midcarders that they were in WWE.

2) Kenny Omega has been a letdown.
Kenny “6 Star” Omega had a ton of hype from his New Japan days… He joins AEW and basically has had 1 match that was maybe an equivalent to that (the tag match with Hangman and the Bucks). Unless Omega has been masking some injuries, we really haven’t seen why he was a sought after free agent by both WWE and AEW during last year.

3) Young Bucks are a good tag team, but not great.
Again, more EVPs here… I’ve watched the Bucks for years in Ring of Honor and they were good, but not on the equivalent of many former great teams. Just two Cruiserweight type wrestlers together hitting spot after spot but severely lacking in tag team psychology.

4) Women’s wrestling in AEW has been terrible.
Good lord… Just bad booking all around from how matches have been set up, talent recruited, promo ability, and how specific women’s wrestlers were used. Obviously, Nyla Rose should nearly unbeatable and yet she sells for everyone.

5) Tag Team Wrestling is either hot or cold, never consistent.
Overall, I like the tag team division for AEW… But it’s never consistently good. It’s either a really hot match or a really bad match, nothing in between.

6) Confused referees.
Many praise the female referee in AEW and I agree, she’s good on selling reactions to matches… But overall, the staff lets many fundamental things go by, particularly with legal men in tag matches. Just ridiculous. They act as though nobody cares about the ring and its ropes…

7) Big talent OR popularity gap between the top guys and the midcarders.
With the WWE, Ring of Honor, and Impact having wrestlers signed to long-term deals and AEW couldn’t quite swipe them all up from day one, they had scrape the bottom of the Indy pool somewhat. Plus, AEW is on a budget in its early life… You get what you pay for. Yet, many of the top guys in AEW have to have matches with Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc, or many other smaller time wrestlers that nobody has heard of and the top guys foolishly sell for them. There should be more squash matches instead. Just take Cody’s next opponent in Sonny Kiss. I have no problems with Sonny, but Cody is one of your top guys and should easily dispatch Sonny in a match. Sonny is not that well known (yet). The many former WWE midcarders will still appear as WWE midcarders if they keep letting unknowns give them a struggle inside the ring.

8) Too much Social Media and Overexposure.
Many of AEW’s wrestlers speak openly on Social Media, many of whom are revealing how scripted wrestling is and normal they are outside of the ring. They need to study why the Undertaker was so great for the WWE for about 3 decades.

9) Too nice towards the WWE.
Break that damn beer bottle already and hold it towards WWE’s neck. Remember when Taz recently called WWE a “sloppy shop”? Why not keep jabbing at the WWE like that? Think about where you could do… You’re close buddies with Dave Meltzer… Read the RAW or Smackdown spoilers on television! Rip on them for their poor handling of COVID-19 testing. Trash them for paying almost $20 Million via Trump campaign donations to keep the WWE as an “essential” business. Eric Bischoff didn’t win by playing nice.

10) Poor use of Brandi Rhodes
The Nightmare Collective was AWFUL and the further away that she gets from that, the better… She also needs to stay out of the ring, too… Her matches just weren’t that good and you can see why WWE didn’t want her wrestling. HOWEVER – She’s incredibly beautiful (I’m serious when I say this, she’s one of the prettiest females to walk this planet) and on top of that, she’s very smart and well spoken. There has to be a better role for her on television than what we’ve seen already. Just class it up, if you were to ask me, and watch video on how other non-wrestling females could contribute without getting insanely weird inside the ring. Maybe be the “commissioner” of the Women’s division and do things on-screen to improve that scene?

11) Use Jim Ross for talent assessment.
Jim Ross was just part of Bill Watts promotion, WCW during the early 1990s, and WWE during the Attitude Era. What do each of those eras or promotions have in common? They created the next top superstars who dominated the wrestling scenes for a decade or more. The EVPs and Tony Khan should be picking this guys brain regularly. Yet, by his own self admission on his podcasts, he’s “always here if you need him”.

And finally…

12) Get better entrance music.
Seriously, AEW’s music SUCKS. Just complete garbage and it does nothing to match the mood of the wrestler or hype up the fans. Did you know that Jim Johnston, who composed much of WWE’s theme music from the late 1980s until 2017? He’s 61 years old and available… If not, do what Eric Bischoff did… Dip into that Warner Bros song library for many themes on hand. Either way, your current entrance music is terrible.

But I want to stress again, AEW… You are just 1.5 years old. You have lots of growing up to do in order to fully challenge the WWE.

Please stay off Social Media and DO NOT CARE about the viewership numbers unless they get consistently well below 600,000. TNT is more desperate than you think for content, as they can’t air NBA games nightly (especially now).

Arguing about the 18-49 demographic… Come on, guys…

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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