ASK MR. TITO - Wrestlemania 36, Could a Joe Exotic/Tiger King Character Work in the WWE?, Fixing Matt Hardy in AEW, and Much More

ASK MR. TITO – Wrestlemania 36, Could a Joe Exotic/Tiger King Character Work in the WWE?, Fixing Matt Hardy in AEW, and Much More

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Welcome back to another installment of the Excellence in Column Writing, with some valuable Coronavirus related advice, that is exclusively here, a company. I tell ya, man… We’re living in some strange times right now and I just hope that everyone + our policy makers have the stomachs to survive it. Health concerns are one but the recessing economy that follows thanks to fear of going out and forced quarantines should be another. 6.6 million filed for unemployment through last week and that follows the previous week’s about 4 million filings. Things are very serious right now.

Now – If you want to skip past my “Dr. Phil” section where I’m going to give financial advice to readers on how to possibly survive these recent times, just press Ctrl + F on your computer and type in “ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers” to skip past this. In my opinion, though, this information that I’m about to discuss might help you or a friend, family member, or a co-worker.

If you tuned in for the past few weeks, I gave advice… For one, I said that you should have had at least 6 months of savings (I’d argue 12 months) in preparation for any crisis. Now, that’s not always easy based on where you live and what job that you have, as you could be living paycheck to paycheck. And when that paycheck is now gone, what do you do?

First things first, check your pride at the door and apply for Unemployment. DO NOT treat it as a “Welfare System”. Unemployment Insurance is designed to be a “Social Safety Net” and it was designed as a reaction to the Great Depression when we had a reported 20-30% unemployment rate. Each paycheck, you are submitting 6.2% of income as FICA payroll taxes and that helps cover Unemployment Insurance and Social Security benefits. You have paid into the system and thus if you’ve been terminated or laid off, you are entitled to unemployment benefits. Its YOUR tax dollars going to work for you. Right now, though, you are in a tough position because many State Government workers are either not in the office or trying to work remotely… Keep fighting no matter how long it places you on hold or if they somehow say “no”. PROVE that you’ve been laid off (have the Tax ID of your company handy, find it on your taxes) AND also PROVE that you’ve paid into FICA Payroll taxes (also found on your taxes).

NOW – If you are in a situation where you act like an Independent Contractor, much like wrestlers, who aren’t paying into the FICA Taxes… Normally, you mostly can’t qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits BUT the recent Stimulus Bill has changed that temporarily. You should be able to qualify for some legitimate payment benefits. I strongly encourage you to listen to Jim Cornette‘s Drive Thru podcast this Monday where he’ll have a lawyer on the show named Stephen P. New on the show to explain how Independent Contractor like employees (known as the “gig economy”) can apply and then qualify for benefits. That is definitely worth a listen.

I don’t care what your political affiliation is… You can call it “Welfare” when the economy appears to be growing. But right now, it’s a legitimate safety net to ensure that bills can get paid and people can actually eat BECAUSE this damn Coronavirus and its spread forcing quarantines is nobody’s fault. Workers did not head into 2020 thinking that their job would just evaporate. THAT SAID, if you’re a laid off worker, start to rethink your career path… Notice what type of workers are easily able to work-from-home and not get laid off. Notice what industries are considered “essential” versus yours of being considered “non-essential”. Now that you have time on your hands, do some research and reconsider your career path because there may be more viruses in the future. 2020 is creating precedence on how governments respond to a pandemic and this will happen again, mark my words.

Let’s discuss some financial stuff… First and foremost, LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Consider what is “essential” and “non-essential” on your monthly spending. Grab the past few Bank Statements and consider what you could easily do without. For me, for example, I consider Utilities (Water, Sewage, Electric), Heating Gas, Broadband Internet, Trash Collection, Car Insurance, House Insurance, Property Taxes, Car Payment, and House Payment as my “essential” payments. I usually just pay for only 2 streaming services per month, with right now being Netflix and Disney+ (WWE Network goes month to month if I want it). I’m clear of any Credit Card Debt, thus that’s not applicable to me. Everything else, besides groceries, needs to be cut back… Watch specifically what you are doing on your Smart Phones. Are you buying too much crap from Amazon? Do you have any “vampire apps” that suck you dry with microtransactions? When you go grocery shopping, observe what you are buying… Time to scale back on the nice steaks or the higher grades of alcohol that you are constantly buying.

You HAVE to control your own budget and make real lifestyle changes… This may not be related to a recession, but it shows the discipline that I had to do for myself… In case you haven’t noticed, I no longer post columns LATE at night and I’ve been primarily writing and then posting these “Ask Tito” columns EARLY in the morning on weekends. Why? Well, I cannot consume Caffeine like I used to… I used to start my columns (think about this when I was DAILY during 2010-2011) at 10:30pm and finish really late in the night. How do I survive that? Open up a can of soda loaded with Caffeine to push me through it and then consume it heavily during the morning to keep me focused at work. That’s not healthy and it was making my heart beat abnormally. Thus, through late 2017, I cut out any Caffeinated drinks and anything Chocolate related. I also have bad Acid Reflux issues and that came to a head last year (probably following years of soda consumption). Through all of that, it was found that I’ve become Lactose Intolerant. Thus, I have to now avoid anything that creates Acid Reflux and have to avoid things made with Dairy Products or items that contain Lactic Acid (damn it, no more Little Debbie treats!). POINT IS, in order to survive, you HAVE to make sacrifices.

Let’s talk about your Loans with the Bank and that’s where I can really help you… As we’re speaking right now, financial institutions are able to borrow from the temporary Federal Funds Market at a 0 to 0.25% target range… Essentially zero. Banks can also borrow longer term loans directly from the Fed, called the “Discount Window”, at an unprecedented 0.25%. The Feds know that Banks need to be well capitalized as businesses may start to be come delinquent on their Loans and would need to somehow make payrolls. They also realize that consumers, through no fault of their own because of COVID-19, may become delinquent on their Car and Home Loans because of a sudden unemployment situation. I see the communication daily between the Federal Reserve and Treasury… They are encouraging Banks to take advantage of Small Business loan programs and helping out consumers.

THAT SAID – Please talk to your Bank about your situation. Don’t avoid them… You may be able to negotiate a short-term solution to keep your Loan on the books and it allows you to remain in your Home and possibly your Car (Car Loan is the more tricky one because that asset diminishes in value with time). With a House or Car Loan, you technically have 90 days to make a payment (depends on your contract, of course). If you miss a payment, you’ll have 30 days past due, 60 days past due, and then 90 days… Once it gets to 90 days, that’s usually when consumers should have some fear of losing their Home or Car… Banks watch the 0-30 Days, 30-60 Days, and 60-90 Days “delinquency ratios” like a hawk because that helps them forecast how many earnings that they must put aside for the “Provision for Loan Losses” category of their Income Statement to absorbe any loan losses.

For businesses, who have a much larger loan, any business loan that misses payments for 90 days is placed into an “Accrual” status for the next 90 days. What does that mean? Usually in the Accrual status, it is negotiated with the business to pay INTEREST ONLY. Usually for the next 90 days, that situation is monitored… Now, if a business customer is NOT paying interest during those additional 90 days, it is placed into the 180 Day Non-Accrual Status and usually after that, the business is foreclosed upon. SOME banks offer terms like that to their consumers… What I’m suggesting, particularly for your Home, is to see if you can negotiate a deal where you can pay INTEREST ONLY home loan. Now granted with this method, it may add to the timeframe to fully payoff your home loan. However, the Bank would benefit in the long run because their help to you keeps you around longer as their customer… Plus, it’s a real pain for a bank to foreclose a home and then resell it. They’d rather get interest payments from you short-term and keep you around long-term.

You could try it with your Car Loan, but it’s tricky with a Bank because of the diminishing asset value… If you are paying the Auto Maker directly, see if they can help you. I know that FORD has a new 6 month program where you skip the first 3 months of payments and then FORD pays for the next 3 months. Thus, if FORD is willing to be nice enough to their new customers, USE THAT AS LEVERAGE to suggest something similar for you, their existing customer. After all, if FORD or other auto makers treat you kindly NOW, then you’ll show loyalty LATER. DITTO with Banks who took a ton of heat for the last Recession that was mostly financial institution based. You have to talk to them… Banks also have other various “skip a payment” programs and they are also beholden to government regulations and consumer protections. Additionally, they have to abide by the Community Reinvestment Act which you may now qualify for due to a changed income level.

Try not to run up Credit Card Debt… Certainly, if you absolutely have to because you have no other choice to survive, but running those cards up without immediately paying them back is dangerous for anyone involved. I believe that many part-time employees who have lost their jobs are stressing partially because those Credit Card bills are due. Be careful on that stuff… VISA and MasterCard are heavily protected as corporations and they’ve had clean bills of health given to their interest rate offerings. Also – BE CAREFUL on using Home Equity Lines of Credit… Burning through that short-term may seem like a good idea but remember what is collateral for those HELOC loans… Your home. Right now, too, it may seem like your Home Equity Line of Credit’s interest rate seems low, but those are Variable Interest Rates. 5 years from now, when Interest Rates possibly go up after this crisis, you could be paying significantly for that line of credit.

To survive this, you have to be SMART and you have to COMMUNICATE for help. If you don’t do one and/or the other, you could find yourself struggling. You have to make some sacrifices to survive both financially and personally. Everybody is stuck at home and being quarantined… But what does that mean? More electricity used and more water used… Be smart and turn down that thermostat, take faster showers, use cold water when you wash clothes, turn off lights in rooms where nobody is, and try to reduce electronics that always have a light turned off (like a clock in front or just a red light when powered “off”). I would also recommend recycling Plastics/Glass/Metals and Cardboard/Paper to your local recycling bins. That could help you reduce Trash costs. Some places still pay for aluminum cans…

Now – If you are somehow unscathed by this, the marked does have some opportunities… For one, with lower interest rates, it’s a great opportunity to refinance your home… The up-front closing costs can be offset with the lower amounts of interest paid and/or shorter term to pay off that loan. Right now in the markets, Government Bonds have a very low rate because investors are jumping into the Bond market as the Stocks fluctuate too much. If you ask me, just look into the stocks of “essential” companies and ones that will keep going if this force quarantine remains longer. WWE, for example, could be in trouble if they cannot host LIVE RAW and Smackdown events as Comcast/FOX could recalculate their payments… But then you have companies like Citrix or other remote based computer applications that are in heavy demand right now.

And I were all of you, I’d 100% support local businesses… If the headquarters are located in your county, support them. Your Walmarts, McDonalds, Wendys, etc. have piles of money based on years upon years of major success. They’ll survive this… Your local grocery store or diner won’t and your neighbors work for them. Support them. I put most of my grocery money into a local place and even though I’m paying slightly higher on certain things that I could get cheaper at Walmart, Kroger, Aldi, or other bigger grocery chains around me, I know that my money is going to a grocery company that invests their tax dollars into my county. Additionally, I believe that local diners give you a better variety and they seem to give you more food for your money. National chains are very strict on portions and their cooking processes are very automated. And again, if you show loyalty to your local businesses, they’ll see your face and reward with kindness (better service, perks, additional sides, etc).

We can get through this together… Everybody has to be sympathetic to their fellow man or woman during these unexpected times. Workers did not walk into 2020 and expect that a Coronavirus would paralyze the world. Why punish them for that?

We’ll probably run up a ton of Government Debt because of this crisis… But we had $23 Trillion in Debit before the COVID-19 virus arrived. Screw it.


ASK MR. TITO – Your Questions, My Answers

Will you be watching and/or reviewing the 2 nights of Wrestlemania 36?

I’m very conflicted on this answer because (a) I was heavily promoting that the WWE should continue to have Wrestlemania 36 to help us feel “normal” but (b) I disliked the fact that it was now going to be TAPED. My initial worry was that the show could be easily spoiled because the WWE Corporation and all of its wrestlers are the most leaky individuals ever. If someone farts backstage, someone will immediately contact Dave Meltzer management thinks that a particular wrestler “stinks”.

That said, I’m incredibly surprised that spoilers haven’t come out. Reportedly, Vince McMahon has threatened wrestlers to not spoil the show… WHAT?!? After years upon years of leaking any essential detail of WWE’s booking and talent maneuvers to the dirt sheets, Vince is putting in an information crackdown NOW?!? What a moron… As I’ve said repeatedly, you don’t see business tactics leaked on Microsoft, Apple, Google, Coca Cola, etc. and when that happens, the persons responsible are found and terminated. Not in the WWE! You can attend the damn Production Meeting and within minutes, Dave knows. Now, I believe that the WWE purposely feeds him information, but many other news outlets get meeting minutes quickly too.

Thus, since it hasn’t been spoiled AND for the sake that I need something to watch now that I’ve finished Tiger King… I will likely get the WWE Network for 1 month and then possibly review both nights for y’all here on this very website. We’ll see… It’s a “Probable” status on me, as I could just watch 5 minutes of this empty arena stuff and get quickly bored. Sadly, the 1 match that I was mostly looking forward to, Bill Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns, no longer exists BUT I am very curious to see how Braun Strowman works with him. Problem shall be when Bill tries to do the Jackhammer to him… Uh oh.


Do you think that a “Joe Exotic” character, from the Netflix show Tiger King, would work in the WWE?

What, you mean that Enzo wasn’t already using that character on a WWE television?

Look, WWE has all kinds of freakish looking characters with different styled hair, covered with tattoos, and whatnot already on television. The DIFFERENCE between Joe Exotic and the entire WWE roster is that Joe has 100% freedom on what to say. Now, I’m not suggesting that any WWE wrestler should say whatever ridiculous things that are on their minds… But the scripting that the WWE Creative Team imposes is ridiculous. There is nothing authentic about any of the wrestlers right now. As much as it seemed that Joe was playing up things to the camera, the man was legitimately crazy and treated as such when the Feds indicted him for possibly contracting a hit on someone and the treatment of exotic animals.

The NAME is what helps make “Joe Exotic” great… That is a brand name that sticks. I always loved the name “Justin Credible” from ECW and it was a shame that he couldn’t take his career further (tough road for him, I wish him the absolute best!). Obviously adding “Hulk” in front of Terry Hogan’s name was very important. Roman Reigns is a damn good name for a wrestler. Then, when you’re a big star, you get single name mentions like the “Rock”. WWE has to rethink what they are naming their characters… Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, Braun Strowman… Just a mouthful of words to pronounce for each wrestler and nothing in their name is ironic or sticks out as being “larger than life”.

Joe Exotic was “larger than life” based on his look, his lifestyle (2 husbands, man…), and his communication skills… That’s what made him stand out and gave him heat in his state of Oklahoma and also in the exotic animal scene. However, he also over did it with the insanity and that’s why he had so many legal troubles and failed in an election that he tried. He should have kept it simpler to drive more patrons to his Zoo instead of trying to grow his brand into areas where he had zero expertise. Sounds familiar? WWE trying football, music, movies, bodybuilding, etc… Come on.

If the WWE had a wrestler named “Joe Exotic” and if he was charismatic and could speak… He’d draw. For sure. I joked about Enzo Amore above… Look what THAT guy accomplished, as he was smaller than your normal WWE guy. But the guy could speak, was full of charisma, and he was outrageous with his look and actions. And again, Enzo had a great name made you curious the second that you heard it. But like Joe, he doesn’t get along with others who try to turn down that volume a bit.


How can AEW fix the ridiculousness of the Matt Hardy presentation?

They should watch Dustin Rhodes’s “Seven (or Se7en)” character from WCW Nitro. If you’ll recall, WCW was hyping this mysterious character for weeks and then he made a fantastic debut by floating to the ring with a major production of lights surrounding him. Then, what does Dustin do? He cuts a shoot interview about having to dress up in ridiculous costumes just to wrestle.

NOW – That was destructive to Dustin’s career because WCW was already off the rails at that point and did many other shoot-like interviews at that point to hurt their credibility… But this would be in reverse because I can easily explain why Dustin was floating towards the rings (cables were easily seen). Matt Hardy teleporting and then claiming that he sees Abraham Lincoln in the audience, that is pure stupid.

I also think that the “Broken” gimmick isn’t as over as many Internet fans think… They’ll point to a 20,000 viewer bounce of his backyard fight with his brother Jeff for TNA… But you were adding to 200,000 viewers, which was already low to begin with. He tried it in the WWE and that stuff with Bray Wyatt was seriously unwatchable. You want to try to blame Vince McMahon or Creative but the character was only enjoyed by a small minority of fans. I like that Matt Hardy is able to reinivent himself but he never gives himself credit for being a better in-ring performer. If he would have focused more on delivering better promos while working on chain wrestling and transitional moves to build to the Twist of Fate as a valid finisher, he’d have a much better singles career.

If I were booking Matt Hardy, I would cause his “Broken” behavior to be more psychotic and violent rather than being ridiculous. “He could snap at any second”. Instead, he has drones flying and says ridiculous things. PASS.


Who do you think will released by the WWE in response to the Coronavirus economic recession?

Well, right now, the WWE is monitoring the Luke Harper situation closely. The last thing that the WWE wants is to release a bunch of under-utilized WWE employees who will have a “chip on their shoulder” to prove themselves elsewhere like Mick Foley, Triple H, Undertaker, Jim Ross, and Steve Austin who were all released by WCW.

For Wrestlemania 36, I’d watch that show closely as any wrestlers who either lose in a convincing fashion or are NOT on that show could be at risk on being released. Many pet projects in the Performance Center are also at risk for getting cut.

In addition to this Economic Recession caused by Coronavirus, what people are underestimating is how Vince McMahon could absorb the losses from XFL 2.0’s failure and the loss in revenues from missing live events. In order to rebuild his wealth, he needs to make the WWE to appear profitable again. With profits, it’s the difference between Revenues and Expenses. If the Revenues cannot grow or are declining, you can offset that by cutting Expenses. Investors are looking at the WWE’s Net Income’s width… If Vince can cut costs while maintaining the same profit margin, they’ll reward him by purchasing more WWE stock (thus driving up the price).

I believe that huge cuts are coming and the WWE is going to roll the dice on wrestlers not being successful beyond the WWE brand. For example, if they released Sasha Banks… Well, she an no longer be called “Sasha Banks”. Not everyone can join another promotion and do well as a rebranded Jon Moxley. Ask many TNA wrestlers who bolted from the WWE and could never be called their former WWE name. Plus, the WWE would be banking on many wrestlers who complain constantly backstage and social media that they’d continue to do so in AEW. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt transport your problems to a competitor.

The big thing to watch are those Television Deals… If the WWE cannot host wrestling shows, what will FOX and Comcast do? We can’t just keep airing old matches for 3 hours on USA Network and 2 hours on Smackdown. I’m pretty sure that the expectations are that actual new matches would happen, live or taped.


And now, my final rant…


Now that WWE and AEW might be forced into an “Offseason”, both promotions should THINK about why their LIVE Attendance kept declining BEFORE the Coronavirus hit.

Since the WWE ditched having John Cena as their top guy and also with Cena becoming a part-timer, WWE has lost attendance by the thousands per show. Whenever John used to be injured, the WWE actually issued refunds to anyone attending shows with the promise of Cena appearing on the show. Since he’s been gone, the WWE’s attempts at pushing Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins hasn’t worked to maintain the audience. They’ve lost audience members, especially as their top guy Brock Lesnar won’t do Houseshows or wrestle on Televised shows (besides the 1st Smackdown). WWE actually tarps off most upper decks of arenas while requiring fans to sit on the television angle side of the arena as well. Meanwhile, the WWE began cancelling Houseshows due to poor attendance during late last year.

Meanwhile on the AEW side, they started off with sellouts to easily fill smaller arenas… Now, they have the same problem as the WWE. Tarping off parts of the arena, forcing people to sit on the camera side. And AEW books smaller arenas, too!

Once the forced Quarantines are over and it is SAFE to attend events with large gatherings, how does the WWE and AEW start filling arenas again?

Obviously – They could find the next Top Draw. WWE was in the dumps through 1996 until they started pushing “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and surrounded him with other newer stars to help complement him. This is easier said than done… WWE is scripted and controlled at every level to disallow any workers to get naturally over with the fans. Meanwhile, AEW is too uncontrolled and needs a good booker who can gauge what fans like or dislike. Empowering wrestlers sounds like a great idea, but sometimes, they need protected from themselves on making bad creative choices for their characters. SEE MATT HARDY.

But if you cannot find the next top draw, start to think about what a fan endure by seeing a LIVE wrestling event:
– Driving to a city. Traffic sucks.
– Paying for parking, as $20 is on the cheap end, often much higher.
– Ticket Prices are too high, especially if you want to get closer to the action.
– Merchandise table price gouges fans. $35 for a freakin’ shirt made in China, India, or Vietnam?
– Food vendors at arenas gouges fans.
– Absolute hell escaping from a parking garage after the event.

And then when the fans get to the show, they endure many Commercial Breaks where nothing happens and then many backstage happenings. Think about that for a second… You PAY to see something LIVE but then you have to watch half of the show on a big television screen anyway. Huh? How does that work?

Wrestling doesn’t have any concept of the LAW OF DEMAND… Reduce the price, increase the quantity… But they also don’t have any concept of the price responsiveness of their consumers, either, called “Elasticity”. There is a perfect price point where your fans are accepting that maximizes your total revenue. There is a certain point where prices are raised that it actually causes major declines in the consumption of your goods, especially if the quality of the product is not there.

Eric Bischoff did things wisely during the mid-1990s as he was starting WCW Nitro and kept it growing… He purposely booked 5,000 seat smaller arenas and then used production tricks to make the arenas look larger. Meanwhile, by being in a smaller arena with ticket prices being reasonable, he could fill that 5,000 seat arena to the rims. Then, when the camera spans around the arena, it looks full as if WCW was the most happening promotion around. By 1996, IT WAS… When WCW could really deliver on quality with its New World Order storyline, that’s when they could move to bigger arenas to really maximize on revenues… If the fan demand to see your product is strong, THAT is when you raise prices.

When fan demand is low, you would LOWER prices… Come on, WWE… $35 per shirt? Really? Each of those shirts are being produced at $1 in Asian Sweatshops. Are you telling me that you cannot price them at $15 per shirt? Really? Don’t you want more kids to experience having seats at ringside so that they’ll get more hooked on your product? And why are being more forceful with arenas which causes them to jack up their parking and food/drink prices?

And then you work on improving the QUALITY of your product… That involves Talent Development, better Creative Teams in place, being less corporate, not exposing the business as being “entertainment” or scripted, hiding the training of pro wrestlers, etc… I could go on and on about that. If WWE and AEW put out better products, then the prices charged for their seats and merchandise would be justified and fans wouldn’t complain about the process or the prices of seeing wrestling live. Now, they do and aren’t attending your events because it’s not worth their TIME or MONEY to see your stuff live.

Put more things in the damn ring, less backstage. We’re far enough removed from the Russo Era booking that having cameras being mysteriously backstage no longer makes sense. Put everything in the ring or at the entrance way… Everything thing that is aired on the television screen should be within the arena. I don’t care if you have to build a set and have Brother Love interview people again… FACT is that Brother Love’s segments were filmed INSIDE the arena where most fans can see it and react to it as it happens. You don’t have to go the Brother Love route, as you can just build a little interview section of your set for the hot female interviewer to stand in front of to get the latest thoughts from a wrestler. Simple.

Executives of both AEW and WWE may have a ton of time on their hands if both are forced to quarantine their wrestling events… Thus, you have all of the time in the world to strategically plan to make LIVE shows better for the paying fan.

Wrestling promotions need to realize this… They need fans more than fans need them. As quality continues to dip with time, that argument becomes stronger and stronger.

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