ASK MR. TITO - WWE Wrestlemania 36 Tapings, Roman Reigns, Matt Hardy in AEW, WWE Backstage's Ryan Satin, and More

ASK MR. TITO – WWE Wrestlemania 36 Tapings, Roman Reigns, Matt Hardy in AEW, WWE Backstage’s Ryan Satin, and More

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Welcome back to “ASK Mr. Tito”, which answers your questions and is presented to you exclusively at, a company. Man, this world is messed up… Coronavirus this, Coronavirus that… Nobody listening to the damn quarantine orders and spreading the virus like fire. Thank you, big cities… I’ll enjoy more weeks of working from home while the rest of the economy around me shrinks.

It’s funny lately, as my introductions from the past have usually been about hyping the wrestling opinions about to be presented to you… But now, they are survival tips on this pandemic and potential economic recession looming. I’m not a doctor, nor would I ever claim to be one. My advice is to listen to what the medical professionals are telling you… I tried to run my mouth a few weeks ago about “living your life” and then when someone asked me “what if you make your grandparents sick?”, I quickly evolved and changed my mind on this whole recent situation.

BUT – I can speak on the Economy as a financial professional, especially one who directly endured the last Recession of 2007-2009 that directly threatened my industry and hurt many consumers from the housing bust. If you have read my past “Ask Tito” columns, I gave various economic advice on saving money, getting prepared, and helping others… Today, however, I want to speak to you directly as a WORKER or EMPLOYEE of a company.

Right now, as the economy worsens because Consumers are spending LESS money than before (the grocery spending trend will end soon), that will cause LESS Revenues to be seen by companies. Just here in Ohio, many food places are limited to Takeout or Drive-thru. Well, that completely removes the Dining Room revenue stream that was once there and the need to retain the workers supporting that function is gone. With everybody quarantined at home, that’s less money that they can spend locally… All businesses are affected. And don’t you worry about, folks. As more and more of their warehouse workers are announced to be infected, that supply chain will dry up too. Ditto for Fed Ex and UPS workers delivering that stuff. They’ll get sick, too.

Point being, as REVENUES decline for companies, they look to REDUCE EXPENSES as an offset. Right now in Washington, they are attempting to pass a $2 Trillion “Stimulus” bill to entice Employers to NOT fire workers. Ditto with the Federal Reserve cutting their Interest Rates. They are trying to entice Banks to lower their Interest Rates offered to businesses in the short run to meet payrolls.

But this attempt at a stimulus won’t work, at least in the short-run… In California, I saw a story where 1,000,000 people have already applied for Unemployment Benefits. Holy cow… That, alone, will jack up the Unemployment Rate reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As New York is seeing outbreaks of the virus, things may actually get worse before they get better.

Expense Reduction for ALL companies is coming and my advice to you is to be prepared for it… Not just with Savings and a back-up plan to retain shelter… No, what I mean is to increase your VALUE at your workplace. The more you present yourself as a valuable person at your workplace, the less chance that they’ll terminate you in this recessed economy.

Let me give you a personal story… My Dad actually worked in a Steel Mill for almost 40 years, God bless his soul. Now, if you know the history of Steel production over the 40 years that he worked, especially the 1980s through the 2000s, the United States Steel market was in decline as foreign producers of cheaper produced steel was sought. During each decade, there were economic related layoffs that occurred at every mill. My Dad, however, survived each layoff threat because he was fully trained to perform any function of the Steel Mill. In other words, he wasn’t one-dimensional… When people called off, he could slip right into a function and steel production didn’t miss a beat. When people had vacations, he covered any position because he was flexible as a worker.

Thus, at your employer, you should consider having multiple roots planted into the ground. Be flexible as a worker and try to learn as much as you can about the workplace. Don’t just place your chips on 1 function… Be able to perform multiple functions during a given day so that when absences or vacations come up, you can easily step up. If you see fellow workers slacking off, work circles around them. THAT is an opportunity to make yourself look stronger by not only performing your scheduled work, but covering theirs as well (make sure you document it). Be dependable… Just because you have Paid Days off, doesn’t mean you should abuse them. Sure, if you’re really sick, the days are there to be used… But burning through all 5-10 paid days before the prime Vacation months of June, July, and August arrive? Come on, man…

Let me give you a WRESTLING analogy to this… Why are the top draws so good? Because they are actually the most complete wrestlers on the roster!
– At least 6 feet tall
– Charismatic
– Good In-ring Worker
– Great Personality
– Great Physical Shape
– Great Talker
– Overall Great presentation
– Alpha Male
– “Larger than Life”
– Doesn’t expose the business

If you look at top draws like Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, the Rock, John Cena, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, or Randy Savage… They had all of those qualities and thus made them the easiest to push as top guys. There are many wrestlers who have most of those parts covered and are the guys still wrestling in their 40s and 50s now, too. Then you look at someone like Randy Orton or Roman Reigns. Both guys are missing major components of that list yet WWE has pushed them incredibly hard. Result? Lower numbers when they are champs… Yet, would they really thrive if they joined AEW? I don’t know… AEW had a good chance at securing Orton and just let WWE outbid them on purpose. As you can see by Orton’s Twitter responses afterward, AEW made the right move.

Don’t make yourself one-dimensional at work! Jump at any opportunity right now to learn more and take on more responsibility. Be dependable. Do not give your employer any opportunity to make you layoff. Prove your value as a worker! Show that you can wear multiple hats around the company, when needed.

It’s a matter of remaining employed or becoming unemployed. It’s nicer to keep getting a paycheck instead of stressing when the unemployment benefits might run out or how you’ll pay your bills.

In the end, by making yourself more available to learn more abilities and to take on more responsibilities during these dire economic times, it shall position yourself to be stronger in the long-run.

That’s all I have for you this week on Mr. Tito’s Advice Line… On to your wrestling questions!



What are your thoughts on the WWE taping Wrestlemania 39 as opposed to having it live?

Yuck. I completely understand why the WWE had to do it, as Florida is ramping up their quarantine policies… But to me, I’d go ballistic if Wrestlemania 36 Spoilers came my way.

The beauty of Wrestlemania, for whatever year we’ve been in, is that it’s the WWE’s #1 show and it always has at least 1 surprise that you were expecting. For example, what if the recent Wrestlemania where the Hardy Boys returned was taped and that spoiler was all over the internet. Would that have created a chill down your spine as they came out? Maybe a little bit, but certainly not as much as it would have if seen live.

Yeah, I know that Wrestlemania being taped in an empty Performance Center is substandard to many people… I was pushing for Wrestlemania to still happen for a sense of feeling “normal” to remain as the NBA, NHL, PGA, NCAA, or Kentucky Derby events have either been postponed or cancelled. But taped? Ehhhhh… Being a consumer of wrestling online, I’m sure that I’ll accidentally see the spoilers and that will reduce my demand to even care about the show which I wasn’t all that hyped about to begin with.

I’m on a “questionable” status on whether I’ll re-acquire the WWE Network again to watch this show. Probably a gametime decision.


What is your opinion on Matt Hardy’s performance this week on AEW Dynamite?

Look – I like Matt Hardy. I believe that he’s a great in-ring worker and now that I look back on his WWE career of TLC matches, I wish that the WWE was a little more careful with his health. I actually met Matt Hardy at a Columbus appearance before a 2003 Smackdown and told him, to his face, that I appreciated his work.

BUT – I did not like the “Broken” stuff in TNA and I wasn’t a fan of the “Woken” stuff in WWE. And now, I don’t like the whatever character we’re seeing in AEW. The promo he cut against Chris Jericho was cringe-worthy and Jericho was even trying to lead him into the right direction on the promo. Yet, Matt kept saying weird stuff… Abraham Lincoln was in the crowd, eh? Come on, man…

It put a damper on his AEW debut from last week, in my opinion. Then, you compare that to Brodie Lee. What did Brodie do this week? That’s right, he wrestled and showed why he’s a tremendous in-ring talent that the WWE took for granted. No bullcrap, just straight up wrestling and displaying his in-ring ability. Given that he’s the leader of the Dark Order, things could have been presented as less serious. Nope, he was just a badass in the ring and presented himself as a future threat to any AEW wrestler. Meanwhile, Hardy is saying ridiculous things on the microphone.

Matt Hardy is a 20+ year veteran now and should focus on why he remains sought after for all of these years. HE’S A GREAT IN-RING WRESTLER. If “Broken” was a draw, then Impact Wrestling would have seen better numbers than the mild bump that his backyard segment did back in the day. It’s one thing to have a character and it’s another to overdo the character that it subtracts away from the wrestling product.


Do you believe that Roman Reigns made the right decision on bowing out of Wrestlemania 36?

Of course. Given this virus’s threat to attack the elderly or those with compromised immune systems, he should have been sent home weeks ago. Instead, the stubborn Vince McMahon refused to change up his Wrestlemania 36 card despite obvious health concerns with Roman.

It’s a shame, though, because in my opinion, if Roman were to pull off a great match with Bill Goldberg, it could have been a hallmark moment for Reigns. To this day, I believe that Brock Lesnar’s stock went through the roof when he made Bill Goldberg look like a million bucks not just at Survivor Series with the surprising loss, but that Wrestlemania match was golden. Anything that happened to Bill Goldberg in the WWE from 2003-2004 was instantly erased because of Brock Lesnar’s work with Bill during 2016-2017.

Reigns could have “saved” Goldberg’s career again after two extremely disappointing matches that Bill had in Saudi Arabia with Undertaker and the Fiend. But, thanks once again to the Coronavirus ruining everything, a major career moment for Roman Reigns won’t happen for the moment.

Who would wrestle Bill Goldberg at Wrestlemania instead? (Note: I’m answering this based on NOT reading spoilers!) Well, you have this kid named Matt Riddle who has been BEGGING for this match. Why not? What do you have to lose at this point? And believe me, Riddle wouldn’t “shoot” on Lesnar, as it would have been career suicide to do so. I believe that Riddle honestly believes that he can pull a good match out of Lesnar and Goldberg but he’s just a young kid acting it out on Social Media. This Wrestlemania is proving to be a throwaway show anyway, so why not give Riddle a chance to prove that he can make a 50+ wrestler look amazing in the ring?


How can we help Independent Wrestlers and Promotions survive?

First of all, find out which promotions and which wrestlers are doing it for an actual living and not just as a side hobby. That’s important because for many Indy promotions, they operate at at loss or break even because they are drawing less than 500 people, have insurance costs, costs of production and ring crew, and they have to pay wrestlers. I used to help out a few local Indy promotions and most of them were performing for “fun” and had full-time careers supporting their hobbies. In all likelihood, anyone who is just doing this on a “weekend warrior” basis and as a side venture, they don’t need the money OTHER THAN medical bills that are popping up. Just find out more information, on your own, before you invest your own hard earned money.

But if you do know wrestlers and promoter who were highly dependent on Indy Wrestling either as income or training grounds to keep learning as a wrestler, try to consider supporting them through their Patreon accounts (if they have one) or Online merchandise. Be careful, though, as they make more of a margin on merchandise if they sell it themselves versus another online vendor. Someone who is making the shirts and shipping them on their behalf takes a major cut in the sales revenues. There is a reason why many online outlets are buying goods in bulk and then shipping the goods themselves (Jim Cornette is a prime example) because the third party costs have increased so much.

The bigger thing is if/when your favorite Indy shows do return, be sure to attend and spend money on merchandise and concessions with a passion. They’ll need a bigger shot in the arm when they return to sustain maybe some losses over the past few months.


What is your opinion of WWE Backstage’s Ryan Satin?

You mean the guy who blocked me on Twitter because I was calling out some of his news stories that were proven to be untrue? That guy? (Proof)

Actually, every time that I see his last name “Satin”, I always think of one dumbass metal head who was on my school bus back in the day. In attempts to be cool, he wrote “Hail Satin” on the fogged up windows of the bus instead of correctly writing “Hail Satan”. Thus, anytime I see Ryan’s last name, it makes me laugh and think of that childhood moment on a school bus.

In all seriousness, I could discuss his performance on WWE Backstage but that show was built to fail anyway on FOX Sports 1. Really not much to that show. HOWEVER – Ryan Satin should use this opportunity to his advantage if he really wants to improve things as a wrestling. He’s in the SAME exact position as Vince Russo was before 1996. He’s lifelong fan who is working closely to the WWE. There may be an opportunity for Ryan’s opinion on the WWE to be heard internally, much as Vince Russo’s was before 1996. Strangely enough, Ryan might have the best chance to “save” the WWE creatively just as Vince Russo did when joining the team during mid 1996. If you compare Ryan as a wrestling fan versus the Hollywood writers on the current Creative staff, he could easily stand out as a creative team member if he were to join.

Now – Does Ryan Satin have the courage and conviction to challenge Vince McMahon to his face as Vince Russo did? That’s the difference… Russo’s personality of not just disagreeing with Vince McMahon but fighting for position against the other Creative Team members (hence why Jim Cornette hates that man) is what made Russo successful to change the creative direction of the WWE. If Satin joined the Creative Team, would he show the balls needed to challenge Vince McMahon?

Sad to say, but Satin might be our only hope from a fans’ perspective to change-up the WWE Creative Team if added… Because Vince McMahon is very stubborn to change, just as he was during early 1996. Then, Vince Russo had the stones to call out the WWE’s Creative Team in the magazines, internally, and to Vince’s face on WWE Livewire. We need an alpha personality backstage to not only make Vince uncomfortable but seem credible as a creative voice. Vince Russo was that during 1996-1997 to be eventually given the Creative Lead position by 1998… Those 1998-1999 results speak for themselves.

I don’t hate Ryan Satin personally… I just thought that some of his news stories that he posted on his website were BS or clearly had someone internally at the WWE working him. I call out other news reporters, just the same… But they don’t block me on Twitter, Ryan did.

And if Ryan Satin would somehow join the WWE Creative Team to become the “next Vince Russo” and salvage the WWE… We could all chant “Hail Satin” like a kid on a schoolbus that I once knew.


What do you think will happen to the Pro Wrestling business, long-term, after the Coronavirus and Recession?

Trouble, actually… It will take a while for consumers to be convinced to attend large gatherings. When it appears that we’ve “flattened the curve” and real treatments/vaccinations are finally out, people will still be cautious. Just look at how long it took consumers to start spending money again after 9/11 and then the last recession.

Luckily for the WWE and somewhat for AEW, their television contracts are keeping them afloat…

I believe that both WWE and AEW just need to do what Eric Bischoff did for WCW. He reduced costs for his Television Shows by having them in front of smaller audiences at MGM and when he started WCW Nitro, he purposely held them in smaller arenas first so that he could display the sold out crowd for the television audience. IN MY OPINION, the WWE has killed themselves by trying to remain in the larger arenas in bigger cities. Little do they know that smaller cities would LOVE for them to have a Monday Night RAW in a 5,000 seat arena. There are camera and lighting tricks that can be performed to make it appear as if the smaller but sold out arenas looked larger than they really were.

I would definitely book smaller arenas at first and when demand for your live shows feels stronger again, then book the larger arenas.

But I believe that Pro Wrestling needs much more help, which is what I’ll describe in my “Last Word” rant today.


And now, for my final rant…


At some point, WWE Investors (including his family) need to admit one thing about the recent Coronavirus related effects on the WWE: it has totally exposed Vince McMahon’s business model as being substandard and the talent isn’t as good as it was during the past.

Usually, when there is a Recessionary threat to the economy or if a specific business is seeing overall downturns, companies will either evolve and/or adjust their operations accordingly. Usually during a Recession, companies will look at their Labor Force specifically and determine which positions are redundant or non-essential while also looking for underperforming employees. The Unemployment Rate will grow above the accepted 4-6% range during a Recession because of those separations. If you look at Unemployment Reports, it’s usually the more unskilled employees who are let go. Furthermore, companies will shift their financial investments away from people and look for more automation. Then, when the Recession is over, the companies who made tough choices are coming out leaner and meaner than before and major growth is upon them.

Or, if the specific business is declining even when the Economy is growing, internal changes are made. Take the WWE during 1996-1997. They were getting destroyed by World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in all categories across the board. What did WWE do instead? They began to shed the goofy gimmicks that dominated the mid-1990s (Race Car Drivers, Plumbers, Stalkers, Clowns, Hockey Players, etc) and began pushing more reality based characters. Then, the WWE took a page out of ECW and Jerry Springer’s playbooks by pushing more adult themes or crash television. WWE shook up their Creative Team by adding Vince Russo to the mix and also gave more power to Jim Ross as the Talent Relations guy. By the Spring of 1998, the WWE began to defeat WCW again and by mid 1998, they consistently beat that promotion. By March 2001, WWE bought WCW.

Let’s fast forward to 2020… President/CEO, Board Chairman, and clearly the Lead Booker Vince McMahon has a WWE product that was suffering EVEN BEFORE the Coronavirus forced them into empty arenas. Since 2015 itself, the WWE has lost over 2 million viewers on RAW, attendance per show has lost thousands, and Merchandise has gone down the tubes now that John Cena isn’t around. Yet, nothing has changed… Vince is still booking the same way as ever, pushing Roman Reigns down our throats while having a zero attention span about the rest of the roster. On the latter point, this is why Vince McMahon is so dependent on Brock Lesnar by paying him $5 million per year to be a part-timer or why he needs the stars of yesteryear, such as Undertaker or Bill Goldberg in their 50s, to headline business. They just brought Edge back and John Cena too for Wrestlemania.

And now that the WWE is working out of the empty Performance Center for RAW and Smackdown, it has exposed every ounce of decision making that Vince McMahon has made for the past 2 decades. Since the WWE went public, it certainly has given them a nice revenue stream of capital on their Liabilities side of their balance sheet to keep them afloat and allows them to keep making bad decisions. But what they don’t realize is that the further away that they get away from the Attitude Era, the worse they look.

Going public as a Corporation has proven to be the WORST medicine for a Pro Wrestling company, long-term. Ask World Championship Wrestling who was screwed and micromanaged by Corporate VP types from Time Warner and then from AOL/Time Warner when that merger happened. Suddenly, your company is all about Public Relations and not offending anyone. WCW actually went through that during 1998 when the Time Warner folks imposed new Standards & Practices that didn’t allow WCW to push adult themes, foul language, violence, or anything sexual… You know, what helped make the NWO seem cool for the previous 2 years. WWE has had the PG rating on them since the late 1990s and even when they tried to change that TV rating on their shows, they are not even trying to push the boundaries aside from that goofy Bobby Lashley/Lana wedding.

Just look at the talent… They are CLUELESS as they attempt to operate in an empty arena. Their scripted lines still have cues that lean heavily on a live crowd and causes the wrestlers to look absolutely foolish when trying to cut promos. Scripted lines… Sounds like more Public Relations crap. WWE is afraid of what a wrestler might ad-lib even though there was no fear during the Attitude Era when Austin, Rock, or Mick Foley were saying whatever they wanted and packed houses doing it.

Let’s start to be honest about the Talent Development for the WWE… It’s not that good. The Performance Center is training people to be good ATHLETES but not good WRESTLERS. In addition to teaching wrestlers how to execute moves inside the ring, you need to teach psychology (“doing more with less”, selling), how to cut a promo, the presentation of your character, and how to extend your own personality into a character. If you look at someone like Roman Reigns, who had ZERO wrestling experience before he signed with the WWE, look at how much he’s missing right now. No psychology in the ring, struggles on cutting promos (actually reliant on those scripts), presentation is still reliant on the Shield gimmick, and his character is not even close to real person. Only time that we’ve heard the real Roman was when he announced that he was stepping away from the WWE due to health reasons. The guy was a good college football player and almost made it as a pro football player. Did you know that? Wouldn’t that explain why he goes for the Spear, like another former football player before him? (Goldberg)

This past week on Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, Jim explained why he and Danny Davis trained the wrestlers as they did during the Ohio Valley Wrestling days… Jim taught his wrestlers how to work as if they were operating an old wrestling territory. There were many nights when they’d perform spot shows in front of just a few hundred people, if not less… But the real mark of a good, well trained wrestler was getting those few hundred people to react as if they were in a crowd of a thousand. Jim said that he trained all of his wrestlers on the fundamentals of working, psychology, cutting promos, presentation, and how to extend their personality into their characters so that if they did join the WWE, the could easily adapt to the situation. Fancy that, as WWE is still reliant on Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, & Shelton Benjamin as workers… All were Cornette/Davis trainees. How about that?

The Performance Center, as managed by Triple H, isn’t producing top level stars that the WWE needs right now. In fact, it’s creating ungrateful ones. Did you see Braun Strowman‘s comments this past week on Indy wrestlers trying to raise funds as their shows are getting shutdown by the Coronavirus? YIKES… And Braun is supposed to be a “success story” from that Center. Sure, he has been a decent worker coming out of there and being a former strongman, but he’s clearly not a mega superstar that the WWE needs right now like Austin, Rock, or Cena. Not with that attitude.

Maybe it’s time that we look at the decision of placing Triple H in charge of Talent? While Triple H has a good resume as a wrestler, he’s not in that Austin/Rock/Cena class. Numbers prove that, as WWE’s wheels began falling off during the year 2000 when he was being pushed heavily as the top guy. Then, much worse during 2002-2003 when he was really pushed hard and hardly ever lost. I enjoy NXT, but let’s be honest about their shows… Running Takeover shows once every 2-3 months makes being a wrestling promoter look easy. How has running a live 2 hour show been for NXT lately? Have you seen those viewership numbers lately as AEW begins to distance them? Completely exposed how Triple H has been saving his best stuff for the Takeover shows. How many talents signed, since Triple H took over Talent Relations during mid 2012, have mattered on the WWE roster? You cannot give me the Shield, as those were John Laurinaitis signings.

It all boils down to Vince McMahon… “The buck stops here”, as he is a total control freak when it comes to who is placed in charge of various operations. He goes from Jim Ross to John Laurinaitis/Triple H and now a pair of Corporate goofs with zero wrestling experience in charge of who the WWE signs. Vince heavily takes influence from Comcast (now FOX too) on his content and listens to the threats of Advertisers on his shows as well. To control what wrestlers say, Vince has hired nothing but failed Hollywood writers with ZERO wrestling experience to prepare scripts for his wrestlers to say on RAW/Smackdown. Meanwhile, Vince’s management group is getting deeper and deeper with Vice President types, many of whom are Executive and Senior levels, to influence him on his product instead of presenting a quality product that the PAYING FANS might want.

And by the way, we’re talking about the same Vince McMahon who has started a Pro Football League (XFL) TWICE at a time when the Economy is fragile. The economy peaked during 2000 and was clearly losing steam as the Dot Com bust was about to happen. XFL #1 happened during the 2001 Recession. 2019 will prove to be a year where our economy ran out of steam thanks to enforced Tariffs in imported goods and high deficts. When the Coronavirus came around, it was a knockout punch to an already wobbly boxer. XFL #2 was cancelled during the 2020 potentially dated Recession. And don’t give me that the WWE was dealt a bad hand due to this virus. Viewership and Attendance were already dropping FAST even before the fear of this virus was spreading. Minor League football has never drawn, period. Do you still see the main Arena League anywhere?

Instead of evolving, WWE keeps doing the same thing… And now that their wrestlers haven’t been properly trained and the booking has been so sour, they are completely screwed in this Coronavirus era on trying to fill 3 hours of RAW and 2 hours of Smackdown weekly. And they HAVE to do those shows or else that $400 Million per year from Comcast/FOX combined dries up. They need that money, badly, as nobody is going to attend their live shows this year, the recessed economy will dry up their merchandise sales worse than before, and the big 1 day payoff of Wrestlemania is now gone.

It’s time that the President/CEO and Board Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, begins to have proper evaluations of all of his Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, and other Officers of the company and question WHY are they underperforming? Start to look at the Talent roster… Do you have too many? Is it the Talent Developmental system or the Creative system that is failing them? Or both? Or are we recruiting the wrong talent? Is Kevin Dunn really helpful to us as part of the Creative process? Do I really trust Shane/Stephanie/Triple H as managers of my company or should I find someone else? Is having 3 hours of RAW completely overkill for my product?

Also – Why is the WWE constantly telling the public that it’s just “entertainment” and then tells them how wrestlers take bumps, how they are just actors on the screen, or openly exposes their business with documentaries on the WWE Network describing how scripted and produced pro wrestling really is? Do you see Magicians telling everyone how they perform magic tricks? Do you see newsletters leaking the secrets of how Apple, Microsoft,, Coca Cola, Walmart, or other big companies make their decisions? Why do we know so much about the WWE company, its operations, and the real lives of their wrestlers? WWE needs to find a way to bring back the magic of suspending disbelief. If fans of a magician know how he does his tricks, what incentive is there for the fans to pay top $$$ to see that magician perform again? Makes ZERO sense why any promoter or wrestler exposes the business the way they do during the 21st century. In fact, it is completely idiotic and irresponsible.

And here’s my final point…

If the Comcast/FOX are so desperate to pay $200 Million each, per year for my product, then why do I have to adjust to their standards? If they want the WWE on their channel to drive up their ratings against this streaming era, then doesn’t the WWE have leverage over the content? I would think so… And if a more unfiltered product generates higher ratings, wouldn’t the advertisers be more attracted to that?

Furthermore, why did the WWE have to create the WWE Network during 2014? They’ll claim piracy but I’ll claim the economic principle of LAW OF DEMAND instead. Nobody wants to pay $44.99 for a monthly Pay Per View with zero “sense of urgency”. The same thing goes for attending LIVE WWE events. WWE keeps jacking up ticket prices, as they know that the loyal WWE fanbase will fill those lower bowls no matter what. Meanwhile, they’ve priced out generations of younger wrestling fans in favor of gouging a loyal fanbase.

While we’re on the discussion of evolving…

Could wrestling fans evolve too? This blind loyalty to Vince McMahon or whatever Dave Meltzer praises has to stop. If you look around the Internet, it’s nothing but WWE hatred… Yet, the same fans who are constantly ripping the WWE’s Creative Team are the ones who are tuning in weekly and attending live shows when the WWE is in town. WWE fans do not hold the McMahons accountable for their poor decisions. Meanwhile, if anyone has a cup of coffee in New Japan Pro Wrestling, they are considered GODS by Dave Meltzer and an never do anything wrong. Fans hop on Meltzer’s bandwagons and wrestlers name moves after him (I’m sort of jealous of that). Hence why All Elite Wrestling is never held accountable when they do poorly creative stuff on their shows. Aside from 1 recent Pay Per View tag match, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, who are EVPs of AEW mind you, have not delivered those big star rating matches as promised. Furthermore, their creative decisions (Dark Order, Women’s Division) has put the company off to a rough start. They have yet to achieve breaking 1 million viewers since they started.

Anyone even suggesting that Pro Wrestling today is BETTER than the late 1990s needs a serious reality check. All you have to do is logically look at Viewership and Attendance numbers here in the United States… You know, actual facts. Then ask yourselves why guys like Bill Goldberg, Undertaker, Paul Heyman, Jim Ross, Tony Shiavone, Jake Roberts, Arn Anderson, DDP, Tully Blanchard, Chris Jericho, and even Eric Bischoff can still find jobs in this business. Nothing against any of those guys, but they are clearly being brought in to assist an ailing wrestling industry that has NOT produced any recent creative minds. Wrestling is leaning too much on its past because the past product was better. For AEW, when the EVPs were failing creatively, Tony Khan actually took on more of the creative reigns for 2020 and their product has recently improved.

Today’s product is lacking QUALITY because the LOYAL fans do NOT hold Pro Wrestling promoters accountable for bad Creative and Talent decisions. Furthermore, they also don’t hold promoters accountable for failing to protect the business from being exposed. Wrestlers used to be “larger than life” but now, they are just some guy on Twitter who can troll people like the rest of us. They can play video games like the rest of us. Could you imagine a Steve Austin character whom we believed was a Hellraiser and a Beer Drinker that actually quietly played video games in his hotel room and discussed that on Twitter instead?

THINK FOR YOURSELVES, wrestling fans! And stop trying to normalize wrestlers, too. You don’t have to beg for access to their personal lives.

“The Buck Stops Here”… Vince McMahon could FIX his business model by tightening up his backstage, changing his management group, putting better trainers in place and getting rid of the Performance Center, holding wrestlers accountable for exposing the business, not letting his business operations leak to newsletters, and not wasting money on non-wrestling stuff while putting his full attention on putting the WRESTLING back into World WRESTLING Entertainment (used to be called “Federation”).

I bet Vince won’t evolve, as the Corporate game has made him so permanently rich that he doesn’t care any longer…

And with Vince’s refusal to improve the WWE’s product, it only gives AEW and other competitors one last chance to “save” the Pro Wrestling Industry before it has completely diminished for good. We are definitely in 1995-1996 again with fewer fans around to support it if the business grows again.

So just chill… Until the next episode!’s YouTube Channel

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Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time Wrong Warp: 2RX-QCV-N9G
Super Link Bros: HBD-H5C-QRF
Santa Bowser Came Early: GL8-F48-3XG
Super Wrestling Bros: 0H6-9HT-S5G
WWE Royal Rumble: SDH-JC2-HFG
WWE Elimination Chamber: P3B-5DJ-91G
WCW World War 3: BT4-W1Y-HRG
Extreme Championship Wrestling: 42J-4GT-W3G


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