ASK MR. TITO: Your Questions on TV Ratings, AEW, Triple H in Charge of WWE, Tessa Blanchard Controversy, & More

ASK MR. TITO: Your Questions on TV Ratings, AEW, Triple H in Charge of WWE, Tessa Blanchard Controversy, & More

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Happy New Year and welcome back to the EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING that is exclusively here at and has been since October 1998 (with some help to my Top-Rope friends). As I stated in my previous column on Christmas, moving forward, I’m in “part-time” status for writing columns which I mostly was during 2019. If I’m feeling it on a certain topic or my mailbox is filling up again, I’ll just write… But there will be no schedule and I’m certainly NOT going to review shows again. One has to actually watch the full shows, first, to review them… WWE was absolute crap during 2019 and AEW joined the crap club as well throughout 2019, especially towards the end and now to start 2020. Dark Order and Dr. Luther… That is FAR WORSE than anything WWE is trying right now.

For today’s effort, entitled “ASK TITO”, I’m just going to simply answer your questions from various places where questions are asked such as Email, Twitter, or Comments sections of prior columns. That simple. If you have any questions that maybe a future “ASK TITO” column could possibly answer about Past or Present pro wrestling, email me, Tweet me, or comment down below. That simple…

Let’s begin the questions…


Why do Television Ratings or Viewership numbers matter?

It’s a measure of DEMAND. For someone to watch pro wrestling on the USA Network and TNT network in particular, they need to (a) pay for a Cable/Satellite/Streaming service and (b) make themselves available to watch it LIVE. For example, what drove me crazy during 2015 was how much Comcast began to price gouge me on the same Cable package that I had years prior. They seriously jacked up prices by $40 per month on the Cable package that I had (Basic Plus with HBO & Starz) and that was on top of years of increases. They weren’t budging on the price, claiming that they “gave me deals” on prior years. So I considered what I was actually watching on Cable and I determined that I was struggling to watch 3 hours of wrestling on Monday Nights while I was really souring on ESPN’s political slant and disgusted by how bad the 24/7 news channels became. Plus, I loved me some VH1 Classic and Viacom reformatted that channel. Therefore, my demand to (a) pay a higher price for Cable I disliked watching and (b) spend 3 hours on Monday to watch RAW weren’t there during the summer of 2015. Therefore, I cut the cord on Cable.

Compare that to the Attitude Era… I would have donated an arm or a leg to find money to keep seeing Steve Austin, the Rock, Undertaker, Mick Foley, and others performing together along with the New World Order on WCW Nitro for the Monday Night Wars.

What I’m saying is that the QUALITY of wrestling and the top superstars is not there in comparison with other eras.

That is why television ratings matter…

For the WWE, viewership went from 4 million during early 2015 to struggling to be just above 2 million now. DVR numbers have actually declined too and Hulu viewership is insignificant. YouTube numbers can pop from time to time but WWE Officials have told the Wrestling Observer WWE’s YouTube numbers come from “mostly outside US”. In other words, International wrestling fans aren’t willing to pay for expensive Cable/Satellite packages and would rather watch clips for free online (India, as Dave suggested). Translation to other WWE avenues of business = Lower Attendance, Lower Merchandise Sales. DEMAND IS DOWN.

For AEW, they had sellouts for their initial live shows and their ratings were above 1 million… Lately? Half of their smaller arenas are empty or tarped off coinciding with lower television viewership.

NXT‘s houseshow numbers are hit or miss and as you can see from their television viewership, demand isn’t that strong for them. NXT demographics numbers, from being on USA Networks, proved that younger audiences weren’t what carried NXT. It was actually the same old WWE fans. Even if NXT appears to be a better in-ring product that most, DEMAND to watch their show isn’t there and already to start 2020, AEW has beat them soundly.

Television viewership is weak for New Japan, Ring of Honor, and Impact wrestling. Translation? Neither one tours well in the United States no matter how hard they try.

With so much wrestling on, too, Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility (Microeconomics term) kicks in… If you have Pizza for each meal and each day of the week, you’ll get sick of it. Just too much wrestling on and nobody is really differentiating themselves from each other. Worse yet, none of them have a CULTURE that can create a breakout star. WWE is too restrictive while AEW has no restrictions. You need to have a balance of quality control yet freedom given to wrestlers to flesh out their characters. Both styles won’t create that breakout star like a Hogan, Austin, Rock, or Cena that the companies need to make Pro Wrestling grow significantly again.


What an AEW do today to improve and set them up for significant growth during 2020?

First of all, AEW needs patience to grow as a company. Think of it this way… Eric Bischoff was promoted during 1993 and it wasn’t until mid 1996 where WCW became “top dog” in the wrestling business. Many wrestling fans can recall the many disasters that WCW had from 1993 through early 1996. The Uncensored 1996 event was Eric Bischoff’s last straw and he then took charge more of the Creative. By then, Bischoff had 3 years of mistakes to learn from in order to create a product that satisfied wrestling fans.

The biggest mistake that Tony Khan made was making Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks become Executive Vice Presidents of the AEW company. Now granted, AEW might not exist unless Cody, the Bucks, and Omega were granted those positions. HOWEVER, they didn’t have to promote Omega into that spot… After all, he had nothing to do with the “All In” show. Khan could have just signed those wrestlers to wrestler deals and then hired guys like Jim Ross to help him manage the company. Placing the Bucks and Omega in charge of hiring midcard talent + booking them is proving to be a disaster. Women’s Division is completely awful and the Tag Team division isn’t as revolutionary as promised. While remaining on the “wrestlers as management” rant, I’m seriously wondering about Brandi Rhodes having creative say over her character and wrestlers associated with her storylines. Yikes… And that’s crazy because when you hear Brandi speak during interviews, she presents herself well and appears highly intelligent.

Short-term, I’d start to take more advice from Jim Ross if I were Tony Khan or the other EVPs on their roster. Then for the booking, I’d get Chris Jericho more involved as he has reinvented himself many times and did “more with less”. Having him teach others how to get over as he has is a plus… You can have wrestlers coming up with their own angles and storylines but they should present it to a 3 person panel with Ross, Khan, and Jericho for approval. Long-term, I would give Jim Ross a staff that he can groom on talent assessment and scouting while possibly training Cody, Bucks, and Omega on how to manage the business (also from Ross).

But what do I know? I just see half-empty arenas for AEW after a short while of selling out various places.


Do you think that WWE would grow again with Triple H in charge?

Nope… How are those viewership numbers for NXT again? That is Triple H’s product, after all, and it’s proving to not be as big as people thought. While I admire what he has done with NXT and it has been my favorite product from the WWE for the past 5 years, its success is due to it being in a smaller intimate setting and being an alternative to the WWE. In other words, its a salvation for existing WWE fans only to enjoy. Plus, Triple H won’t become CEO of the WWE and nor should he with a real lack of business experience. Sure, he is EVP of Talent, Creative, and Live Events right now, but the WWE machine was already up and running and he has multiple SVP, VP, and other Officer level employees helping him run the business. But if you handed Triple H a balance sheet, income statement, and ratio reports of the WWE business… Could he understand it? I’m not mocking his intelligence, but he never had to run his own business. Vince Sr. made Vince Jr. earn his WWE spot the hard way by running smaller territories and taking on smaller jobs to prove that he could run bigger parts of the WWE business. Triple H has had WWE resources paying for his NXT system taking LOSSES. Big, big difference.

When Vince McMahon retires or passes, it will be Stephanie McMahon acting as CEO… Thus, it won’t be Triple H’s show to run and operate. With HHH, there is Stephanie. Her role as EVP of Creative from late 2000 through 2013 proves everything… She is also incredibly dependent on the WWE Corporation and its resources without having any real successes to prove on her own.

While NXT is fun, it has YET to create top drawing Main Event stars in the vein of the “Class of 2002” Ohio Valley Wrestling system that Jim Ross, Danny Davis, and Jim Cornette managed that produced John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, and Brock Lesnar. Many might ask “what about the Shield” and I’ll reply that Triple H became Developmental EVP during mid 2012. Therefore, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns were John Laurinaitis hires as were CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Yes, Triple H has created a viable Women’s Wrestling division… But it was awful before he took it over. However, Women’s Wrestling has been more of a force since 2015 and attendance, viewership, and merchandise sales have been down since. I’m not blaming them completely, but my point is that they aren’t truly drawing. While WWE tries various Main Event milestones, there’s a reason why Male wrestlers still get the top spots even though they have a weaker Main Event group than ever. There’s a reason why many more people watch NBA compared to the WNBA which the NBA subsidizes with its profits to keep alive.

We enjoy NXT because it’s not the WWE… But as seen by USA Network numbers, their viewership is very disappointing. That’s his baby and style of wrestling that he wants to push… Nationwide, it’s not drawing. That’s on him… He seems to be pushing smaller wrestlers now for NXT, probably wanting them to remain in NXT and not get picked up by the WWE main roster. Well, it’s not drawing to push a bunch of guys less than 6 feet tall.


Who is the next Top Drawing superstar in the wrestling business?

Yikes… A few years ago, someone asked me this very same question and I answered for the WWE, 3 guys… Braun Strowman, Jason Jordan, and Apollo Crews. I thought that all 3 guys had the size, unique look, and if they figured out their characters, they could work. Well, Strowman was a punching bag for Brock Lesnar and tagged up with kids, Jason Jordan became Kurt Angle’s son, and Apollo has just been a “brick in the wall” despite his impressive athletic talent. As I keep stressing, the CULTURE has to be right for anyone to succeed. As I look at the rosters now, years later… Those 3 are helpless. WWE burned them out and ruined them creatively.

MJF could be a strong HEEL only… I just don’t think that he works well as a babyface, as you need to be (a) Taller and (b) appearing “Larger than Life” like a comic book superhero to draw in that role. Just look at Hulk Hogan, the Rock, and John Cena in particular… Need I say more? Steve Austin had the persona of the working man, much like Dusty Rhodes, to draw. Top babyfaces cannot look like everyday guys… Velveteen Dream has a shot but I think that he’s exposed himself too much on Social Media. Wrestlers HAVE to differentiate themselves from the public and revealing how the wrestling business is scripted while giving out details of their personal life ruins the mystique of the business and their characters.

There are a few individual talents in the tag divisions of both the WWE and AEW that could break out if they get more seasoning in the Tag Division and then as a singles midcard wrestler. But again, there needs to be a good developmental system and wise people backstage that can help mold and shape wrestlers.

Top wrestlers have all had the trait of being above 6 feet tall and having charisma or a personality that you just can’t find anywhere. Pro wrestling draws when “Larger than Life” characters that draw reactions by the public are taking ownership of a Championship title seriously. Right now, both the WWE and AEW are lacking such performers.

Gotta have that infrastructure that nurtures talents to become great…


What are your thoughts on the Tessa Blanchard controversy? Do you think she is a racist?

First of all, as I’ve said repeatedly, Social Media is BAD for pro wrestlers. They need to protect the business by appearing “Larger than Life” to their fans. When they get dramatic on Social Media, this tears down the walls of their characters and reduces the draw of them because now they are showing too many similarities with their fans. I’ve said that repeatedly now… Don’t let the general public know your personal life and do not get overly dramatic on Twitter. The loudest Social Media wrestlers are the ones struggling with their pushes. How is Seth Rollins doing these days? He beat Brock Lesnar cleanly twice in the past year and nothing mattered. Too much Twitter bantering with other wrestlers, other promotions, and fans.

Now, for Tessa Blanchard… Here is what I know on Tessa, specifically from her NXT days. Seeing her thrive in Impact Wrestling completely baffled me, so I asked a few independent contacts from the Florida area about her. Some of the wrestlers that I spoke to were either in NXT/FCW, Impact, or are closely associated with wrestlers there. She was only there for a few months during 2016 and was let go by the WWE for reasons not disclosed publicly.

However, from what I hear, she is a “stubborn” and “bull headed” while in NXT because she was a wrestler with 2 years’ experience and reportedly disagreed with the trainers or needing extra training. Combine that with WHO SHE IS, as she is the daughter of NWA/WWE wrestling legend, Tully Blanchard. There was some initial pressure on the trainers and her fellow wrestlers at NXT to succeed. If you combine Tessa’s thoughts that she was already trained with WWE’s expectation on a 2nd generation wrestler, it just didn’t mix. She was isolated at NXT with herself against the trainers and fellow wrestlers. Eventually, it was decided by William Regal and Triple H that it just wasn’t the “right fit” and that they can let her go to make a name for herself elsewhere. If she gets really good somewhere else, the attitude from Triple H and other WWE officials was just to “buy her back”. Notice how her contract is up during 2020?

Fast forward to the Twitter battles of 2020 with Tessa Blanchard against (a) NWA wrestler Allisyn Kay and (b) NXT wrestler Chelsea Green. Both were responding to Tessa’s Tweet that stated: Hey women, try supporting one another. Cool things happen.. After their tweets, other female wrestlers from the independents and other promotions began piling on.

And let’s consider what will actually happen during mid-2020: Tessa’s contract with Impact Wrestling comes up.

NOW – I’m not saying that Tessa didn’t utter a racial slur or that she may have had issues with women’s wrestlers in the past… BUT, if she reportedly uttered a racial slur towards someone in the past, why is that coming out NOW?!? During the week where Tessa may actually win the Impact World Title and during the year when her contract is about to come up? There is likely an element out there that fellow female performers know that Tessa Blanchard is going to cash in somewhere and likely be pushed as a serious star. I say that it’s very doubtful in WWE because of the top stars that they are protecting (but Charlotte vs. Tessa is $$$$$), but if Tessa joins the AEW or NWA roster today, she’s their #1 star in the female division. Period.

Just seems to be unique with the timing of it all… I understand that several female wrestlers hated her Tweet, but that was the trigger for these accusations? You had that anger built up in you for a while, girls… And you know it.

On the racial slur front, wrestlers need to whistle blow on that stuff immediately and get it pushed out of the business. Fact is that she reportedly used the slur in Japan which could potentially hurt business for American wrestlers traveling there for other financial opportunities. But we’re only hearing about it now?

More documentation of incidents, please, and less Twitter drama as well.

On Tessa’s end, she’s denied any bad treatment of Chelsea Green while saying nothing on Allisyn Kay’s accusation of a racial slur being said by Tessa in Japan. I wouldn’t put much stock into Tessa’s LACK of response, as it’s very likely that Anthem’s Impact Human Resources department has an investigation started. In most cases, “silence is deafening”, but it’s very likely that the accusations have turned into an HR matter internally for Tessa Blanchard. Thus, she won’t comment on it all based on the advice of Anthem as the investigation results are pending. Anyone working in a corporate environment would get that.

Moving forward, Tessa should only use Twitter to promote where her wrestling character is performing. That would be my advice for other wrestlers too for using Social Media. You look like FOOLS fighting on Twitter and it reduces my demand to see you live in person because I now know how you really are. Before, it could have been a mystery…


So… If you’ve made it this far (my loyal readers have), then here’s the bonus to the “Ask Tito” columns. After I get through your questions, I’ll do my “LAST WORD” rant to just state my opinions or theories on a particular topic.

I hope you enjoy…


Where are all of the guys at in pro wrestling?

Let me just paraphrase what Chris Jericho once said about joining the WWE locker room during 1999 and why the Attitude Era was so successful. “I joined a locker room full of ‘Alpha Males'”.

In other words, Chris Jericho joined the likes of the Undertaker, Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Triple H, Sean Waltman, Billy Gunn, the Godfather, Ron Simmons, and others with years of experience on scratching and clawing their way to the WWE and their spots. The culture backstage then was to respect veterans and top guys but to also learn from them. While the WWE was expanding back then, wrestlers still packed into a car and shared hotel rooms for long trips back then. They drank beers together, partied together, but when it came time for prime time, wrestlers took their craft seriously. Then, on the car ride away from the arena, they’d critique each other’s matches and share ideas. There was real bonding between wrestlers while at the same time, legit competition for the top spots.

So what is happening now?

Well, everyone is getting paid guaranteed 6-figure money thanks to the Monday Night Wars changing the payment culture. More wrestlers are flying to events while other wrestlers are actually chartering Buses to travel from one event to the next. Instead of going out for a beer, wrestlers pack their Playstations or Xbox devices in their bags to play quietly in their single bedroom hotel rooms or playing on Social Media.

The result?

The last real draws of the WWE men’s division came from the “Class of 2002” Ohio Valley Wrestling territory with Batista, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, & Randy Orton while the rest of the male wrestlers since that Class have been moderate hits at best. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan got over with loyal wrestling fans but the weak SummerSlam 2013 numbers told WWE management otherwise. The Shield was a decent success but as a group… Individually, I’ve proven that Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, using statistics, are drags on WWE’s viewership numbers. The OVW Class of 2002 were trained in a smaller facility that had no luxuries in it, unlike the WWE Performance Center, while Cornette made the OVW wrestlers travel to many small towns to wrestle like an old school territory. This humbled Cena, Batista, Orton, and Lesnar and made them hungry to achieve. The end result? WWE can’t quit Lesnar and Orton while they’d take John Cena or Batista’s phone calls if they are interested.

The Culture of the WWE, since the year 2000, has not been attractive to athletes who might succeed in the wrestling business. Guys like Kevin Nash or the Undertaker played basketball, Goldberg played in the NFL, the Rock played football in college and in Canada, Steve Austin played sports in High School, and onward. Jim Ross’s recruits with Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin were pulled from amateur wrestling.

If you look at College Sports or the Professional leagues, there are plenty of athletes who have lost a step, speed-wise, that actually cause them to lose their jobs on the field. In the case of former basketball players joining wrestling, a knee injury prevents them from running on that hardwood floor nightly. Why aren’t they joining the WWE? Where are those athletes who have failed to join the NFL, MLB, NBA, or even MMA who could translate into a WWE performer? Why isn’t the Performance Center full of them?

Because the WWE culture is broken.

What male athletes likely saw, since 2000, was a company becoming more Corporate and possibly careless with the Wellness issues during the mid to late 2000s (Benoit incident, Guerrero’s death, online lab busts, etc.). They also have watched Vince McMahon’s Creative process and are like “PASS”. Thus, with top athletes out fo the way, you no longer have the “pick of the litter”. Thus, many UNDER 6 Feet Tall wrestlers are now appealing with the taller athletes no longer interested in the WWE.

Fast forward to 2015, and now you have Women’s Wrestling on the rise for the WWE… But is it really drawing? 2015 had RAW viewership just above 4 million viewers per show. Now, we’re barely above 2 million per show (DVR numbers are down too). Attendance is down. Merchandise sales are down. WWE is completely dependent on these Television deals to subsidize their declining business. Thankfully for the WWE, the Cable/Satellite business is declining at a faster rate to make their “barely above 2 million” viewer numbers look great.

Think about where Women’s wrestling was BEFORE the “Divas Revolution” of mid 2015… It was Bella Twins, Diva Search Contests, and maybe AJ Lee & Paige getting our hopes up. Trish Stratus and Lita were great but only in moments. Now, we have at least 2-3 Women’s matches per show and what are the results? Nothing is growing… How did that Rousey vs. Becky vs. Charlotte impact the business again? Besides being a “Wrestlemania first”, what has it done for the business? Because numbers are down since Wrestlemania.

In my opinion, WWE boils down to a declining Men’s Division combined with an improving Women’s Division. And for the Women’s Division, it truly was at rock bottom levels through 2015.

The SAME thing is happening in the Music Industry, in case you haven’t noticed… For Males, you have Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith… Pop singers. Yeah… Where are all of the bands? Where you had 4-5 dudes playing actual instruments and singing about partying, chicks, or how much fun they were having on the road? How about the Rap industry? You had guys singing about legitimate problems win their neighborhoods, partying, issues with police, and how the culture needed to change. The Alpha Males who once packed arenas are gone… What we have left are a few bands who have survived from the past.

MEANWHILE, Females are the primary drivers of the music industry now. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele, etc. Now, an 18 year old named Billie Eilish is on the rise and I’ve never seen concert goers pop so loud for that one… Holy cow. Just check out any live performance of “Bad Guy” and observe how bonkers fans go for Billie appearing and then singing ever song so loudly that you cannot even hear Ms. Eilish sing. It’s incredible…

But where is that for Male performers?

It’s like we shamed all Male performers after the Hair Band era of hard partying, Biggie & Tupac getting murdered, or Marilyn Manson and Eminem saying offensive things. Seriously, have you seen how neutered Eminem has been since his third album? Political correctness has shamed him over his past lyrics. Now, he actually sings about politics and it’s not the same (especially since it’s slanted against 1 side). Thus, if you are a garage band or a male performer… What do you have to gain by being yourself and catering towards your Male instincts?

Then, you have someone who hits the checklist on what could be successful in the WWE… Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns was a former College Football star who flirted with joining the NFL… He has the look, the height, and the actual family connections that give him all of the advantages. The result? Declined viewership since he started getting pushed, ditto attendance and merchandise sales. In fact, he didn’t catch John Cena on merchandise sales until 2018 and that was with Cena being placed on part-time status at best. Roman only trained with FCW/NXT a few years before being rushed to the main roster. While with the WWE since late 2012, he has been handed scripted lines to recite on television and has not been taught the mechanics of in-ring psychology to look good in the ring in between his usual trademark moves (Superman Punch, Driveby, Spear, putting wrestlers through tables).

WWE’s culture has FAILED Roman Reigns. If it was possible for Roman Reigns to be placed into the Ohio Valley Wrestling ecosystem that was overseen by Jim Ross with promo training by Jim Cornette and in-ring training by Danny Davis, you’d have a much better wrestler long-term. Braun Strowman has the look to be a huge star… But he is awful on the microphone and booked to look like a complete idiot. Seriously, folks, he won the WWE Tag Titles with a child at Wrestlemania. Need I say more?

WWE’s culture is NOT built to create the next Alpha Male full of personality, charisma, and appearing “larger than life” to wrestling fans. WWE poorly trains wrestlers, scripts their lines, and let’s them cry on Social Media. AEW is on the other extreme where they give freedom to their wrestlers but maybe too much freedom. Meanwhile, they sign wrestlers who like hardcore matches, lack psychology, or are short in stature and height. They lack an infrastructure that grooms and nurtures. They guy that could help them is RIGHT THERE in Jim Ross, who did that 20 years ago with the WWE… But Father Time makes him less appealing for EVPs Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, and especially Kenny Omega to listen to… Everyone acts like a guy who is forced to watch wrestling (by commentating on it) has forgot what makes a successful wrestling company.

Female wrestling is likely to keep growing because that’s what promoters THINK is the future of their company. Meanwhile, they haven’t realized how much they have limited Male wrestling growth by their own pure stupidity.

Last time I checked, the WNBA was struggling financially while the NBA remains strong. Following a few years of struggles after Michael Jordan’s retirement, the NBA tweaked a few rules to enable new stars like Lebron James, Kevin Durant, D-Wade, Stephen Curry, and many others to thrive. It is a FACT that the WNBA needs the NBA’s financial subsidies to survive… Do you really think that if the WWE went 100% women that it would survive? I don’t… Even with Women appearing to improve while the Men’s division lacks top drawing stars, Vince is still booking males in the majority of his main events. FACT. And who is Vince McMahon still relying on? Brock Lesnar… The last Alpha Male of the pro wrestling industry.

And I’d argue that the Women of the past were might bigger draws, too… You know, someone like Miss Elizabeth, Sunny, Sable, or Torrie Wilson. Did they do much wrestling? Sable and Torrie tried… But what was their drawing appeal again?

Sex sells… By the way, who still watches wrestling again by a large majority? MALES.

Everybody got “up in arms” when Liv Morgan revealed herself as having an “affair” with Lana during the Wedding Angle a few weeks ago. But who was popping for that reveal within the live audience? MEN.

The WWE Corporation is killing its own business by being politically correct and presenting Creative that has zero appeal from future Male applicants. With the failure rates of joining the NBA, MLB, NFL, or MMA actually being quite high, the WWE should be packed with MALE athletes at their Performance Center. They are not… They are certainly attracting plenty of under 6 foot spot machines who grew up watching ECW and TNA, though… Plenty of those wrestlers to choose from… How are NXT’s numbers again on the USA Network?



Hopefully, you have enjoyed this FIRST column of the year by Mr. Tito here at If this format or style works for you, LET ME KNOW either by commenting below or Tweeting me at @titowrestling. As long as you’re not a butthead, I usually respond back…

If this seems like a reasonable format, I could see doing this at least once a month, if not once every 2 weeks. I’m done with Televised events at the moment, though I could see myself being enticed to give Royal Rumble a try (likely) and trying Wrestlemania (possibly), though if Wrestlemania’s card looks week, I can easily boycott that. We’ll see… I’m definitely in “part-time” mode writing when I want and what I want…

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