Backstage Details On NJPW's COVID-19 Precautions For Fans Coming Back

Backstage Details On NJPW’s COVID-19 Precautions For Fans Coming Back

During his weekly appearance on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast (for Patreon subscribers) the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer details how fans were allowed to attend NJPW’s New Japan Cup Finals and Dominion events, along with the COVID-19 precautions the promotion took to assure fans safety.

Meltzer reports that standard temperature checks were done on fans, as well as made it mandatory to wear masks throughout the show. NJPW also asked fans not to make too much audible noise if they could avoid it (no cheering or booing) and instead share their appreciation to the wrestlers by clapping. However, there was certainly still some noise for the big title change and EVIL’s jump to the Bullet Club over the course of the two shows.

The other big thing noted was that fans were required to share their contact information with NJPW, that way if anyone does end up testing positive NJPW can reach out to anyone sitting in the vicinity of the infected to alert them.

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