Bill Goldberg Talks Negative Crowd Reaction At WrestleMania XX: "It Hurt My Heart"

Bill Goldberg Talks Negative Crowd Reaction At WrestleMania XX: “It Hurt My Heart”

WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg was a recent guest on Inside The Ropes to discuss the infamous WrestleMania XX matchup against Brock Lesnar. The fans from the legendary Madison Square Garden arena in New York hijacked the match by booing loudly throughout due to discovering that both men would be departing the company afterwards.

Goldberg begins by recalling how Vince McMahon decided he would be the one who picked up the victory.

If you are presented with that scenario and you are Vince McMahon, what the hell do you do? Who do you let win, who do you hate less? I just wonder how he (McMahon) came to that decision. I really do because he wanted to kill me. I know he wanted to kill Brock. So, I guess he wanted to kill Brock more and that is why I won.

The champ later admitted that the fan reaction did hurt his heart, as he tried to go out there and give his best.

Nobody cared. They wanted to yell and boo and do all that stuff, but I’ll be damned if you tell me that in a match where you got me pressing Brock Lesnar up over his head and him pressing me up over his head. You can’t tell me that’s not one of the coolest things you could see in one match because no one has ever done it to me and no one has ever done it to him since that I know of. It was tough though. It hurt my heart. You don’t feel appreciated after going out there and giving it your best.

Check out his full comments below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)


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