Cody Rhodes Says Sammy Guevara Will Be "A Better Man" When He Returns

Cody Rhodes Says Sammy Guevara Will Be “A Better Man” When He Returns

Cody Rhodes took to Twitter today to complain about 7.5oz Diet Coke bottles, but that didn’t stop fans from asking about Sammy Guevara. One fan wrote a tweet with the hashtag “#WeStandWithSammy” and asked for him to be brought back.

Rhodes responded by telling the commenter, “Sammy will return. And he will be a better professional wrestler, and a better man when he does.”

Guevara was suspended last week when an old podcast he was on resurfaced. During the show, Guevara made an inappropriate comment towards Sasha Banks that involved “rape.” Sasha Banks responded, and while she did accept his apology, she added that everyone should be accountable for their actions. AEW suspended Sammy, docked his pay, and sent him to sensitivity therapy. All the money docked from Sammy’s paycheck is being donated to the Women’s Center of Jacksonville. It’s said that Sammy personally called several members of AEW management and apologized.

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