David Benoit Names One Person He Didn't Want Involved In Dark Side of the Ring, Letting Go Of All His Pain

David Benoit Names One Person He Didn’t Want Involved In Dark Side of the Ring, Letting Go Of All His Pain

David Benoit was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio to talk about the second season of Viceland’s Dark Side of the Ring, where the son of the infamous WWE superstar Chris Benoit recalls one person he didn’t want involved in the documentary, which focused on his father’s gruesome murder/suicide.

They [ran] things by me but that’s one I didn’t expect… it bothered me a lot. I didn’t expect to see those pictures, I guess you could say, and what’s his name? He’s on the show. I didn’t want him on there but you know… I think his name is Matthew [Randazzo]. He wrote a book about my dad [Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit & The Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry].

David later expressed how good it felt to get all the pain off his chest by talking about his mother, father, and brother.

I let 13 years of pain go away when I sat there in front of that camera. I let it all out and I felt like a new man. I got to select everyone I wanted so, Dean, Chris [Jericho], Vickie. Those were the main people I picked so.

He also speaks on coming back into wrestling.

Yeah, I fell out of wrestling for a couple of years. I went back in 2011, to WWE for the first time and I saw Vince for the first time too, and then I fell — I didn’t really watch it. I watched it for Natalya and Chris [Jericho] and some of the other guys like Kalisto, Sasha Banks, and then I fell in love with AEW when I first went to their show Double Or Nothing in Vegas. I got lost in the moment with all the storytelling and everything was just good. It reminded me of the old days.

Listen to the full episode here. (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)


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