DEAD OR ALIVE 2020: Jon Moxley & Darby Allin v Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic + The Rhodes Brothers v The Inner Circle

DEAD OR ALIVE 2020: Jon Moxley & Darby Allin v Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic + The Rhodes Brothers v The Inner Circle

Dead or Alive

Every year in the Columns Forum we host a tournament called Dead Or Alive that sees wrestlers from all around the world converge on a strange island ruled by a mysterious force and fight until only one team remains. Some come willingly, others not so but all are changed and scarred by the experience.

This is the first two matches of round two of the tournament and features a round written by myself, Sir Sam, and another by CF regular JacobWrestledGod. You can read the first round in the Columns Forum here or just jump straight in at round two.

Also shout out to CF Legend Mizfan who has curated this year’s tournament.


Dijak v Keith Lee

Darby ran through the door, slamming it behind him. He wiped blood out of his eyes as he sprinted down the corridor, his head throbbed from the deep gash across his brow but he would not stop. Behind him the two men charged through the door, busting it off its hinges.

Darby turned around a corner in the corridor and was faced with another closed door. He rushed up to it jiggling the handle, “come on, come on, come on.” It was no good, this door was locked. Allin frantically looked for another option, a ventilation shaft, a window, anything. Turning around he saw his two pursuers slow to a walk, looking at one another with a sick smile, the taller one cracked his knuckles while the larger man swung his arms in and out, getting ready to pounce.


Darby dragged his partner along the track, one arm under the bigger man’s shoulder. Moxley was still out of it from the copious amounts of THC he had inhaled and made an almost comical site as he stumbled along leaning most of his body weight on the much smaller man.  As the sun began to set behind some ominous looking clouds Allin scanned the undergrowth that clung to the edge of the track for a place to hide away for the night. He was cold but didn’t want to risk a fire given the state of his teammate, he would just have to settle for sleep.

“Ryback, moonsault, good shit”, mumbled Moxley, spit forming at the edge of his mouth.

Darby felt an overwhelming resentment building towards Mox. Against his normal judgement he had thought he could trust Moxley. He was the kind of guy Allin thought he could respect: straight talking and a man who followed through on his promises, not a someone full of lies and deceit as most men are. That was all bullshit though. Here Darby was again, carrying this sorry sucker who would probably be dead if it wasn’t for him; would be dead if Darby didn’t have to keep him alive for his own sake. They only escaped the last fight because of him, while Mox was busy getting high with the british dude Allin had outsmarted that smarmy shoot fighter and helped them survive. Without Allin, Moxley wouldn’t have even needed an opponent, he would have walked himself off a cliff

Allin spotted some rocks covered by ferns and let his semi-conscious teammate slump to the ground. He pushed away some of the ferns to reveal a small cave. This will have to do, he thought and dragged Moxley in, lying him down.

“Seth, gas mask, needles”, Mox’s eyes drooped shut and he began to snore lightly.

Darby resisted the urge to slap Moxley.

He sat down with his back against the cave wall and began to tend to his own wounds. Outside the heaving clouds broke open and rain tumbled down. Allin shivered as the temperature continued to drop but used the water running down the outside of the cave to clean a gash in his arm. This rain would at least help muffle any noises that might reveal them to any passersby.

Allin tore a strip off his shirt, rummaged through his companions gear bag and found a hip flask. He grit his teeth and grimaced as he dabbed the wound with whiskey from the flask, wrapping the remaining cloth around the now clean gash on his right arm.

Leaning back against the cave wall he risked closing his eyes, he still felt on edge but the anxiety and anger within him began to subside. They never completely left him, those two emotions were like old friends but as tiredness overtook him they dipped from roaring screams to their usual constant background hum until a light sleep overcame him.


Allin woke with a start. He couldn’t work out if he’d been out for a minute or an hour but in the distance he heard the crunching of twigs along the path and some deep voices booming through the forest. He looked over at Mox who was still snoring lightly. In the darkness of a cloudy night Darby couldn’t see the men but whoever they were they weren’t afraid of making a noise.

“And then I snapped his fuckin’ arm in two. You should have seen his fucking face, I swear his eyes were the size of your hands.”

They were heading towards Allin and Moxley, walking towards the industrial warehouse Allin had disposed of the MMA fighter in. Darby crawled to the edge of the cave and slowly pushed a fern to the side so he could get a view of the men. There was two of them, both were big, larger even than Moxley and they walked along with a swagger, completely oblivious to Darby’s presence.

Darby observed them, one was slightly taller and ripped with muscles but the shorter one was who caught Allin’s eye, much broader, almost like a boulder with legs and had an air of menace about him.

Just as the pair were nearly past, behind him Allin heard Mox roll over in his sleep, knocking the hip flask of whiskey over against the rocks with a clang. Allin froze for a second as the shorter man’s head immediately spun around. He could hear the big men behind him debating if they had heard something, thankfully the rain may have just done enough to mask the sound of the flask falling.

“I swore I heard something,” said one in a deep voice.

“It was nothing, let’s get going to find some shelter.”

“Give me a second.”

Thinking quickly and with his heart running at a hundred miles an hour, Allin crawled the six feet or so back to the cave and desperately started to pull Moxley and their gear out and into the denser shrubs nearby.

The shorter man made his way to the edge of the track and started to aimlessly push around branches, looking for anything. Allin frantically covered the marks in the dirt from dragging Moxley out of the cave and pulled ferns over the pair. Within a minute the big man found the cave they had been in. Mere feet away Allin held his breath for what felt like an eternity before the big man withdrew.

“Must have been an animal or something, let’s get going to that building down the road.”

The pair started off again and Allin briefly breathed a sigh of relief before the rage started to build up in his stomach. Twice this stoned fool had let him down now, twice he had to save this useless man from himself. Allin, sat in the mud seething as the rain soaked through his clothes. He knew who he could rely on, the only person he had ever been able to rely on himself and on this island where you had to kill or be killed he knew what he had to do. With that Allin went to their supply bag, pushed aside the baseball and barbed wire opting instead for a twelve inch jagged knife. Allin slipped off down the track, silently following after the two bigger men, he had work to do.

Moving lightly on his feet, Allin caught up to the other two men within what felt like half an hour but kept his distance, he would need to wait for the ideal moment to spring. They would obviously be more powerful but size had never been something he cared about, he would be quicker and have surprise on his side. He followed the men for another hour before they got to the warehouse Allin had previously been in. It was a big facility that sat in the middle of a forest clearing and Allin knew the winding corridors and ventilation system would give him his best chance of attack.

The big men seemed to be happy to finally make it to shelter and wasted no time opening up the large garage door covering the entrance but were frustrated when they saw no lights inside.

“Go check for a fuse box.” The shorter man ordered and the more muscular of the pair skulked off around the corner of the facility. Allin, followed him at a distance, staying hidden behind the shrubs that lined the clearing. The tall man found what he was looking for and turned his back to Allin as he focused on the switches and dials that filled the switchbox for the warehouse.

Allin snuck forward, this was his chance, one on one, surprise on his side.

He swiftly and silently closed the distance,

Three meters,

Two meters,

One meter.

“Are you right round there!” sung out the tall man’s companion. At the switchbox the taller man paused and turned, just in time to see Allin launching himself, knife swinging with murderous intent. The tall man slipped to the left at the last second, dodging a blow that would have surely impaled him and Allin ran face first into the switchbox.

“Who the fuck are you?” The tall man exclaimed as he grabbed the back of Allin’s head and rammed it hard into the edge of the metal box, splitting Allin’s forehead in two. Allin spun around, swiping at his opponent’s stomach with his kife, drawing a thin red line across it even as the big man jumped backwards.

“Oi, big fella! Get around here!” the tall guy yelled out to his partner.

This was not going how Allin had hoped, he dodged a blow that came in from his left and sliced upwards with his knife, opening a wound on his aggressors arm but within a split second he was again in the tall man’s strong grip and getting rammed against the metal walls of the warehouse.


Allin spat blood out of his mouth as his spine was driven against the metal again. On the second hit his knife fell to the ground and out of the corner of his eye he saw the shorter man running around the corner. Allin had to get out of there quickly, without the power to break the bigger man’s grip Allin instead bit down hard on his attacker’s hand. Allin felt flesh splitting under his bite and the big man’s grip loosen. Allin ducked down, dodging a clumsy swipe for the tall man, ran straight past the partner and into the winding dark corridors of the warehouse.


Moxley woke up with a start.

“Where the fuck?”

He groped around in the darkness, he was caked in leaves and damp mud, his clothes were soaked through from the rain that was falling all around him and his head felt like it was about to explode. Slowly his memory came back to him, fighting that english guy on a hill, passing out, he thought he remembered that Allin kid, his partner on this island dragging him along.

Mox sat up in the mud, he was alone now but as his eyes adjusted he could see marks from someone around him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw moonlight flash off something silver.

“Hell yeah.”

Mox picked up his flask and took a swig. The whiskey warmed his body as it went down his throat.

As Moxley studied the marks that dotted the area around him, another imprint from a body and never to it he saw the fresh tracks leading through the mud. They couldn’t have been more than ten minutes old.


Darby ran through another door, slamming it behind him. He wiped blood out of his eyes as he sprinted down the corridor, his head throbbed from the gash across his brow but he would not stop. Behind him the two men charged through the door, busting it off its hinges. They had been chasing him for a good five minutes now, through the maze of corridors, surely they would start to tire soon.

Darby turned around a corner in the corridor and was faced with another closed door. He rushed up to it jiggling the handle, “come on, come on, come on.” It was no good, this door was locked. Allin frantically looked for another option, a ventilation shaft, a window, anything. Turning around he saw his two pursuers slow to a walk, looking at one another with a sick smile, the taller one cracked his knuckles while the larger man swung his arms in and out, getting ready to pounce.

Allin planted his feet as the two men approached, he thought about the tattoo he had on his chest, “nothing’s over till you’re underground,” he muttered to himself as he exploded off a standing start charging directly at the taller man. As he made impact he curled himself up behind his shoulder, getting every ounce of momentum and driving it into the gash on his opponents stomach.

His attack didn’t last long though, from behind the shorter man grabbed him around the waist, lifted him over his head and slammed Allin’s shoulders and head into the ground. Allin’s vision went momentarily black and he felt himself cough up blood. Allin’s attacked didn’t let go, lifted him up high and slammed him down again, this time as Allin’s head connected with the concrete floor he felt consciousness leave him he could feel he was in motion, being raised up again but no longer had any control over his limbs and his vision blurred. The final blow didn’t happen though, the shorter man suddenly dropped Allin and the young man crumbled to the floor.

Lying on the ground, drifting in and out of consciousness Darby felt like he could see motion around him. Red blobs seemed to appear everywhere, dancing across his blurred vision and even though it felt like it was miles away he thought he could hear the sound of dull thuds. Things moved further and further away and got blurrier and blurier and Allin drifted into complete darkness.


Allin woke suddenly, he was sitting up and a blood stained Jon Moxley was slapping his face.

“What the fuck kid? Why’d you run away?”

Behind Moxley, Allin could see two mangled bodies, blood painted the walls and pooled on the floor around the bodies, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire was embedded in the broken skull of the shorter man.

“We’re a team, kid. I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine.”

Darby tried to respond but all that came out was a pained grunt.

“Don’t forget this kid, now let’s get going, we’ve still got plenty of work here to do.”





You cried out pitifully.

Lord, don’t depart from me!

But, all there was left was silence.


Quote Originally Posted by 2019, DOA

You turned and jumped out of your seat. “Eh. R-Truth and… Carmella. How.. did ya… this… omg,… My house..” It suddenly dawned on you that perhaps, DOA is real. And that reality has spilled into your reality.

The greatest column series in LOP history… the stories… they are real.

Carmella and R-Truth jump forward and bear-hug you. They are gasping and laughing, unable to hold in their joy anymore. Carmella beams at Truth. “We escaped… we escaped!” they yell with joy.

You. You ignored them as the room turns silent. You stand there. Transfixed. Staring at the open vault door. You are the biggest fan of DOA island after all. What if…

You gently push Carmella and Truth aside.

“Whatcha doing, hey…. don’t go in there you idio…” R-Truth screams after you as you walk across your bedroom.

You simply step through the vault door and smile, waving back at them as the vault shuts itself, and your room disappears behind the door.

Winner: Rusev and Lana

“R-Truth and Carmella has been eliminated…” A loud voice boomed through the island. You sat down in the dark cave, grinning.




The lit cigarette rolls over a ball of dust caked into the ground. You almost fall over trying to pick it up. Woah, got up too fast, You’re dizzy. You blow hard on the end where you put your mouth, as if that helps to clear the dirt. But you…

Whatever, really need this cigarette. At last, you are no longer just reading DOA. You are living DOA.

You try to stare into the cave, try to walk without stumbling on the rough ground.

The cave looks darker here, took a wrong turn. Fuck, you don’t care to be honest. You just want the buzz to stay. And the smell in the air makes you numb and happy if only for a moment. Oh wow, you forgot you have this phone in your hand. Switch on the light for good luck! Where’s your lighter? You could use a cigarette. God damnit, you are always dropping things.

The light from your phone stretches into the distance. The cave looks but doesn’t feel empty. You vaguely hear some rumbling around you, and footsteps shuffling far away.

Then you stumble upon a piece of crushed paper rolling in the draft on the cave floor covered in dust and mud, almost like a document. A newspaper clipping perhaps.


“Look here, ya idiot,” a voice shoots out from the darkness. You can’t see clearly, except the silhouette which inches closer and closer, “I have been in a whole lotta crummy dives, drunk at Canadian bars as a bunch of pigs, the type of human shitstain ya wouldn’t even tell your mom about. But you, who the heck are you?”

You pause, readying your fist. Those are fighting words.

“You gonna move, you gassed asshole?” another shadow growls. You just keep staring into his ever-angrier eyes. “No? Well, allow me!”

The hit comes a lot quicker than you expect. It is a stern blow to the shoulder, just missing your collarbone. Your legs are becoming more and more unsteady. You instinctively draw back your fist and swing it as hard as you can on the man’s face. But all you hit is air. Your vision is too blurred to get a good shot.

Then you are down.

SCREAMS are shrill and clear in the distance. But the man doesn’t care.
Swung to the left — THWACK! Swung to the right —


Measured and steady.
The screams seems quieter.


He continues his assault. You can hardly feel anything now.
The sound of the screams fades, and is

Is the only sound you can hear.

And slowly, your vision blurred. Not in darkness, but towards a bright light…

Bounded. Lying on the floor. Your puffed up eyes slowly open to see none other than Chris Jericho, staring right at you.

There was a small gap of memory loss. It may have been one second or it might have been thirty; you do not know. Next you hear another voice, and tilt your head towards it. It is a wrestler from AEW or somewhere. You don’t know.

For a while you sit still, feeling comfortable, but a little drowsy. You feel nothing at all. Not until you feel the hotness around your legs. At first it is only warmness but it grows like insects cutting your skin.

Then you saw a fire beneath you. You can’t response as the hotness around your legs grew hotter and hotter and stinging you. You scream aloud, “God, I’m going to be charred.”

Corpse. Charred. Black.

Then you hear Jericho. “Tell me, boy, and be truthful. Before I roast you to death.”

“Wait, I can explain…”

“Sammy, heat up…”

Things begins to hurt. There is something hurting really bad with your face. Something has happened to it. Slowly you raise your hand to feel it. It is sticky. You can’t see anything.

There is a loud bump, and nothingness engulfs you.



Sammy looks at Jericho again, awaiting instructions from his boss. In the bag across his shoulder, a deep red bloody dye sips through and slowly drips over his own body. He shudders to think about accidentally ingesting the cordyceps juice that is on his body. There are a lot of power and deadly effects in this plant, but its origin is a mystery.

“Boss, should we feed it to the….” Sammy pointed at the barely alive man who was nearly roasted to death.

“…nah. We keep him for Cody, you know he has a soft spot for hostages.” Jericho lift the man up and after a long walk, they exit the cave into… the compounds of a beautiful mansion.

The fence and gate is garnished with the family name “Runnels” in beautiful bronze words.

Sammy: Boss, just as you requested, a complete 3D remodelling…

Jericho: …Of the Rhodes family home.

Sammy: And you asked me to….

Jericho: Yes, did you find the corpse?

Sammy:Ya, I did, and the thing is, the face… the entire head is still intact, boss. You can tell who the dead man is.

Jericho: Exactly what we need. Give me the cordyceps.

Sammy takes out a bloody red plant that looks like red worms crawling out of the ground.

The living room permeates a stench of rotting meat.

Right in the middle of the living room, a large rotting corpse lay silently. Jericho smirks, and stuffs the drug into the corpse’s mouth. A soft moan suddenly comes out of the corpse as its fingers slowly start to clench into a fist.

Immediately, Jericho shouts. “Run. Sammy, Run.”

They throw the burnt man into a room, lock it, and rush out the front doors of the mansion, slamming them shut behind them. Sammy quickly binds the handles with a long rusted chains.

A primal scream comes from inside the house, as an unseen creature stumbles with great force and slams into the door. The creature’s growl intensifies as loud noises were heard, as if claws are crawling against the wooden door in great hunger.

The trap… is set.



After his metamorphism into Golddust, his energy and power is completely sapped.

Golddust is shredding his golden skin. His wrinkles show his age under the glittering charade. He pants as he leans with his back against a big oak tree. He is Golddust no more – Dustin Rhodes is now back to the veteran wrestler who lost his youthfulness.

The Rhodes has been trekking for the past 4 hours.

Dustin Rhodes: Cody, wait up, I can’t go any longer.

Cody Rhodes looks back at his brother, shaking his head, like the angry younger brother he has always been. He hated his brother for years, because of the time that his dad spent with his brother over him. This queer in his golden suit and glittering paint was earning his father’s approval while his dad always calling Cody too young and over protecting Cody. Cody hated it.

The more Cody loves his brother and father, the more Cody hates them. He wants them, yet he didn’t want their protection.

He didn’t want his family always looking after him.

Cody wants to be his own man.

Cody: You shouldn’t have used up your powers so soon. It’s only Rhea and Candice, I could have handled them by mysel….

Dustin: You were about to DIE, you ungrateful bastard…

Cody: … and look at you now? A husk of a man. I don’t need your protection all the time, you think you are my bigger brother, big fucking deal.

Dustin: Not now, Cody, we don’t have time for this. Dad wouldn’t want…

Cody: FUCK YOU! Always going on about what dad wants. Shut the fuck up…

Suddenly a raven comes down from the sky towards Cody, nearly hitting his head as Cody ducks down. The raven lands on rotten tree stump, bows at Cody, and drops an envelope at his feet before flying away. Cody opens the letter within.

Cody: Hear this.
Dear Rhodes, This is I, the king of the world, the best in the world at what he does, the almighty Chris Jericho.

In the interest of our souls, Sammy and I, as part of the Inner Circle, welcomes you, the Rhode Brothers, to put an end to this wild goose chase.

We will be waiting at coordinate A15 of DOA Island, Western Front, until tomorrow 11:59pm (4th April 2020) to engage you in a fair battle to death.

To prove that this is not a trap, I have also enclosed a DOA credit QR code of 10,000 DOA credits – do what you will with the credit, buy weapons or food or whatever you need to prepare for the battle.

See you on the other side.

Yours truly,
Le Champion
Chris Jericho.

Dustin: It’s a fucking trap, that’s what it is, Cody. Listen to me, this is my plan…

Cody stares at his brother.

Cody: shhh…. Dustin. For once, just once in this family, can I take the lead?

Dustin: … I know the devices of Jericho… I know how to handle them…

Cody scans the QR for the credits, throws the letter on the ground and storms off.

Cody: If you are too scared, my brother, then hide all you want. Goodbye.

Dustin: Wait…..

It was too late, Cody runs off into the dark, and is already plotting how to get to Jericho.



You woke up in the dark, your face and body in stinging pain. You are in the corner of a room, wondering where you are. Not so much a warrior now. DOA is not a place for mortals like you.

You gingerly pick yourself up, as you survey the room. Looking out the window, it’s pitch dark outside. It is a neat single room, with multiple college sports trophies, from wrestling to football to even tennis arranged neatly on a shelf. A replicated Intercontinental title also hangs above the single bed. You pick up one of the photo frames on the small work desk in the corner.

Suddenly you hear a growl outside the room door, and something feral is slamming against the walls. You retreat from the door and check the sole window, but it’s wielded shut. You snatch a football trophy and smash it against the window many times, but it doesn’t shatter. The desperate growls turn into beastly screams as the creature outside the room hungers for you.

I’m becom-, I’m becom-, I’m becoming
I’m becom-, I’m becom-, I’m becoming

You hear Chris Jericho’s theme song “Judas” blasting outside the house.

Seems like Le Champion is ready.

Cody Rhodes arrives in the dark familiar street of his family home. Cody knows it’s fake, another one of Jericho’s mind games. With enough DOA credits, you can summon just about anything, even a full 3D rendition of your opponent’s family home.

Cody is ready. He purchased and used the rapid healing module with the credits, and also got himself a pair of katanas.

I’m becom-, I’m becom-, I’m becoming
I’m becom-, I’m becom-, I’m becoming

Jericho stands outside the mansion with a massive grin, with Sammy by his side. They look unarmed, but Jericho has a bottle of champagne and a clipboard in his hand.

The music stops as Jericho waves his hand at Cody from across the street.

“WELCOME TO DOA IS JERICHO! Look at this, Cody.” Jericho turns and waves his hand at the mansion. “Down the memory lane, eh? You see Cody, I ask you here tonight for a fight. but the truth is, I want you to join… this list.” Jericho waves his clipboard with the cover “The Inner Circle”.

“You see Cody, you came here alone, and it’s a good thing you leave that useless pathetic idiot brother of yours. I offer you this… I give you the GIFT of JERICHO, to offer you a position under the belt of the best in the world, Le Champion of the world. Everything I touch, even Sammy boy here, turns to gold. Will you accept this… Little Bit of the Bubbly? Put down your weapons and join the Inner Circle. All you need is bow down before Le Champion, my friend, or be turned to dust, and it won’t be glittery stardust.”

Cody hesitates at the words of Jericho, as he shafts his pair of katanas. He walks forward carefully across the street, and slowly as he approaches, he kneels down, 5 feet across Jericho.

“That’s my boy!” Jericho grins.

Suddenly Cody reveals a dagger from under his palm and attempts to strike Jericho with an upper cut. Jericho instantly blocks with the champagne bottle which is actually made of pure gold, effectively knocking the dagger out of Cody’s hands, as Cody reaches for his katanas, Sammy delivers a drop kick straight to Cody’s head, while Cody rolls backward, recovers and body-slams Sammy straight into the ground.


Jericho fires a shotgun at Cody and blasts him a few feet off the ground. “How ya like my big guns!” screams Jericho in absolute joy.

Cody instantly stands up revealing a harden spatial armor under his shirt. Jericho fires multiple shots at Cody, even his head, but the armor protects Cody completely. Jericho’s shotgun clicks empty as he throws it to the side. He grabs Sammy up and raises his hand at Cody.

“I surrender! I surrender!” Jericho screams. Cody raises the katana at Jericho’s neck… And Jericho starts to laugh.

“Hahahaha, Cody, Cody. You idiot. You kill me now, and you will not be able to save the innocent man in the house.”

Cody hesitates.

“Well, I have a proposal for you Cody. You either let the man die in the house. Or you can rush in now before he gets….. cannibalized.” Suddenly a whiff of mist envelops Jericho and Sammy and they disappear. Cody screams out in anger as he lost his prey.

“God damn it.” Cody carefully walks to the front door. He knows it’s a trap, but he had to try.

Cody rushes into the mansion.

The living room. Such a familiar sight. Everything like how he remembers. The sofa, the lights, the family pictures on the walls… everything. Even the smell.

Then he hears a primal scream. It’s from the gym. Cody remembers the times they had fun with Dad in the gym, where he set up a wrestling ring in there so the kids can play.

Cody sneaks his way into the gym, slowly getting into the dark. There’s an animal growling in the wrestling ring.

Cody looks up at the ring.
The rooting corpse of Dusty Rhodes, a bloodied mess, staring viciously at Cody.

“Dad?” Cody pleads.

The creature screams out, and pounces from the ring at Cody, his teeth gnashing as if to bite Cody. Cody uses his Katanas to push back on Dusty as he backs himself into the ring, his dad as if a mindless beast, a zombie, lashing out to bite Cody relentlessly.

Cody refuses to use his blades on his own dad, but he can’t hold on for much longer.

“Dad, please, don’t… no…”

The zombie rushes and tackles Cody over the top rope, off the ring to the floor outside. Dusty is now on top of Cody, trying to sink his teeth into Cody’s neck. Cody continues to push the bloodied face away, struggling…


A loud thud comes from nowhere. Dusty Rhodes is lifted off the ground from Cody and tackled to the side, smashing into the wall. It was Golddust, his golden face paint nearly completely removed.

“Cody, run, Cody….” Golddust screams as he pins the zombie against the wall. “He’s not dad anymor….”

Cody shakes his head in disbelief.

“Dad! Dad?”

He repeatedly shouts.



You press your ear against the door. You can hear the creature retreating away from your bedroom, its feet lumbering away slowly. Perhaps you can make a run for it. You slowly turn the handle, and pull the door back slightly, peeking out. The lumbering figure, in the dark, looks almost like a human. It was dragging its feet away, still growling as it went through another door at the far end of the house. It’s now or never. Tiptoeing out, you lay down, crawling. You want to crawl out the front door, but figure that Jericho is likely on the other end.

Crawling towards the eastern side of the house, you see a door that is ajar. This is likely the garage. You can hear that Jericho’s music has stopped. You lock the door behind you, as you step into the garage.

Jericho and Sammy reappear in front of the mansion, in silence. Jericho knows he has Cody in the palm of his hands.

Suddenly, the front door flung open. A shadowy figure walks outs, his body covered in blood, his head hung low. It was Cody.

He emerges from the shadows, holding something big in his hand. He looks up at Jericho, tears and blood flowing down his eyes.

Cody swing his arm out and throws what seemed like a ball right at Jericho’s feet. It is not a ball. As it slowly rolls towards them, Sammy flinches.

It was the bloodied head of Dusty Rhodes.

Jericho starts to laugh. “Well, well. Didn’t know you had it in you to behead your own father.”

Cody stares blankly forward, and raises his katana at Jericho. Without a word, he threw the sword at Jericho.

Without hesitation, Sammy leaps across and using his arm, blocks the katana before it hits Jericho. The sword slices through Sammy’s arm and drops to the side, as Sammy collapses with blood gushing out from the gaping wound that was once his arm. His blood gushes over the face of Jericho.

Jericho steps backwards. “Sammy!!! You got all your stupid blood all over me, you idiot.

Suddenly, a growling sound appears behind Jericho. Before he can react, a creature pounces on him, pinning him on the ground, gnashing its teeth.

It’s the blood. Zombies are attracted to blood.


Cody had a plan. When his dad bit into Golddust, he knew in his heart he lost his brother.


Cody then sliced off the head of his dad.
Finally, his dad is laid to rest.
The body of Goldust lay on the ground, but a moan emitted from the corpse’s mouth. Cody knew his brother has TURNED.

Cody kicked open the side door of the gym, allowing his brother to leave the house, before retreating out the main door, holding on his father’s head…


Jericho is pinned on the ground, while Sammy has crawled away into the forest, fearful of his own life.

“GET OFF ME! IDIOT!” screams Jericho as he pushes against Golddust with his golden champagne bottle. But Golddust’s lust for blood is too strong as his face slowly moves forward, his teeth INCHES away from clamping down on the neck of Jericho…



Jericho knew that if Cody can mentally survive beheading his own father, he will need a contingency plan.

So he inducted Rusev and Lana into his Inner Circle.

After all, he was the one who saved their lives in DOA 2016 when he gave up his ultimate prize to bring back Lana and Rusev from the dead.

And so it begins.


“I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD, BABY!” shouts Jericho towards Cody, as Golddust fell to the side, his head exploded as Rusev and Lana fired shots into the zombie’s head. “Rusev and Lana, finish him!”

They fired shots from their guns at Cody, who ducks out of the way, his armor deflecting some of the ammo, but running low on power. Rusev jumps 10 feet into the air, and lands on top of Cody, immediately pounding his fists right onto the face of Cody.


Jericho and Lana laugh at the side.


Cody is fading away, his face bruised and battered. Rusev stops, while Lana takes over. She holds a black rope, and ties it around Cody’s neck, as she slowly chokes the life out of Cody.

“Dad! Dad?”

He repeatedly whispers as Lana chokes him.

“Dustin? Is… that… you?”

Cody’s eye is rolling back…. he’s slowly fading….

A blinding light engulfs the entire area.

It is YOU.


You look around the garage. There’s a big old car quietly stationed in the middle of the garage. You crawl in, your body still hurting from the burning pain. As you sit inside, resting, you look into the rear view mirror. Your entire face is charred, with the skin of half your face hanging off. You stare into the mirror, knowing that Jericho did this to you.

You lay there in the car, for a long stretch of time. You find a pistol in the glove compartment, and you toyed the idea of killing yourself right there.

Suddenly you heard gunshots on the outside.

You reach out for the car keys that are still inside the ignition of the car. You fire it up.

You turn on the headlights.

You drive the car straight at Jericho, Rusev and Lana, as they scramble away from Cody. You fling the front car door open, and shouts: “QUICK! CODY! Get on!” Cody Rhodes crawls quickly into the car. Lana and Rusev fire their guns at the car, as you rev on away into the streets.

“YOU IDIOTS! GET THEM!!!!” screams Jericho in the distance, as you rescue Cody away.

The scenes move forward like a movie highlight reel, as you and Cody continue down the dark streets, leaving the gang of Jericho, Rusev and Lana behind.

But the solace is only a facade. No one speaks in the car as you speed off into the darkness, hoping against hope that somehow you can drive themselves into safety. But in your hearts, you know the chance of it is slim. Soon, you will be rounded up again by Jericho, or worse, the zombie plague explodes and creates hell.

….Travelling south. Ever south. Suddenly a loud voice booms from the skies above. It was VINCE MCMAHON.

“Dear Participants, as you already experienced, an outbreak of COVID 19 has descended onto DOA Island.
I understand that… I understand that some of you feel as though you are thrusted unfairly into this pandemic.

Well, I have to say, for some of you, and that is that – Life sucks, and then you die!”

A mist appears out of nowhere, and envelops the entire road. You can only see what’s ahead of you, as you slow down the car. Suddenly you hear the familiar primal screams all around you, the same cries you heard in the mansion… Cody stares ahead, his face in resignation.

Bodies and bodies of zombies began slamming into your windshield as you scream out of fear.

You step on the pedal, but more and more zombies appear on the road. You decide to drive off the road, as your car is covered in the blood of the zombies you ran over. Into the forest path you drive, hoping to outrun the zombies. Then just like that, it seems you lost them. Their screams get softer and softer.

The trees in the darkness loom around like tombstones, and silence covers them.

It must have been hours, southbound in the vast landscape of the forest. In a sudden, the engine stutters, coughing on fumes… and quits. The vehicle jerks, shudders, glides to a full stop. The mist appears and engulfs your car again, but the surroundings are quiet.

The engine gives way. The gas gauge is on empty.

The 2 of you,
Cody and You.

You sit there, exhausted. The vehicle goes out of gas, and out of hope.

You know what this means. The obvious: You rather die than to turn into a mindless zombie. It’s worse than death. Nobody says anything for a while, then…

Cody: We gave it a good try. No one can say we didn’t.


A heavy weight of silence.
You work up your courage.
You reach into the glove compartment and
Picks up the handgun.
Cracks the cylinder.
Shakes out the bullets.
1 round is left.
You discard the empty casing, leaving 1 live round.

You stare down at them in your palm.

You: There’s 1 left.

Cody looks up at you. Both of you know what it means.

Cody: There’s 2 of us.

You:: I’ll figure something out.

Suddenly, out of the vast darkness in the west, they hear rustling of leaves and a low growling moving closer and closer. They look at each other knowingly.

Cody: There’s no time left. They are coming for us.

You quickly load the bullets, softly closing the cylinder. He looks up at Cody. The moment is charged and awful. Cody nods, shaking, trying not to cry. Cody knows he will see his dad and brother again.

He looks at you in the eye.

Cody: Do it.

…And a gunshot. Then a loud booming voice….

Cody and Dustin Rhodes has been eliminated!

You sit alone in the blood-spattered car. Cody’s body slumps out of sight. You are holding yourself, coiled tight. Then you lets out a howl of soul-crushing anguish and despair, dissolving into shuddering sobs of grief, rocking back and forth like a madman in an asylum.

You put the gun in your mouth, pulling the trigger again and again, praying for a bullet to magically appear, but no.

You get a hold of yourself, and tosses the gun aside. Taking a few deep breaths, steeling yourself like a man ready to jump into a pool of ice water. You fumble for the door handle, gets out… and slams the door shut.

You stand there, staring into the mist, as growls are crawling closer toward your car.


You wait.

And wait. And wait. And…

A small light in mist gives shape to a vehicle. Something big. A deep growling noise. Coming closer… The sound of a truck moving in the ground.

And now the deep growl of the engine descends upon you, becoming a loud roar. And the truck stops.

You stare at the truck, dumbfounded.

That emblem? THAT emblem?

The engine stops its growl, as a SWAT team comes trudging down the truck, aiming their weapons at you.

“Put your hands up!”

“Wait, one of ours!” The SWAT team screams as they shine their light on you.

Vince McMahon alights.

“Ah, our trespasser. Well, legally speaking, I can’t let you die here… you didn’t sign any liability release form and you are no competitor. My apologies. You are safe. Now, get the FUCK out of my island.”


You didn’t see them.
You didn’t hear them.

You never will.

You are clutching the roof of the car. SCREAMING.


You will never stop.



Piles and piles of zombies around Jericho, Lana and Rusev, as Rusev continues to fire his bazooka at the incoming madness.

“Rusev can’t hold this fort anymore. What do we do?” screams Lana at Jericho.

“I don’t know! AHHH! The Inner Circle is coming!” A bright light appears in the sky, as the Inner Circle members drop a rope ladder from their helicopter and lift Jericho, Rusev and Lana from site. Jericho gives out a loud laugh as the announcement booms through the air:

Cody and Dustin Rhodes has been eliminated!


He will never stop.

Sammy is far away in the forest, looking at the carnage afar, as he holds on to his gaping wound in pain. His arm is gone. He shouts towards the helicopter: “BOSS, DON’T LEAVE ME!” But the helicopter left. He can’t believe that after he sacrifices his arm for Jericho, that Jericho will leave him for dead.

He hides in the shadows of the forest, and cries to himself. He stumbles away from the screams and growls of the zombie swarm, before he suddenly stumbles into a trap floor in the ground….


And he falls into a dark, silent cave, his fall echoing through a vast darkness. Slowly stumbling to his feet, Sammy takes out a torch from his pack.

In front of him, in the cave, are thousands upon thousands of red, crawling plants sticking out of the cave wall, stretching as far as a mile away in a single direction.


-fade to darkness-



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