DEAD OR ALIVE: Andrade & Zelina Vega v Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush + Lana & Rusev v Carmella & R-Truth (CF Spotlight)

DEAD OR ALIVE: Andrade & Zelina Vega v Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush + Lana & Rusev v Carmella & R-Truth (CF Spotlight)

Every year in the Columns Forum we host a tournament called Dead Or Alive that sees wrestlers from all around the world converge on a strange island ruled by a mysterious force and fight until only one team remains. Some come willingly, others not so but all are changed and scarred by the experience.

This is the first two matches of round two of the tournament and features a round written by myself Sir Sam and another by JacobWrestledGod. You can read the first round here or just jump straight in at round two.

Also shout out to CF Legend Mizfan who has curated this year’s tournament.

Creation breeds pain.

They think that “Dead” is the worst this Island has to offer, but truly “Alive” is by far the more painful of the two.

At least “Dead” allows an ending…


Round 2, Match 1 By Sir Sam



“It’s ok champ, yo’ man has got this”

Lio Rush dabed the back of Bobby Lashley’s ankle with a cotton bud he found in the gym first aid kit. The wound didn’t look good, the knife that sliced Lashley’s achilles tendon cut deep and the big man only just managed to hobble over to the bench he was now lying on.

“I got this boss, don’t you worry one little bit.”

Lashley gritted his teeth as Rush began to strap his ankle up. They had only beaten their first round rivals by a stroke of luck, he knew that wouldn’t happen again and he knew that if they wanted to stay alive he would need to protect his smaller partner. This ankle would make things a lot tougher though.

He closed his eyes and did his best to block the pain out as Rush fussed around him.


“Why you so angry baby? Why don’t we just go back to that bar and enjoy some cervezas.”

Zelina Vega glared at her client, “No Andrade, no way are we going back there. I still don’t know what the fuck happened and I don’t understand this island either.”

“We are meant to be taking a break chica. Tranquilo.”

“For the last time I am not your chica and I’m not your baby either Andrade.” Zelina shoots back, “besides can’t you feel that? The air here is just different somehow. This does not feel like a holiday.”

Andrade trudged on behind Zelina, even though she pushed him, she had always done the right thing for him in the long run. He also had to admit she was right, the way things got out of hand by the fire was strange, he’d been in fights before but it almost felt like he’d been possessed by some sort of violent spirit that drove him to go well beyond where he normally would in a fight. Still wandering down this old coastal track didn’t seem to be achieving anything especially when they could be working this out over a cocktail and cold beer.


“Ok chief where to next?”

Bobby was back up and walking around. He had to admit Lio had done a pretty good job limiting the damage to his ankle, he had a limp and it certainly hurt every time he put weight on it but it was better than lying here waiting for whoever was next to show up.

“I say we head to the coast, there is a road heading down that way and when we got here I saw a bonfire, there might be people or supplies there.”

“Right on boss, you’re the man.”

Every ounce of Lashley wondered if looking for trouble was the right idea, he just knew his partner was an accident waiting to happen. That concern though was outweighed with his instinct to attack. It was an instinct burnt into him by years of combat experience first in the army and then in rings of all shapes and sizes. Be the hunter not the hunted.

He and Rush gathered up what they could, Lashley put the twelve inch knife Pentagon had sliced his ankle with on his belt and Rush selected the sharpest, longest knife he could find in the gym’s supply closet. Just for good measure Lashley grabbed a baseball bat from the supply shed and strapped it to his back and Lio took a backpack of assorted goods, bandages, water and a torch.

The pair were kitted out and surveyed the gravel road down to the coastline with a pair of binoculars. It wound down through the jungle the gym and the surrounding buildings were nestled in and eventually got to what looked like a tunnel or cave before emerging next to the coast.

“If we leave now boss we might make it before the sun goes down.”

“Let’s go.”


“Hijo de puta.”

Andrade and Zelina had come to an impasse. They had been walking along on their track for hours. It had started off following the coastline but slowly moved inland and veered upwards into a jungle. Now they had come to the entrance of a tunnel or cave of some sorts. The jungle pressed in on the track making the tunnel through the mountain the only real option but Andrade wasn’t happy about going through it.

“No way am I going in there. We know there are cold beers and food back there. We are meant to be here on a holiday.”

Zelina’s eyes pierced him.

“All you ever think about is fucking beer and food. You think what happened back there with those idiotas was a holiday? There is something about this island and all I know is that we have to keep on moving. I saw a building up the top of this mountain, it might have supplies and maybe someone who knows what the fuck is going on.”

Andrade let out a stream of spanish swear words but didn’t turn around.

“Now grab one of those branches, I hope you still have your lighter on you, we’ll need some light in this tunnel.”

Andrade grudgingly picked up a branch, wrapped his shirt around it and lit it with his lighter creating a makeshift torch.

“Venga, venga”

The pair plunged into the cave their light flickering against the walls.


“I don’t like the look of this cave boss.”

Lashley and Rush had go to the entrance to the cave their road ran through, it was dark inside and it looked very cramped. Lashley leaned up against the wall, taking the weight off of his bad foot. What had started off as a dull ache had become a sharp jolt of pain that travelled up his entire lege with every step. Truthfully he didn’t much like the look of the tunnel either.

“We could stay find another path around it, cut our way through. Your call though chief.”

Lashley looked into the cave and the darkness seemed to stare back at him. Lio’s idea wasn’t a bad one but he didn’t know if his ankle could take cutting a track through the thick jungle.

“Nope, we go through.”

The chirpiness that was normally in Lio’s voice was well and truly gone.

“Rightio boss.”

He went to pull the torch out of his backpack but Lashley shook his head.

“Nope, no light, if we are going through there we don’t want to the ones to give away our whereabouts. Now get behind me and for God’s sake keep quiet.”


Vega and Andrade made their way through the tunnel, Andrade in front torch in hand, light flickering against the walls. There was something strange about the rocks, some sort of markings on them that didn’t look natural. Vega naturally moved in closer to Andrade.

“Look at the walls Andrade. There is something on them.”

Andrade moved his torch up closer and sure enough as the markings came into full vision it was clear they weren’t mere cracks in the wall but something entirely different. Dark red splotches over carved etchings. Andrade moved closer.

“Mierda,” he exhaled.

He glanced over at his companion, Zelina’s eyes were wide. These five figures were fighting near a bonfire. They moved forward and Andrade moved is torch left and right scanning over all the walls that were covered in picture of combat.

“What are these pictures? Who are all these people? Are they fighting?”

Andrade tried to tug Vega away but she wouldn’t budge. “We need to get moving.”

Vega’s eyes went back to the original picture, three men on one side, one small, two large and two on the other side, a fire in the middle.

“How did this get here?”

Andrade grabbed his manager’s wrist and pulled her.

“It doesn’t matter.”

He spun around and blinked, was that eyes watching him, he went to move the flame of his torch to get a better view and that’s when the baseball bat hit him.

The torch fell to the ground as Andrade stumbled back, his head spinning, blood in his mouth. He ducked a second swing and the bat cracked against the wall splitting it in two. He blindly charged in the direction of the assaulter and ran into a wall of muscle bracing against him. He looked over and Zelina was struggling with another figure.

Bobby Lashley reached down and picked up the man who had charged at him. He was pissed he had blown the element of surprise but he could salvage this. He hoisted the shorter man up and drove the full force of his shoulder into his sternum pinning him against the wall. Lashley swore he could feel ribs cracking.

He looked over at Rush, he had his knife out but the woman had pinned his arm to the ground with her knee and was holding his face against the flame of the torch that had fallen onto the ground.

“Ahhhhhh not my face.”

Lashley could smell burning flesh and let the man drop to the floor before charging over to Rush’s aid.

Andrade crumpled up in a heap, he gasped for air but his breath was short and with a sharp pain in his chest. A warm trickle of blood came down from his brow as his vision slowly came back into focus. The smaller man was writhing on the ground, hands over his face but the bigger man had pinned Zelina to the ground and was pummelling her with hammer fists.

Andrade pulled himself up, “kill or be killed,” he muttered through clenched teeth and he stumbled over to the larger man.

Rage was in Lashley’s mind as he pummelled the woman. She was gouging and biting anything she could get her hands on but he picked his moments and delivered a series of crushing hammer fists to the side of her head, she could only take so much of this and he could feel her weaken with each blow. Suddenly though he felt someone grabbing his bad leg and wrenching it sending a lighting bolt of pain up the entire side of his body.

Lashley roared and spun around to see the other man had dragged himself over, entangled him in a heel hook and with fire in his eyes was ripping and tearing at what was left of his ankle. Lashley felt tendons and ligaments separating, joints popping as this mad man leant back further on the heel hook.

He looked over at Rush who still had his hands to his face in agony. With all that was left in his leg he kicked the other man against the wall and loosening his grip enough for Lashley to escape. His leg was burning with pain and he had lost any movement in it. With his hands and good leg he crawled towards the other man.

Andrade looked up after once again being pounded against the wall and the bigger man was almost immediately on him. He kicked out and from behind he glimpsed Zelina closing in, she raised a knife that had come off the big man’s waist and sliced down hard, slicing across his thick neck, showering Andrade in blood as the bigger man’s body went instantly limp.

There was madness in her eyes, her nose was broken and she had blood splattered across her face. She looked left and looked right, both the bigger and smaller man were now motionless. Zelina kicked at the smaller man and he didn’t respond.

Andrade pulled himself up, gasping for breathe, his breathing was shallow and painful. He knew his ribs were broken, hopefully he still had both lungs. He bent down and reached for the torch, beside where it had landed was a picture. He blinked as if he couldn’t believe exactly what he was seeing. It was of a couple, a man and a women alongside a fallen duo, one large grasping his ankle, one smaller grasping his face.

“This is no holiday.”


Cave dust on my hands, mixed with red splotches. How did they get there?

Even my actions are no longer my own. I am subject to those cruel beings who drive this Island further into damnation.

But it’s not the first time I’ve been a pawn of dark gods.

I dip my hands in the blood and begin to draw a new scene…

Round 2, Match 1 By JacobWrestledGod

This one is… different.

Not according to plan.

Time and fate is in flux. The Island itself bends…




You hunch in your seat, typing away at the computer. It’s DOA season, and you have a bit of spare time before the Mania pre-show to do some reading. DOA is probably your favourite LOP series.

“What the hell…” As soon as you enter the URL, the lights of your room and the computer shut off and everything goes pitch black. Before you can react, your computer starts to emit a buzzing sound, like static in a vacuum. The screen starts to flicker, and you flinches as a long, dark corridor lined with steel black walls appeared on your screen, with a shadowy figure at the end of the hallway.

You want to leave, but you are transfixed with a morbid sense of curiosity at what you are seeing. The figure slowly strides forward towards you, each footstep louder and louder. You can see him clearer now – and you realised why you think he’s so far away. Facing you is a sharply dressed 5 foot midget, every inch the city gent, sharp and stylish and sophisticated. His perfect grey suit was expertly cut, and as he walks closer to you in the screen, he tips his bowler hat at you with charm. On his other hand, he holds a short black walking cane, his weapon of choice.

“Dear friend, you are in luck.” The midget beams. “You don’t have to know who I am. You just need to know this: I am here on behalf of the New Management of DOA Island.” He chuckles as though it’s a funny word.

“Today, I offer you the opportunity of a lifetime. In front of you is an interactive story. You decide the story.”

A 3 by 3 grid appeared on the screen.

“The GRID is the starting point of your adventure. A1!, [email protected], C3#, ABC, 123, and [email protected]# each stands on their own as a short story as a starting point. You hold the power over Rusev, Lana, Camellia and R-Truth. They await your instructions…” The voice fades into the background.

The screen flickers again, as the GRID appears. You brace yourself…

Click Here to lean closer to the GRID…


Hope you enjoyed this piece, it isn’t quite what we normally do on the main page but if you enjoyed it there are lots more creative pieces on the Columns Forum. You can even have a go writing your own piece if you like you can sign up here.

Also make sure you keep an eye out for the rest of round two on the Columns Forum later this week.

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