Dimes On The Wrestlers He Idolized Growing Up

Dimes On The Wrestlers He Idolized Growing Up

During his interview with 411, Dimes spoke on the wrestlers that he looked up to growing up, specifically citing John Cena, Eddie Guerrero and others. Here’s what he had to say:

Well, I had always liked pro wrestling as a kid. And one of the first people that I remember seeing on TV was John Cena, and he’s one of my favorite pro wrestlers, still, today. And I remember when I growing up, I would go to a babysitter, and they would have Stone Cold [Steve Austin] and The Rock sheets and pictures and stuff like that all over the house. So, I was always in to pro wrestling, and I was an amateur wrestler throughout high school. And even with that, I kind of just wanted to put on a show and entertain people. So, I would have higher scoring matches than other people. And then I went to college and graduated from IU, and then I started working I guess what you would say a normal job, and I didn’t really like that, and I remembered that OVW was right across the river from where I live. So, I figured it was a perfect place to train, and I started training there.

Well, when I first really started getting into wrestling, it was like 2005. So, some of those main guys were like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Edge, Randy Orton, AJ Styles was a big one for me, and then of course, like John Cena. And a lot of those guys are still able to wrestle today, which is incredible. I hope to be able to wrestle that long and get to the point where hopefully in the next few years I’ll be able to wrestle somebody like an AJ Styles if he’s still there when I eventually get to WWE.

You can listen below:

Credit: 411.

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