Doctor Chris Raynor Discusses Ember Moon Injury, Timetable On When He Thinks She Can Return

Doctor Chris Raynor Discusses Ember Moon Injury, Timetable On When He Thinks She Can Return

Doctor Chris Raynor was a recent guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show to discuss the injury sustained by former NXT women’s champion Ember Moon, and reveals what he thinks is a timetable that she can return. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Details about the injury:

General timeline for this type of injury [is] six weeks, whether you operate or not, in a boot, with your foot plantar flex which means your toes pointed down. And that’s going to take tension off of the healing tendon. So that’s six weeks. And then, there’s another, after that, two to six weeks, where we take your foot which is pointed down and slowly get you to get into a flat position and we do that in a surgical boot. So that, right there, that’s another, now we’re up to about twelve weeks. And then, once we can get your foot flat, we can get you in a normal footwear, and then we can do physiotherapy. So, physiotherapy to walk is going to be another four to six weeks to walk properly.

Timetable on Moon’s return and how it will effect her going forward:

And then, for her to actually start training to get back to what she’s doing, now we’re looking at the order of, you know, we’re already out of four months, so six months or more. Six to eight months, right? So, that I think is at the bare minimum, and if you look at studies on athletes who have suffered this injury when they go back to playing their professional sport, so I don’t think they’ve studied this in professional wrestlers, per se, but they have looked at this in basketball players, football players, soccer players. So, athletes who go back to their sport, usually in the first year after they’ve had their injury, their performance is poor, relatively speaking. And it’s not usually until the second year after the injury and they’ve recovered that they start to show like they used to before they were injured.

Check out his full interview below. (Beings at the 8:50 mark)

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