Dr. Luther Discusses Why His Name Was Shortened

Dr. Luther Discusses Why His Name Was Shortened

Dr. Luther was recently on Talk is Jericho to discuss a number of topics. One subject that came up was how he auditioned for the part of the Exalted One in AEW. The part eventually went to Brodie Lee, aka WWE’s Luke Harper, after his release from the company late last year.

“[The Dark Order] was like a cult, cult leader…so I just sorta thought, like sorta what my angle would be on that, so I kind of thought, okay, so when I did the WRP, Father Dante, and you were like, you told me then, we were talking, you were like, ‘Yeah, maybe a nice cross between Luther and Dante would be a good mix.’ I watched a few and listened to a few different cult things and watched some different videos online to try to, I don’t like to copy one person, I like to sort of pick different things from different people and, you know, make it my own, just like you did the same thing. So I took all this stuff together, and it was kinda cool that I did the Father Dante thing because that kinda gave me a sort of a base.”

“I remember the one I did, one of the audition tapes I did kinda more like Father Dante where I was, you know, really yelling kind of…passionate, like preaching-wise, and you’re like, ‘Let’s try to humble it down a little bit,’ and Jake The Snake, who’s in AEW, you’re like, that’s a good kind of role model, like his delivery, which is always spot on. And so I kinda thought, okay, I’ll take this angle, but maybe kinda mix it with that.”

(Credit: Wrestle Zone)

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