EC3, Drake Maverick, And Their Dropped Pushes

EC3, Drake Maverick, And Their Dropped Pushes

EC3 reminds fans and Barthel that he is the one percent in sports-entertainment, on November 28th's nXt show.

The word backstage in the WWE is that Vince McMahon lost interest in pushing EC3 after his initial push failed. EC3 started a program with Dean Ambrose just before he left for AEw which ended up being poor timing. Ambrose was supposed to be working as a heel but fans refused to view him as the bad guy. This caused EC3 to receive boos from the audience instead. Ambrose, currently going by Jon Moxley in AEW, mentioned during his guest appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast that EC3 was a victim of bad booking by WWE and the blame was unfairly put on his shoulders.

WWE tried doing multiple things with EC3 on the house show circuit but McMahon didn’t like those either. At one point, EC3 was teamed up with Drake Maverick as his manager like they were in TNA, but that was quickly dropped. Maverick was originally going to be revealed as helping Baron Corbin during his feud with Roman Reigns, but that was dropped as well. Corbin was paired with the tag team of Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode instead.

Drake Maverick’s storyline with his real life wife has been dropped as well. Maverick is still the General Manager for 205 Live for now.


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