EC3 On Why IMPACT Released Him

EC3 On Why IMPACT Released Him

During an interview with Fightful, EC3 spoke on why he believes that IMPACT chose to release him. Here are the highlights:

My contract was still taking place. I decided to leave early because of the transitions going and I just thought it was a good time for other people to step up and a good time for me to challenge myself somewhere else at the moment. I had to do something different. Especially where my personal life was at that time. [?] I needed a big change.

At that time I think they were experiencing so many changes. They inherited a mess. They’re doing great with it now, so I’m so happy for them. But, at the time I was pretty well compensated so I think they were okay with taking me off the books and helping me out, and being okay with it because they also wanted to build new and fresh people. So, yeah, they were okay with it.

You can read the interview HERE.


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