EC3 Teases ROH Appearance In New Epic Vignette

EC3 Teases ROH Appearance In New Epic Vignette

EC3 continues to tease his opportunities as a free agent following his release from WWE back in April due to COVID-19 cutbacks. The former IMPACT world champion released an epic new video promo talking about there being zero honor in professional wrestling, then lists off a number of common behaviors made by WWE talents, including getting into social media tiffs and reading scripts like a robot.

Professional wrestling is not a noble endeavor. It is not a dream job…there is no honor in what we do. Spray tans and baby oil and makeup to cover our blemishes…there is no honor in what we do. Colorful gear, banger theme music, catch phrases that sell you a t-shirt…there is no honor in what we do. Ratings, buy-rates, what’s the gate? Are we here for passion or are we here for profit? In this industry we create these gimmicks to cover our true identity and we do what with it? We complain on social media…never confrontational of course…We shake each others hands only to eventually stab each other in the back. We verbatim read a script like a mindless drone.

EC3 would then flash a giant Ring of Honor symbol behind him before delivering his final line.

Honor is in purpose. Honor is in breaking yourself down only to create your greater spirit. Honor is in a good fight. You have been warned.

IMPACT Wrestling played EC3’s former theme music on last night’s episode on AXS, indicating that he may return to his former stomping grounds. He’s even made brief teases of joining up with FTR.

Check out the promo below.

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