Eddie Edwards Talks New Additions To The IMPACT Locker Room, How It Feels To Be Champoin and more

Eddie Edwards Talks New Additions To The IMPACT Locker Room, How It Feels To Be Champoin and more

IMPACT Wrestling world champion Eddie Edwards spoke to Sportskeeda to talk all things pro-wrestling, including how he feels about the new additions to the locker room following Slammversary. Highlights are below.

How it feels to be IMPACT World champion once again:

It feels great. Especially with all the excitement around IMPACT right now. With everything going on. To be able to be the face of IMPACT, to be the champion, the World Champion of IMPACT, it’s a special thing and any time a company takes a chance on you, it’s a true honor. Especially right now with everything going on and all the excitement around IMPACT. I’m honored to be champion right now. It feels really damn good, I’m not going to lie.

What it was like backstage for Slammiversary:

I think it was pure excitement. I’m not going to lie, it was pressure but I think it was good pressure, and added pressure. We had a lot of eyeballs on us with the hype going into the event so especially being in the main event, it’s like, “Okay, it’s a big pay-per-view, we’re the last match, it’s the main event, we have to get out there and represent not only ourselves but represent the company to the best of our abilities. If anything, all the hype, all the pressure, it forced us to go out there and make sure that we did everything we could because, after an event like that, you don’t want to come through the back, you don’t want to be like, “Oh, I wish I did this, I wish I tried harder.” That is one thing IMPACT will never do. We’re always going to leave it all out there and I can say, without a doubt, everyone on the roster went out there and left everything we had out there in the ring.

How he feels about the new additions to the locker room:

Yeah, so far, so good. It’s obviously still fresh and still new but I feel like anybody who is going to come to IMPACT, anybody who is able to come to IMPACT or come back to IMPACT, they understand what IMPACT is about and I feel like that between the front office and the wrestles coming and there is an understanding of how this works, how we act and how we support each other. I think that is something that is understood before coming in so, so far, so good and I feel like they great additions to the locker room that I think will help us take the next step.

Thoughts on Eric Young:

I think… First of all, he’s a great wrestler and a great asset to have coming back to IMPACT. It’s our chance to capitalize on him. He went elsewhere and obviously wasn’t given the chance that he should be given but that’s going to be their mistake. He’s coming back to IMPACT and the great thing is he’s coming back with something to prove. Not that he has anything to prove but he’s coming back with something to prove which, again, that sets into the IMPACT locker room where IMPACT has been written for so long and we’ve had this underdog attitude which can play to our advantage. Him coming back and wanting to prove something, it will just help IMPACT as a whole and I’m looking forward to working with him and wrestling with Eric Young. The possibilities of match ups throughout the whole roster – it’s unbelievable the fact that he can come back and we get to use him, and he gets to do what he wants to do and prove to the world that no-one should ever you miss out on the chance again to use Eric Young to their full advantage.

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