Full Results From Joey Ryan's Penis Party From NYC 4/5/19 (Videos)

Full Results From Joey Ryan’s Penis Party From NYC 4/5/19 (Videos)

Below are results from Joey Ryan’s Penis Party event from the Hilton hotel in New York City.

  1. Shigehiro Irie & DJZ defeated Arez & Bestia 666
  2. Mr Iguana & Ultimo Dragon defeated Green Ant & Mr. Iguana & Shark Boy & Puma King & Taurus
  3. Allie & Rosemary defeated Thunder Rosa & Holidead
  4. Tracy Smothers defeated Su Yung
  5. Timothy Thatcher defeated David Arquette
  6. Bill Carr defeated Dan Barry in a Penis Party Death Match
  7. Yoshiko won the Iron Man HeavyMetalWeight Championship Rumble. Yoshiko is a blow-up doll by the way.
  8. Colt Cabana & Tommy Dreamer & Mike Babchik defeated Chuckie T & Trent Beretta & Matt Striker. Jerry Lynn was the special guest referee.
  9. Johnny Penis &Taya Valkyrie defeated Lucha Brothers
  10. MAIN EVENT: Priscilla Kelly & Scarlett Bordeaux & Session Moth Martina defeated Joey Ryan & Sexxy Eddy & Val Venis.


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