Hannibal TV & Harry Smith Claim Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson Were Acting Unusual at Rocky Johnson’s Funeral

Hannibal TV & Harry Smith Claim Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson Were Acting Unusual at Rocky Johnson’s Funeral

As noted before, The Rock confirmed on Tuesday that his father, WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson, was being laid to rest in a private ceremony in Tampa, Florida. The former WWE Tag Team Champion passed away last Wednesday at the age of 75.

There have been rumors on strange behavior from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson at the funeral. The rumors began after WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham made a Facebook post earlier this week, detailing the alleged behavior. The post is set to “Friends Only” on Graham’s personal Facebook page, but you can see a screenshot of the post at this link. Graham noted that the funeral was invitation-only, with around 100 people in attendance.

In the video above, Devon Nicholson of Hannibal TV reads a message he received from former WWE Superstar Harry Smith, son of The British Bulldog, who lives in Tampa and knew Johnson, and was at the funeral on Tuesday. Harry told Hannibal TV that he could confirm some of the allegations as people have been asking him what happened.

Hannibal repeated a message from Smith that read like this:

“I think Vince and Pat were both really strange or they were drunk, or they were a bit of both, probably. Pat’s microphone got cut off because he was talking so long at the funeral. Pat’s final ending line was, ‘You know, last night I was drunk and I was drinking water or what I thought was in the sink, and then the toilet seat fell on my head.’ Vince said, ‘Rocky Johnson was a great wrestler, but the greatest thing he ever did was marry Ata [Johnson] and Ata had some kids.’ Then he [Vince] walked out of the building. Vince strutted on and off the stage like he was cutting a prom. He looked like he had really shrunk [in size], too. … Vince and Pat were both completely ‘out to lunch.’ I thought they wre drunk but I spoke to Pat and maybe he’s just going senile.”

Hannibal noted that Smith isn’t the first person that has said Patterson may be going senile, and it was said that Patterson’s memory isn’t that good these days.

Hannibal also spoke to Al Rosen, who spoke at the funeral and was Johnson’s best friend. Rosen told Hannibal that nobody from the Johnson family was offended by Vince’s behavior, and the family was not offended at all by Vince’s speech. Hannibal said it sounds like Vince did do his strut, but Vince is somewhat always in character mode, and then just told a joke.

It should be noted that Graham’s allegations cannot be confirmed, and that the Johnson family reportedly were not offended by Vince’s behavior. Stay tuned for updates as we hope to have more on what happened soon.

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