Hiroshi Tanahashi On His Role As The Great Muta's Assistant

Hiroshi Tanahashi On His Role As The Great Muta’s Assistant

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During his interview with Aces High, Hiroshi Tanahashi spoke on his time as The Great Muta’s assistant. Here’s what he had to say:

Yeah, I was really excited for it. It was a new experience as well, it was something fresh … His size really hits you. And he doesn’t really switch off. The way you hear him talk on TV is exactly how he talks in general conversation. He really is the same guy.

Oh, yeah. But I think that I got off lightly a little bit. Muto wrestled a lot in the US, and over there you do everything by yourself for yourself, so all I really had to do was his laundry, and make sure he had soap and a towel ready when he went for a bath; stuff like that.

You can read the interview HERE.

Credit: Aces High.

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