IMPACT Wrestling Results 5/5/20

IMPACT Wrestling Results 5/5/20

IMPACT Wrestling Results 5/5/20
The Skyway Studios
Nashville, Tennessee

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Sami Callihan, Ken Shamrock and Michael Elgin Segment 

Sami Callihan: I C U, AXS TV, possibly watching on Twitch. I see everything, and the crowd goes wild. Sami, Sami, Sami. While the world sits at home, allow the draw to brighten your day, just a little bit. Look at me, I had the fight of my life against Ken Shamrock, but i’m still standing. It’s gonna take a lot more to take down, The Draw, Sami Callihan. It’s gonna take a lot damn more to keep me down. I mean, look at things. I went toe to toe with The World’s Most Dangerous Man, and look what happened, a referee stopped the match, the referee thought I needed help, but I’ll be damned if anyone ever helps me again, that’s why I did what I did to oVe. They want to stick their nose into mine business, oVe thinks I need help, I don’t need help from anybody. Things aren’t done, I got some unfinished business with Ken Shamrock, so let’s bring his ass out here, right now. How you feeling?

Ken Shamrock: Like a thousand bucks. First of all, I need you to open your ears, and I need you to calm down, because i’ve got something I got to say to you. Seem pretty brave for a guy that just got beat down. But hey, let’s not go there, right? Let’s not do that. I did come down here to say something. I have fought a lot of tough guys in my career. Some of them, I knocked out. But most of them, I’ve tapped out. Sami, you didn’t tap. But I got to say, you’re one tough sob. And with that being said, let me just list a few guys that I’ve tapped out. We got the biggest athlete in the world, Big Show, tapped out. We’ve got, Bas Rutten, World MMA Champion, tapped out. And of course, we got my good friend, The Rock, tapped out. As we both know, after what we came here to get and that’s the Impact Championship Belt. Just like everybody else here, I came for it, you came here for it, and everyone else came here for it. So, we can either go outside or you can shake my hand and put this behind us.

Michael Elgin: My ears were ringing in the back, because I swore I heard you guys mention the Impact World Championship. I’ve made it clear since day one, the one and only rightful champion, is Big Mike.

Sami Callihan: Awww, how cute. It’s, Big Mike, getting the same reaction from the crowd he usually does.

Michael Elgin: Sammy, you’re really funny. You know, you haven’t been paying attention, because since i’ve come here, the crowd reacts when they’re here. And afterwards, after i’m in this ring, they go home, they tell their friends, they tweet about how good I am. And Sami, see, I don’t need any tricks, I don’t need every advantage in the book, I don’t need to be told to not swear and spit, not to give someone the middle finger and do it because I need that advantage.

And I don’t need staple guns or chairs or any of the toys you like to play with so that you can be excited. See, when I step in this ring, I do things that not many, not any other man can do. See, Sami, I’ll make it easy for you. I’ll go back there, I’ll grab my wrestling boots and you can try them on, because even if they’re your size, I promise you, they won’t fit. So, if you guys want to talk about the Impact World Championship, I am the rightful number one contender.

Ken Shamrock: I don’t care about talking, all I care about is action.

Michael Elgin: Ken, when i’m talking, you listen. And when actions happening, you’re gonna get it. Just know Ken, know Sami, I won the best of five. At Rebellion, I was gonna beat Tessa, I was gonna beat Eddie, and that time will come. The line starts behind me.

Sami Callihan: It’s always the same story. Big Mike, trying to convince the world how great he is. At this point, I don’t really understand if you’re trying to convince the world or convince yourself? Because even though you say you’re the number one contender, you’e gonna do the same thing you always do and choke.

Elgin with two forearm smashes. Shamrock responds with an Arm-Drag TakeDown. Callihan kicks Elgin in the gut. Elgin negates The Cactus Special. Elgin retreats to the outside. Shamrock stares down Callihan to close the segment.

Chris Bey Backstage Promo 

Unfortunately, there seems to be some uncertainty about who the number one contender is for the World Title. But fortunately for you, there is no uncertainty about who the number contender is for the X-Division Title. See, Chris Bey, ladies and gentlemen, beat three other men at Rebellion to become the undisputed number one contender for the X-Division Championship. I know you’re probably wondering, sitting there asking, how? He just got there? Chris Bey doesn’t wait for anything. He finesses what he wants, when he wants. And tonight, i’m going to finesse my way into an X-Division Title Match. I’m going to finesse my way into becoming the next X-Division. I’m going to finesse my way to becoming the first Finesse Division Champion. Because I all need is one shot.

Willie Mack Promo 

Man, i’m still riding high off my X-Division Title win at Rebellion. And i’m telling you right now, Rich Swann, he know how to party. I’m alright, i’m good. Well, there’s one thing I didn’t expect for someone to come after my title so quick. But hey, it looks like i’ll be going up against Chris Bey. You said you finessed your way into a title shot. And when you take this from me, you’re gonna rename it, The Finesse Division? Man, what you did was finesse your way into something you might not want. And that’s me finessing my foot up in your ass.

First Match: oVe vs. XXXL 

Madman Fulton and Larry D will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Fulton taunts Larry. Strong lockup. Fulton starts slapping himself. Larry applies a side headlock. Larry runs into Fulton. Fulton drops Larry with a shoulder tackle. Larry avoids the foot stomp. Fulton with heavy bodyshots. Fulton whips Larry into the turnbuckles. Larry with a running shoulder tackle. Larry bodyslams Fulton. Romero tags himself in. Romero with a Running Senton Splash. Jake Crist is trying to calm down Fulton. Fulton tags in Jake. Romero with a shoulder tackle. Romero follows that with Two Big Biel Throws. Romero tags in Larry.

Double Irish Whip. Double Elbow Knockdown for a two count. Larry with a forearm smash. Larry is mauling Jake in the corner. Larry delivers another shoulder tackle for a two count. Larry bodyslams Jake. Larry with a Running Leg Drop for a two count. Larry applies a rear chin lock. Jake decks Larry with a JawBreaker. Larry with a Back Body Drop for a two count. Larry applies a front face lock. Larry tags in Romero. Dave pulls Jake out of the ring. oVe regains control of the match during the commercial break. Jake tags in Fulton. Fulton is putting the boots to Romero in the corner. Fulton uses the middle rope as a weapon. Dave attacks Romero behind the referee’s back. Fulton puts Romero on the top turnbuckle. Fulton hits The Rolling Senton for a two count.

Fulton argues with the referee. Fulton with a Diving HeadButt. Fulton with a Running Crossbody Block into the ropes. Fulton follows that with a Running Boot. Romero is throwing haymakers at Fulton. Fulton drives Romero back first into the turnbuckles. Jake tags himself in. Jake is choking Romero with his boot. Jake with forearm shivers. Jake tags in Fulton. Romero is displaying his fighting spirit. Fulton with clubbing blows to Romero’s back. Romero reverses out of the irish whip from Fulton. Romero with a Back Body Drop.

Romero creates distance with The SpineBuster. Larry and Jake are tagged in. Larry clotheslines Jake. Larry with a double hand chop. Larry delivers The X-Plex. Larry follows that with a Running Splash for a two count. Jake kicks Larry in the face. Jake unloads a series of kicks. Larry sends Jake crashing to the outside. Larry lands The Suicide Dive. Larry rolls Jake back into the ring. Fulton attacks Larry from behind. oVe connects with their Flying NeckBreaker/PowerBomb Combination for a two count. Fulton tees off on Romero. Romero delivers The Pounce. Larry knocks Dave Crist off the ring apron. Larry plants Jake with The Best Hand In The House to pickup the victory.

Winner: XXXL via Pinfall 

– Cody Deaner Vignette.

– This weeks IMPACT Plus! Flashback Moment Of The Week is the Kurt Angle/Mick Foley TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match From TNA Victory Road 2009.

Locker Room Talk With Special Guests: Jessica Havok and Kimber Lee 


Second Match: Suicide vs. Johnny Swinger 

Swinger talks smack to Suicide. Swinger wants the referee to check on Suicide for any particular weapons. Swinger delivers a cheap shot in the process. Swinger slams Suicide’s head on two turnbuckle pads. Swinger with two closed fist shots. Swinger repeatedly slams Suicide’s head on the top rope. Swinger rakes Suicide’s back. Suicide is pissed. Swinger tries to rake Suicide’s eyes, but he forgets that Suicide is wearing a mask. Swinger begs for mercy. Swinger kicks Suicide in the gut.

Swinger delivers another closed fist shot. Suicide side steps Swinger out of the ring. Suicide with a SlingShot Pescado. Suicide rolls Swinger back into the ring. Swinger knocks Suicide off the top turnbuckle. Swinger tees off on Suicide. Swinger starts choking Suicide. Swinger with an elbow smash. Swinger with a Suplex for a two count. Suicide avoids The Low Blow. Suicide delivers his combination offense. Suicide takes out the legs of Swinger. Swinger continues to punch Suicide in the jaw. Suicide negates The Swinger DDT. Suicide connects with The CodeBreaker. Suicide lands The Swanton Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Suicide via Pinfall 

Ace Austin Backstage Promo 

No, let me make sure I heard this right. I heard that a brazen son of a bitch, who’s brand new to Impact Wrestling, had the balls to call his shot for an X-Division Title Match, tonight? Oh, I’m sorry Chris Bey, but who did you ever beat? How long have you been wrestling? I have beaten Petey Williams, Eddie Edwards, Tommy Dreamer and Tessa Blanchard. It took me only eight months since I’ve been in Impact Wrestling to become the X-Division Champion. And your big X-Division Title Opportunity, tonight, well, now its a triple threat match. Sorry, but you don’t have a say in this matter, because Willie Mack owes me one. Yeah, contractually, I get a rematch for the X-Division Title. And tonight, the reign of the XXX Division continues full stride, even if I got to pin the new guy to do it.

Josh Mathews Interviews Moose 

Third Match: Joseph P Ryan vs. Cousin Jake 

Ryan is playing mind games with Jake. Ryan ducks a clothesline from Jake. Jake runs after Ryan. Ryan repeatedly stomps on Jake’s back. Jake with a big haymaker. Jake punches Ryan in the back. Jake with a straight right hand. Jake repeatedly stomps on Ryan’s chest. Ryan drives his knee into midsection of Jake. Jake reverses out of the irish whip from Ryan. Ryan ducks a clothesline from Jake. Jake drops Ryan with a Leaping Body Lock. Ryan wants a timeout. Ryan with an Arm-Ringer on the top rope. Jake responds with a haymaker. Jake with two short-arm clotheslines. Ryan dropkicks Jake. Jake rises back on his feet. Jake launches Ryan across the ring. Jake whips Ryan back first into the turnbuckles.

Ryan rolls himself out of the ring. Jake with forearm shivers. Jake punches Ryan in the back. Jake slams Ryan’s head on the ring apron. Ryan drives Jake face first into the steel ring post. Ryan repeatedly drives his knee into Jake’s back. Ryan hits The Side Russian Leg Sweep. Ryan follows that with a running knee drop for a one count. Ryan is throwing haymakers at Jake. Ryan bodyslams Jake for a two count. Ryan applies the cravate. Jake PowerSlams Ryan. Jake with three running forearm knockdowns. Jake with The Discus Lariat. Jake connects with The SitOut PowerBomb for a two count. Jake clotheslines Ryan over the top rope. Ryan SuperKicks Jake for a two count. Jake with a Vertical Toss. Ryan pulls the referee into harms way. Ryan delivers the eye poke. Ryan with a hand full of tights to pickup the victory.

Winner: Joseph P Ryan via Pinfall 

Kiera Hogan Vignette 

Rohit Raju Promo 

Number one contendership for the Impact World Title, I never thought those words would be coming out of my mouth. But as soon as Moose dropped out, and that spot opened, I knew the opportunity was mine for the taking. Now listen up, I have been here for three years, and I have done nothing but get slapped around, held down, and I put The Hit Squad, first. I was the first Desi here, and now i’m the last. There’s nobody else here to tell me what to do. There’s nobody else here to put me on the path, I’m on my own path.

And that opportunity is mine, because I deserve it. It doesn’t matter if you nimrods think I deserve it, I know that I deserved it because I have scratched, I have clawed, and I want my seat on the main table. I will get that number one contendership and I will become the Impact World Champion. You think that’s a joke? Fine, right me off, but I am Rohit Raju, and everybody else will realize that my mother, she called me son, because I shine like one.

Rosemary Segment 

The North Segment 

Fourth Match: Willie Mack (c) vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey in a Triple Threat Match For The IMPACT X-Division Championship 

Austin tries to hit Mack with the X-Division Title before the bell rings. Mack grabs a side headlock on Bey. Mack with a HeadScissors/Side HeadLock TakeOver Combination. Bey leapfrogs over Mack. Mack with a deep arm-drag. Mack avoids The Windmill Kick. Mack with a Flying Hurricanrana. Mack with a double clothesline. Mack is fired up. Mack has compete control of the match. Mack blasts Bey with a knife edge chop. Mack puts Bey on the top turnbuckle. Austin with a Running Forearm Smash. Mack with The Double Samoan Drop. Mack nips up. Mack follows that with The Standing MoonSault. Austin and Bey starts shoving each other on the outside. Will they work together. Nope, Austin sends Bey face first into the steel ring post. Mack ducks a clothesline from Austin. Mack slaps Austin in the face. Mack tees off on Austin. Mack whips Austin across the ring. Austin with a drop toe hold. Austin with a low enzuigiri across Mack’s back. Austin applies The Fujiwara Arm-Bar. Austin delivers the paper cut.

Austin kicks Mack out of the ring. Bey trips Austin from the outside. Bey sends Austin face first into the steel ring post. Bey goes for The Suicide Dive, but Mack counters with The European Uppercut. Mack with forearm shivers. Short-Arm Reversal by Bey. Bey with a High Head Kick. Bey with a Pop Up Hurricanrana. Austin pulls Bey out of the ring. Austin with forearm shivers. Austin kicks Bey in the gut. Mack lands The SomerSault Plancha. Mack is lighting up Austin’s chest during the commercial break. Bey delivers a Missile Dropkick. Bey repeatedly stomps on Austin’s chest. Austin with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Austin applies a waist lock. Austin repeatedly drives his knee into Bey’s ribs. Austin with the cover for a one count. Austin kicks Bey in the back of the head. Austin knocks Mack off the ring apron. Bey kicks Austin in the gut. Bey with a Mid-Kick. Bey is choking Austin with his boot. Bey flexes his muscles. Bey with a Belly to Back Suplex for a two count. Bey punches Mack in the back. Austin rolls Bey over for a two count. Austin dropkicks Mack off the apron.

Austin slams Bey’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Austin is mauling Bey in the corner. Austin bodyslams Bey. Austin hits The Big Bang for a two count. Bey avoids The Spinning RoundHouse Kick. Both men are knocked down after a Double RoundHouse Kick. Forearm Exchange. Austin unloads a flurry of kicks. Austin with Two Flying Forearm Smashes. Mack side steps Bey into the turnbuckles. Mack with a running forearm smash to Austin. Mack with Rapid Fire Corner Clotheslines. Mack hits The Leaping Back Senton Splash. Mack with an Exploder Suplex. Mack drags Austin to the corner. Austin with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Mack is throwing haymakers at Austin. Mack with a back door escape. Bey and Mack with a BackStabber/PowerBomb Combination. Bey is bleeding from the mouth. Mack rolls Bey over for a two count. Bey negates The Stunner. Tip Up by Mack. Mack connects with The Stunner. Austin with a Leaping HeadScissors TakeOver. Austin drills Mack with The Fold for a two count. Austin kicks Mack out of the ring. Austin avoids The RoundHouse Kick. Bey SuperKicks Austin. Austin launches Bey over the top rope. Bey with a shoulder tackle. Bey slips over Austin’s back. Austin plants Bey with The Fold for a two count. Austin with Two Windmill Kicks. Austin puts Mack on the top turnbuckle. Austin dropkicks Bey out of the ring. Mack denies The Leaping FrankenSteiner. Mack lands The Six Star Frog Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still IMPACT X-Division Champion, Willie Mack via Pinfall 

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