IMPACT Wrestling Results 7/21/20

IMPACT Wrestling Results 7/21/20

IMPACT Wrestling Results 7/21/20
The Skyway Studios
Nashville, Tennessee

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

EC3 Promo 

You’ve been controlled your whole life. Politicians, corporations, media, entertainment, even love. They have all had authority over you. Do you think what you’re supposed to think? Feel how you’re supposed to feel? Buy what you’re supposed to buy? Say what you’re up supposed to say? Do you allow this world to walk over you, give in, conform? Do you fight? Do you fight back? Fight back against those who lie to you, steal from you, betray you? Those that demean you, to degrade you, try to cancel you? Fight back against these tyrants of your heart, your body, your soul, and your mind. Find purpose. Find the light. Control your narrative. Live in this moment, because tonight, i’m living in this moment, here. And you, you have been warned.

First Match: Chris Bey (c) vs. Willie Mack For The IMPACT X-Division Championship 

Bey starts things off with a ShotGun Dropkick for a one count. Bey transitions into a ground and pound attack. Mack switches positions. Bey is throwing haymakers at Mack. Mack with a forearm smash. Mack tees off on Bey. Bey begs for mercy. Bey drives Mack throat first into the middle rope. Mack regroups on the outside. Mack catches Bey in mid-air. Mack bodyslams Bey on the floor. Mack rolls Bey back into the ring. Mack with a SlingShot Senton. Mack with forearm shiver. Bey side steps Mack into the turnbuckles.

Bey hits The Draping Hangman’s NeckBreaker for a two count. Bey applies a rear chin lock. Mack with elbows into the midsection of Bey. Mack with a forearm smash. Mack sends Bey into the ropes. Bey runs around Mack. Bey kicks out the legs of Mack. Bey with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp. Bey talks smack to Mack. Bey goes for The Standing MoonSault, but Mack ducks out of the way. Mack with a Standing MoonSault. Mack tells Bey to get up. Mack kicks Bey in the gut. Bey negates The Stunner. Bey leapfrogs over Mack. Mack with a Pop Up Forearm Smash. Mack goes for The Six Star Frog Splash, but Bey ducks out of the way. Bey connects with The SpringBoard Cutter to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still IMPACT X-Division Champion, Chris Bey via Pinfall 

– Heath calls Rhino because his name is not on the list. He’s trying to get inside Skyway Studios. Rhino is bickering with Hernandez over the money they owe each other. Rhino challenges Hernandez to a winners take all match. Hernandez accepts the challenge.

– IMPACT Plus Ad.

– Chris Bey doesn’t want Rohit Raju services.

The Good Brothers, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton Segment 

Karl Anderson: Hey, yo, because i’ve always wanted to do that. And, by the way, how much protein have you been on this quarantine?

Doc Gallows: We’re coming out with Talk-N-Shop Protein soon.

Karl Anderson: My god, you’re massive. You know, for months, and months, the rumors were circulating. For months, and months, people were wondering where The Big LG and The Machine Gun were gonna fall. Where were they gonna land? Where were they gonna go? Where are The Good Brothers gonna end up? And, it’s safe to say that, we’re beyond excited to being stand right here. Ladies and gentlemen, The Good Brothers have arrived in IMPACT Wrestling. Saturday Night, Slammiversary was trending worldwide, number one worldwide. Why?

Because of The Good Brothers. Slammiversary on Saturday Night, was trending worldwide, and the talk of the wrestling world. Man, I got text messages from everyone, in all different kind of companies, saying, boys, we can’t wait to see what you do. And what did we do? We were the talk of the wrestling world, like The Good Brothers always do. Because what you have with us is, not only the best tag team in the world, you’ve got, literally, the best big man in this business, right now. And i’m gonna go ahead and say it, you’re looking at the best wrestler in the world, and that is the machine gun, baby. Slammiversary, we came to IMPACT Wrestling, and turned it upside down. Big LG, talk to them.

Doc Gallows: Well, the machine gun’s not wrong, he rarely is. Yes, trending worldwide, #Slammiversary, number one, there’s a reason for that. There is a reason, at midnight, when Slammiversary went off air is old out of good brothers shirts. Don’t worry, they’ll be restocked, soon. There’s a reason famous hoot and big hoot ran our very own PPV Talk-N-Shop A Mania, available worldwide, August 1st. Oh yeah, tuck your kiddies away for that one, it’s TV-MA. There’s a reason for all of this. And if anybody in IMPACT Wrestling doesn’t believe that, we’re right here to show you the recipe. And the recipe is a magic killer, a one-two-three, and hey, these days we don’t even need a too sweet.

Karl Anderson: No, but most importantly, let’s celebrate us being here. Talk-N-Shop beer me, please. Throw one to me, boom. Hey, I’ll catch the big man’s one, he was a center, not a tight end. There you go.

Doc Gallows: It’s not all about the skill positions, bud.

Karl Anderson: Congrats brother.

Ace Austin: Hold the tabs on those beers, it’s not time for that, just yet. What’s up new guys? Yeah, hey, how are you? I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced. I’m gonna forgive you for what happened at Slammiversary, because I know how it is. You show up, you want to make a statement, you want to look great. I get it, I do. So, I’m going to to get in this ring, i’m gonna give you guys a chance to apologize because, in case you weren’t aware, we’re the guys around here. Yeah, you came in, and you had to stand up to the two top guys. That’s what you had to do, it makes sense, I get it. But if you want to talk about best big man in the business, I want you to look at this guy, right here. No one is bigger, no one is better. So, we’ll get rid of that. You got some more beers? Why don’t we hare a beer with that apology that you owe us? How about that? No? Not apology guys, that’s cool, i’m not much of a beer guy, either.

The Good Brothers starts brawling Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Gallows clothesline Fulton over the top rope. Anderson sends Austin crashing to the outside to close the segment.

Second Match: Nevaeh & Jessica Havok vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz 

Nevaeh and Steelz will start things off. Nevaeh is distracted by Hogan. Steelz is running her mouth. Nevaeh knocks Hogan off the ring apron. Nevaeh with forearm shivers. Nevaeh with a Snap Vertical Suplex. Nevaeh kicks Steelz in the back. Nevaeh with a rolling crucifix for a two count. Nevaeh backs Steelz into the turnbuckles. Nevaeh tags in Havok. Havok with a Pendulum BackBreaker. Nevaeh with a Running Clothesline. Havok goes for a Bodyslam, but Steelz lands back on her feet. Steelz tags in Hogan. Havok drops Hogan with The Big Boot. Havok whips Hogan across the ring. Hogan slides under another boot from Havok. Hogan dropkicks Havok. Havok clotheslines Hogan for a two count. Havok drags Hogan to the corner. Havok tags in Nevaeh.

Following a snap mare takeover, Nevaeh with a Running Neck Snap. Steelz runs interference. Hogan attacks Nevaeh from behind. Hogan repeatedly stomps on Nevaeh’s back. Hogan tags in Steelz. Unicorn Stamped. Double Irish Whip into the turnbuckles. Steelz with a forearm smash. Steelz tags in Hogan. Following a snap mare takeover, Hogan kicks Nevaeh in the back for a two count. Hogan applies a front face lock. Hogan tags in Steelz. Forearm Exchange. Nevaeh reverses out of the irish whip from Steelz. Steelz dives over Nevaeh. Nevaeh clotheslines Steelz. Nevaeh with a forearm smash. Steelz nails Nevaeh with The Pump Kick for a two count. Steelz thrust kicks the midsection of Nevaeh. Nevaeh scores the elbow knockdown.

Hogan and Steelz uses the referee to their advantage as Nevaeh was trying to tag out to Havok. Havok is pissed. Steelz continues to stomp on Nevaeh’s back. Steelz toys around with Nevaeh. Nevaeh ducks a clothesline from Steelz. Nevaeh creates distance with a Swinging NeckBreaker. Nevaeh tags in Havok. Havok clotheslines Hogan. Havok scores the elbow knockdown. Havok with a RoundHouse Kick. Havok with a BackBreaker/Lariat Combination. Havok follows that with Two Running Boots. Havok is fired up. Hogan side steps Havok into the turnbuckles. Hogan applies The Sleeper Hold. Steelz pulls Nevaeh off the ring apron. Hogan kicks Havok in the face. Havok goes for The TombStone PileDriver, but Steelz counters with a chair shot which causes the disqualification. After the match, Nevaeh drives the chair into the midsection of Steelz. Havok connects with The TombStone PileDriver.

Winner: Nevaeh & Jessica Havok via Disqualification 

– This weeks IMPACT Plus! Flashback Moment Of The Week is Eddie Edwards becoming the IMPACT World Champion on the October 6, 2016 edition of IMPACT Wrestling TV.

– Backstage, Sami Callihan blames Ken Shamrock for costing them the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles at Slammiversary. Shamrock tells Callihan to speak to him next week.

– The North wants to remind the world why they’re the greatest tag team in IMPACT history at the expense of The Motor City Machine Guns.

– Brian Myers will be joining IMPACT Wrestling.

– Deonna Purrazzo got into a backstage brawl with Kylie Rae.

Third Match: Rhino vs. Hernandez In A Winners Take All Match 

Rhino connects with The GORE to pickup the victory.

Winner: Rhino via Pinfall 

Eddie Edwards & Eric Young Segment 

Eddie Edwards: This, right here, this feels right. I can once again call myself the IMPACT World Champion. Now, leading up to Slammiversary, I talked about my journey, I talked about the path, the ups, the downs, the broken bones, the wins, the losses, the broken hearts, the broken friendships, the broken lives. That journey brought me back to this world championship. Now, that journey is now over, it’s time for a new journey to begin. Over the past couple of years here at Impact Wrestling, there’s been something missing, stability. As a champion, I have a goal, I have a goal to be a champion that boys and girls in the back can be proud of, a champion that this company can be proud of.

And most importantly, I have a duty, I have a goal to be a champion that you fans at home can be truly proud of. The only thing harder than becoming a champion, is staying a world champion. Now, the past couple of years, this championship, it’s only been defended a hand full of times. The last title defense was five months ago. But i’m here to tell you, that’s all about to change. Now, I know people have called me crazy in the past, maybe you agree, maybe you don’t, it is what it is. But I am here to tell you, as your world champion, I am going to defend this belt each and every week against anybody., anybody who feels they deserve a shot. I am going to be your fighting champion. I, Eddie Edwards, I am living proof that anything is possible, and my new journey is to bring stability and credibility to this world championship.

Eric Young: Eddie.

Eddie Edwards: EY, no, I don’t know what you think you’re dong coming out here. I don’t know what you think you deserve. After what you did to Rich Swann at Slammiverary, that’s a friend of mine, he’s in the hospital, he may never wrestle again, but he might never walk again, right. Do you know what you did? You don’t deserve anything. The only thing you deserve, EY, is a good old fashion ass kicking, and i’m happy to give that to you.

Eric Young: Look at you, look at you standing up there, proud as a peacock, telling the world who you are, what you’re going to do, and who you’re going to be. It’s pathetic, Eddie. It’s pathetic for you to think that you have any say, any sway, any power in the fate of that world title, going forward in this place, because this place now belongs to me. And you’re gonna get mad, you’re gonna get upset about what happened to Rich, I think maybe you should be thanking me, you should be thanking me that my crosshairs targeted him and not you, because it easily could have been you. It could be you in the hospital, Eddie, and not Rich. That’s what happen when you stand between me and what I deserve. Well, you stand in between me and what is right. You want to talk about right, Eddie, do you think that anything going on right here, right now has anything to do with what you think or what you believe? Your hard work, your journey, none of that matters to me. The reason we’re standing here, right now, face to face, swapping words, talking about the world title, it’s because I made it so.

Edwards lands The Suicide Dive. Edwards and Young starts brawling to close the segment.

Eddie Edwards & Trey Miguel Backstage Segment 

Fourth Match: Moose (c) vs. Fallah Bahh w/TJ Perkins For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Moose calls himself the best wrestler in the world. Moose pie faces Bahh. Bahh slaps Moose in the face. Moose backs Bahh into the turnbuckles. Bahh ducks a corner clothesline from Moose. Bahh unloads six knife edge chops. Moose reverses out of the irish whip from Bahh. Bahh side steps Moose into the turnbuckles. Bahh levels Moose with a Body Avalanche. Bahh negates The ChokeSlam. Bahh is lighting up Moose’s chest. Moose with a Running Boot. Moose with a chop/forearm combination.

Moose drops Bahh with a shoulder tackle. Bahh with heavy bodyshots. Moose pulls Bahh down to the mat. Moose with a Leaping Elbow Drop. Moose stands on Bahh’s face. Moose uses the middle rope as a weapon. Moose calls Bahh a big fat piece of crap. Moose with a blistering chop. Moose with a running elbow smash. Bahh fires back with Two Running Hip Attacks. Bahh gets Moose in the fireman’s carry position. Moose rakes the eyes of Bahh. Moose connects with The Lights Out Spear to pickup the victory. After the match, EC3 attacks Moose from behind. EC3 plants Moose with The Reverse DDT.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Moose via Pinfall 

– The Reno Scum attacks The Good Brothers in the parking lot area.

Fifth Match: The North (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns For The IMPACT World Tag Team Championship 

Ethan Page and Alex Shelley will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Shelley applies a wrist lock. Page reverses the hold. Shelley applies a hammerlock. Page with a closed fist shot. Page applies a side headlock. Shelley drops down on the canvas. Page cartwheels over Shelley. Shelley denies The RoundHouse Kick. Page ducks a clothesline from Shelley. Neither men can land a move for a minute. Josh Alexander and Chris Sabin are tagged in. Alexander drives his knee into the midsection of Sabin. Alexander applies a wrist lock. Sabin reverses the hold. Sabin grabs a side headlock. Sabin runs into Alexander. Alexander tells Sabin to bring it. Shoulder Block Exchange. Sabin kicks Alexander in the gut. Sabin applies The Octopus Stretch. Sabin dodges the long range haymaker. Alexander drops Sabin with a shoulder tackle. Sabin drops down on the canvas. Sabin with two deep arm-drags. Sabin applies an arm-bar. Sabin grabs a side wrist lock. Sabin tags in Shelley.

Shelley with a Flying Double Foot Stomp. Shelley applies a wrist lock. Alexander shoves Shelley into Sabin. Alexander applies a front face lock. Alexander tags in Page. Page with a clubbing axe handle strike. Shelley reverses out of the irish whip from Page. Page avoids The SuperKick. Page regroups on the outside. Sabin SuperKicks Page. Alexander attacks Shelley from behind. MCMG are double teaming Alexander. Stereo Boots to Page. MCMG are cutting the ring in half during the commercial break. Shelley with a Flying Crossbody Block for a two count. Shelley slams Page’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Shelley with a chop/forearm combination. Page reverses out of the irish whip from Shelley. Shelley side steps Page into the turnbuckles. Shelley decks Alexander with a back elbow smash. Page with a big haymaker. Page tags in Alexander.

Page throws Alexander into Shelley. Page knocks Sabin off the ring apron. Alexander slams Shelley’s. face first on the turnbuckle pad. Alexander rolls Sabin back into the ring. Alexander applies a top wrist lock. Alexander tags in Page. Page kicks Shelley in the ribs. Page slams Shelley’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Page tags in Alexander. Shelley negates The Vertical Suplex. Alexander with a Tilt-A-Whirl BackBreaker. Alexander with heavy bodyshots. Alexander tags in Page. Page repeatedly stomps on Shelley’s chest. Page taunts Sabin. Page drops Shelley with a forearm smash. Page tags in Alexander. Alexander punches Sabin in the back. Alexander with a knee drop. Alexander toys around with Shelley. Shelley with clubbing elbow smashes. Alexander tags in Page. The North with Two BackBreakers for a two count. Page lifts Shelley up in the air. Page tags in Alexander. Page hands Shelley over to Alexander. Alexander with a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Alexander walks over Shelley. Alexander goes for The MoonSault, but Shelley ducks out of the way. Page and Sabin are tagged in.

Sabin ducks a clothesline from Page. Sabin with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Sabin with a Flying Hurricanrana. Sabin delivers The Missile Dropkick. Sabin with forearm shivers. Sabin shoves Alexander into Page. Sabin with a Spinning Back Kick. Assisted Swinging DDT. Sabian follows that with a SpringBoard Tornado DDT for a two count. Running Boot/Apron Enzuigiri Combination. Sabin tags in Shelley. Sabin lands The Suicide Dive. Page avoids The Flying Double Foot Stomp. Shelley with The Standing Slice Bread fro a two count. MCMCG are double teaming Page. Shelley with a Lifting Reverse STO for a two count. Shelley applies The CrossFace. Sabin with a double leg takedown. Sabin applies The Texas CloverLeaf. Alexander and Sabin are tagged in.

Forearm Exchange. Sabin with a Spinning Back Kick. Sabin with a Jumping Knee Strike. Alexander with a big haymaker. Shelley responds with a flatliner into the middle turnbuckle pad. Page with  a running shoulder tackle. Sabin drops Page with The Shining Wizard. Standing Switch Exchange. Sabin kicks Alexander in the gut. Page runs interference. Alexander punches Sabin in the back. Page tags himself in. Page knocks Ali off the ring apron. Alexander with a Modified Blue Thunder Bomb. The North connects with their SlingShot Cutter/WheelBarrow Suplex for a two count. Alexander dumps Sabin out of the ring. The North are double teaming Page. The North goes for their Torture Rack/SpineBuster Combination, but Sabin counters with an inside cradle to pickup the victory.

Winner: New IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns via Pinfall 

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