Imp's LOP Radio Adventure LIVE @ 8EST - THAT'S GOOD S***!

Imp’s LOP Radio Adventure LIVE @ 8EST – THAT’S GOOD S***! ‘Imp’s Adventures’ columnist & radio host Matt Maher (aka The Implications) jovially recaps the past week of the wrestling world!

This week Imp is joined by Burn to talk about AEW’s first ever show Double or Nothing, Jon Moxley’s interview on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, WWE & Saudi Arabia in relation Imp’s upcoming column, preview this Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: XXV and more!

Also Big Banter Corbs is #1 Contonder and Boom Brox Lesnar is an actual thing that’s happening and everything.

Oh and Imp drools all over New Japan for a bit, the Best of the Super Juniors 26 has kicked ass.

Join Imp & Burn as they go through it all!

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