Jay White Accepts Marty Scurll's Challenge For ROH Supercard Of Honor XIV

Jay White Accepts Marty Scurll’s Challenge For ROH Supercard Of Honor XIV

NJPW star and former IWGP Heavyweight champion Jay White released a video promo accepting the Villain Marty Scurll’s challenge for the April 4th ROH Supercard of Honor XIV event in Lakeland, Florida. Scurll made a surprise appearance during NJPW’s recent USA tour to call the Bullet Club leader out. White admits that Scurll is someone he’s never beaten, but looks forward to making him “breathe with the Switchblade.”

You’re challenging me? Marty Scurll you’re challenging me? Look I understand why. You want to regain the relevance you once had. You see how Bullet Club is the best that it’s ever been with me at the forefront, and you Marty…nowhere to be seen. So you want to challenge the man that single handedly sold out Madison Square Garden. You want me to come to Ring of Honor and breathe life back into the place that you call home. Marty me and you go way back…way back, and you’re somebody that I’ve actually never beaten. So now Marty you want me to make you famous? Marty…at Supercard of Honor…you’re on, but Marty…you like everybody…will breathe with the Switchblade.

Check out White’s promo below, along with details of where to purchase tickets.


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