Jim Ross On The Finish To The 2005 Royal Rumble Getting Botched

Jim Ross On The Finish To The 2005 Royal Rumble Getting Botched

During a recent episode of “Grilling JR”, Jim Ross discussed the botched finish to the 2005 Royal Rumble match which saw John Cena and Batista accidentally eliminate each other and Vince McMahon tear both his quads running out to the ring to restart the match. Here are the highlights:

On If The Ending Was Planned:

No. No, of course not. It wasn’t. But here’s the thing. The referees are getting their instructions in their ear. So it wasn’t like it was a finish, that all of them agreed using telepathy to have this finish to raise their hands and all. The Smackdown refs were gonna raise Cena’s hand, and the Raw ref’s gonna raise Batista’s hand. And then here comes Vince at the end to — because there was nowhere that those participants that I had just named could go. They couldn’t make the final, final. And of course, you’ve got a Smackdown guy and a Raw guy, so you can’t say ‘Well, the General Managers should have gotten together.’ That would have been a pissing contest that would have gone nowhere. Because Teddy Long’s gonna vote for Batista or vice versa. Long was a Smackdown guy and Eric [Bischoff] was a Raw guy. So the only guy that could settle this dispute was Judge Judy. Judge Judy McMahon.

On Vince Tearing His Quads:

And he comes walking out there like Conor McGregor tries to emulate Vince, which I think is hilarious. And somewhere along the way as he was getting in the ring, everything — the physics were all in place, unfortunately for the Chairman … It’s uncomfortable to watch. [It was] disturbing to watch back for me, because I had that great view right there at ringside. For folks that don’t know, the thigh muscle’s called the quadracep fomoris. Which means — that’s Latin, it means ‘four-headed thigh muscle.’ And any time a ball player gets a torn quad, it is career-threatening without a doubt. So the four-headed thigh muscle rolled up his leg. He had to be in amazing pain.

I don’t think he was overzealous whatsoever. Because as it rolled down, as the story unfolded, and you’re doing a live feed, you’ve got to call an audible. That was the only call we had. This is a finish of a major, major PPV leading us into WrestleMania. There had to be some finality there. And the only person who could rule and judge on finality was the Chairman. That was Mr. McMahon. I just think that it was a freak thing, man. Because here’s the deal. He tore the other one walking through the curtain!

On How Vince Reacted To His Injuries:

I walked through the curtain, unaware that he had torn the other one. We did our hype going off the air, and ‘WrestleMania, Batista, The Animal, blah blah blah,’ and all that stuff. Trying to sell and create awareness as always. So I don’t have any clue, you know. I just thought — Tazz and I did our first call together in that arena. Everything seemed to be okay, other than I didn’t know what was wrong with Vince to be sure. But we got the finish in, we got our business done. We got the guy’s hand raised that we wanted their hand raised. I walk through the curtain on the way through the Gorilla area, and there Vince is sitting on the f**king floor.

And somebody said, ‘He tore the other one.’ I said, ‘WHAT?!?’ ‘Yeah, he tore the other one.’ So I go over to him, and he says, ‘God dammit JR, don’t say nothing!’ I was giving him a little empathy. He said, ‘Just take care of the goddamn boys.’ ‘All right, you got it, chief.’ ‘And get everybody out of here!’ So everybody got away from him expect family. It was a traumatic, stressful — I’m sure his goddamn anxiety level was up [through] the roof. Why wouldn’t it be? So it was a hell of an experience.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Grilling JR. H/T 411Mania.


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