John Cena Reveals Various Family Reactions to Joining WWE, How Much His First Contract Was For

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Veteran WWE Superstar John Cena made $1,000 per month under his first contract with the company.

Cena just appeared on season 3 of Peacock’s “Hart to Heart” interview series with Kevin Hart, and recalled signing his WWE developmental contract in what he said was 2001.

“My first contract for the WWE was $12,000 a year,” Cena revealed. “I quit my job the day I was signed. I think my rent was $1,000 a month, so all my money is now rent. $12,000 a year, quit my job.”

Hart pointed to how Cena was in debt at that point. “Yeah, exactly,” Cena agreed.

Cena then revealed how his family members reacted to the new gig with WWE.

“But when I told my mom, she’s like, ‘I hope you’re okay.’ My brothers, it’s very… I grew up in a small town in New England, it’s very… you have an edge, you don’t talk about anything except for sports,” Cena said. “If you’re really hurting inside it’s, ‘Eh, fucking [Boston] Red Sox, huh?’ You know, and that look says everything, and that’s it, that’s the end of it. But they also won’t let you grow too big for your britches… and I love my brothers and I love my family for desperately latching onto my feet and stapling them to the floor if I wanted to think that I was looking at life from a different perspective. They always kept me level and looking at people eye-to-eye, and I love them for that. But they [my brothers] didn’t give a shit [about me working for WWE].

“My dad thought I was, like… I could’ve told him any other position and he would have been like, ‘Yeah, whatever,’ but [it was], ‘Dad, I just got a job with the WWE.’ [He said], ‘Oh, my son! Like this was the one time he was like, ‘This is unreal. You’re going to do… It’s going to great, I can’t believe it.’ And he’s still, to this day, he’s extremely proud.”

Cena moved from Massachusetts to California in 1998 to put his Springfield College degree in Kinesiology to work, but ended up pursuing a bodybuilding career. He started wrestling in 1999 for Rick Bassman’s UPW, then began working under a WWE developmental contract while with UPW. He was assigned to WWE developmental territory OVW in 2001, and found success there until being called up to SmackDown in 2002. Cena would go on to make millions of dollars as one of the biggest WWE Superstars in history, and is now making a name for himself in Hollywood.

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