Karl Anderson Reveals He Didn’t Know Anything About The North Until He Came To IMPACT, Praises Working Against Them

IMPACT superstar and current tag team champion Karl Anderson spoke about the classic IMPACT tag team The North on the latest edition of his Talk ‘N’ Shop podcast. Highlights are below.

How he didn’t know who The North was until he came to IMPACT:

I’m a massive fan of the North. And that might sound typical, but I’ll be truthful: before we came to Impact I wasn’t, because I didn’t know who the f**k they were. Let me tell you how I first found out about The North. I don’t typically care about lists, tag team lists, right? Because I’m always, Karl Anderson’s always thrown in there on like, possibly on the underrated list, right? But I’m never at the top, it’s always like f**kin’ Cesaro or some s**t. I’m always like, #8 underrated. For some reason, that’s what it is, whatever. But with tag teams, we’re not always up there because we don’t do these certain things. But I don’t care about lists, because lists are subjective and that’s great. I read this one list on Instagram for some reason, something on Instagram got me. I was still working on WWE. I just happened to be going through the Instagram lists, or whatever it was … It said, ‘Top 5 Tag Teams in the World,’ or something. And I just ran over to The Revival. And I said, ‘Guys, god dammit. You guys know I don’t care about this stuff.’ And I said, ‘I’ve gotta talk to you about this. You know I don’t care about lists.’ They said, ‘We know, Chad.’ I said, ‘Who the f**k is The North and why are they ahead of us?’ And they f**king lost it.’

On getting to work with The North:

Then I got there, I got to know them both. Got in the ring with them both in tag team matches and singles matches. And they both can go, they both deserve lots of credit. But they needed a little more love, a little more run, you know what I mean? So The North is great. I think The North vs. The Revival would be f**king amazing. The North vs. The Young Bucks would be amazing.

Check out the full series below. (H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)