LOP Radio LIVE on YouTube @ 5EST/9GMT - WWE Crown Jewel, Why Aren't We Watching? (Oct. 30th, 2019)

LOP Radio LIVE on YouTube @ 5EST/9GMT – WWE Crown Jewel, Why Aren’t We Watching? (Oct. 30th, 2019)

Crown Jewel

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Join your host Matt Maher (aka Imp) LIVE @ 7EST/00GMT as he talks the past week of professional wrestling. This week’s Imp is joined by Clive from the Ricky & Clive Show to talk Crown Jewel, NXT & AEW Wednesdays and the state of 205 Live!

Why are we not watching WWE Crown Jewel? And have AEW & NXT both continued to deliver an amazing Wednesday night of wrestling? What about 205 Live? That old chestnut still rolling?

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