Luke Gallows On Enzo Amore Being In Talkn'ShopAMania: "Enzo Is Very Charismatic and Very Misunderstood"

Luke Gallows On Enzo Amore Being In Talkn’ShopAMania: “Enzo Is Very Charismatic and Very Misunderstood”

IMPACT star Luke Gallows from the Good Brothers was a recent guest on the Wrestling Inc. Daily where the former multi-time tag champion spoke about the nZo (fka Enzo Amore in WWE) being involved in the upcoming Talkn’SHopAMania event. See what he has to say below.

There are no right decisions when it comes to Talkn’ShopAMania, only wrong. But I think Enzo adds something to the show. Enzo is very charismatic and very misunderstood. As much as Enzo knows as an entertainer, he probably has a lot to learn about the wrestling business,” said Gallows. “We’ve tried to help him along because he’s had some bad follies that I think weren’t necessarily his fault. I think he got thrown into wrestling and doesn’t understand how a lot of things work. But I think deep down he’s a good human being and I think he’s got a good heart. I don’t think he’s out to hurt anybody. And he entertains the sh*t out of me [laughs].

You can listen to Gallows’ full interview below.

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