Melina on Her Dedicated Fanbase and Getting Back Into Wrestling

Melina on Her Dedicated Fanbase and Getting Back Into Wrestling

NWA star Melina recently spoke with Fightful and discussed why she spent some time away from the business. After being released by WWE in 2011, Melina worked a few indie dates for just a year or so, and then was away until 2015. She told Fightful that she wanted to support the relationship she was in, and that meant taking time off the road.

“What I wanted to do, because I was in a relationship at the time—I felt like I needed to cater to my relationship and I wanted to be a supportive significant other and make sure that that person’s dreams all came true and that it was about them, and it wasn’t about me. I feel like, sometimes you need a person to be the rock and the foundation and the person at home while the another one goes out, and I’m not saying it’s impossible to do that two people set out and start their dreams and they go for it at the same time. But, I feel like since my personality type tends to nurture that I was going to take that role and then go back to school and do psychology, and so that’s what I planned on doing,” Melina said.

The former WWE Women’s Champion started wrestling more in 2016 to connect with the loyal fanbase that stuck by her. She got emotional when talking about that fanbase, and explained her thought process behind returning to the ring after the relationship didn’t work out.

“When it didn’t work out, it was like, “Well before I settle down and finish school full time, I want to travel the world.” So, I wanted to travel the world and just start seeing as many fans as I can and thank them for my career. Because they show me so much love, like I’m gonna start crying, but the thing is when I got let go, I thought nobody could see who I was as a human being. I love my character and I love how heelish she is. But, it kinda hurt me because it was like I was invisible, because nobody could see the person I was in real life. So, no matter who I came in contact with it seemed like nobody could ever see me. But, after I left people started to see me through social media and they started to show love and I was so grateful for that that I wanted to give back. So, that’s why I started going back into wrestling,” said Melina.

(H/T to Fightful)

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