Mike Tyson In MLW A Possiblity, Low Ki Says He'll Take The Fight

Mike Tyson In MLW A Possiblity, Low Ki Says He’ll Take The Fight

Last week…boxing legend Mike Tyson made headlines when he stated that he was interested in returning to the ring for charity fights. The announcement caught the attention of Major League Wrestling CEO Court Bauer, who invited Tyson to hold a fight in MLW.

According to PW Insider, there have been talks between Tyson’s people and MLW for an appearance to happen down the line. The report notes that ICM Partners represent both Tyson and MLW, so there is a link between the two.

Former MLW champion and company superstar Low Ki would respond to Bauer’s original tweet, announcing that if Tyson is willing to come to MLW, he’s willing to be his opponent.

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