Mizfan & Mystic Present: The Wrestling Mystery Bag #2

Mizfan & Mystic Present: The Wrestling Mystery Bag #2

In this surreal time when everything is cancelled, postponed, or held in front of an audience of empty seats, your humble mizfan takes the Mystic PhD on a journey into new corners of wrestling fandom. Each week we will watch two matches and a promo from somewhere in the deep and wild world of wrestling.

This week in the mystery bag is a look at Ethan Carter III, star of Impact Wrestling and WWE, as well as some of his biggest interactions with the likes Rockstar Spud/Drake Maverick and Matt Hardy. We will be covering:


Match: EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud, Hair vs. Hair

Match: EC3 vs. Matt Hardy, Last Man Standing, TNA Championship

Watch along and hear all our thoughts on meaning, pleasure, and the heights of what professional wrestling can be.

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