Mizfan & Mystic Present: The Wrestling Mystery Bag #3

Mizfan & Mystic Present: The Wrestling Mystery Bag #3

In this surreal time when everything is cancelled, postponed, or held in front of an audience of empty seats, your humble mizfan takes the Mystic PhD on a journey into new corners of wrestling fandom. Each week we will watch two matches and a promo from somewhere in the deep and wild world of wrestling.

This week in the mystery bag is a look at Larry Sweeney, dearly departed star of the independent scene, including Ring of Honor and CHIKARA. We will be looking at these moments in his career:

Since we both have a little extra time, I’m going to up the content a little bit on the Mystery Bag… if it’s too much let me know and I’ll cut it down.

This week, since we might not have a chance to do so again anytime soon, I want to talk about one of my all time favorite performers, the late, great Larry Sweeney. You may have already had a taste of the man, but it was likely only the tip of the iceberg. There isn’t enough available for free to piece together a whole angle, but to get a sense of the man I give you no less than 5 promos and 3 matches!

A note of context: You will hear and see references to the ICw/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Championship in many of these videos. This is a championship invented by Larry Sweeney, with an origin so obscure and convoluted that no one can quite prove that it isn’t real. A physical delusion of grandeur, not unlike Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Championship.

Sweeney and the Fans – In which Sweeney endears himself to the crowd on the first show in a new area for CHIKARA

Larry Sweeney and the Children – In which Sweeney is asked backstage to go out and stall because the show isn’t ready to start, and ends up creating magic

Confrontation – In which Sweeney has a confrontation with a close friend

Mama Sweeney – In which Sweeney shares some advice he got from his mother

A Bum – In which Sweeney relates a personal experience

Larry Sweeney vs. Golden Vampire 13, 2005 International Wrestling Association: Mid-South
-In which Sweeney wrestles a bizarre and mysterious opponent, who will unexpectedly be revealed to be someone from WCW: The Legacy Series…

Larry Sweeney vs. Lufisto, No DQ, 2006 Combat Zone Wrestling
-In which Sweeney brings the Bunkhouse Brawl to the modern era

Larry Sweeney vs. Milano Collection AT, 2006 CHIKARA
-In which Sweeney tries to recapture his own championship from a bizarrely named international wrestling star

Watch along and hear all our thoughts on meaning, pleasure, and the heights of what professional wrestling can be.

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