MLW Fusion TV Report 4/27/19

MLW Fusion TV Report 4/27/19

We are in New York City with Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini.

The first match we had was Jordan Oliver vs Kotto Brazil. Brazil had an eye patch on during the match. He made his return against the new upcoming 19 year old Jordan Oliver. Salina De La Renta and Martinez come out and get involved in the match. Brazil became too distracted and Jordan Oliver hits Kotto Brazil with a cutter from the top rope. Id say about an 8 minute match.

Backstage cameras catch The Dynasty attacking Brian Pillman Jr and damage his arm to attempt to take him out of 6 man tag team tables match later that night.

The next match was Ace Austin vs Rey Horus. Both of the men are trying to show that they are contenders for the new and upcoming national openweight title. Arguably this was the match of the night. Ace Austin tried to get to Rey Horus as much as he could. He even removed Horus mask off of hin for a short time. In the end it was Rey Horus who overcame snd defeated Ace Austin. This match was back and forth eith many exciting things to see.

Next you had The Dynasty vs The Hart Foundation in a 6 man tag team tables match. As stated Brian Pillman Jr was taken out of the match. For most of match it was a 3 on 2 tag match. Eventually despite Brian Pillman Jr being injured he returned to the match and evened the odds. It looked like The Hart Foundation was going to take it. They did many versions of the canadian destroyer. Eventually The Dynasty gets going again and Pillman Jr gets powerbomed through a table. The Dynasty wins

Salina De La Renta gets interviewed and was asked about her plans next week. She announces Gringo Loco vs Hijo de LA Park, Low Ki vs Daga, and apparently an execution of Pentagon Jr. Tune in next week


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