MLW Fusion TV Report 5-18-19

MLW Fusion TV Report 5-18-19

We are in New York City with Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette.

Sami Callihan and Mance Warner defeated Hijo De LA Park and Martinez. It was an entertaining match. Of course it being a Callihan match it started as an all out brawl between the teams.Eventually they all end up back in the ring. This leads to Callihan hitting Martinez with a piledriver for the win. After the match they brawled and eventually led to backstage. LA Park joined Hijo and Martinez. They were the ones left standing.

Minoru Tanaka defeated Daga it was a back and forth match. Tanaka was a little better and got reversal pin on Daga

Brian Pillman Jr defeated Rich Swann. Myron Reed was trying to help Swann but it backfired and Brian Pillman Jr capitalized. He will face Alexander Hammerstone for the new National Open Weight Championship.


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