MLW Not Rushing to Start Back Up

MLW Not Rushing to Start Back Up

MLW’s Court Bauer recently spoke with Sports Illustrated about what the company is planning during its downtime. In the interview, Bauer admitted that they’re in no rush to start back up and will survey the situation as it plays out with other companies.

“I will wait until we are sure it’s safe to return,” said Bauer. “We’re doing that for our fans, our athletes, and our crew, and all of their families. We do not want to put anyone at harm. We’ll see what the NBA looks like once they go live with their season, and we’re seeing what is happening with WWE. This [battle with COVID] is far from the rearview mirror. Our decision to proceed will be dictated by science and experts in the medical world. Until we know it’s safe, we’re going to be as judicious as possible.”

MLW closed down when everyone else did due to the coronavirus. They’ve decided to stay closed until they’re sure everyone can remain safe when they operate.


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