MR. TITO STRIKES BACK - The Return... WWE GREATEST Royal Rumble Predictions and Thoughts

MR. TITO STRIKES BACK – The Return… WWE GREATEST Royal Rumble Predictions and Thoughts

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The EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING has returned and is back in your face exclusively at / Yeah, it has been about 2 weeks since I last produced a column. Being honest here, I was burned out leading up to and following Wrestlemania 34… But I was also assessing my current situation as a columnist here at LoP. Just wanted a moment to think where my column was going, where the website was going, and if it was worth it any longer. I was wondering where I’d go and then I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized that my “20 Year Anniversary of Mr. Tito is coming up on October 26th, 2018 as I started during 1998 here at EVERY single wrestling column that I have EVER posted has been here at LoP and owner/operator Calvin Martin not only afforded me the opportunity, but always had my back to give me 100% freedom on what to write.

For the past year, I wanted to get to that 20 Year Anniversary mark on 10/26/2018 as an important goal for myself but also for That’s quite an achievement to have a successful online relationship like that and that October day will be a celebration for us both.

That said, when that October 2018 day rolls around, I may consider my options… Consider this a “6 Month Notice” of sorts as I’ll re-assess where I’m going as (a) Mr. Tito and (b) a wrestling fan. Being honest here, if the WWE cannot improve creatively through SummerSlam 2018, I might say “hell with it”. But if I remain a wrestling fan and want to keep the Mr. Tito franchise going, I may seek new challenges. I have produced these columns 100% free and have done columns only. I had a TON of fun with the Doc appearing on his 3/21/18 Podcast.

This may sound arrogant, but when I look around the internet, I don’t see columns like mine that analyzes current events and the business/economic side of the WWE. That, and I’m consistent in my production (well, besides the last 2 weeks). You don’t see burnout from yours truly and for the past 3 years, I’ve pounded out LIVE column reviews of all WWE Pay Per Views except for 1 WWE Network special (Road Block or something?) where I was attending a funeral of a significant family member. I believe that my unique opinions are still relevant within the Internet Wrestling Community…

But that said, I’m often feeling like Danny Glover from the Lethal Weapon films… I’m getting too old for this. WWE Creative refuses to innovative and evolve while pushing the absolute wrong guys to the top (Roman Reigns). For 2017-2018, I’m actually trying to solve my Insomnia problem where I’d just chug something caffeinated to keep writing until 1:30am on a worknight. For the past 3 months, I’m 100% caffeine free which means by 11:30pm at night, my eyes are heavy and it’s difficult to pound out a column. Additionally, I’m watching the internet wrestling world on how websites are marketed, presented, archived, etc. Our industry has to modernize to capture as many users as possible with the fierce competition that is out there.

Therefore, I’m giving y’all my “6 Month Notice” in that I’ll either (a) try another year, (b) retire as Mr. Tito and a wrestling fan, or (c) try new challenges. FOR NOW, however, I’m still Mr. Tito posting columns exclusively for /

THANK YOU to & Calvin for their ongoing support and THANK YOU to you, the readers, for your existence and feedback. I could not be Mr. Tito for the past 19+ years without you.


OK, that was me getting serious… Let’s break the ice with some wrestling content. Maybe some laughs?

– Did you hear the news recently on rapper/hip hop artist Kanye West? He reportedly told a radio host that “I Love Donald Trump”. Almost immediately, many of Kanye’s fans decried him as “overrated” and suggested that they would never buy his music again. Could someone advise Roman Reigns to also say “I Love Donald Trump”? Of course, Vince McMahon is a known Trump supporter and might push Roman harder…

– Speaking of Donald Trump, it has been reported that WWE officials don’t want to mention the Donald vs. Vince Match from Wrestlemania 23 as a resume bullet point for Bobby Lashley‘s wrestling career. Trump is considered “too polarizing” to many fans. Also, what hasn’t been reported, is that Lashley’s TNA/Impact career has been ignored as well by the WWE. Why? Well, TNA/Impact wrestling is “too polarizing” to wrestling fans to it as actual wrestling competition or not.

– Did you hear the news on poor Sasha Banks? Reportedly, WWE officials think that she has an “attitude” based on the way she has treated some fan interactions. Yeah, is it really an attitude, though, when much of the male wrestling fans meeting her want to (a) take her to their parents’ basement and (b) perform full penetration? Complete double standard here, as Braun Strowman also had some rough run-ins with wrestling fans too without punishment from WWE. Of course in this case, Braun would be the one delivering the full penetration to the fans instead. They’d cringe anytime they’d hear Braun’s phrase “Get These Hands”. Actually, the phrase would become “hey look, I’m using no hands!”

– Not to stray away from Women’s Wrestling, but how about that controversy over the GREATEST Royal Rumble excluding women at that event? You know, the WWE doesn’t quite have a sexual harassment problem on their hands for the #MeToo Movement, but if you remove the hashtag and incorporate a question mark, the WWE looks to have a MeToo? Problem instead with their ladies?

– I can’t wait to see what happens when the GREATEST Elimination Chamber, the GREATEST Money in the Bank, and the GREATEST Fabulous Moolah Wrestlemania Women’s Battle Royal occurs. MeToo?

– And why are we calling this the “GREATEST Royal Rumble”? I though that having the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble AND having that Main Event WWE Royal Rumble 2018 made that the “greatest” Royal Rumble. MeToo?

– Did you hear about the new Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) shared television deal with FOX and ESPN? Impressive to see 2 companies sharing something, they should call it the “Brock Lesnar Deal” (like the WWE and UFC sharing Brock). In fact, if something illegal happens such as failing drug tests occurs on one broadcast partner’s show, the UFC fighter could continue to appear on the other channel freely. What failed test?

-Interesting pairing between Ronda Rousey and Natalya. You know, they have been calling Ronda Rousey’s addition to the WWE like a “fresh coat of new paint”. Well, now we’ll fully get to understand how it feels to watch that paint dry.

– Poor Nikki Bella and John Cena… As part of their break-up, do they have to evenly divide up E! Network producers, writers, and camera technicians? Divide up supplements and implants? It’s only fair…

– Another Superstar Shake-Up just happened… You know, the WWE is like one of those snow-globes. When you shake those up, the objects and snowflakes change yet they remain in the same crappy and dirty water from the day you bought it.

You have been a great audience!



Cedric Alexander vs. Kalisto
I feel like I’ve watched the WWE try to push both guys for years… Or pushing the idea of Cruiserweight wrestling in the WWE during 2018. Whatever. I think that the WWE will put on flashy moves by Kalisto and get him a babyface victory to warm up the crowd as an early match. Then, Kalisto will quickly transition that title to someone else on 205 Live weeks later.



RAW Tag Titles (vacant): Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy vs. Sheamus/Cesaro
Didn’t Sheamus and Cesaro move to the freakin’ Smackdown roster?

WHO SHOULD WIN/WHO WILL WIN: Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy, although I just don’t get their characters at all.


Smackdown Tag Titles: Bludgeon Brothers(c) vs. Usos
Hopefully, the WWE course-corrects on the Bludgeon Brothers winning and puts the titles back on the Usos. I would love to see Usos and the Bar have endless battles to determine who was the BEST tag team for the last 12 months. Bludgeon Brothers are just not working. They feel like a 1980s tag team, like the Powers of Pain. But in the wrong decade. Luke Harper, in my opinion, deserves better as he’d be a tremendous singles wrestler. In my opinion, he pushed Randy Orton to his best match in years.


WHO WILL WIN: The Bludgeon Brothers, as WWE Officials might assume that crowd silence is “shock” by fans. Right…


United States Title: Jinder Mahal vs. Jeff Hardy(c)
That loss by Jinder Mahal to Chad Gable was troubling to me… That just tells me that Jinder is going to win the US Title and then immediately feud with Gable thereafter. Many online are suggesting that Jeff Hardy is going to get pushed hard on the Smackdown roster. I disagree… He’s older, injury prone, and can get in trouble with the law… I see him as enhancement talent instead of pushed superstar. Many others on the Smackdown roster for him to put over.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Jeff Hardy. Not a fan, whatsoever, of Jinder. Awful wrestler.

WHO WILL WIN: Jinder Mahal.


Intercontinental Title – Ladder Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Miz vs. Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor
Note my prediction above on the US Title. Jinder wins the title and takes it to RAW. Observer that there are TWO Smackdown wrestlers in this match. 50/50 chance of it switching brands and I could see either Joe or Miz winning it. Miz will be going after Daniel Bryan after this event so therefore the winner is…

WHO SHOULD WIN / WHO WILL WIN: Samoa Joe. Consider the title as a tryout to remain healthy to see if he’s ready for a bigger push on this roster.


WWE Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Was the WWE saving the WWE Title switch for Greatest Royal Rumble instead of Wrestlemania 34? I’ll tell you this much… I REALLY like the “No Speak English” response of Nakamura when a WWE interviewer tries to pry for more information from Shinsuke. Perfect response to maximize heel heat and it helps cover up his legitimate issues speaking English. Now, is it too early in Nakamura’s heel tenure to win the title? I don’t know… I think that this heel character needs more time to breathe and grow.

WHO SHOULD WIN: AJ Styles. Still too early to make Nakamura become WWE Champion.

WHO WILL WIN: Shinsuke Nakamura


Triple H vs. John Cena
I don’t know what to think of this match… On one hand, John Cena just lost to the Undertaker and is still recovering from his Roman Reigns loss last year. However, he could have some heat with management over his recent engagement to Nikki Bella ending. After all, it’s hard for the WWE to show highlights of Wrestlemania 33 based on the Undertaker’s “retirement” and the proposal to Nikki.

WHO SHOULD WIN / WHO WILL WIN: John Cena to showcase one of the WWE’s biggest stars to this new audience.


CASKET MATCH: Rusev vs. Undertaker
Do you notice how the WWE Creative Team is trying to sabotage Rusev for getting over naturally along with Aiden English? For one, why is Rusev wrestling in this match at all? Secondly, Rusev was swapped out for for Chris Jericho and then he returned to this match. Weird Social Media stuff happening on Rusev’s accounts. Pinned cleanly by Jinder Mahal at Wrestlemania 34. And now, Aiden English might be moving on… Kudos to English whose microphone skills helped communicate Rusev’s personality to fans and get him over like a Manager used to do.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Rusev in a big shocker. Taker losing to him would do more for Rusev than Roman.

WHO WILL WIN: Undertaker. WWE is attempting to showcase their top talent in front of a newer crowd.


WWE Universal Title: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns
Quite fascinating for the WWE to delay the “crowning achievement” of Roman Reigns just to impress a whole new live audience overseas. Question is this… Will they boo Roman, too? Possibly… But I wouldn’t doubt that Brock signs a dual deal with both UFC and WWE. Fight in UFC once a year and wrestle in WWE 3-4 times per year. If that happens, then we could see ROUND #3 of 2018 at SummerSlam 2018 or something. That could buy Lesnar some time to see who on RAW or Smackdown is worthy to be his next opponent.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Brock Lesnar. Roman Reigns is just not over as a babyface main eventer. I don’t think he has the mic skills or in-ring psychology to do well as a heel either.

WHO WILL WIN: Roman Reigns. All about impressing the new crowd.


50 Man Royal Rumble
Honestly, I don’t know where to go with this one… What does the winner get for winning this? I think it boils down to 2 hosses that the WWE wants to get over ASAP. Bobby Lashley and Big Cass. However, the WWE could also use it as a moment to re-establish Daniel Bryan… I would place my chips on all 3 wrestlers.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Daniel Bryan as a big moment.

WHO WILL WIN: Bobby Lashley, as I think that Lesnar vs. Lashley will legitimately happen soon.


THANKS AGAIN, everyone, for reading. I really appreciate it.

BY THE WAY, “Rest in Peace” to Bruno Sammartino. He was the first major WWE superstar who laid the groundwork for the company as a fan favorite main eventer. Damn he had some lengthy title reigns, too… What I admired about Bruno was that he had honor and pride. He did NOT like what he saw from Vince McMahon Jr.’s brand of wrestling and wasn’t afraid to speak out about it. After all, Vince was almost indicted from it and many wrestlers that were accused of doping, well, did!

I actually spoke with Bruno during the early 2000’s when he was on a local radio show. I called in and asked if “under any circumstance, could you ever see yourself returning to the WWE or joining its Hall of Fame?”. He went on a 5-10 minute tirade about how much he disliked that “dirty company” and how he’d never do business with them ever again. He also ridiculed its Hall of Fame for not being something he could “walk into” or “touch”.

Of course, years later, Bruno Sammartino finally joined the WWE Hall of Fame thanks to negotiations and the insistence of Triple H. HHH also brought the Ultimate Warrior back…

If you start to look at Triple H‘s record as an ambassador for the WWE, it’s looking rather impressive. NXT, talent signings, trying to put over wrestlers at his older age, and bringing back legends who hated Vince McMahon. It is something to behold… Can he run the WWE after Vince? I think so… At this point in the game, who else could? HHH already has the absurd work ethic built in and genuinely cares about the business.

Question is this, however… What person working for Triple H will help mend fences with him for wrestlers that he’s pissed off? In 20-30 years, who could convince CM Punk to enter the WWE Hall of Fame when Triple H is in charge?


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Bookmark Mr. Tito’s Column Archive to read the current and past columns.

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