Mr. Tito's PHAT All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Double or Nothing Review with Match Ratings and Show Grade

Mr. Tito’s PHAT All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Double or Nothing Review with Match Ratings and Show Grade

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Welcome, one and all, to Mr. Tito’s PHAT All Elite Wrestling (AEW) – Double or Nothing review exclusively here at and no where else. This review was compiled as the event occurred and instantly posted following the event’s conclusion (“insta-columns” as I’ve called them, as I used to post immediately following WWE Pay Per Views). And I’ve placed all of my wrestling fan hopes and dreams on AEW to succeed as I’m done with the WWE, for now. I cut the WWE off following SummerSlam 2018 but was lured back with Royal Rumble 2019… But those garbage shows after Wrestlemania 35 convinced me that they were hopeless.

AEW hired my personal favorite guy in the wrestling business, Jim Ross as not just an announcer (that’s what New Japan did), but as an advisor as well. Ross is the “Architech of the Attitude Era” as he restocked the WWE depleted pool with greats like Steve Austin, Mick Foley, and recruited great athletes like the Rock and Kurt Angle to take the world by storm. Ross took his new developmental system further by building a great relationship with Danny Davis and Jim Cornette at Ohio Valley Wrestling which groomed and trained greats such as Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Batista, and Randy Orton that the WWE is still reliant on as their top guys to this day.

Instead of constantly promoting the guy and placing him on their Board of Directors, WWE has released Jim Ross multiple times within the past decade. WWE’s lost is AEW’s gain.

I’ll go where Jim Ross goes… Heading into this event, I wasn’t exactly impressed with the AEW roster… But I believe in Jim Ross. He has entertained me as an announcer since watching my first full wrestling event, NWA/WCW Clash of the Champions 1 from 1988, and then fascinated me by the way he developed talent. There is nobody who contributed MORE to pro wrestling in the past 30 years than Jim Ross.

You’ll have to EXCUSE ME on this AEW Double or Nothing review… There are many guys on this show that I’m watching for the first time… So if I botch a name or get wrestlers mixed up within a match, apologies in advance. This is a new world for me and I want to give it a chance. I’ve invested my hard earned money into this show and I hope that it fills the wrestling fan void that the WWE gave me.

Onto the review…

MR. TITO’s PHAT All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Double or Nothing REVIEW

First and foremost, welcome back Jim Ross. I didn’t catch you on New Japan because, well, I didn’t have AXS and I didn’t want to watch NJPW whatsoever. The crew was fine with Excalibur and Alex Marvez. The 3 guys treated it like they were watching a sport and seemed like they were announcing on their own (without a McMahon in their ear is what I’m saying). Best announcing crew that I have heard in a long, long time.

I really like the production and atmosphere… Sort of reminds me of WCW Nitro’s look from 1997 and that is a compliment.

Crowd in Las Vegas looks very full… Someone was telling me that tickets were going for cheap on Stubhub, but all reports had the show sold out well in advance. So whatever. I laughed on the pre-show when the Young Bucks were joking that the 13,000 in attendance should be rounded up to 20,000 to set the MGM Grand attendance record. Good… We need more of that. Take those hard shots at the WWE because they are ridiculous right now.

I used the Bleacher Report Live app to watch it on my smartphone. No issues at all and it was nice to pay through my iTunes account. Very convenient.

Opening match was OK between SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky) versus the Strong Hearts (Cima, T-Hawk, El Lindaman). I’ve seen Daniels and Kazarian often from watching Ring of Honor often on late Sunday Nights but I have never seen their opponents before (or at least together). Solid tag team action but nothing stand out or exception that I haven’t seen before. But at the very least, the match that AEW has some solid “mechanics” as Stone Cold calls it on the undercard to help fill the card with decent workers. SoCal Uncensored won the match with a devastating spike piledriver looking move. I would have been very upset if someone kicked out of that. [ *** ]

Second match was supposed to be a Triple Threat Women’s match between Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose vs. Kylie Rae… Before the match could start, Brandi Rhodes appeared in her wrestling gear… Now, I consider Brandi to be within my Top 10 of hottest females to ever walk the Earth, but I was thinking “shades of the McMahons” if she were to add herself ot the match. NOPE, it was to add Awesome Kong to the match! Very nice surprise… Pretty good 4 way women’s match, with lots of action… Nice mix of having 2 heavier females and 2 lighter ones to allow for different things to happen within the match. Eventually, Britt Baker got the win and I have no complaints. Lots of action and the mix of different shapes and sizes made it fun. [ *** 1/4 ]

Next, it was Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) vs. Angelico and Jack Evans. Same thing here with this tag match that we saw in the Women’s match before it. Different styles and body types and it creates a cool clash of styles. Plus, the bigger wrestlers’ stuff looks really good when tossing around lighter wrestlers. But damn, Angelico and Jack Evans were hitting moves that I’ve never seen before or did unique variations on existing stuff. Taylor, for his size, is very quick off his feet too. Eventually, the match slows down into a formula “face in peril” tag match with Jack Evans taking a beating adn Angelico getting his anytime he tried to help. The Best Friends hit a Crucifix into a 3D like move… That wasn’t the finisher?! Angelico recovers and fends off Taylor… Man, this referee is allowing so much illegal man interference… The Best Friends eventually win a match that was PACKED with offense… Just awful officiating with too much illegal man interference. [ **** ] Both tag teams were ambushed by a bunch of masked wrestlers and a guy with facepaint. More devastating moves. I enjoyed how the many additional masked wrestlers formed a human throne for the main masked guy. Nice touch.

There are singles matches on this show, right? Up next was a 6 Women Match between Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki, and Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida, Riho Abe, and Ryo Mizunami… I have ZERO idea who any of these ladies are with the exception fo Aja Kong, thus I’m heading into this match completely cold as a fan. I do love the styles of most of the participants, as they get that you have to look “larger than life” here while competing in a serious match. And we have the first real clunker of the night. Too much Aja Kong, whom they bragged was a “veteran of over 35 years”. Well, she showed it… Moved slowly out there and hurt the flow the match. Some of the younger wrestlers hit some nice spots here and there, it was ultimately anchored by some slow looking action here and there. Hikaru Shida, Riho Abe, and Ryo Mizunami won the match in the end. [ ** ] Completely different presentation from the better Women’s 4 way match earlier, specifically with the talent involved.

Finally, a singles match… Cody Rhodes vs. Dustin Rhodes. Interesting entrance by Cody, as he took a sledgehammer and attached a throne that was placed out there with maybe some Triple H symbolism? Dustin’s older age now shows without the Goldust costume and make-up, as that hid his actual age for many years now. We’ve got blood, as Dustin is busted open! And it’s flowing out of poor Dustin’s head! Brandi Rhodes tried to interfere but referee Earl Hebner threw her out of the arena. Many will suggest that his biggest crime was the Montreal Screwjob, but denying us Brandi at ringside might be worse. Cameo appearance by Diamond Dallas Page to pick her up and take her away. The blood is adding to the drama of the match, as fans are firmly behind Dustin to overcome this and beat his younger brother. The energy that Dustin is displaying is amazing and these two are selling the drama of a brotherly rivalry, bigtime. Eventually, the loss of blood is too much for Dustin and Cody overwhelms him at the end. [ ****1/2 ] Once it got bloody, it formed into an oldschool late 1980s NWA main event and I was loving it. Dustin is timeless and I hope that AEW uses him to teach any younger wrestlers who come there. Afterward, real emotions flowed when Cody Rhodes asked Dustin to tag with him against the Young Bucks and it got very real… Awesome, heart felt promo by Cody. Remember, the WWE could have had this Brother vs. Brother match at a Wrestlemania and they turned it down…

AEW is already hyping another Pay Per View next month? Man, this is gonna get expensive…

And to introduce the new AEW Heavyweight Title, Bret “the Hitman” Hart makes an appearance. Hot damn! Hangman Adam Page (winner of the Battle Royal earlier) was introduced but MJF quickly interrupted the segment with a live microphone. He demanded Page’s title shot but when Page tried to chase him, he dropped off the apron. Then, Jungle Boy and Jimmy Havoc approached MJF and chased him away. Bret then showed off the new AEW World Title, not bad…

Lucha Brothers vs. Young Bucks was up next. I have seen the Bucks many times on the smaller ROH stage, so this will be interesting to see how they do on a much bigger stage for me (didn’t watch them in NJPW). All 4 of these guys are absurd athletes but the Lucha Brothers just have extra power and pop on their moves. Some good spots, but nothing unique that I haven’t seen from the Bucks before. Unless you turn it up a notch on the spots, you need more psychology and selling. That said, what makes the Bucks entertaining is the fun nature of some of their spots such as when they traded kicks with the Lucha Brothers and then that big double clothesline. And then they hit several crazy Canadian Destroyers… Wow. Fenix did a few things tonight that I’ve never seen before. What a talent. Wait, did I hear someone just call a move a “Meltzer Driver”? Bucks win the match and retain the AAA Tag Titles. [ ***3/4 ] Mostly good, but I personally liked the other tag match better so I have to be just a nudge behind it.

The MAIN EVENT was Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho with the winner going on to challenge Adam Page to become the first ever AEW World Champion. Just with the entrances alone, this match felt BIG. Interesting how the announcers keep advising that the referees have “discretion” on how they do their counts for when wrestlers are brawling on the outside. Maybe it’s just me, Kenny Omega, but I wouldn’t jump at someone holding a table… Good bit of the match has Jericho just absorbing whatever punishment that Omega wants to throw at him. The offense started to even out once Jericho tossed Omega over the ropes and through the table. Several nice counters by Jericho to get into his Boston Crab (or Walls of Jericho) submission… Has anyone ever submitted to that? They did have a botched reversal that was supposed to convert into a DDT, but you gotta give it a pass… These two have wrestled for a while and have hit each other hard with every move. Chris Jericho gets the win with his “Judas Effect” elbow to Kenny’s face. [ **** ] Jericho goes on to challenge to become the first ever AEW Champion against Adam Page during the June Pay Per View.

Afterward, Chris Jericho gets on the microphone and berates the crowd. Good stuff… Nice to hear Chris Jericho in control of his own stuff again.

And THEN, Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley appears from the crowd and enters the ring. Immediately, he hits the Dirty Deeds DDT on Chris Jericho. The referee too! HOLY COW! Moxley is here, baby! Another reason to say “AEW, GO AHEAD AND TAKE MY MONEY!” Tries to do the DDT to Omega but Kenny fights back! They brawl through the crowd! Seriously, did you think that you’d see Omega and Moxley having a chance to fight at all when the year started? Eventually, Moxley overcomes Omega and gives him the DDT on top of the poker chips prop near the stage entrance. THIS IS GOD DAMN AWESOME!

The LAST WORD: Isn’t it funny how good a product appears when you treat it seriously? From the tone of the announcers to the intensity of the wrestlers (well, except that 6 Women Tag match), this event felt like a valid sports event. That’s why you need someone like Jim Ross advising you… The talent roster seems a little thin but they came together and worked a very efficient show. Doing a 2 hour television show on TNT this fall will expose them unless they staff up the roster. After this show, however, I don’t see them having a problem recruiting talent. Welcome to the game, AEW. You have my attention, time, and money that were once devoted to WWE. Nice work! [ A ]

SCREW THAT GRADE! Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley showed up for AEW Double or Nothing! [ A++++++++ ] REVISED GRADE!

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I went unscripted with this review, compared to my completely scripted WWE Royal Rumble 2019 review. After I posted my column, I just grabbed a microphone and talked. I was a tad nervous at first but felt that it flowed better as I went on. I hope that you enjoy! If you like this version me, I could try it more often.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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